Monday, January 14, 2019

"Pip is good at that soul unwrapping things!"

"... some books make a difference to some people 
for all kinds of often very different reasons..
. trust me, yours is one of those books.
Pip is good at that soul unwrapping things! “
Martin Wroe


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About you - for you - and maybe other humans you are in contact with ...

Here on this link - you will find all the current information and source for MANY publications ::

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Reflecting:: When I packed in my Full-Time job to go freelance ..........


Wednesday 9th April 2003 
I had previously packed my full-time job in before I went freelance.
Then launched into 4 pieces of work all in different YMCA’s - mainly group work with residents in their Hostels.
I reflected after my first two days ......

Well here I am tired after my 'first day at school' feel. 
All this in the first two days of my new job at Kingston YMCA. (London)
The people have been fantastic with me to me. 
It is said that the first four minutes of contact lasts forever. 
You never have a second chance to make a first impression! 
These guys have been glorious. 
The community. The welcome, the acceptance, the naturalness. 
Love it. 
So tired now. 
Makes me think/feel what a new resident coming to the YMCA feels on their first day. 
The bigness, the routines, the policies, the strangers all around which includes the staff. 
All the residents here have special needs at Kingston YMCA. 
All unique. 
All a precious one-off. 
All hand made and, like me, a broken offering to the world. 
Some have been through hell. 
Some still there. 
Some with a lifetime of rejection. 
Some feeling 'not ok' to the depth of their being. 
Some hiding all these feelings and stigmas with artificial distractions. 
Among the them are angels. 
Some are staff who seem to give and give and share the journeys with the stumbling ones. 
Some are residents themselves who have been blessed and supported through crucial times and are longer only 'YMCA takers' but have become 'YMCA makers’. 
They are giving back from their life skills to others who are stepping in their footprints. 
So beautiful. 
God must weep with Joy and weep with sadness at all the pain and the beauty, sorrow and love flow mingled Down’ 
Looking such a scruff - and the special needs are so clear. 
So the stigma cuts into his soul just like that crown of thorns rammed on his head, but it hurts SO much more. 
I am tired but the reflection to the depth of my soul does me good. 
So bless you as you read and join us on this little journey over the coming days. 
We need each other and ___________________________________- 'fill in' space for you.


Friday, January 11, 2019

Mental Health / Emotional Literacy using Blob Tree Tools.

The Blob Secret Feelings Tree is exactly the same TREE as
The Blob Mental Health Tree.

Many people young and older
see the word 'mental' and don't want to go there.
Often Mental Health is seen as only mental disability / mentally ill - 
not something we need = becoming mentally healthy ...........

I aim to be in a helping relationship with people.
A slow start into understanding emotions is needed often.
Encouraging people to get in touch with  their feelings is an objective.
Contacting them.
Accepting them
Understanding them
Articulating them
Developing the awareness & skills to be able to manage them.

Feelings are not RIGHT or WRONG
it is
BEHAVIOUR which can be right or wrong.

Getting people to make a start  in this inner area of life needs
someone like you - YOU
sharing your own feelings which gives others, in a strange way,
permission for them to share their own.

(I am really keen to encourage parents to share their feelings with their children so they can have a role model of such sharing - rather than they only see that 'grown-ups' don't have feelings ! )

There are other Blob Tools which can help to give a slow entry into feelings.

On my website you can search for examples how I have used different tools
to help develop emotional literacy - always so so positive in terms of relationships.


U2 guitarist The Edge embraces becoming a granddad as daughter Hollie welcomes baby boy to Ireland

The tot was born back in November and spent time with his famous granddad over the Christmas period

UCD graduate Hollie Evans flew over from London with her husband of three years, Jamie Hewitson, and little Arlo Jack to celebrate the holidays with her dad, the Irish Independent reports.
The 57-year-old musician relished spending some quality time with his new grandson following a successful, sold-out stint on tour with Bono and the boys.
Hollie is the eldest of The Edge's three daughters from his first marriage to Aislinn O'Sullivan. He married Morleigh Steinberg in 2002 and the couple have a son and daughter.
Proud dad Edge walked Hollie down the aisle at her intimate wedding ceremony in Tuscany in 2015.
The guitarist isn't the only family man of the group either as frontman and proud dad Bono turned up to NYF on New Year's Eve to watch his son Eli perform with his band Inhaler.
Gavin James, Wild Youth and Hudson Taylor also thrilled audiences at the sold-out event.

Bono and The Edge may have taken some well-deserved time off over Christmas but headed to the city centre on Christmas Eve to lead the annual busk for the homeless on the streets of Dublin.
The U2 pair, who were introduced as "two lads from north Dublin", serenaded fans outside the Gaiety Theatre near Grafton St with a moving rendition of Holy Night.

My top Radio DJ names who don't get on my nerves:: -

My top Radio DJ names who don't get on my nerves:: - 

I go with Gilles Peterson as my long term favourite.
Here he is pictured above with the great human 
'Flying Lotus'.

GROWTH does not RESIDE - WHERE??????

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Blob Tree Communication Tools - many different methods here.

LIST of Members of the Mayflower Senior Youth Club around 1980

I love asking questions - here is one coming at me ............

 Have you learned to be ? asked Alice

I often blog about being a 
HUMAN BEING and also a 
I feel that us humans enter our comfort zones as soon as we can and largely stay there.
If you place a crawling child on the floor, what does she/he do?
The child explores the periphery of the space -
under the table, every corner and wall.
It is said that we lose that spirit of adventure by the time we are 19.
We settle into comfort zones we are not aware of.

(Do this little exercise, only a moment of your time.
Clasp your hands together with fingers interlinked as one fist.
Now cross your thumbs.
Grip tightly.
Now cross your thumbs the other way - it does not feel comfortable!
Here is one example of resting in our unknown comfort zones.
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.)

I have had to learn to become. 
Being comes natural it seems to me.
I am restless and thirsty.
I enjoy relaxation but then 
I am refreshed to be a human becoming.
I have learned to BE.
I need more practice of how to be BECOMING.


Monday, January 07, 2019

Street People ...................

..... ONE ....... 
she stands outside the 7 - 11 shop. 
In the freezing cold. 
Never seen anyone speak to her. 
Or a magazine bought. 
She dresses in clothing - maybe a refugee? 
She smiles at me now . . ........ 
 I know her name. 
Always speak her name. 
I have touched her. 
Patted her on her upper arm quickly & gently. 
She speaks to me only when I ask her a question. 
She smiles with me.
I have given her a little sticker saying ::
 #YouAreBeautiful ...........

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Significant influences in my becoming as a Teen & eventual leadership ............

..... and formative years as a teenager & in leadership terms -
The BB was significant ..............


Friday, January 04, 2019

This is like one of the machines I worked on until I was 26.

...... and one year along my life story 
it was a Housefather for 15 boys 
in a young offenders unit..............
and the story rolls on ........


Thursday, January 03, 2019

Car Crash

Got a couple of putdowns.

Got a couple of putdowns. 
Usually they are statements which start with 
the word "you......". 

"...................... you make me angry .................... "

It is usually finger pointing word like 
'should' and 'aught' 
We can't blame another when we feel angry.
They are our feelings.
Someone may trigger feelings but 
feelings are our own responsibility. 

'should' and 'aught'
I never use those two words on principle. 
Also there are people who are warm and 
I want them to develop. 
I yearn that they can be warm with others 
of differing natures and personalities. 

To 'love the lovely' is great. 
To love the unlovely is a real challenge 
to all of us in our development.... hmmmmm ..... 

I notice the humans I warm to easily, 
and others not as easy. 
So principles kick in here.
I am off. 
Values decide to love not hate
because love does a better job. 
So our brain takes over our feelings 
if we allow it to.
If we TRAIN it to.

Our feelings struggle to keep up with our mind, 
the 500 words a minute mind ....
.. but I love wins every time........


REFUGEES .................