Monday, June 15, 2015

The process of 'telling' is the process of 'becoming' WHO I AM

You may be aware
that I am on the quest
of telling you
who I am -
and I don't know who I really am
unless I tell you.

The process of 'telling'
is the process of 'becoming'
who I am.

If I tell you my feelings -
that will help me to know
who I am and 
who I am becoming.  

I have been doing it
a bit this week. 
Becoming that is.  

As I tell you these things,
I am feeling myself -
feeling the reality
and I feel good.

Sometimes I do not feel good.
These feelings are good too -
if I feel them.

When I feel that sort, 
I am learning
about myself
I am churning
and learning life 
- my interior
- my exterior.

If I only tell you my activities,
and not my feelings,
I am not telling you who I am
or myself 
or God.

I am a ................
NOT becoming human
if I do not touch my feelings

Thanx for reading
these few poor words.
They are the best I can offer -
but they are real
and clicked your way 
as best as possible