Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Group Work activity - Teens Adults Teams

Palm Person Group Game

Hello you beautiful human. 

As I work here in the 
Wilson Mansions office 
I want to peep inside your soul to see how you are doing. 

I hope and pray that you have a restless soul. 
An unsatisfied soul. 
A soul not so much ‘being’ – 
but a soul very much ‘becoming’ ……
…… and yearning …

I hope you have a refresh button on your soul. 
One marked ‘irritation’ so you can click regularly as you seek first the ……

Refresh the irritation!  Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.

Palm Person Game – 
some suggestions of how to use, 
but please – 
always consider new and creative methods, 
which are just right for your group.

1      Ask all the humans to place their palm on an A4 piece of paper and draw around it with a felt tip pen and then add their own name.

2      Start with the thumb and ask them to write in the thumb space something about themselves, 
which is positive about them. 
Not only considering their achievements but 
deeper characteristics and aspects of their unique personality.

3      When they have finished – ask them to write on the index finger. 
This time about their direction in life, where they intend to go – to be.

4      Longest finger - What do they need to get a grip of? 
Which part of their lives needs some attention, 

5      Ring finger. 
Write here a significant commitment in their lives. 
To a human or A.N.Another? 
To a cause? 

6      Little finger. 
In what way are you vulnerable? 
In what context – or in what subject?


The sharing phase is now the most powerful. 
The fertile ground you have established with the group 
will now pay off in terms of the experience to be encountered.

Depending on your timeframe and the size of the group – 
ask them to share their words and feelings. 
No better place to start is:: 
If you start and set the level of deepness, 
mask less openness, 
wow – a session of beautifulness.

I see the objectives as being:: 
i Reality check of where we are at right now. 
ii self disclosure – owning our strengths and vulnerabilities 
(we all have abilities and disabilities)


a) A month or so later you could do it again 
but this time, after No1 above, 
mix up the papers so everyone gets a paper with another persons name on it. 

b) If you have only a short time, or large group, try doing the thumb and the little finger only.

c) Ask which finger was the hardest to do – and the easiest.

d) Which is the standout one in terms of understanding yourself more?


Pip Wilson