Sunday, December 30, 2012

I love Mos Def - interview + MUSIC!!

Bobby Womack WOW of a show with Gilles Peterson

Bobby Womack co-hosts in this Gilles Peterson Radio Programme Just look at the Tracklist below!

STILL available on the BBC iPlayer.
3 hours
First broadcast:
Saturday 29 December 2012
Gilles Peterson is joined  by a festive co-host, the legendary singer-songwriter Bobby Womack.
Bobby first emerged as part of The Valentines in the early 1960s, before pursuing a solo career that has spanned over five decades.
Most recently, he worked with Richard Russell and Damon Albarn on his critically acclaimed comeback album, The Bravest Man In The World.
The two discuss Bobby's career and influences, unearthing a few unexpected musical gems along the way.

Music Played

39 items
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Ain't No Sunshine (Live)

  • Image for Bill Withers

    Ain't No Sunshine

  • Image for Shuggie Otis

    Walking Down The Country

    Wings Of LoveEpic
  • Image for [unknown]

    Black Gold

  • Image for Ab-Soul

    Book Of Soul

    Top Dawg Entertainment
  • Image for OutKast


  • Image for Kelis


  • Image for Philip Owusu


  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Across 110th Street

    United Artists Records
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Point Of No Return

  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Baby Used To Say (Live)

  • Image for Bobby Womack

    That's The Way I Feel About Cha (Live)

  • Image for Bobby Womack

    That's The Way I Feel About Cha

    United Artists Records
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    If You Think You're Lonely Now

    Beverly Glen Music
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    How Could You Break My Heart?

  • Image for George Benson


    Warner Bros
  • Image for The Rolling Stones

    It's All Over Now

    The Rolling Stones - Forty LicksAbkco
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    California Dreamin'

  • Image for Bobby Womack

    You're Welcome, Stop On By

    United Artists Records
  • Image for Aretha Franklin

    (You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman

  • Image for Jimi Hendrix

    Castles Made Of Sand

    Track Record
  • Image for Sam Cooke

    A Change Is Gonna Come

    Sam Cooke - The Man & His MusicRCA
  • Gorillaz, Bobby Womack & Mos Def

    CD SINGLEParlophone1
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Please Forgive My Heart

    XL Recordings
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Bravest Man In The Universe

    Bravest Man In The UniverseXL Recordings
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Love is Gonna Lift You Up

    Bravest Man In The UniverseXL Recordings
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Deep River (Live)

    XL Recordings
  • Image for Marvin Gaye

    What's Going On

    Tamla Motown
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Trust Your Heart

  • Image for Bobby Womack


    XL Recordings
  • Image for Gil Scott-Heron

    Did You Hear What They Said?

    Flying Dutchman
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Woman's Gotta Have It

    United Artists Records
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Beverly Glen Music
  • Image for Bobby Womack

    I Feel A Groove Coming On

    United Artists Records
  • Image for Donny Hathaway

    The Ghetto

    Atco Records
  • Image for Johnny "Guitar" Watson

    I Need It

    DJM Records
  • Image for Jackie Ross

    Selfish One

  • Shirley Lynnette

  • Image for Ashanti

    Unfoolish (Remix)

    Murder Inc Records



Your one and precious life.

"Your problem 
is how you are going to spend 
this one and precious life 
you have been issued. 
Whether you're going to spend it trying to look good 
and creating the illusion that you have power over circumstances, 
or whether you are going to taste it, 
enjoy it and 
find out the truth about who you are."

— Anne Lamott

Saturday, December 29, 2012

....stood in front of a train to die.....


3 x beautiful humans
these days last year -
stood in front of a train
to die.

So inexpressibly sad.

It gives me deep feelings that 1 precious life
could contemplate such a thing.
End their life.

Tragedy also
train driver
emergency services
closest and nearest
work colleagues
local people like me.
Tragic for so many.

I have felt down.
I mood-swing like all of us - I think
but few tell you - so just guessing.

I know and have known
so many who suffer depression.
Some who daily felt suicidal.
Such tough experiences 
for me second-hand
for them
a life of pain.

I am no expert on these matters.
I strive to understand emotions.
Emotional Literacy.
Emotional Intelligence.
But these feelings to drive a BHP to suicide - 
I struggle to understand.

I know depression is an illness.
One in which people can feel shame.
I feel that.

If you know anyone going through this sort of thing
They need you as a friend.
We all need totally accepting friends.
Total unconditional love.
We need to wave some sort of flag
to let others know we are available.
No opinions - just an ear.

If you are one who suffers in any small
or larger way .........
Find someone to talk with.
Someone who you can feel comfortable with.
Don't leave too late.
Later you may not have the courage to talk - share - confide.

I am always available if anyone want to collide.
An email could be the start (pip@ - see my CONTACT page here)

The main thing is to talk.
Pretending you feel OK is a disastrous road.
It drives people under cover - deeper .........

I feel deeply about these things.
I wanted to share my feelings.