Wednesday, June 09, 2010


We had all the Sheilas around tonight.
Joy Ann and Connie.
Joan cooked a new recipe curry.

It is a privilege to see little Connie growing up.
Really old at four months now.
Currently she is almost turning over from her back to front.
She know how to squeal now.
She offers a ready smile at every eye contact -
unless you take her by surprise.

I was working today but Joan and the Sheilas all went out.
Canterbury the destination - eating at the Greek for lunch.
So great to see them together.

Joy was working this week/on/off/on/off and now New York.
(I wonder if the iPhone4 is cheaper there?)

I live on my iPhone.
Attached to the body.
Cuts out so many other tech tools.
Just one will do.
Don't need an iPad.

I am away from tomorrow for a few days.
Trust there will be wireless in the venue.
I will blog and tell you who I am.

I wonder how you are.
I can get all the
from twitter and Facebook.
But, as always, I am also interested
in feelings.

Feelings are not right or wrong.
Feelings are signals.
Feelings are the reality,
even if we hide them,
even if we deny them,
even if we MASK them.
They are there.

Behind evert pinstripe suit.
Behind every tattooed frame.
Behind every posh voice
Behind every factory worker
Behind every executive, lecturer, prisoner, and humans close to home ....

I am feeling more relaxed right now.
The design is over.
The back is broken -
the task in the final stages.
I feel focused.
Concerned about a number of beautiful humans.
I feel passionate.
Delighted about great times with friends.
Regretfully not replying to emails.
I feel tired which will soon be remedied.

I wish for you
special blessings
beyond beyond ........