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One of the many Blob Tree Communication Tools - A playground for any age.


"The Blob Playground and Bullying pages have proved particularly helpful. 
But intrinsic to all Blobs is their lack of specific identity.
They are sexless, ageless and without racial characteristics. 
Even the youngest children can come to own the images, 
finding in them Blobs that reflect their past and present circumstances 
and how they would like to be in the future.”
Sarah Davidson 
Slough Borough Council's Educational Psychology Service

She said 'I don't want feelings any more’.

So many young people who dip their needy toes into a YMCA  Hostel are at the bottom of the social pile. 
They arrive at a YMCA, 
often with all their lives 
in a plastic carrier bag ………….

They are welcomed at their point of need. 
A cup of tea is the first item on the agenda. 

They are NOT to be oppressed. 
They are NOT to be preached at - 
those empty bellies are there to be filled. 
Their ears to receive valuing comments, 
Affirmation blessings, authentic love. 
The environment needs to be right to facilitate 
the acorn reaching it’s potential
everyone an Oak Tree …………. an acorn BECOMING.

A part of that journey is the experience of 'belonging’, 
A sense of 'security', the experience of 'self esteem’, 
cognitive and aesthetic needs. 
All these, according to Maslow and his famous hierarchical model, 
culminate in self actualisation.  
That is what we aim for, 
the height of spiritual/ wholistic/fully human person state.  

So the YMCA aims for the highest, 
and as all us leaders know too well, 
it is the great journey and destination we ourselves desire to achieve. 

Martin Luther King did NOT say "I have a budget.” 

Martin Luther King did say 
"I have a dream.”
I have a vision! 
I have a mission! 
We in the YMCA are about that same mission. 

Let me tell you about Mary Lou. 

Mary Lou said, 
'I don't want feelings any more’. 

She was a resident in our Homeless Hostel community. 
We used to talk regularly over a meal. 
Having a large dining room for evening meals and breakfast was something special - 
it is the one place which brings people together in the some sort of Community. 
'Bed-sit’ Hostels, self catering, don't have the same chance 
to cultivate a whole range of contact 
and support from eye contact/hello grins, 
to real Level 5 communication.

Mary Lou was riddled with feelings and beautiful with them.  
An open book. 
She was great at being in contact with her own feelings, 
which is great compared with the many who bury them deep 
and so turning into ulcers or worse! 
She was hopeless at managing those feelings. 
That's the big issue with feelings - having them, 
owning them and managing them without us being controlled by them.

Mary Lou knew she had problems, owned them. 
She never told me intimate details of her complex relationships - 
but did share the feelings. 
Sometimes she stepped out of the hostel lift 
with a face like a can of worms.

Tormented, yet not wanting to talk sometimes, 
but, often in the crowded noisy hostel dining room, 
we shared feelings together and the possibility of her building repertoire of skills 
to 'own them' and 'manage them’. 
We all need tools in our ‘Life Toolbox’. 
She left the hostel and I've never seen her since. 
I just trust that the climate of trust in our community released her, 
facilitated her in her salvation, which is an ongoing liberation experience.

Mary Lou - I'm not going to launch into a poem. 
I will say 
'A caterpillar looks nothing like a butterfly, but one develops from the other'.

Mary Lou - you left your feelings finger prints on my soul.



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A caterpillar is nothing like a butterfly but one develops from the other.

A caterpillar is nothing like a butterfly but one develops from the other. 

I sat in a circle of YMCA Hostel Residents. 
We talked about the potential in a caterpillar and shared our collective wisdom. 
It was late night. 
They had a free choice to join me. 
I had pushed an invitation under each bedroom door. 
A dozen out of 100 joined me.

We talked potential. 
An acorn is the soul of an oak tree. 
An acorn has the potential to become an oak tree. 
So we talked about the things which can stop that acorn 
from developing into its full potential. 
Crushed by a boot, 
No moisture, 
Damaged in the fall, 
Landing on concrete, 
Poor environment, 
Uprooted or  eaten in early life and more. 

And then the application to ourselves, 
The human soul and the potential to 
become a fully alive human person. 
What can hinder that development? 
"The glory of God is a person fully alive”. 
Everyone in that group, including me, 
shared the reality of their own 'damage’. 
During the development process in life, 
the emotions ran high as we shared 
and took ownership of real hurt 
and also the equipping for life that this sometimes gave. 

The purpose of the YMCA is NOT to provide:- 
beds, meals, gyms, fitness classes, 
child care, training, sporting opportunities and more. 
All these we do, and are leaders in the field, but 
these are the means to achieving our aims and purposes,
to provide developmental opportunities for all. 
Those acorns into oak trees, 
Those caterpillars into butterflies. 
We are about whole person development. 
That is what makes the YMCA distinctive. 
That is what we mean by putting Christian principles into practice. 

"An empty belly has no ears," 
African Proverb. 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Moving Blob Tree Communication Tools for human growth & development

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RAPUNZEL story we can all learn from .............


The story of a young woman.
Young and beautiful.
Imprisoned in a tower with an old witch. 
She was told by the old witch that she was ugly, all the time.
One day Rapunzel was gazing through the window of the tower she saw her Prince Charming at the base of the tower. 
She lets down her long hair, long and beautiful tresses. 
It fell to the ground alongside the Prince who braids it into a ladder and climbs up to rescue her.
She was imprisoned not by the tower but by the fear of her own ugliness which the witch had described so often.
Rapunzel sees the reflection of her face in the mirroring eyes of her lover. 
She sees that she is beautiful and becomes free from her imagined uglyness. 
She was not really imprisoned but locked in the prison towers of herself. 
She believed she was ugly because she was told she was ugly.
We need to see in another’s eyes our own beauty, special ness, uniqueness and become free.
You are a beautiful human person.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Life giving Pipology

The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere - in landscape, music, art ...............

Hey do you feel beautiful? 
Do you believe you are beautiful? 
I think - the answers you give to those questions, 
determine how you handle life. 
I naturally think - have I put the comma in the right place? 
I accept I am ignorant of basic things, 
but I still believe I am beautiful imperfection.

John O'Donohue has said that the Greek word for "the beautiful" is to "kalon” 
which is related to the word "kalein."
This is entwined to "call" or "calling.” 
So, John says - "when we experience beauty, we feel called.” 
Do you feel called?
Do you believe you are called? 

I first started using the phrase 
"You are a beautiful human person” 
when I was working with gangs of young humans. 

I struggled to love them - at first. 
They were constantly abusing. 
Me and others.
Some spit in your face. 
They lashed out physically. 
Sometimes, even worse, 
there was no response, 
no acknowledgement that I existed.

To be able to continue to work and love
I knew I had to start to learn
to see through their behaviour
and love the person
beyond behaviour.
So I started to say - YOU are beautiful.

That gave ME a problem.
If each one of theses BHP’s I work with - is beautiful  
I had to turn that on myself.
I was beautiful!
I am beautiful
(Much easier to type than say!)

I decided that God loves me some years before. 
God loves these beautiful humans.
Beautiful-Imperfection - like me!
I need to learn to love. 
I need to grow as a human - in love. 
Then I started to say, and write, and express in every way I could: 
"You are a beautiful human person".

"The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere - in landscape, music, art, clothes, furniture, gardening, companionship, love, religion, and in ourselves. 
We feel most alive in the presence of the Beautiful for it meets the needs of our soul.” 
John O'Donohue. Beauty: The Invisible Embrace.

The beauty I see, 
the most powerful beauty, 
is in you. 

The greatest beauty is - is in us humans. 
Despite behaviour, 
despite your behaviour,
you are beautiful.