Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Still time to get to Greenbelt Festival - a great HIT for your inner & outer.

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To bag online tickets

Web sales end midnight Weds 23 Aug

Greenbelt's almost here. The site is all but built. All we need now is...you! (And some sunshine. Which is looking extremely likely.)

People are saying it's the best lineup we've ever had. We'd have to agree. And we'd love to see as many of you there as possible – even if it's just for a day.

Much of our pre-booked extras are now either sold out or off sale. But you can still buy tickets online in advance (and beat the queues) – until midnight, Weds 23rd August.

See you Friday! 👋

Banking for good 💰

Christian Aid are bringing an Escape Room, working with the Real Junk Food Project in their café, campaigning with us on the Big Bank Shift, and presenting a stellar programme in their venue. It's great to partner with them.

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The Far Side 🙌

Our new reflection zone is coming together. The tents have gone up, and we're working on the vibing now. It'll be hosting a rich and varied worship and spirituality programme – all weekend.

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Tree climbing 🌳

The trees at Boughton House are ancient. And beautiful. But some are quite fragile, so please don't climb them. Except for the one we've carefully selected for you to climb (with ropes!). It's for all ages and abilities.

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A keg of Union Pool 🍺

Rev Vince Anderson is with us this year as part of the Nine Beats Collective. And as a treat, he's had a keg of beer from the Union Pool venue (where he hosts his weekly Dirty Gospel services) shipped all the way over from NYC for us to taste. Yum.

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With a Gold Standard from Attitude is Everything for our access provision, we work hard to be an inclusive space for all.

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Find everything you need to know on our info pages, in our Essential Information PDF, and in our ticketing FAQs.

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We're award-winning

For sustainability 🏆
Greener Festival Award
For inclusion 🏆
Rainbow List Award
For accessibility 🏆
Attitude is Everything Gold


We're campaigning

Join our Big Bank Shift campaign with Christian Aid. We're lobbying the banks to disinvest from fossil fuels and into renewables – to play their part in protecting a two-degree world.

FEELING with you ............

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Hoping to have my first nights sleep tonight.

Had a tough 5 days with watery stingy eyes, rasping cough, sore throat & sleepless nights.
I had to depart to our lounge at night to ensure MrsBeautiful got some sleep.
Paracetamol are laughing to their bank - so are the cough medicine & throat soothing sweets.
The worst is my inner eyelids are bright red + 2 bloodshot eyeballs
AND I never get a cold !

Then this afternoon MrsBeautiful tripped out of our back door down the concrete steps cutting herself - knees hands & all shook up. 
No broken wrists or bones as she did in 1999.

So I have been quiet keeping away from 121's and my Mac - so little to be said through lack of energy.
I have much to prepare for a busy end of year with hardly one Saturday/week-end free.

Hoping to have my first nights sleep tonight.



Monday, August 21, 2017

The 10 Commandments of Emotional Intelligence

The 10 Commandments of 

Emotional Intelligence

CREDIT: Inc.com
CREDIT: Getty Images

These 10 rules will help you make emotions work for you, instead of against you.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify emotions (in both yourself and others), to recognise the powerful effects of those emotions, and to use that information to inform and guide behaviour.

It begins with learning how emotions work, but it goes much further. Specifically, how do you start putting that knowledge into practice?
If you'd like to make emotions work for you, instead of against you, pay attention to the following "10 commandments."

Emotional Intelligence begins by learning to ask the right questions, like "What is my current mood, and how might that influence my decisions today?" or "What are my strengths and weaknesses?"
This is one way to begin building self-awareness, which will yield valuable insights that can be used to your advantage.
When listening to others, don't focus on right or wrong; rather work to understand how perceptions differ. That includes learning to take negative feedback, which can expose blind spots and lead to self-improvement.
"The pause" is as simple as taking a moment to stop and think before you act or speak. (But beware: while easy in theory, it's difficult to practice.)
Don't expect perfection. But practice consistently, and the pause will prevent you embarrassment and could save countless relationships.
Instead of judging or labeling others, work hard to see things through their eyes. Ask questions like, "Why does this person feel this way?" and "What's going on behind the scenes?"
Do this, and you'll enjoy a clearer understanding of the world around you, and build deeper, more connected relationships.
By focusing on the good in others, and then specifically telling them what you appreciate, you inspire others to be the best version of themselves.
"I'm sorry" can be the two most difficult words to say. But they can also be the most powerful.
Acknowledge your mistakes and apologize when appropriate, and you'll develop qualities like humility and authenticity, naturally drawing others to you.
Refusing to forgive is like leaving a knife in a wound--you never give yourself the chance to heal.
Instead of hanging on to resentment while the offending party moves on with his or her life, forgiving gives you the chance to move on, too.
Refuse the temptation to judge others too quickly, without considering context and extenuating circumstances. Remember that everyone has a bad day (or even a bad year).
Instead, make it a practice to consistently and honestly re-evaluate your relationships, and you'll be sure to get the most out of them.
When you experience a negative situation, you may won't have much control over your feelings. But by focusing on your thoughts, you can control your reaction to those feelings.
As the saying goes: "You can't stop a bird from landing on your head. But you can keep it from building a nest."
When you focus on your thinking, you resist becoming a slave to your emotions. Instead, you acknowledge those feelings and can then move forward in a way that's in harmony with your goals and values.
Emotional intelligence isn't about achieving perfection, or reaching a certain level of "EQ." It's about continuous learning and growth.
Yes, it's often when you've "mastered" one of these 10 commandments that you will make your greatest mistakes. But it is how you handle those mistakes that will determine how truly emotionally intelligent you are. 


Saturday, August 19, 2017

There is no love without self disclosure

...... hey 
how are you ? 

Makes me think what is happening in your life to cultivate those feelings. 
Have you some decisions to make? 

Me ............ feeling tired now. 
At peace - mainly. 
If I had some strong emotions they would be there in my gut and in my head like toothache. 
-Q-What do we think about when we have toothache? 

Our current pain can posses us and preoccupy us 
so much that we cannot function well in other life areas. 

So I feel sensitive about the week ahead because 
I have stuff to prepare so I can love people. 
I have decided to make my life and act of love. 
I have decided that the best we can give another human is - love. 
There is no love without self disclosure - 

otherwise we are only giving the 

surface, the crust, the mask and a performance. 
Authentic love is self disclosure. 
Real live is self disclosure. 
Love is self disclosure. 

Sometimes it hurts -it triggers deep emotions in myself.
Vulnerability I guess.

Hope you are getting to know yourself better.

A beautiful human waiting to be understood more .........



In Norway making Beautiful

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