Friday, January 02, 2015

I was 15 years & my Youth Worker said I was too much trouble

At 15 years my Youth Worker said I was too much trouble

Hey Hey and hello from me.
I am writing to you not knowing you, 
your culture

your challenges 

your work context.

people/youth work context 
your ........ everything!

If we were physically together 
I would be reading your face,
which delivers 55% of your communication.
Also your words and body language, 100% of your unique communication.
If we could talk, 
look into each others eyes and 
beautifully connect -
that would be wondrous.

But at the moment I will carry on 
clicking these keys and 
............... await some feedback!

Scroll Piplife.
When I was 15 years old my Youth Worker called me to one side

and said I had to go.

I was too much trouble and 

the staff and young people couldn't manage me.
The there was a pause - 
'If you want to stay we want you to be the leader
of these 15 boys'? 
You guessed it - I became a leader at 15 
and loved the responsibility.

When I was 21 years old I became a Christian.
I could never understand how God loved me

but I wanted the best life to live - 

so I sold out to her.

This is a quick scan through a few of my life experiences, 

the next being,

Mrs Beautiful and me married when she was 21 and I was 25.

Within one year of that massive event, 
(I could never understand why she loved me),
we had sold our home and moved into a 
Residential Special School for Young Offenders.
All boys committed by the courts - 
and we became their Houseparents.

Since then we have worked for many years in a number of projects.
All of them with beautiful young humans with special needs

in special needs housing projects including teenage street gangs.

I want to share a few stories
with you about the journey 

and my current work.

My stumbling and fumbling journey into living out faith on the frontiers 

and not at all in a church context.

I write and share stories about young lives and their - and my struggles. 
I feel with them in their situations. 

I work and yearn to understand them and want for them deeply. 

I, like you, think that violence and aggression is totally unacceptable - 

absolutely horrific much of it,
I have lived with it all my life and
I hate it - 
but that is not enough. 
It is all so very sad.
Very very sad. 

"We can see a persons behaviour 
but we can't see their journey"
I love these young humans - 
not always their behaviour
but love them love them - 
they are beautiful humans.

I struggle to understand.
I strive to understand.
There are ways to see beyond behaviour.
That means getting intimate.
It means getting so close 
that there is 100% trust in one another.
I do that - try.
I want to tell you how I do it - try
AND by telling you ....
... I learn also myself.

That's some of me here.
So full of feelings and trying to understand them.
Yearning to become .............