Friday, April 17, 2015

SHAME - Relationships - LevelFive communication.

Mike #Yaconelli about our #Pretend Face

I have often, and still do, feel GUTTER FEELINGS

Gutter Feelings

Paperback, 183 Pages 
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Gutter Feelings Pip Wilson has been on the frontline of Youth Work for many years, including much intensive work and love for young offenders. He feels with the Gutter Feelings of the toughest of teenage gangs and wants, at the same time, to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. This is a book about putting Christian principles into practice and living it out – the failure, the hurt, the wounds and the hope. It is a faith journey of a human being... becoming.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Group Work activity - Teens Adults Teams

Palm Person Group Game

Hello you beautiful human. 

As I work here in the 
Wilson Mansions office 
I want to peep inside your soul to see how you are doing. 

I hope and pray that you have a restless soul. 
An unsatisfied soul. 
A soul not so much ‘being’ – 
but a soul very much ‘becoming’ ……
…… and yearning …

I hope you have a refresh button on your soul. 
One marked ‘irritation’ so you can click regularly as you seek first the ……

Refresh the irritation!  Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable.

Palm Person Game – 
some suggestions of how to use, 
but please – 
always consider new and creative methods, 
which are just right for your group.

1      Ask all the humans to place their palm on an A4 piece of paper and draw around it with a felt tip pen and then add their own name.

2      Start with the thumb and ask them to write in the thumb space something about themselves, 
which is positive about them. 
Not only considering their achievements but 
deeper characteristics and aspects of their unique personality.

3      When they have finished – ask them to write on the index finger. 
This time about their direction in life, where they intend to go – to be.

4      Longest finger - What do they need to get a grip of? 
Which part of their lives needs some attention, 

5      Ring finger. 
Write here a significant commitment in their lives. 
To a human or A.N.Another? 
To a cause? 

6      Little finger. 
In what way are you vulnerable? 
In what context – or in what subject?


The sharing phase is now the most powerful. 
The fertile ground you have established with the group 
will now pay off in terms of the experience to be encountered.

Depending on your timeframe and the size of the group – 
ask them to share their words and feelings. 
No better place to start is:: 
If you start and set the level of deepness, 
mask less openness, 
wow – a session of beautifulness.

I see the objectives as being:: 
i Reality check of where we are at right now. 
ii self disclosure – owning our strengths and vulnerabilities 
(we all have abilities and disabilities)


a) A month or so later you could do it again 
but this time, after No1 above, 
mix up the papers so everyone gets a paper with another persons name on it. 

b) If you have only a short time, or large group, try doing the thumb and the little finger only.

c) Ask which finger was the hardest to do – and the easiest.

d) Which is the standout one in terms of understanding yourself more?


Pip Wilson 

Get your legs out - summer is here (UK ONLY)

#BeautifulHumans - in the #UK #VOTE with a #Manifesto of #LOVE


Monday, April 13, 2015

'The Backstreets of Heaven' by Pip Wilson - book Review



#WELLBEING - makeBeautiful #LIVEbeautiful #BEbeautiful

#BLOBTREE a whole collection of Trees with different themes - download

Blob Themed Trees

eBook (PDF), 35 Pages 
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The Blob Tree is used to help discussions throughout the world. It is used in over 100 countries to promote effective discussions on emotional intelligence. It is used with children as young as 4 and with all abilities of adults. There are no words, hence it is used across the world! This edition includes a set of new images that are based on themes. Look in the preview for the full list of what is on offer.
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Being #AUTHENTIC is ..................

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Erykah Badu in the MIX with Gilles Peterson - love it.

I have listened to this
with Erykah Badu
with Gilles chiming in
asking questions
It's like a tutorial in music
and damn great music

Pain in the leg - nothing compared with the INNER

My right knee 
sometimes gives me some gip. 
I remember it getting a big twist in my rugby days. 

I was strapped up for weeks afterwards.

Three big tacklers swung me around, - a big hit,
and my foot stayed firmly in the mud. 
I twisted and the knee took the pain.

I was strapped up for weeks really bandaged up large. 
I remember having trouble driving.
It was painful in extreme but nothing broken. 

It still hurts with sharp niggle in the side - general ache. 
I will keep doing my stretches. 
"He jests at scars who never felt a wound" 
William Shakespeare 
This journey - this 'road less travelled', is full of thorny brambles. 
I have led many courses called ‘The Road Less Travelled'
As with every course, 
people present had been caught in those thorns 
and carried the scars. 
Me too. 
“Everyone we meet
is fighting a battle
we know nothing about”
That makes doing a course with people 
who are on that journey 
all the worthwhile. 
A big objective on these courses
is to encourage all
to get on that road to BECOMING.

If we feel the pain of life 
we are much more willing to grapple 
with the questions of life. 
If we skate over it, push it aside, 
it only comes back when we hit the next hurdle. 

Having the tools to handle life does not come naturally …
'We cannot play the piano 
just because we can tap the keys with our fingers.’

We need skills before we can play a decent tune. 

We need to develop emotional awareness and skills.
We can learn this stuff.
Just because we struggle with ugly feelings
doesn’t mean we can’t learn
We can develop ‘inner' skills which enable us to 
make ‘outer' decisions in terms of

I want to feel those feeling as I journey. 
Learn from everyone.
They are all signals.
They are all information.

Feel them clock them, 
and then work them out. 
Not leaving them to fester. 

It must be terrible to feel no pain. 


Saturday, April 11, 2015




This is the book I am aiming to reproduce in a 'Bumper' version hey hey ...

...... this is my favourite title and I have so much more content - 
not the least being the new Blob Tree creations from the pen of Ian Long.

...... I need to find some time to crack it ....


#Politics and a #Teenage #Inner-City view back in 1978 and speaks to today

Friday, April 10, 2015

As it was in East End's Canning Town


Charles Tolliver Music and conversation - LISTEN HERE

GREAT artiste
Love  it  Love it

Strata-East // Charles Tolliver In Conversation

By Gilles Peterson Worldwide

 Gilles met the man behind the seminal Strata-East jazz record label, Charles Tolliver for an in-depth chat. They discuss Charles' beginnings, moving to NYC, the ethos behind the label, working with legendary musicians such as Jackie McLean, Max Roach and Horace Silver, as well as releasing Gil Scott Heron's 'The Bottle'.

Charles Tolliver - Prayer For Peace
Jackie McLean - It's Time
Jackie McLean - Revillot
Jackie McLean - Truth
Booker Irvine - Stolen Moments
Hank Mobley - The Morning After
Max Roach - Abstrutions
Charles Tolliver - Brilliant Circles
Charles Tolliver - Effi
Charles Tolliver - Mournin' Variations
Gil Scott Heron - The Bottle
Jackie MacLean - On The Nile
M'Boom - Morning, Noon, Midday
Horace Silver - Psychedelic Sally
Charles Tolliver's Music Inc - Wilpan's”


The #Average person is not #Average - VIDEO