Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It is morning
awake early
hot today
awaken by the heat.

I feel.
I feel all the time.
We all do
but often don't clock it.

Sometimes our feelings,
as a result of a trauma,
can be more painful
than the incident itself.

I feel
I feel deeply
for special humans.

Some I have never met.
Some/it is one way love.
Some are ugly/in terms of lifestyle.
Some obnoxious/in terms of behaviour.
Some a car crash in waiting.
Some fragile as hell.
Some feeling ugly/acting flash.
Some physically struggling.
Some behind bars/oppression.
Some bored with emptiness.
Some/no all/not connecting their inner with their outer.

I feel I want to tell
"I LOVE you"
I feel it anyway.
But want to spill.
I want to spill but avoid oppression.
(if I tell you
that I love you
will you feel oppressed?)

Some humans are ugly
living a life EVERYTHING
against what I believe.

That is just what I see.
Behaviour we see.
Feelings we don't see.
I don't love that - what I see.
beyond behaviour -
the deeper human
the inner human
I love and want to spill.

Can I put my feelings into action?
How can I do that?
How can I say that?
How can I live that ...................

Pip Wilson

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The state of one's heart inevitably shapes one's life; it is ultimately the place where everything is decided.
• A courageous heart will go forth and engage with life despite confusion and fear
• A fearful heart will be hesitant and will tend to hold back
• A heavy heart will make for a gloomy, unlived life
• A compassionate heart need never carry burden of judgment
• A forgiving heart knows the art of liberation
• A loving heart awakens the spirit of possibility and engagement of others."

John O'Donohue

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You are beautiful. latest listening.................

young humans - lost uncertain directionless.

I am in touch with young humans -

Spliffing the only thoughts of the day.
Bottle the only cheer
Lost in poverty
Lost in poverty of spirit
Weapons carried
No concentration available
Hiding the pain
Rubbish self esteem.

When we talk about 'benifit cheats'
often, from my experience
we are talking about inadequacy
an empty toolbox
a shallow hole where they keep digging
It cuts my heart.

Who gets close?
Where are their models of wholeness of living?
How can they get on a developmental conveyer belt?
Who is there who can Love them
as they are

It cuts me to the heart.

It is so easy to blame.
Most blaming goes on from a distance.
Those who read the Daily Mail
don't feel the pain
don't know the human
don't value the human
don't love the human.

If something goes wrong in your life::
You have persons you can call on
You know where the handles are to turn
you know where the buttons are to press
you will be able to work through the situation.

The beautiful humans I am talking about
don't know where the handles are
don't know where the buttons are
don't know how to press and turn.
Spirits to try are dry.

More importantly
they don't have the persons around
those who can help
developmental opportunities

I feel the pain ................

Monday, June 28, 2010


....... difficulties occur, says research,
when men are in a crowded context.
We can all imagine the toilets at a big sports event ....... men and women.
Urination is slower when men are in a crowded space.
It is all down to tension/stress.

Social Psychology research also tells us that humans in crowded contexts;
- men are more aggressive
- women are more socially supportive - more eye contact and self revelation.
We are all aware of the physical impact of emotions.
Our body responds to the changes in our emotions.
..... sometimes ...... we blush ..... we pump adrenaline .......... sweat on the brow ...... weak knees ...... loose bowels ..... and more ...... do you agree?

What am I going on about - you ask .....?

Back in 1979 I produced a study on the subject of 'Emotional Deprivation'
because the issue was a big one in my Youth Work.
The biggest one.
I was working with street gangs in the East End of London at the time and my first book 'Gutter Feelings' came out of this work and the reflections on it.
I saw big time violence on a daily basis and was convinced that it was all about their individual and collective inability to do anything positive with the mangled emotions inside these young beautiful humans.
Beautiful Humans Hurting.
beautiful Humans lashing out.
Beautiful Humans in catharsis.

Much of my work as a Trainer/Facilitator
comes down to how humans manage emotions
- in relationships
- related to tasks
- pressure
- skills
- awareness
- response to 'difficult behaviour'
- and not the least, how to develop self esteem and value others.

"The unreflected life is not worth living" Socrates

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twitter best about the England game

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You are beautiful.

"I found that when I got to grips with my feelings, or started to,
I began to grow as a human person.
I often say I became an adult at the age (about) forty years old.
That was part of my journey inward.
The opening and the owning of those vivid things which seem to influence life so powerfully ...... negative or positive."
Pip Wilson

Muse with the Edge at Glastonbury
Video - good stuff

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monte Carlo with the Sheilas ..... (above) they are taking it by storm ...... painting the town red .. ........

Now this was a few years ago!
But they still travel - Joy off to New York this week and returning to go to Mexico for 2 weeks and then home to return to Mexico again .....

Daughters Joy, left, and Ann ...... they call each other 'Sheila' or 'She' ....... they had an early childhood of travelling as you can see.

But don't think we were rich then - or now.
Every year we used to take a mini-bus full of Vicky Pollards and their boy friends to an adventure in Italy, South France and other exotic locations .......... the first time we bought a mini-bus for £30.00 and pushed it more than it was driven!! ... ... ... almost.

One year there was six vehicles in the convoy ....
..... all the way to our favourite destination -
a camp site on the Italian 'Ligurean Riviera' ...... hmmmm such memories ...

The young humans all got so drunk on the way down through France
the rest of the trek
they all turned to drinking tea
for the remaining two weeks ...........

Formative years for them .....
...... for the Sheilas
...... for me and Joan ....
.... hmmm

Beautiful example ....... ....... of communication.

Note the three humans;
- all leaning forward
- revealing their engagement in each other.

- two with direct eye contact with the human speaking at this camera click moment.
- hand movements giving emphasis to the verbal.

Beautiful ...... I love to see this ..... loveitloveit .....

Friday, June 25, 2010

I love these beautiful humans ......

When you work with people who have had massive disasters in their childhoods followed by later crippling blows, it is something special to hear their stories.

Beautifully so, I can see people moving and are progressing in their emotional life.
Some of them building on that self knowledge and growing in stature.
I love it and it means I am reaching out and being touched by a shalom finger tip.

I experience beauty and pain and refuse neither.

Pip Wilson
Hello you beautiful human.
Think one word to describe your FEELINGS at the moment.
Say the word out loud.
It makes it more real.
(or if someone is within earshot - write down - but
it needs to be concrete - not just a fleeting thought!!)

Often I ask a human 'what are you feeling right now?'
I usually get as an answer::
1 A description of what they are thinking - but communicated with feelings.
2 An opinion - answered with some feeling.
I don't usually get - a feeling, a word describing how they are feeling.

Working it out with a group ..........
My delight! with some coaching and encouragement -
I start to receive feeling words.
I have used activities and eventually I receive a feeling words from each one and I am absolutely delighted.

This can be a major step - a great step into awareness and skill.
It can help equip us - and young humans for years ahead.
They can reflect on their feelings, articulate them and then decide how to communicate from a position of emotional intelligence rather than emotions being in control.

If we are in leadership or a Parent -
we model behaviour and,
more importantly,
Emotional Intelligence.

The Blob Tree and the other 500 tools like it,
is all about helping humans of all ages to communicate at this level.

All this stuff is so vital in terms of an individual human being
becoming a 'human becoming'.

God wants us to be 'all that we can become' because::
A Caterpillar looks nothing like a Butterfly
but one develops from the other.

His creation howls this out.
"Grow and develop in my love"
I hear the whisper in my ear every day.

Which one single human,
this is another question to you,
is on most your mind at the moment?
Acknowledge to yourself
whether the feelings connected with this person

is it one veering towards::
1 concern/negative? - or
2 delight/positive?
decide on three words which describe your emotions best.

"Courage is resistance to fear,
mastery of fear,
not absence of fear."

Mark Twain

Relate that to feelings and ..............I love it love it.

Feelings are good - even the bad ones
IF we can learn how to manage them.


pip wilson

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hi - if you are regular as a clicker in this place - apologies for not being active over the last few days.

I have been busy/active/away/ and that means I have lots to click about but not had the emotional energy either.

I am OK
you are OK

I am concerned about a few humans - beautiful ones like you.
I want to tell you everything
but cannot - but
I always strive to do so when I blog.
Confidential about me
but not anyone else.

I do want to publish two books now.
Both from two persons who correspond with me.
They both have great life stories to tell.
And they want to tell them.
I would love to help them.
I may have to ask your help too!!

off to bed
out early tomorrow
hey hey

you are beautiful

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I have a lot to do with gangs
in the past too.
That TV news item
about the CEO of BP
and the Congressional Committee
It reminds me of Gang attitude
intimidation/just loving humiliation.


I agree that PB did bad
money over safety for humans
money over safety for environment.
Justice must be done with love too ......

Alfred Adler, psychologist, argued that human beings strive to belong
and to overcome early feelings of inferiority
through the construction of personal and subjective goals.
Adlerians stress the unity of the mind, body and spirit and
the interactions between individuals and the larger community.

The spirit of the Lord is upon me
(not my words)
because he has chosen me
(and it is worth transposing these to self)
to bring good news to the poor
(priority explicit it seems to me)
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
(I think of one particular beautiful human in prison,
the struggle to survive, the struggle to belong
to the community he has outside the walls and the
the larger community.)
and recovery of sight to the blind
(I did a blog about
'I am blind and I want to see'
that's a good prayer for you
- for me - for all of us)
and set free the oppressed
(and that means being in touch with oppressed humans
being in a place called uncomfortable
where growth resides .............................. and justice resides. )

World Cup is good.
Football does not excite me.

Last night
a grown woman
on Big Brother UK
was sucking her thumb.
That - I feel.
Why does she do that?

Certain Facebook friends
are going through real dysfunction.
Heavy dependency drinking.
Relationship breakdown.
Abuse online.
I feel deeply for them.

I feel for them.
They must clock my posts.
I clock theirs.
I don't offer advice
I never offer advice.
When I am asked
I usually ask questions
the answers are usually the best advice.

What riches have you got
in your personal Bank Account?

It is just great

that between the busyness

that friends call and we

enjoy being

eating out

sipping at a glass

just hanging out

with friends and

we love it love it

.. my Favourite shop in London.
It is Capville
It is BaseballCap Mansions.
It is head heaven.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I must buy her some Saints Kit

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You are beautiful.

Little Book of Blob Tree Questions - a Blob Tree Download

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Blob Football
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Which Blob do you feel like?
If you could be a Blob which one would you like to be?
Are there any Blobs you definitely would avoid?
Are there any confusing Blobs in the stadium?

This picture can be used on a one to one basis or with a large group.
For more information about how to use it
purchase the Little Book of Blob Questions from
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Picture a child filled full of feelings unable to fathom
Being treated like a social leper and as invisible as a phantom
Let me start the years 1995 when my freedom was supposed to be written
But being invisible on the roads in my home my freedom weren’t given
So had nothing handed
Took nothing for granted
Took nothing from no man
At the age of ten I had to be my own man

So when freedom weren’t given I had to take it
Moms favourite vase because I starved for attention I had to brake it
But my life relating something like a playground
A load of round and rounds
A lot of messing around
Craving for the foundation to keep my feet firmly on the ground
And smiles seen as expensive luxuries so it’s cheaper to wear a frown

From curried chicken and homemade macaroni and cheese cooking in moms kitchen
Always being told not to be no one’s slave the times are over for cotton picking
A life without god so bibles weren’t anywhere to be found
Always getting the belt, shoe anything she could get her hand around
Just for play fighting with my siblings and one of us was loud

I got shouting instead of a kiss and a cuddle
I simply feared saying something wrong so I just stared and mumbled
But that was just the methods of a heartbroken mother
All because of my cheating father
We thought we were bad but it was simply because being faithful why couldnt he be bothered
So after him getting kicked out by mama
Instead of him getting all the consequences we got the drama

The saying goes what goes around comes around so why did It seem like I always got the karma
Maybe she wanted to see me go mad but why me
Could it be I behaved just like my daddy

The life of a single mother bringing up three boys must have been cold
Lonely because none of the hopeless dads got involved
Just left her with three boys and expected her to cope all on her own
When I saw how strong mom was I had no reason to moan
She had a well paid job raised three guys on her own

But at the age of 14 I changed I yearned for articulation
Truly beleiving I was designed for sophistication
Suit to suit long winded conversation
Not to be used as a mere tool to get money from my dad “moms way of manipulation”

The madness was surreal and often lead to frustration
Simple stuff like playing basketball felt like a vacation
It was only then when I felt some sort of relation
That’s why I’m undefeated and to beat someone effortless regulation
No matter what situation
This was my freedom this was my emancipation
Just like when america signed the independence procumation

Benefits of being invisible no one sees you so there’s no conversation because no one’s looking
My dad werent one of my hero’s
But he was cooler than seven sub zeros
He showed me the art of cooking
But it was my mother when my grades slipped that gave me the ass whooping
But I knew It was her way of saying i was loved
weither from my mum, my nana, or my grandpa joyfully watching from above

When it came to the age of seventeen there were girlfriends
My poor heart was never on the mend
How many times I thought it was meant to be
Thinking that I could once be L.O.V.E.D
Well at least be in L.O.V.E
But sooner turned like an unripe apple being taken to early off a tree
Just like my childhood which brought along more misery
Now tell me a person’s childhood is as happy as can be
And I’ll show you no matter sibling or in a relationship LOVE weren’t meant for me

But never the less
After being made homeless
And had suffered so much stress
I found the YMCA
Although my first perception of it was gay

But then realising they were helping to change these
Generation of babies
who ended up in there because of abuse, drugs, or even because their parents were lazy

Always being told they love me loads
I’m so glad now I got involved
So now I can truly say behold
A once invisible child stands before you both brave and bold
They gave me the ball and showed me the goal
Slam dunk!

Thanks YMCA for taking me out of that alluded zone
For a love you have shown I would never have known
And within Christ I would never have grown
So tell the world YMCA makes adults out of lost children
Thanks YMCA, Leon, Evan, Jim, all of you for listening and
especially Pip Wilson.

Thank you


Just bought a new album
love this stuff
not pop
not pap
just alive and enters my soul
to lift
to inspire
love it love it

Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura: Remixed

237 emails grrrr
I have been out/busy/away
day now
to tackle the pile
to get my head on
to reflect too

Do you believe you are beautiful?
do you feel you are beautiful?
You are
I believe
I feel a lot about that too.

It was when I was around 40
that I started to believe all this.
I do believe it is important.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a group worker.
My chosen work - am am employed to do this ........ it is group work.

Few of us are not part of a Team or Group and I am counting 'family' as our primary group.
Some of us have not had a Family around us to encourage the basic learning of life and social skills.

We are in growth when we belong to groups when we::
We often learn most by soaking information in like a sponge.
Gut level - not head level.

Social Capital::
Our quality of life depends on our networks with other humans.
The groups and teams which we belong to are vital for our growth and self esteem.
How we relate to these teams depends on our personal skills and our stated, or un-stated, personal mission. (See my Mission Statement home)
We all have a style of how we relate to other humans and we don't have to retain the one we use at the moment.
We can change.

When I conduct training courses I often use an 'experiential style'.

1 We learn best, it seems to me, when we are personally involved.
That is why I say 'motion changes emotion'.
We respond when our emotions become alive.
We can be stirred by an activity.
We can be stirred by a transaction with another.

2 If knowledge is discovered by our own experiences - it then is more able to be applied to living life.
If we are 'told' about it - it can just be words.
Words are only 7% of communication.
We need them but we need to live beyond them.

3 Commitment is highest when we set our own objectives/goals/targets. Participation is in the hands of the powerful.
For the rest of us - we need skill to participate.
Skills are for learning.

4 A good course gives reflective time before it ends to::
- reflect on the experience, the concepts and ideas raised in the experience and
- concrete naming of the steps which the individual has decided to take.

How do humans change?
This is a Quote out of my first book 'Gutter Feelings'.
Humans change when one or more of the following happen::

1. Slow despair, boredom.

2. They hurt sufficiently.

3 The sudden discovery that they can.