Monday, November 30, 2009

Blob Christmas 2

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It's Christmas in the world of Blobs
and they are themselves into a pickle.
Some have got one idea of what Christmas is,
whilst the others are pulling in opposite directions.
See if you can find yourself here,
and decide where u would really like to be.
Which Blob would upset you at Christmas.
Which Blob would annoy you at this festive time?
Which Blob is doing the best thing,
or is it a collection of Blobs?

Emotions Blob Cards

Emotions Blob Cards

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Product Description

The groups of Blobs on these cards are acting in many familiar 'human' ways: celebrating, fighting, feeling left out, supporting or ignoring each other. Looking at Blobs together instead of alone enables you to explore a wide range of feelings and emotions to do with personal and social interaction. Includes a booklet with lots of ideas for activities.

Contents: 48 full-colour cards, 125 x 80mm, laminated

Do you Love?Do you make love?DoyouloveSelf?Family?Neighbours?Colleagues?Wounded humans?World?Love is a doing word.

"I'd Like To Call it Beauty"
For just a few moments, it is as though Corinne Bailey Rae has forgotten she has an audience. At the close of the bell-strewn rock gospel "Love Is on its Way" - a new track that fleetingly suggests Lauryn Hill singing Radiohead ..........
Fantastic review of Corinne Bailey Rae in the Observer today.
The new LP, out February, sounds so great - I want it want it NOW !!

"I'd Like To Call it Beauty" finds Bailey Rae's sweet ebbing and flowing propped up by full-band harmonies, as her acoustic guitar plays off against organ sounds.

You have to strain to hear the words because they tail off into sighs. Rather than being a source for complaint, this new, authoritative ephemerality - think Cat Power crossed with Nina Simone - promotes Bailey Rae instantly into a higher echelon of vocalist.

In 2006, when her debut came out, it was pitted against Amy Winehouse's Back to Black, an infinitely richer record.
Now, The Sea is squaring up to be Bailey Rae's own Back to Black, a rewarding hit built on hurt.

Click the link to read the full review.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Great Day with friends.
Special day as the sun shone
escaping the recent rain
and strong strong winds.

It was great to be invaded
at Wilson Mansions and then
we eat out in the smallest
restaurant I have ever been in.

It is more like a cafe interior,
maxing at 16 covers,
but the food is top class.
As good as any Mayfair Restaurant
in Londons West End.

Really good to catch the cold wind
the brisk walk
avalanche of fish dishes
with Champagne of course -
and great conversations.
love it love it

Calm. Calm. Calm start to the day and week- end hmmmm.

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You are beautiful.

Friday, November 27, 2009

At the back of this Theatre
a pile of flipchart paper
asking for ticks in boxes
how good was the conference?

Few boxes were ticked !
Several times
in big letters scrawled
"Pip Wilson Rocks"

It feels good that the
humans that matter,
the young humans -
can value me
and say it.
Music travels with me everywhere.
I would love one of those new things
that broadcasts
the same music in every room
via wireless.
When I am listening to a programme
or album/playlist - it follows me. Hmmm
These are the items ringing my bells
at the moment
I am always 'at the moment'
'The Beauty Room'
I love the name of this band
and their music.
If you search the web
you are led to
beauty parlours
nails, make up, toes and hair.

Beauty is beyond that.
Beyond, beyond
- I am thinking of you right now -
beautiful ................ Hmmm
Link here
Stories online too -
this is an imaginative radio series
available on the BBC iPlayer.
The Naughties -
10 x one hour programmes,
one for each year.
It covers news/music/film of that year
I am into Dubstep
and just love anything
with a rich baseline.
Here you can listen and download to::
Secret Archives of the Vatican
Then I have my all time
all the time
favourite music.
Gilles Peterson - I replay and replay ........
Look at this for a two hour radio show - what a playlist::
• Andrew Wartts & The Gospel Storytellers — There Is a God Somewhere, Illinois
• Leroy Hutson — Lucky Fellow (Rework) (Curtom) New Jersey, USA
• Angie Stone — Wish I Didn't Miss You (Gatto Viola Remix) White Label
• Lone — Once In A While (White Label) Nottingham
• Joy Orbison — Clin (Hyperdub) London
• Funkineven 1956 — Klear (Feat. Fatima) (Eglo) London
• Alicia Keys — Dreaming (White Label) New York
• Celebrating 75 Years of Maida Vale Kindred — If I Philadelphia
• Jaga Jazzist — Prognissekongen (Beat) Norway
• Eska — Inside Out (Live) London
• Samuel and the Dragon — Rising Up (Moshi Moshi) London
• Little Ann — Deep Shadow (Timmion) Detroit
• Electric Wire Hustle — You Don't Want (Every Walking Hour) Auckland, NZ
• Brother Ali — Us (Rhymesayers Entertainment) Minneapolis
• Voice — You (Featherperm) New Orleans
• The Jazz Crusaders — Damascus (Pacific Jazz) LA
• Mary Lou Williams — Praise The Lord (Saba) Atlanta, Georgia
• The Relatives — Evil World (Heavylight) Chicago
• The Chitinous — Aldebaranian Song (Vocalion) UK
• The Beauty Room — Holding On (Live at Maida Vale) Ipswich
• The Beauty Room — One Man Show (White Label) Ipswich
• Ramsey Lewis — Eternal Journey (Charly) Chicago
• The Beauty Room — (But For Now) (White Label) Ipswich
• Nat Birchall — Nica's Dance (Gondwana) UK
• Joyce Moreno Featuring Joao Donato — No Fundo do Mar (Toy’s Factory) Brazil
• Damián Schwartz & Guti — Salson (White Label) Madrid
Juke Box
My own Juke Box is - I love it.

I try to play it daily as the
creaky 50 year old mechanical machine,
stiffens up when it doesn't move.
Well - there/here/above is some musical Pearls of Wilson for you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

get to the emotional part of our brain

twice as quick
as they get to our thinking part of our brain.

That is the reason why we respond
and often regret it.

A 'put down' to you.
Someone saying
'you made me feel .....'
A raised voice to you.
A sarcastic remark to you.

When I am tired I am most vulnerable.
I think the messages
to my brain
run slower then.

Tired, like Hungry,
Lonely & Angry,
leaves us more vulnerable.
Me too.

Emotional Literacy is a neglected part
of our human development.
It can be learned
just as
playing rugby

'Just as we are'
'this is me'
'take me or leave me'
is not good enough.
We need to be on the road of
so that the emotional messages
trigger the thinking bits
before we kick off.

1975/1985 was my peak of
working with Gangs.
Also of my learning about this stuff.
It was then that I realised
that these beautiful humans,
not so beautiful in terms of behaviour,
did not know how to manage
their emotions.
They pulled shutters down around them.
they exploded like capped volcanoes.

Capping is no good.
Controlling is no good.

Managing them is good
expressing them is good -
without kicking someones head in.

Interactions with humans of late -
hits me just the same.
Wrecked relationships.
Surging anger.
Inability to analise self.
Absence of ability
to consider options.
No thought of options -
Because the feelings tell you to 'get'
the other human.

They want to get the other person
With 'words'

if you work in an office.
With a tirade of 'abuse'
if you work in a factory.
Smashing someone with a
if you are on the edge ........

If we do some analysis
of behaviour
THAT is like a good work-out
in the Emotional Intelligence department.

Let's get fit together eh?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable"

A talk by Pip Wilson at Greenbelt 2009: Standing in the Long Now

Pip Wilson

Spiritual Literacy and Emotional Literacy holding hands. Managing emotions. Dealing with put downs, aggression, bullying, difficult behaviour and relationships. How our emotions can be both disabling and a powerful energiser. How possible is it to be developing spiritual humans and emotionally competent in relationships in the workplace, family, church. Understanding Emotional Literacy and application to real life.

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable". Choosing to live dissatisfied, uncomfortable, restless and refreshing the irritation daily. Accepting that being a Christian is 'odd' and learning to love it.


When I broke my ribs playing rugby,

some years ago,
I was strapped up in Elastoplast.
They can't place ribs in a plaster cast.
It is just a strap up job -
and breathe gently.
I remember not being able to
lift my arm to move a door handle.

When it all came off -
My skin was covered in little blisters.
I am allergic to old style Elastoplast.

I once had a leather watch strap.
The same happened.
Now I am a metal
or plastic man.

At the moment I have a red band across my forehead.
One of my 'P' caps has dye in the headband
and when I sweat -

It has happened a few times
but this time it is really ugly.
I have been wearing the allergic one
because I lost one of my caps.
I have four, lost one, and the others
are in different stages of batteredness.

The newest was bought at Lids in the USA.
That one is great - but my London purchase
Has a dyed headband - black.
I am shopping for a new one next time
I am in London town - and going for
maybe, a W instead of a P.

What are you allergic to?
I am not thinking of medical items
but emotional

I am allergic to
lack of human contact
too much TV
Typing for over ten minutes

I need to think about more about all this.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I believe I know who I am.
Do you?

Why are you afraid to tell me who you are?*

I believe I know who I am.
Do yo know who you are?
I know who I am but
I am changing
I am changing into
someone I don't know
someone who doesn't know
who I am.

I wonder if you
know who you are
and it is only the next phase
which needs to be discovered?

I know who I am but forever
I am changing.
My environment
Beyond ...............

*Why are you afraid to tell you who I am?* ...... is the title of my favourite book. - only a click away for you, or someone, at Christmas?

Monday, November 23, 2009

I am feeling::
I have not touched base
Flat and unmotivated
Music must be loud
Uninspiring base tasks
Needing head space
Day beginning
Life beginning
Love discovering
L5 Loving
Milky Coffee devouring
Ginger Biscuit dunking

Listening to::
Ground control to Major Tom
Let the Day Begin
DJ Edu African Music

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Being Level Five is when you aim to climb these steps with someone else - or with a group. Sometimes tripping. Sometimes slipping. But experiencing it is the most wondrous intimacy .....

When is the last time you stepped up to L5 with someone.
When will you take courage and take the steps first - it is great to experience how keen others are to follow and hold hands at L4 & L5.

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You are beautiful.

The Saints facing this battle ground next season. Beef on the Bone is back in February.

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You are beautiful.