Tuesday, July 31, 2018


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Level Five Communication.- powerful in every relationship.

I talk about Level Five when I get close enough to someone.

In Hostels, where I have spent many years of my life conducting group work,
often only starting at 10 in the evening, 
I introduce L5 and 
encourage all to share something of their lives on each of the five steps.
Powerful stuff.

Someone in Norway, and can’t remember his name, 
reminds me often of his experience doing this L5 exercise MANY YEARS AGO.

It sticks in the gullet. 
We remember an experience far more than words - 
or talks/lectures - even conversations.
L5 is a major influencer in helping to heal broken relationships.
It can and has saved marriages.
It has helping all ages of humans to step into an emotional intelligent relationship - 
at work - at home - in leadership & in every day communication.

You can find the downloadable image HERE.


Sunday, July 29, 2018

Maybe you have a word to describe exchanges of intimacy - which includes sharing feelings and vulnerability?

I woke up yesterday morning
thinking about 'dialogue' and other
forms of verbal human interaction.

I like dialogue better than discussion as
I feel that discussion is more about opinion exchanges rather than deeper more personal

My stretched brain was trying to think of
a word / method which would be something more intimate than dialogue, discussion, conversation etc..

I struggled - maybe you have a word to describe exchanges of intimacy -
which includes sharing feelings and vulnerability?

On reflection, as I stepped into the day trying to be more alert (I am not a morning person) , my mind turned to my 'Level Five' concept which many people use by saying "Can we have a L5?"

Many families use those word as an introduction to desiring a more personal interaction.

I love it when people refer to another as a  ' L5 friend'.
I am myself privileged to belong to a group of BHP's who refer to ourselves as a 'L5 Group'.

I am not about to go into details about L5.
If you wish to know more - you can search my webpage with key words to view my many reflections about the subject.

I want to be a L5 Friend with you.
I am privileged to have many.
But my soul is ready for more ..............



Level Five - the book.
Available & more details on Lulu.com


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Feeling unloved ?



Friday, July 27, 2018

'Making Love' & other games including ARMENIA - you changed my life.


 The ONE GAME in Armenia
( Armenia you changed my life ) 

I am in regular contact with BHP's who can slot themselves into this Blob Tree Tool so easily.

..... our feelings impact our behaviour. 
Sometimes taking over = 
reactive behaviour 

OFTEN regrettable behaviour. 

Damaged relationships
unsettled soul. 
Dissatisfied life. 
Let’s learn together how to join the dots between 
our emotions & our brain. 




Thursday, July 26, 2018

Greenbelt Festival - video

Lineup  I  Tickets  I  Volunteer

💆 An imagination spa

Our resident vlogger, Leena Norms, has been at it again... This time offering thoughts on how summer is the best time to see things in a new light and how coming to Greenbelt is like booking your imagination into a Spa.
Check out Leena's vlog

📈 We're on the up

Greenbelt's getting bigger and better, which is a good thing. But there are always teething problems when you grow. Like running out of caravan spaces.

The great news is: we've managed to open up some more space – in what we're calling 'The Lilac Field'. We're in touch with all those on the waiting list and then we hope to put a small number of live-in vehicle passes on sale.

Book festival tickets

More stewards

Another thing about getting bigger is that we need more stewards. So this is a final call-out for volunteer stewards to do a shift each day – in return for a free ticket, meal vouchers and good vibes – to help the festival run smoothly. 
Sign up to steward here


We're hosting our own parkrun-inspired 5k at the festival! So bring your trainers and jog on. More here, including a Dave Walker's map of the course!
Find out more and sign up

Eat, drink, shop

Besides our brand new food venue, The Table, we've got great caterers and traders lined up for this year's festival. Ben Pugh blogs here about what he's most looking forward to at Greenbelt 2018.
Ben's blog

I wish I knew you better deeper closer

I have been asking questions online again.
Just asking ::
'IF you you wrote a book about your life
what would the title be?'

I had great comments back on my Facebook page.
Deep reflective book titles.
A few making light of the question
(which I expect and accept)

I love the thought,
that even if the masses didn't feed back to me,
that their internal consideration 
of the question - would be personally developmental.

A week or so later I added my own answer::

My biography, when I was 40,was titled 
feeling in the drains - 
feeling pretty dirty battered committed scarred ....... 
they were feelings. 
I had ‘only just’ discovered my feelings 
& started on the journey of learning to manage them. 
20 odd years later
I added experiences & stories about my work mission at 
( Gutter Feelings the book -  is on Lulu.com )
If I did a biography NOW it would be::
‘Beautiful Imperfection’
would be the title. 
About the journey of believing in  
Knowing I was, and am, IMPERFECTION. 
So many stories of human interaction & self discovery 
as I strive to live what I believe. 
Thanx for taking part if you did. 
Or at least reading what others who have shared 
(which trust will have stimulated your own internal being & BECOMING)