Saturday, May 30, 2015

Giant Blob Tree Poster

Giant Blob Tree Poster 

A ‘no word’ tool to aid communication.
The Blob Tree was created as an effective way of communicating with young people and adults who found reading difficult, and quickly proved to be accessible to children and young people of all ages. 
The Tree stands for a group, a family, an organisation, in fact any gathering of people. 
The Blobs are representative of two primary languages used by people throughout the world – feelings and body language.
Have fun using this effective and innovative tool when working with groups or individuals!

Suicide is the biggest killer of men between 20 and 49

is the biggest killer of men 

between 20 and 49, 
eclipsing road accidents, cancer and coronary heart disease. 

It is also 
predominantly a male disorder. 
Of the 
5,981 suicides in 2012, 

an astonishing 
4,590 (76%) were men. 

And yet while Britain has high-profile campaigns on, 

say, testicular cancer or driving safely, 
the biggest killer of men under 50 is not 
getting the attention it deserves.


One hour of chill-beats for you to surf to ......... Love it Love it

Thursday, May 28, 2015

So vital to share = we ALL LEARN.

"We become fully conscious only
of what are able to express to someone else.
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague
so long as it is unformulated" 

Paul Tournier 


"What am I ......." - what are you ? = a beautiful Human Person ........

A beautiful human person
say's me

"We can see a persons behaviour
BUT we can't see their journey"

You are precious - BEAUTIFUL


Every one a beautiful human person = BHP

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Group Work with a Red Tea Pot



GREENBELT - if you don't know, I have been involved as a

Greenbelt Maker for many years, not JUST a taker

(we want everyone to be a Maker and a Taker - YOU TOO ! )

Here is a little movie clip which I LURVE .......Enjoy!



Bono touching TIPS

Monday, May 25, 2015

I go on about the significance of #emotions related to behaviour, relationships, mental health, life management .....

You may know me - I go on about the significance of emotions
related to 
mental health
life management
Everything we feel is important.

Here is a little VIDEO advert about a PIXAR cartoon kids move

I have not seen it yet but I think it will be good.
Have a view of this trailer

What do you think?

I am a group worker. I believe that a small group can be a most wondrous method of learning

This was a 6 foot high hand made from wood and designed by Ian Long and was a a regular at Greenbelt in the Rolling Magazine - and it is lost - I don't know what happened to it.The message remains tho .............

All we ever need to know - 
we learned in the Nursery::
"Be aware of wonder.
Remember the little seed in the plastic cup;
the roots go down and the shoots go up,
nobody really knows how or why,
but we are all like this” 

Robert Fulghum, from 
'All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten'.

I am a group worker.
I believe that a small group
can be a most wondrous method of learning,
growing, nurturing and becoming.
A group is a group of learners and teachers
because we all learn from each other
when there is a climate of trust.

"There are learners and knowers.
In times of change the learners will inherit the earth
while the knowers,
will find themselves beautifully equipped
to deal with a world that no longer exists."

This is about group work.
It is about experiencing the promise
of wholeness 
in a small place.
It is about facilitating experiences
which humans can choose to take
and transpose the principles into their daily lives - forever.

I will walk you through a group work process.
Please take it as a helper.
Please transpose all your own learning, 
cultural awareness, 
passion and contextual stuff
into these ideas - or some of them.
The following is not a reading exercise -
it only comes alive when used in a dynamic interactive context -
like your potential or actual group with a great leader like you.

Plan a warm welcoming climate. 
Music, seating, food, drink, 
use of names and love oozing out of your frame - 
because you love them right?
Start the group session going with some good fun questions.
The objective is to get everyone to talk early on.
Everyone to feel at ease at making a contribution.
Watch that everyone has a chance to contribute - 
bring them in if they are a little quiet.

Question ideas::
i    If life was a Supermarket - what shelf would you be on? 
ii   If life was iTunes - what genre would you be?

If your group is more than six humans - 
divide into smaller groups and get feedback from every person. 
Fun, creativity, laughter and deep reflection can come out of these.
Mix the groups again so that sharing is spread around the group.
All these get the group buzzing and a climate of trust has been developed.
Do another sharing exercise if you feel it right.
Feel free to use a Blob Tree Tools available for instant download.
Using them regularly can help a deeper level of self disclosure.

Last phase. 
Distribute the 'Blob Feelings', - you can download it from , or project a large one on a screen.
(Remember that the Blob Tools are neither male nor female, 
black or white, young or old and they are open, 
and stimulate creative thinking and sharing.)
Don't crush any interpretation which is different than yours.
Encourage by asking why - why?

Some suggested questions - use them one at a time - 
aim to get everyone sharing - groups of three are best.
i    Which of the Blobs is most happy?
ii   Which of the Blobs is in the worst situation? (always ask why?)
iii  Choose one which reminds you of a situation you have been in your past?
iv  Which one do you think is (choose the name of a person who is currently in the news for some great positive act or terrible injustice)?
v   Which one describes your own personal feelings?
vi  Which one do you desire to be in the future?

You can see that there is an easy start 
which deepens as the questions continue.
All are important as humans around you will say something deep 
which they have never spoken before.
Never even thought of before.
This is learning.
This is 'becoming’.

"We become fully conscious only
of what are able to express to someone else.
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague
so long as it is unformulated" 

Paul Tournier from 'The Meaning of Persons’.