Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Back to school -a Blob Tree free tool to kick the new school year off


Back to school - Blob Tree free tool

Blob Back to School (COVID19 edition) - a free to download/ share discussion tool to help parents, children and schools reflect upon issues that may be concerning the health and safety of everyone at school as well as learning issues at home. 

Suggested questions: look at the image together - what can you see with your talk partner? 

Which Blobs are feeling worried? 
What behaviour of Blobs concern you? 
Which Blobs would you choose to be when school restarts? 

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I have Joy in my life

Monday, August 30, 2021

These are the meds I am on - for LIFE

For too long I delayed the symptoms of prostate cancer.

It was only because my passing of urine was slow.

So I told my Doctor, great human, and he fixed me a blood test the same day.

Any PSA count above .4 = cancer 'alarm bells"

My PSA was .29 

( I think  - because I suffer from memory loss - amongst a whole long long list of symptoms)

Since then it has been a roller coaster of activity including hospital visits (I have one this week)

It has been a journey of pain & ugly scans, meds, - you name it. The treatment above means I am pain free and hopefully a holding back the spread of the damn life spoiler. No cure. Just a holding back!

MEN get yourself checked. Please don't wait. Read about 'Prostate Cancer' - visit your Doctor - it is all free.




Sunday, August 22, 2021

Its me trying to be open & honest ............

 I don't know how long we have all had the pandemic or me cancer  -  they have all got mashed in history - and in experiences.
Recently I have been going through weaknesses which I have never encountered before. I have no pain as before but I do have a collection of side effects unique to myself. One of them of them is not being able to type properly - how to sling words together - even put thoughts together - as of now!
My communication has been terrible  - even with all my beautiful human friends - they don't know  I am going on - I don't know how I am going on - but I am attempting stuff today.
I have been diagnosed as::
They are why I have been staying apart from so many humans - for so long.
I have only recently had contact (apart) with a few humans and only those who could meet up locally. A few sitting in the grass in front of our flat and others venturing out to a nearby cafe - really strange but also beautiful. 

So it has been 'come to me' not 'I will come to you'. Often such a great encounter/food/catch-up has left me shattered.
I am tired now but I will come back at you and try to communicate the man here on a hot tin roof ..............

A recent Turner Family Pipturesque + Mum and Dad there as well!
Blessings on all gathered here.

stay beautiful 


Saturday, August 21, 2021

82 and I still have to clock my judgemental internal attitude & switch to LOVE whatever I am faced with.

.......BUT I am speeding up with my internal attitude SWITCHING 

SPEED from judging to being aware and throwing my internal matter switch 






Monday, August 09, 2021

I have been a place of stretched feelings ...........

 I have been stretched like never before today. I have felt weak. Under pressure.Not well at all. I have only entered the day gone 6 pm after a good long sleep. I have been stressing about things that I would do without and effort but today */*/*/*/*/

Here I am an, Emotion Detective, and I am in an emotional car crash. No joke. Never felt like this before and it has lasted until 5pm before I could sit down and try to word it !!!!!

Forgive me all - for not getting back to you. It's all to do with my health - cancer and side effects. I am experiencing many to mention but but am feeling weak.

I am writing about this because I believe in self disclosure is better than locking feelings in. So I try to be honest.

Join me on the self revelation journey - I believe it is better then being alone.


I am …… you are too

Saturday, August 07, 2021

The Rolling Magazine Crew - through the ages.


Back in the day I had a phone call from the top guy at the Greenbelt Festival - 

(a gathering of about 30k attendees) - a festival to have faith in.

It seemed that the organising committee had reached a point of the festival being too much 'Guardian' and not enough 'tabloid'  - and they wanted someone to kick off a programme more like the latter and certainly more 'fun fun fun  your' was targeted.

Because, in my work, I was surrounded with a wealth of young people and youth workers it became a challenge I could not resist!

I collected a bunch of talented passionate older teens from :- The Mayflower Youth Work Team, A collection of older teens currently on a 'work party' at the Mayflower + any talented humans such as the gathering you can see above.

The Rolling Magazine was created to deliver a 'show' - non-stop activity of - Fun* Dancing* Games* Wild* risky*Maximum participation show*wondrously*non-stop*wholistic*spiritual* developmental *Life-affirming*relational building 2.5 Hours a day (Saturday Sunday Monday) ........ spread all over the August Bank Holiday in good old England,

Since then came 2 books,  Games without Frontiers & The Rolling Magazine Book (translated into other languages too).

I have introduced it in many European Nations and beyond.

The RM Crew pictured above conducted several UK Tours ....... and .......... loved it.

We loved the stretching exciting relational educational experiences over many years.

Thank you to all involved over the years.

I love you lots - & forever .........


Monday, August 02, 2021

Saints #RugbyLeague - massive win over Hull FC

Mrs  πŸ…±πŸ…΄πŸ…°πŸ†„πŸ†ƒπŸ…ΈπŸ…΅πŸ†„πŸ…»  & me watched TV the red hot battle away from home with playing it tough in their own stadium. 
Big score but we never seemed safe until near the end of this thriller. 


Sunday, August 01, 2021

A rambling from my mind - encounters with humans sharing or struggling to ...


I am desiring to be L5
(if you don't know what L5 is -
read a few blogs of mine)
I want /aim to share L5
tell you who I am

I have moved around the world introducing 'L5"
I have entered into a new:-
groups ............
I feel lonely in a new group
NOT all the time!
Just for a few moments
I feel that isolated feeling
I feel it
thank God for feelings
and spring-board from them.

It is not the fault of the group I am with
The centre/conference/hostel etc..
They are my feelings which sweep through me like
restless winds
(and you too - I believe)
but I want to be in touch with these feelings/signals.
I want to feel them all
learn from them all
And that is my striving for emotional intelligence.

When I share feelings about life
It is not the fault of life.
Not the humans around me -
not their fault.
It is not even my fault
they are the GIFT of shared human feelings!

Feelings are not right or wrong.
It is behaviour which can be bad or good.
Feelings are real and, unless we reveal them,
others - appropriate others
it builds up =
a volcano will arise in due course........

So I have felt periods of NOT OK-ness in life.
Something for me to work through.

At one Greenbelt Festival
so full of goodies for me .......was.....
Being able to say to the woman,
that the highlight of a Festival was;
when I wiped away a tear from her cheek,
with my right forefinger
as she was sharing L5 with me.

The many 'Mint Tea Moments' with individuals/
small groups/couples.

Many meetings of new humans.
Meeting and greetings.
L1, 2, 3 and 4 which will lead to
if we meet some more. Risk more.

The YMCA Cafe and encounters with lots I know from when I worked there full time.
Humans - the work horses of the project
who pour their Love out into every cup of tea.

.... and in the same project
the young guns working there.
Many I know from leading groups/conferences
with them as passionate participants.
Some who have had tough lives.
Hard times
mashed up years
Now living in Hostels
Not awaiting A level results
but whether they will have a bed to sleep in tonight ..........

To see them
meet new
feel their warmth
feel the connection

And late night drinks, which is the context
not the depth and the purpose.
Meeting new and old friends.
Meeting once-a-year-friends
Facebook friends for first time.
I Love Love the exchanges.
I loved so much............

Love it
Loved the interactions
the contributions I made
the feedback too
He was a dissatisfied human.
Read one of my blogs 
(via SEARCH RIGHT side bar.)

So I am OK.
I am buzzing.
I am positive
but got lots a feelings
mainly about individuals ................

Who do you follow
I know my choice.



@Saints1890 20 for Monday’s game

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