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The Gift

Teen Tears and behaviour

Brain Development

No one can escape this risk. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, the human brain isn’t fully developed until approximately 25 years of age. Specifically, the prefrontal cortex, responsible for decision making and emotional control, is still under development. Up until that point, teens and young adults are searching for acceptance, for ways to impress one another without considering the consequences. They are still likely to make decisions based on emotions rather than rational thought, making them particularly susceptible to developing multiple mental health issues.


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A Blob Tree activity for Group-Work and to do yourself - give it a go please?

My question is relating to the 6 BLOBS above.
The one we find the hardest to understand - to LOVE even.

Think of a a person who is bruised.
Someone who is going through a rough time.
pick one of the Blobs above 
which illustrates best 
how that person FEELS?
If you touch the screen physically - 
it makes more/greater impact on you.

Did you do it?
If you did that
you more of a 
than an  
(if you only read those words
and didn't engage with the activity
you will not 'get' the Blobs - they only become alive
when experienced)

Pick which BLOB which  is you  right now - 
the nearest to your  FEELINGS RIGHT NOW.
TOUCH IT ...................
(go on - 
even if people are watching > TOUCH ONE)

('Motion changes emotion'
That is why I ask you to move/touch/get in touch with)

The Blobs help many people to identify their feelings.
Even young children who are not emotionally literate.
They can point/touch and OWN their feelings.

This is ALL GOOD this is for me - and YOU I believe.
We need to be in-touch with our own feelings
to be able to empathise with others BHP's.

Feelings are signals and nothing to be afraid of.
I had a big signal this morning.
I need to dig into it.
Put a name to the feeling and decide why
I have that feeling.
They are mine and I will not run away

Now one last exercise.
Read the quote below
then touch the Blob above
which is nearest this BHP.
Doing this develops empathy.
AND that is great in my book.

"My father 
always made me know I was fat.
I could never make him love me.
I decided nobody would love me 
unless I was perfect.
I felt ugly, 
as if I was falling down a dark hole."
Jane Fonda


Thank you - join me on the journey
of becoming ...........
HERE on these pages.

You are beautiful

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Greenbelt Festival - a little movie - see you there ????

The place I belong.
38 years without a miss
Board member for 28 years
Believe in this fragile incomplete unfinished Festival
Film made for Greenbelt by the wonderful folk at 
Black Matter, 
this 90-second film is a window on the life-changing world that is to be found at Greenbelt Festival each August Bank Holiday weekend in the beautiful grounds at Boughton House. 
Join us on the journey. 
Be with us for Greenbelt 2016: Silent Stars.

E.B.O.L. Waterboys 'You are an eternal being of LOVE' MUSIC for you

Pip Wilson Trainer Facilitator Life-Coach - hire me

• I work experientially - not training people but sharing my own experiences and creating learning experiences in the sessions. My challenge is to encourage all to feel those experiences and to transpose them into their own lives/work.
• I do this using Blob Tree Materials, mini film clips, visuals, stories from my work/life and exercises which engage all in active interactions. I use large group activities and triads so there is always movement - ‘motion changes emotion’ - and feedback - always with fun in the mix to both stretch and relax.
• I always start easy and, depending on the group response, move on to more stretching experiences which raise awareness and develop skill. I  don’t have a set presentation but design a day with several standby options which I divert to depending on how the group respond/engage.
• The work/reflections in the triads is great because everyone is learning from one another.
• I have facilitated many training days with psychotherapists and counsellors. I have conducted a week of workshops for the Adlerian Summer School. A county council  300 ‘Family Workforce Team’ who deal with troubled families + 300 Teachers/Assistants + many smaller and larger events.

Specialising in Experiential Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Literacy, Managing emotions and managing my own behaviour to be able to assist others to manage their own, often vitally critical, behaviour.
Creating and using Blob Tree Materials to facilitate humans on their self determined life journey.

'Dig the well before you are thirsty'I can suggest titles for courses
when we start the process of hiring me.

I like::   "When the Cheese .........."

CONTACT eMail via CONTACT on  

Blob Tree in the Blob School

BLOB SCHOOL Improving children's' emotional well being is vital to enabling them to access learning and being able to recognise and talk about feelings - one of the main focus points through recent legislation (‘Special educational needs and disability [SEND] Code of Practice,’ and DfE guidance, 'Mental health and behaviour in schools 2014’).
Teachers need both an awareness of the early indicators of mental health difficulties, and also the confidence to provide early interventions. Blob School resources provides a vehicle for overcoming fears around these topics area.
Pick of the Week - Blob School 

BLOB SCHOOLBlob School is an educational resource designed specifically for one of the main purchasers of the Blobs – teachers! It was created by Ian whilst he was a full time primary school teacher. It aims to cover all the key areas of school life so that teachers, assistants, school workers, pupils and parents can reflect upon a wide range of contexts and issues which occur throughout the school year.The book has about 47 images in black and white (with a colour option which extends it to 94, to be made available on a companion CD or password protected website) which can be projected upon an Interactive White Board or photocopied for whole class or small group discussion.
 Talkabout for Adults
Find Out More 

********* AND a further collection of books - have a browse

11 BOOKS here to download into your Ideas Bank / Your SKILLS Toolbox and YOUR SOUL
Several links below to all the publishers and down load sources.


Saturday, February 06, 2016

Booze - Drinkers - ex Drinkers talk about their relationship with Alcohol

Heavy Drinkers, Party Drinkers, and Ex-Drinkers Talk About Their Relationship with Booze

By VICE Staff
February 5, 2016
Photo by Hannah Lawrence
Many of us spend January 1st thinking about alcohol. 
Often, that's because it's coming out of our noses, 
thickened by the half-digested pizza we picked up on the way back from 
our New Year's Eve party. 
And then comes the rest of the month: What we call "Dry January" and the rigmarole of discussing a colleague's temporary sobriety for an entire 31 days.
This year, the UK government has helped prolong our booze-related thoughts, telling usthat we should drink no more than seven pints per week and that we should think about cancer every time we have a glass of wine. Both of the memos were buzzkills, but they were also completely true.
When alcohol dominates cultural consciousness in the way it has for the past month or so, it's difficult not to consider its role in your own life. To help a few of our friends and colleagues work through those thoughts, we asked them to write them all down and let us share them with the internet.

This is a great article - MORE HERE


'The Very Best of the Blobs' - a Blob Book of TOOLS for communication by Blob Tree dot com

The Very Best of the Blobs

eBook (PDF), 64 Pages 
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For over 30 years, the Blob Tree has been a regular image in the toolkit of professionals from Europe, the USA and around the world. This book celebrates the diversity of projects created over that time. It includes discussion sheets, cards, scaled assessments, narratives, quotes and much more. 50 pages of images for only £20! Each sheet can be photocopied and used in sessions by the purchaser - for training, teaching, groups, faith groups, businesses and individuals
Available in PDF Format 

Blob Lent


Read about young people and despair for them.

Read about young people and despair for them. 

They are in perpetual crisis. 
Fat, lazy and amoral. 
Sexually promiscuous and drug-addicted. 
Failed by a deteriorating education system and 
sent astray by society's dropping standards. 
and corrupted by materialism, 
television and 
violent video games. 
Sullen and distant. 
But know them and rejoice.
They are our pride and joy, our darlings. 
They are bright and full of optimism; 
a brand-new day embodied. 
They see the world with fresh eyes. 
Today's young will be the  
richest, best-educated and 
healthiest generation in history, 
and the largest one, too. 
Their accomplishments will exceed our wildest dreams. 
And yet the majority of them will live and die in 
poverty, most of their potential untapped. 

Friday, February 05, 2016

The SUN does not EVER stop shining ..............

The sun doesn’t stop shining
it is just ::
we sometimes step into the shade
we sometimes step into another persons shadow
we close our eyes
we hide behind sunglasses
sometime night falls ………

When it comes to LOVE
There is no nightfall
we can and do 
step into
or hide ………

There is NO nightfall when it comes to LOVE
even though we feel it sometimes.
Love has no OFF switch.

Romantic love can fall
Human love can fall
Divine love has no OFF switch
Divine love has no nightfall
No shade
No shadow
No sunglasses
No hiding place.

We don’t have to love to be loved.
No nightfall.
We don’t have to change to be loved
If we became perfect today
we could not be loved more tomorrow.

A LOVE that will not let you go …………


Love has nothing to do with what we are .............

has nothing to do with 
what we are 
expecting to get, 
it's what we are 
expected to give
which is everything."



Thursday, February 04, 2016

LOVE - from your MOTHER

"Be my Valentine" A Group Work Session described on a Valentine theme.

"Be my Valentine"
Group work on a Valentine theme.

Hello beautiful human. 

I wonder how you are feeling right now. 
I wonder what things are on your mind? 
More than that, 
I wonder what emotional agenda you have? 
What comes into your mind during those few seconds before you drift off to sleep? 
I would love to know because it would help me to click words more relevant to your soul.

As a Youth Worker, 
I guess you ponder on the young humans who you work with. 
I guess you wonder about how you can best be useful to them 
as they face adolescent ups and downs.

I guess you can do at least two things as you gather a group together. 
One is to input a story, 
a reflection, teaching,inspirational thoughts and more. 
Another method is to create a sharing situation 
where everyone can share thoughts, feelings, concerns, life puzzles, 
relationships - always relationships!

Here is a group activity 
which will give everyone present an opportunity to share. 
That includes you! 

This process outlined, 
always open for you to adapt and deliver in context. 
It will only come alive in a group interactive situation. 
Listening as well as sharing - and you are the facilitator!

1 Set the climate, food, drink, music, a game or two. Something to set the tone - a climate of trust.
2 Place a big piece of paper on the floor in the centre of the group. Draw a saucer sized circle in the centre and 5 or six other circles around it, each one larger to fill the paper. Give everyone three 'post its'. 
With some music playing, ask everyone to think for a few minutes before placing the 'post its' on the paper.

3 The exercise is. Place three post-its::
i) close to the centre of the circle indicating your closest relationship, maybe using the words 'who you love most’. 
ii) the 'second post it' farther away from the centre indicating the next closest relationship. 
iii) Then the third similarly. (Alternatively - you could use the first one is a person from their home, another from school/college/work, and the third a friend.) 
Before you on the floor will be a map of key relationships experienced by the group.
Do this in silence ideally.

4 The sharing. You could start, yes you the leader, 
to model the level of authenticity and openness - 
or ask someone you know who would be willing to be open. 
In a large group it would be good to use triads 
and feed back to larger group afterwards.
5 Question suggestions:: 
How difficult was it to decide on the person to chose and where to place them on the the circles? 
Was it easier to place someone in the centre or someone farther away? 
Share who the person is at the centre ? 
(Many questions can be asked here, 
you will know the sensitivity to use but remember that 
'growth does not reside in a place called comfortable').

6 Hand out copies of Blob Romance or project onto a screen. 
Ask them to share in triads in response to these questions. 
i) Which of the pairs indicate the worst relationship and why? 
ii) Which do you consider is the best relationship and why? 
iii) If you are in a relationship at the moment - which best describes it? 

The interaction between large group/small group can be powerful. 
The listening can be. 
Humans will find themselves saying new things about their relationships 
and it will foster self discovery and self esteem.
This can be a powerful way for individuals, 
and a group, to connect with the reality of their relationships  - and in their becoming.

Me, Pip Wilson?
When I need comfort. 
When I am hurt. 
Need to be carried. 
A cuddle. 
Some flowers of Grace 
when I don't deserve them. 
But at the moment, 
I want God to shoot an arrow through my heart 
to help me to discover more about love .........

Pip Wilson

Blob Romance