Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When I asked 60 people a question - the responses were so so powerful ............

I asked everyone on social media::
"Can I ask you a question."

60 people said yes.
My question to all of them was::
'Will you ask me a question?

I received many questions.

This is one question::

Describe in three words a person that embodies the exact opposite of you?
I experience, that people who are similar to me or 
the opposite/different provoke/tease me the most. 
Either they mirror me and  make me angry, seeing my own behavior. Opposite people I can’t understand their thinking, 
acting … make me angry because 
I feel, see, think the world different.

I want to be warm in relationships. 
As a Youth Worker one of the major skills is making contact - 
a hurdle which must happen before a relationship can be established. 
Can you possibly establish a relationship without warmth? 
I am striving always to understand my complex self - 
being an open book with myself and with others. 
NOT Padlocked.
Vulnerability can be often thrust upon us and 
we have to learn how to cope. 
We can chose to be vulnerable too. 
I believe in that - it’s part of being an open book.

Do you 'act' or are you a 'reactor'

Dig into yourself - Google the whole of your life & send me one word or few?

The Shape you are in ................

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Pussy Riot at the Greenbelt Festival following their appearance at the World Cup.

⚽ Pussy Riot win the
World Cup

France did okay but Pussy Riot were the real winners in our eyes, thanks to their inspired pitch invasion during the World Cup final. Find out why the Greenbelt 2018 artists-in-residence did it, in our latest blog.
Read the blog

Such great radio - last Saturday on the Gilles Peterson 3 hour show on BBC 6 Music. Interview & music by Anderson Paak.

Such great radio - last Saturday on the 
Gilles Peterson 3 hour show on BBC 6 Music.
Interview & music by Anderson Paak.

I have just captured 34 minutes of beautiful words & music from it.
I will keep it for ever in a special playlist I have called 'Pipmixcollect' - 
stuff I will always return to.

Here is the link.

You can here the whole programme free for a month on the BBC Radio Player App.

Enthusiastic Pip


The worst enemy is the one within ...............

Monday, July 16, 2018

Blob Tree Communication Tools:: Blob School - the book +CD - Packed with images.

"The great thing about Blob Tree Tools is 
the way they provide an entirely non-threatening way 
into people's thinking.” 
Molly Potter
Sex & relationship educational worker
NEW 'Blob School' 
uses the well-known BlobTree characters 

"I will be naked more I will memorise clouds ...............


I would love to have an hour or so with you just chilling and chatting. 
I have feelings, passions and opinions. 
I don't have an opinion about everything so your view can influence mine. 
I am a broken offering to life. 
My life I carry around experiences which have damaged. 
At the same time they, the same hurts, are the things which have made me grow and develop. 
It is only when we talk together that we find out about what is going on inside.

We have all sorts of thoughts sloshing around in our heads like a cement mixer. 
When we pour out the concrete it sets and becomes more real. 
So, when we talk things, we make things more concrete and we learn. 
Life is 'life long learning’. 

I was born in St Helens Lancashire, the home of glass and Rugby League. 
At school and in the park we never played football, 
even as little kids, 
we played rugby league. 
My Dad was a miner in the coal mines. 
He didn't go to war because of that and he also was an 'air raid warden’ 
which meant helping people to take precautions for when the Hitler bombs dropped. 
I was born as the second world war broke out. 
See if you can work out the year?

I was the youngest of four boys and was a mistake. 
I fought my way through childhood and that was just with my brothers! 
Also my education was poor. 
I was terrible at school too.
I had no interest in school only messing about. 

But at 15 some thing happened 
(I will tell you if you ask). 
I then started work in a factory at 15 and trained to be a fitter/engineer 
building winches for ships followed by working in another factory making parts for engines and trains to be exported all around the world - 
and playing rugby all the time. 
Then at 21 some thing happened to change my whole purpose and direction?..

So that is a wee bit of me. 
What I want do is to find out about your journey, and I bet your life would make a great book?
l bet you could write a book about it! 
A thriller?

I did, - the original is called 'Gutter Feelings’ and you can still get it from . 
I have added a few more chapters because of you, and would love to add more chapters.

Pip Wilson


"I will be naked more
I will memorise clouds
There is no law that says you shall not study a sunset
Beyond heavy woolens, beyond the Nightly News, beyond the
reach of what hurts you, beyond politics (national, local, sexual),beyond beyond"

(From Goodby Silverstein's advertising campaign 
for the Norwegian Cruise Line)


How you are going to spend this one and precious life ?

"Your problem is
how you are going to spend this one and precious life you have been issued.
Whether you're going to spend it trying to look good
and creating the illusion that you have power over circumstances,
or whether you are going to taste it,
...enjoy it and
find out the truth about
who you are."
Anne Lamott