Friday, November 30, 2007


I am feeling bad because I have not been able to answer my eMails.
I am a wee dysfunctional in that I am catching up with life but - Christmas is coming.

Yesterday I was with a man who was with a friend when he was shot dead.

I woke early this morning thinking about him.

An the young woman who told me yesterday about her friend who was stabbed to death.
Also in my head at 5 am.

I have a lot to think about and I always need to be raising my awareness to be in touch with the humans I meet and work with.

We only see a humans behaviour - not their experience .....
...... until we get close in a L5 relationship and then .....

...... we share the hurts as well as the smiles and the handshakes ....

If you are waiting for me to reply - a coffee - a bit of feedback -

I want to meet with you and get closer than we are ....

I yearn.
You are beautiful
but I want to share my experience
your experience .....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

When I don't know what to Blog about::

.......I think of how I am feeling.

How are you feeling?

Here are
5 words
to describe my life at the moment::


And you ............?

I have had a busy period - the most busy since I went from Community Leadership to working with groups and being useful in terms of facilitating awareness and development.

I have loved the stretch.
Most - most thrilling and positive.
Some of it - I know I would loved to have done better.
I always look at what I do and see strengths and weaknesses.

I have learned so much.
Believe that eyes are wider open - lives changed
love it.

In the run up to Christmas - I have less commitments.
I have a mass in my inbox
I have all my office to sort
and I have to do my tax before year end grrrrrrrrrrr.

Then it is Christmas with daughter Joy - with a collection of beautiful humans.
26/12 we travel back home
27/12 we travel to US to the wedding of the year - please consider reading the blog
The story of Richard and Jen - who get married on 29/12 in Portland Oregon hey hey.

After that we go and stay with Denis and Gretchen who live in Salem Oregon.
Then - go to Chicago and see Julie Benson Julie Benson ..............
We get home on 5/1 hey hey

Never been to these places before - it is a journey into

.............. it will be a shaking experience .........
....... and I am nervy/excited

I must do a Christmas blog on here - and ask a few questions about your Christmas
the meaning
the humans
the purpose
the reasons
and .................... I just want to ask questions and I would love to see your answers .........


Pip back at Wilson Mansions with ZIG on the knee and chillin and thinking of you ....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Norwegian are in town ..... Hey Hey

Yesterday I met up with some beautiful humans.
All Norwegians, all Staff, all key Leaders from the YMCA/YWCA of Norway.

There is 70+ of them in London as they do a study tour and National Conference type event too.
Triggered by Havard, who invited me to Voss in Norway
- back in March 2007 - I think,
a small group met up at Platform 18, Liverpool Street Railway Station .....
.... and we walked on to Brick Lane for a most wondrous curry.

The movie 'Brick Lane' is out this week in London.
The book was well received.
I have not tasted either but the meal last night mhmmmmmm!

Loved the meeting with new humans.
Loved the conversation.
Loved the eagerly devoured food, the staff serving us
and I came home with some fresh music.

Glenn Gulli is a singer songwriter and he passed me 6 trax on a cd - all fresh and unrecorded. He write tunes and lyrics for others. They are spinning as I click right now. I will post one or more in the coming days - on my Blog piPod of course.

Also had a great conversation about Russia - they are neighbours with them at the top end of Norway.
I had similar conversations when I was in Finland at the end of last year.
The Fins have Russian neighbours along the whole length of their country.

A great time was had by all - and I wish my old and new friends::

"Do ar et voket manaska"


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

when you are tired zzzzzzzzzz

I love moving around, entering new environments, culture, groups, accents, vibes - purpose.

After a gig I feel drained.
I always give 100%.
The process, the tempo, the encouragement and the vulnerability.

Because I work experientially,
creating opportunities for a new experience,
- that means me opening up myself to my passions, hurts - everything.
That drains.
For me too .........

I lurve buzzing humans into small groups, levelling questions
- sometimes with a Blob Tree type Tool
and zap - it takes off .........

I ask for open sharing in plenary
Little inputs and reflections spring out of humans scattered around the floor.
(everyone listens)
A human, taking a risk, speaks
(everyone listens)
in self disclosure
(everyone listens).
A wondrous thing
all listen ............

Personal and spiritual development
A 'take-away-experience'
to continue to reflect upon .............

I am in Wonderville ............

I post photos here
to give a human face
to these clicks.
I would love you
to see the facial axpressions
in real life
the shapes of their bodies in communication
hand movements
hmmmmmmm .................