Thursday, June 03, 2010

The incident resulting in 12 humans being murdered - in Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK.
Horrific slaughter.
Seemingly mainly random.

I have to ask why?

Already psychologists and criminologists have been on TV talking about what may be the reason.
I am pitching in.
Because I am about/emersed/dedicated to understanding this God created centre of our lives - I need to try to understand.

I am always reflecting on 'Level Five' communication.
Always reflecting on violence/aggression and any poor communication as a a result of a lack of emotional intelligence.

I posted this recently.
It is relevant - it seems to me.

In 1979 I conducted my first study of Youth Gangs.
I focused on the number one issue.
The aspect of their lives which was most difficult for them.
My study was titled 'Emotional Deprivation'.
We now understand this as 'Emotional Literacy' -
an ability in understanding and managing emotions.

These young humans lived with violence.
They exploded, erupted, lashed out and received in return.

One day a teenager came into the Club swinging a builders pick axe.
He chased another young man around the pool table
with myself in-between the two - I will never forget it!

Later on that same evening
they were playing football together in the sports hall.

The volcano had erupted.
Then behaviour returned to normal
Capped emotions, awaiting the next rumble from within.

We can learn how to manage our emotions.
It is possible to become more aware.
It is possible to become more skilful.

"If we only have a Hammer
We see everything as a Nail."