Monday, August 09, 2021

I have been a place of stretched feelings ...........

 I have been stretched like never before today. I have felt weak. Under pressure.Not well at all. I have only entered the day gone 6 pm after a good long sleep. I have been stressing about things that I would do without and effort but today */*/*/*/*/

Here I am an, Emotion Detective, and I am in an emotional car crash. No joke. Never felt like this before and it has lasted until 5pm before I could sit down and try to word it !!!!!

Forgive me all - for not getting back to you. It's all to do with my health - cancer and side effects. I am experiencing many to mention but but am feeling weak.

I am writing about this because I believe in self disclosure is better than locking feelings in. So I try to be honest.

Join me on the self revelation journey - I believe it is better then being alone.