Friday, June 23, 2017

Greenbelt Festival - Acts of imagination

Talk to someone who you LOVE ...........

Job Vacancies around the UK - all to spread around to meet the needs of other (maybe yourself?)


Thursday, June 22, 2017



"Loneliness does not come from being alone, 
but from being unable to communicate 
the things that seem important." 

Carl Jung

Blobology explained by #BlobTree

Remembering part of a dream & getting cramp because of it/in it!

Woke up this morning in a dream but because I had an attack of cramp in my right calf. 
Jumped out of bed and walked around to ease the pain. 
Still feel the residue of it 2 hours later.

 But I remember the dream, a little - 
I don't often remember my dreams. 

I was at some large event & in an open sided caravan the was a young girl singing. 
The Mike automatically dropped down as she sang each line - robotic like. 
It was so good I called Connie over, 
our Grandaughter,  to see & we both joined in with the 🎤 singing - 

I was excited & that's when I was hit by the cramp ..... & jumped out of bed!

I get these cramps when the adrenaline flows when I am facilitating training - when I get excited or intense. 
Better than the gout I used to get. 

I remembered a dream !!
(Only a little of it. )


Thank you both for all the memories and most of all for all you are and doing like changing the world into a better beautiful place.Julie & Marina

This was on Facebook this morning and deserves to be broadcast wide and loud - 

Here are Julie & Marina BHP's - 
both came to Romford YMCA when I was there.
Julie from the USA
Marina from Bulgaria
Both volunteering to work & live in our community.

WONDROUS that they can collide together after 19 years ........
Such beautiful UNIQUE humans in their own write but together ................. WOW

Thank you both for all the memories and most of all for all you are and doing like changing the world into a better beautiful place.



Great music to start the day -'Let the day begin' by The Call

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The effort of these two men could slow the horrific number of the UK suicides BY MEN !

Beautiful Humans in Norway

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

U2’s follow-up to 'Songs of Innocence' was ready to be released. Then Donald Trump was elected president.

By Annie Reuter
U2’s follow-up to 2014’s Songs of Innocence was ready to be released. Then Donald Trump was elected president.
In late May, guitarist The Edge told Rolling Stone that following the election the world suddenly changed, forcing the band to reevaluate things.
“We just went, ‘Hold on a second – we’ve got to give ourselves a moment to think about this record and about how it relates to what’s going on in the world,’” The Edge said.
Now, bassist Adam Clayton tells Variety that the band made some changes to the record once they evaluated the current political climate and significantly improved the songs.
“Once the election had happened, we didn’t want to put out a record without having some time to evaluate what was going on and what was behind the outcome,” he explains. “And certainly that wave of change seemed to be moving through Europe as well, so we did say ‘Let’s reexamine where we are,’ and we did reexamine and I think it’s been better for the record and it’s been better for the songwriting and it’s much more on-message of what U2 does and what U2 does well.”
Clayton adds that the album itself has been ready to go and all it needed was “a little bit of cosmetic surgery.”
“We said, ‘We could put this record out this year, or we could celebrate The Joshua Tree and put out the [new] record when all that’s done, and then plan a tour around it and all the things that go along with a new album,'” he shares. “The only spoiler is that The Joshua Tree Tour has been an enormous, runaway success and we just keep adding dates. So the answer to your question is, [Songs of Experience] is ready to go, but at this point, I’m not sure when it’s going to go because the tour is still up and running.”

This is the book of mine - I wish you would read most of all - Pip Wilson BHP


I have always asked questions.
There is never a right or wrong answer.
Only you have the right answer - 
Because they are BECOMING Questions.

One day I posted on my website:: & Twitter / Facebook

‘Can I ask you a question?’
60 people from around the world said yes !

That got me excited so I asked a question online

and then re-Tweeted it / re-Facebooked it and I had a massive response.

There followed 15 weeks of Questions.

I posted one Becoming Question every Sunday
and posted on my www every Saturday - 
and the 
beautiful humans responded
undressing their souls 
so SO unlike so much chatter online.

I was encouraged by all this response & a book came to mind.

The reflections from so many

are so powerful
I wanted to share them with the world
encourage each book reader to add their own answer
as an act of BECOMING.
(I would love you to consider that?)


Monday, June 19, 2017

The Grenfell Tower Beatitudes

The Grenfell Tower Beatitudes

The Grenfell Tower Beatitudes
Is this the moment? Is this the hour? 
When all our ungerminated seeds of justice flower?
Is this the day our myopic consumer bubble finally bursts?
Is this the moment the sublimated cry of those whose voice
Is stepped on, stopped up, silenced, sidelined
Breaks through and slakes its thirst?
Might this be, for all its visceral, pain and loss
And all its tears and grief and monumental human cost, 
All the hideous detailed traumatic tales and horror stories, 
All its blackened, choked up smoked inferno
Of misery, cheap industry, colonial history, ignominy,
All its horror at the thought of flames rising rapidly on those
       who never had much choice, 
Might this be the moment where people of poverty, dignity
       and community find our voice?
And when we do – clearing our collective lungs, 
Coughing up the blackened phlegm, 
Crying past the pain of burnt out throats, 
We would cry and we would sing the protest song,
The long- suppressed lament of those
Who have for too long been the nation’s prisoners of hope.
Who cry
“Woe to you the fattened corner cutters!
You praise the logic of the spreadsheet before the dignity of others. 
Woe to you the high priests and priestesses of austerity!
You discredit those with the temerity
To catalogue the real-time, lived severity
Of what it is to live in the nursery of your love-child, poverty. 
Woe to you, you authors of deregulation’s hymn
That sang a strident song of local responsibility and reaped a whirlwind. 
Woe to you the ordinary metropolitan urban woman and man
Working blindly for the false prize of luxury – but who didn’t give a damn!”
But blessed are those who cry for action
The ones who fill church halls and stores and mosques and boxes with rations
Those whose thought is only humanity and compassion
Those who are meek and brave and humble enough to meet
Pain and anger full in the face and not feel they have to speak. 
Blessed are those who mourn. 
Blessed are those who grieve
The ones whose tear-streaked, sooted faces may yet achieve
What the politician, the prophet and the poets of justice 
Have for generations sought to weave.
And blessed are the meek,
For whom maybe, this is the moment,
This is the hour, this is the week,
When the kingdom of the mustard seed
Outgrew its neglected emblematic burnt-out frame
And burst out on the streets. 


Finsbury Park Human -

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Father who you have missed

.... happy #Fathers Day 
especially to you who have 
lost your #father or never known him 



Father's Day - #YouAreBeautiful


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Justice. Not Just-us - Grenfell Tower

... #JUSTICE is what #LOVE looks like in public - 

this is what #INJUSTICE looks like ......