Sunday, February 19, 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017

How to get on the BECOMING road.

If we see Beautiful in another we will always want the best for others. 
We may not LIKE someone but the answer is 
to Love them. 

We can learn to love. 
Love is stronger than hate. 
Light stronger than darkness. 
Learning to Love non stop. 
Join me. 
It's a life long journey. 

Let's get on the BECOMING road. 



Thursday, February 16, 2017

When an encounter ended and wanted more - L5 communication ........

This BHP woman 
Spoke with me yesterday 
At the end of the conference 
Telling me of her life at 15 
So beautifully 
Wanting to share vulnerability 
Self awareness journeying 
Through smiling vulnerability 
Experiential touching/working 
I want to listen more 
Ask more 
Feel the warmth 
From your face more 
Like a bud of a flower 
Opening up To the sun ……..



A note from the Teacher following my session with a special selection of school students ....

'She left rather like an angry lion - and whilst it would be untrue to describe her later return as a 'lamb' - she entered the room in a wholly appropriate manner 

- mild but confident. 

Joined immediately with our activity.
I spoke with her quietly before she left.  She told me she had thoroughly enjoyed your sessions and fully and positively acknowledged her change in thinking.

Something had impacted significantly upon her.
She explained that the session had allowed her 
to examine and express her feelings - 
she has said before that is what she needs to be able to do - she has admitted she often struggles to do that.'


Pain Pain .......

Each day 
I try to remember....
"there is always pain in the room" 

(Peter Frost)


Looking for LIFE in Norway. Yearning the Beautiful.

Tecla write, write Tecla. 
Write about what your eyes have seen, the snow, the people, the clean towns. 😇😇
Write about what you have heard, the sound of water dripping over a frozen river, the beautiful Norwegian songs, the echo from roof tops. 😊
Write about what you have smelt, the fresh mountain air, the sweet smell of different perfumes. 😍😍
Write about what you have tasted, the new food, the chocolate banana, the water from Vos 😊😊
Write about what you have felt, the sun shining with no warmth, the uncertainty of standing and skating on a frozen lake, the joy of learning more about yourself and loving yourself a little bit more 😎😎
Write about what you miss, your family and friends, doing house chores, eating ugali and sukumawiki, going to church, sleeping on your bed with Jasper(your cat).
Write Tecla, Tecla write!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine ❤️ to you.

Even if no one sent you a are a beautiful human person  

¥☯☋ @☈☰ ♭☰@☋☨ί∱☋ᒪ 


Monday, February 13, 2017

I am " fill in this gap " .......................

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