Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urban Inner City life I love

"Pete is a young man
Heart full of rain

Eyes full of evenings

Spent in a dream
Grew up in a city where you master your pain
Or you end up numb, not feeling."

Kate Tempest

Monday, September 15, 2014


I love my friends 

neither with my heart 
nor with my mind. 
Just in case heart might stop, 
Mind can forget. 
I love them with my soul. 
Soul never stops or forgets. 


A #child from birth to 5 gets 478 #negative messages a day.

A group gathered around a pile of sandwiches at lunchtime-ish. 
After the consumption washed down with mugs of tea - 
always quick when breakfast has been missed - 
I kicked the group off from the informal chat 
into a leader led process which they are used to.

I handed out a paper which said that 
a child from birth to age five gets 478 negative messages a day.

"Stop that."
"You little ..........!"
The paper had a list.

I spent very little time with that but moved on quickly to -
I asked everyone if they saw a glass half empty or half full. 
I went around the group and everyone commented. 
All gave sincere reflection to the question 
and a large percentage of the eleven 
present spoke in the negative.

Introducing the session very informally - 
I suggested we look at the issue of 
'positives and negatives'.
The next step was a try with something 
never attempted with this community before. 

Everyone was given a slip and asked 
to write their own name on it and 
into the hat it went. 
Mine too.
The draw resulted in all having a name 
which was not their own. 
My plea then was for each to say something positive 
about that person. 
Even if they had never met before - a reality. 
It was fantastic. 
Everyone did it 
even if some struggled and 
had to be helped/encouraged by the group members. 
The brother to his sister was the slowest response. 
A real struggle. 
Also a 'first time' member of the group 
with a total strangers name in his hand. 
He did it. 
It was an affirmation communicated well 
about her clothing.
He did it.
I felt good to see and hear the words stumble out. 

Then I moved in with some other questions;
1 Do you remember positives or negatives mostly from you life experiences?
2 Do you normally speak mostly positive or negative?
3 Do you think positive or negative?
4 What are the feelings when you get a positive or negative?
They did it.
We did it!

Now we are talking about humans in the group who have met some pretty harsh experiences of;
- being rejected as a child
- seeing a friend stabbed to death
- abuse
- mental health issues
- alcoholism
- drug misuse
- and multiple issues for some.

Not only did they say that the negatives in their lives 
have an impact now, 
they said what they were - 
owned them and not pretending and 
hiding behind a mask.

Faces stilled. 
You know how sometimes 
the skin becomes drawn and passive - 
it is because the interior human is being disturbed 
and comforted at the same time.
Disturbed through the recall of life experiences.
Comforted by the support of the group - 
the realisation that they are not alone - 
and the first time facing of reality as it was..... 
and maybe is.
It was fantastic and powerful.

The session moved to close with 
a reaffirming of the objective 
which had been floated at the start.
1 Thinking and practising being positive.
2 Considering our reality in our daily lives. What do we do by habit?
3 Choosing to go down the positive route - a strategy for a new life.

I floated, lastly - these four life positions - soul positions - psychological positions;

1 I am not ok ................ you are not ok
2 I am not ok ................ you are ok
3 I am ok ...................... you are not ok
4 I'm ok ........................ you're ok

..... and they said which they were ..... 
because they had become aware of themselves
 ................ and to tell it 
..... 'how they were' was important .

........ I hope you can position yourself 1 2 3 or 4 ............. ?

The other groups I lead are very different - 
and never the same people.
Different objectives, styles, tools.
......... and a stumbling to get close 
and be
and become

          "work like you don't need the money
          dance like no-one is watching
          sing like no-one is listening
          love like you have never been hurt"

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Today's story

Walking along a car pulled up 
with pile of 20's in asking 
re local #skateboard park 
As he drove off he said 
"For an older man you are right cool"

Saturday, September 13, 2014

From an ex Greenbelt Board member - thanx

To all the stewards who manned gates, campsite and venues, pre-festival, early mornings, late nights and through the night too (many offered to take on extra shifts when the weather was wet);
To our incredible access team who helped festivalgoers with additional needs to manage the site more ably;
To the great volunteers in our children's and youth teams who made sure all ages were engaged, challenged, nurtured and having fun;
To the beer tent and wine bar teams, pulling pints and smiling;
To the operations teams who make sure the entire festival runs smoothly - duty managers, control room, front desk and venue managers;
To the teams making coffee and tea in The Tank, contributors', angels' and volunteers' lounges;
To the amazing and colourful team who drove our golf buggy taxis around the site;
To those welcoming people arriving at the box office and festival reception and providing information in the info booth;
To everyone serving in the G-Store shop, selling tees, hoodies and recorded talks;
To those selling tins of beans and pints of milk in the Milk & Honey general store;
To the team recording the talks in the venues and duplicating in time for sale;
To the volunteers recording film in the GTV;
To the photographers seeing, framing, snapping and uploading;
To the team in G-Source who looked after all the exhibitors from other charities and their volunteers;
To everyone backstage at the Glade, Canopy, Roots and Big Top;
To the volunteers on stage compering all of the venues;
To the volunteers looking after the caterers and traders;
To the early birds and site vibing teams who transformed the fields and woods into a fab festival;
To all the volunteers who look after our contributors;
To all the volunteers who look after other volunteers;
To everyone involved in keeping the festival safe - our medics, fire crew, event safety, noise control, safeguarding and counselling;
To volunteers who helped to book the programme, music, literature, ideas, worship, performing arts, comedy and visual arts;
To everyone behind the scenes, making payments, counting cash, sorting data, writing blogs, making up-to-the-minute decisions in meetings, liaising with press, photocopying, emptying bins, packing boxes, loading vans, driving trucks, making tea, fetching and carrying;
To the teams from Oasis and Frontier Youth Trust who ran the detached youth service, the team from YMCA Coventry who ran the showers and the team of local volunteers who met in Geddington Church to pack the bags for the communion service.
To all of you from up and down the country and from further afield, from 16 to 76, from all churches and none, from student to Bishop of Colchester!
To all 1476 of you. Thank you to every single one.

Greenbelt Artists' visit Bet Lahem Live

Latest Vacancies Nationwide

Latest Vacancies Nationwide

Jocks from Glasgow, Taffies from Cardiff, Scousers from Liverpool and Cockneys from London.

By my friend Johnny Ringwood

I don't usually to voice my opinion, 

but on this occasion 
Regarding the spilt from Scotland I feel I should. 

On my mothers side her father originated from Ireland and her father from Scotland, 
and on visiting these places I definitely felt an infinity both mentally and physically. 

Back in the fifties I was a crew member on a cargo boat called the Taranaki, 
our crew was was very mixed, 
we had 
Jocks from Glasgow, 
Taffies from Cardiff, 
Scousers from Liverpool 
Cockneys from London. 

The trip lasted 7 months during that time we were more than just a crew 
we became very close some of these fellas became life long friends. 
On the stern of our boat flew the red ensign which is three quarters red 
and the the corner is the Union Jack. 
That flag meant UNITY 
and that in my humble opinion is how this tiny island island must remain.

Group work which helps us move along.

My work with groups is a challenge. 
Not only do I aim to communicate 
but I aim to create an environment 
and opportunity 
for everyone there to communicate. 
Yes listening! 
Yes verbally and non-verbally 
expressing themselves. 

One big issue here is something 
I have good conversations about. 
The issue of our own sensitivity to ourselves. 
If we are not aware of our own feelings, 
in touch with them, 
it seems to me we are in a struggle 
to understand other humans. 
So many people I know 
do not know how they are feeling, 
being able to put a word to a feeling. 

I am happy. 
I am frustrated. 
I am angry. 
I am low. 
I am bitter. 
I am at peace. 
I am ....................... 
you fill in the space about your feelings now. 

Think of the last time
when you and your 
closest/loved one/friend/partner/colleague 
had some sort of conflict?
For instance::
* a sharp unthought out exchange
* a nasty comment
* a put down
* a sarcastic remark
* a raised voice in anger
* a step back into non-communication
* an hour of silence between you
* feeling annoyed about the other
* or maybe some other behaviour or feeling.

Have you done that?
If so - move to the .......

Second question.
At that time, which you have recalled,
was you feeling one or more of the below::
1   Hungry
2   Angry
3   Lonely
4   Tired

Usually, in my experience,
we are at our worst 
when one or more of these is alive in us.

Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.

© Pip Wilson

Friday, September 12, 2014

Just look at this beautiful.

2 million downloads of U2

U2 'Songs of Innocence' giveaway drives 2M downloads as back catalog sales soar
Friday, September 12, 2014 3:55 PM
More than 2 million copies of Irish rock band U2's new "Songs of Innocence" album have reportedly been downloaded through Apple's iTunes Music Store since the record's release earlier this week, enough to push it over the threshold for "double platinum" status, and have driven strong sales of U2's previous discography.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Conniepops 1st Day at #BigSchool

She looks like she is on a Fashion Shoot with this pose  !!

I used to work at this #YMCA in #Kingston - great #GroupWork memories

Wayne’s World
Hidden away in the many hallways, corridors and rooms of the hostel in YMCA Surbiton, you can find the most unexpected things. One such hidden gem is Wayne, a resident – and a fully fledged artist. 
He has lived in the hostel in Surbiton for over 3 years. In this period, Wayne has seen his life change in so many ways and he now describes himself as someone with fewer issues and more confidence – as someone who does things he wouldn’t even dream of some years ago.
Things, like submitting a drawing to a poster competition, or going to the massively crowded X Factor auditions in London.

The winner is…

Recently, Wayne found out he won a poster competition organised by the Support Staff at YMCA Surbiton. The competition was linked up with a drawing course for residents, and Wayne’s green, white and black recycling poster was declared the winner.
Drawing makes me tick, it takes me into a different world. My imagination is really broad, if I look at an object or simply just the sky, I can see something in it that inspires me. It’s just something about the way I see things, the way I use my eyes”, Wayne explains.

The idea behind the poster

Recycle poster
The recycle poster is currently on display in the entrance lobby of YMCA Surbiton, for all users of the centre’s facilities to see and admire.

Wayne explains the idea behind the design of it:
As you can see, one side is dark and one is bright, and I guess the message I wanted to convey is that things will be healthier, tidier and brighter if people keep it tidy, clean and recycle; whereas it will be dark and messy if they don’t.
The dark side is something of a wasteland, and I pictured it was me standing there on that pile of rubbish, being lonely, thinking, ‘what is going on here – what are we doing?’”

Invaluable support from Lucy

Wayne says he has received great support from the staff at YMCA Surbiton, especially his Support Worker Lucy.
“Lucy has helped me increase my confidence and just the fact that she has time to talk and always seems to have time for me has helped me lots. She’s also told me I need to take more credit for myself”.
Also, Wayne has been taking part in several courses and trips out organised by the YMCA.
A while back, I also took part in a retreat to Wales organised by Jacky, the YMCA LSW Chaplain”, Wayne says.

A day out at the X Factor

The latest outing Wayne took part in with the YMCA was to the filming of the X Factor auditions.
It was great! We saw lots of celebrities, like Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louie Walsh and Mel B who are all on the judge’s panel. Also, one of the performers really stood out: I think he was an ex-marine or something, at least he looked like he was, and he was a bit older than the others. Obviously, Simon gave him a hard time when he came on, but when he started singing he blew me away, he had the best voice I’ve ever heard”, says Wayne
Some years ago, I would never in a million think that I’d be in a place like that X-Factor audition, with thousands of people. I would have been far too anxious. Today, with the help and support from YMCA LSW, it was a great day out.

'Don't" messages to a child by GIANTS

Parents are GIANTS
can do no wrong 
feels the child.

'Don't messages' to a child ::

Don't trust, 
don't think. 
don't show your feelings, 
don't have your feelings 
(you're not hungry, you're sleepy), 
don't enjoy. 
you don't deserve it, 
you'll never get it, 
you'll lose it if you do. 
You'll regret it. 
You'll pay for it, and 
you have more than you