Saturday, October 25, 2014

NEW #iPad going cheap - several available

Hi All,

If you are interested in getting an iPad I can get hold of them through a contact. 

These are legal, not off the back of a truck,
they are from a cancelled Hospital contract 
due to the Government cutbacks.

The numbers are limited - 
I have twenty iPads going for less than half price so it's first come first served.

I have already sold one 
(photo is attached below so you can see what you are getting).

Get back to me as quick as you can if you want one. 
Full specification as below.


#JamesBlake an hour + of music for you.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Journey of life from birth through to death - a #BlobTree Tool

Blob Life

Paperback, 118 Pages 
     This item has not been rated yet 
Price: £20.00
Ships in 3–5 business days
Blob Life is another book in the catalogue of photocopiable resources produced by Ian Long and Pip Wilson. 
This book looks at the journey of life which we all take from birth through to death and beyond.
It covers many of the aspects of life using key aspects - birthdays, families, death, driving, shopping, holidays, school, home etc. 
Each pair of pages has a set of questions to use with the photocopiable images.
At the start is an introduction which explains how to use the images to open up your group. 
It has been used with ages from 4 to 90.

Flickering TV's at dusk .........

at dusk 
seeing every home 
with a flickering TV. 
My childhood home 
we sat around 
coal fire
kitchen table 

#JamesBlake with #JamieXX beats

James Blake 

- New Song

with Jamie XX

Thursday, October 23, 2014

#LEADERSHIP is ................

needs to be 
participative than directive, 
enabling than performing.

That's me

Latest #Vacancies Nationwide


#Bereavement Cards to help in supporting people at a time of LOSS.

Blob Bereavement Cards

Nov 2013
This set of 48 cards carefully provides an introduction to the nature and experience of loss through bereavement.  The cards are particularly designed to use with children who may be confronted with bereavement for the first time and have no experience or knowledge of how to understand and cope with their loss and fears.
The images on the cards go through from the moment of being told of their death, a variety of ways a person dies, the feelings of loss and anger, the funeral service and life following this event.
  • The cards can also be used individually, or combined to create other situations.
  • Ideal for use by bereavement counsellors.
  • There are 15 suggested ways to use the cards detailed in the accompanying booklet.
  • The images have been produced in conjunction with Helen MacKinnon of 'Seasaw' Bereavement Group.
Contents:  48 full-colour cards, 125 x 82mm plus instruction booklet, boxed.

Ignore Emotional Intelligence at Your Own Risk


Ignore Emotional Intelligence at Your Own Risk

Call it Grant vs. Goleman. Two academic heavyweights face off on a topic that every student of leadership and HR cares — or at least hears — a lot about: emotional intelligence. Wharton professor Adam Grant kicks it off with a LinkedIn blog post, “Emotional Intelligence Is Overrated,” arguing that “it’s a mistake to base hiring or promotion decisions on it” and that “even in emotionally demanding work, when it comes to job performance, cognitive ability still proves more consequential than emotional intelligence.” Daniel Goleman, the psychologist credited with coining the term EI (and, full disclosure, a friend), issues his rebuttal, “Let’s Not Underrate Emotional Intelligence,” questioning the specific assessment of EI used by Grant, and referring to the various studies conducted by “The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence.” And the comments fly.

#COMFORTABLE a dangerous place to reside.

Long periods of well-being 
and comfort 
are in general 
dangerous to all.  
After such prolonged periods, 
weak souls become incapable 
of weathering any kind of trial.


'Man on the Moon' by Moses Sumney -"If my body leaves my soul"

This songs grabs me.
Listen to that first line.
There is depth here.
I guess a man with deep feelings
Deep passion
whilst quiet in interactions.
MUST catch him in London sometime.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WOW WOW Excited at this new music for me #MosesSumney

go full screen and feel it

"It was fascinating to watch the Downtown Los Angeles sunrise, 
when the natural world immerses the 
industrial environment in light," 
says lo-fi prodigy Moses Sumney, 
who is perched on top of the Ace Hotel 
in the latest installment of our series with 
Yours Truly, 
Sunrise, Sunset. 
"It's such a contemporary phenomenon, 
it feels almost futuristic. 
I live in Mid-City, 
where things are more quintessentially 
the sun peaks up out of the palm trees and casts 

#Conscience - we all have one

I'll not meddle with it, 
it is a dangerous thing, 
it makes a man a coward; 
a man cannot steal, 
but it accuseth him; 
a man cannot swear, 
but it checks him; 
a man cannot lie with his neighbour's wife, 
but it detects him: 
'tis a blushing shame-faced spirit, 
that mutinies in a man's bosom; 
it fills one full of obstacles: 
it made me once restore a purse of gold, 
that I found; 
it beggars any man that keeps it: 
it is turned out of all towns and cities for a dangerous thing; 
and every man that means to live well, 
endeavours to trust to himself, 
and live without it. 

[Richard III]


#e:Merge #Vine


Pip Wilson #ABOUT maybe read my books &/or Hire me as a #Trainer ?

My Mission, never called WORK, since I left factory life at age 26, 
is to reach out to the hard to reach - full time. 
I have a passion to reach out to:: 
Those on the fringe of a group, the loudest teenage gangs, the hard surfaced 
(who ALL have beautiful souls) 
facilitating learning experiences for workers on urban frontiers who are working to support young humans who are often seen as disposable by systems and government policies.


Monday, October 20, 2014

#eMerge beautiful humans in #Bradford - and fantastic #YouthWorkers

#FEELINGS. If I don't know what to write I think 'feelings'.

If I don't know what to write 
I think 'feelings'.

I am feeling a myriad of feelings.
How are you feeling?
Can you name a few?
('FINE' is not a feeling ........)
I am talking about the inner non physical stuff.
EVEN the physical feelings have the emotional type of feelings too.

I am feeling 
*drained a bit
ALSO feeling 
a deep 
Never complete.
I feel mainly good but I wonder about some slight 
*uneasy feelings.

I have just returned from Bradford and Huddersfield in Yorkshire.
I was facilitating a residential week-end for a youth work team 
(++ they do lots different kinds of magnificent people work).

They are called eMerge.
The last time I worked with them was back in 2010.
This time they wanted me to work with them on 'Emotional Resilience'.

If you read my stuff here or books
you will know that this stuff is high on my agenda.
Personally and professionally.

It all started when I was working with gangs back in the day.
Before that - working with young offenders since aged 26

I didn't even clock my own emotions in those years
never mind those of others.
Emotionally illiterate - ME!
Emotionally unintelligent - me!

But I have journeyed through 
pain and failure 
passion and fear
wounds and fear of them.

You can only get where I am if you read
'Gutter Feelings'

and my newest book
'The Backstreets of Heaven'.

These tell of the journey of my life.
My feelings and 
Gutter Feelings
because I feel the emotions of others in pain
Toothache I call it
BECAUSE when we have toothache
we can think of nothing else
so many people life with their toothache all the time.

I am feeling privileged to have spent so much time with these guys.
Ages across the spectrum
from young adults to well-trodden vets.
They meet and work with mainly young people with behavioural issues.
And of course that means emotional issues
(we all have them - me too!!)

I am in awe of them.
They carry 'incompleteness' in their emotional relational professional lives
like you do
like I do
but they are giving of themselves with passion and energy which inspire me.
Me - and I am certain many many others they encounter.

These are my feelings from being with them.
Of course I gave all I could offer to them
Experiential exercises to stimulate emotions
which then can be examined and transposed into their own context.
Their own lives.
Love it.
Loved it.

I could write more.
I need to reflect more
I have been away for more time in the last fortnight
than I have been at  home/office.
I need to catch up.
I need to catch my breath.
Reflect more backwards - to learn.
Think/plan forward to prepare myself for the next one.

I wonder how you are feeling?
Tell someone.
Jemmy it out of your soul.

Don't bury feelings.
They will never stay buried dead.
They are buried alive!
They remain alive and need to be levered out and examined.

Tell me if you can't tell anyone else at the moment.
SO so vital

I am feeling ..........