Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am a group worker.
My chosen work - am am employed to do this ........ it is group work.

Few of us are not part of a Team or Group and I am counting 'family' as our primary group.
Some of us have not had a Family around us to encourage the basic learning of life and social skills.

We are in growth when we belong to groups when we::
We often learn most by soaking information in like a sponge.
Gut level - not head level.

Social Capital::
Our quality of life depends on our networks with other humans.
The groups and teams which we belong to are vital for our growth and self esteem.
How we relate to these teams depends on our personal skills and our stated, or un-stated, personal mission. (See my Mission Statement home)
We all have a style of how we relate to other humans and we don't have to retain the one we use at the moment.
We can change.

When I conduct training courses I often use an 'experiential style'.

1 We learn best, it seems to me, when we are personally involved.
That is why I say 'motion changes emotion'.
We respond when our emotions become alive.
We can be stirred by an activity.
We can be stirred by a transaction with another.

2 If knowledge is discovered by our own experiences - it then is more able to be applied to living life.
If we are 'told' about it - it can just be words.
Words are only 7% of communication.
We need them but we need to live beyond them.

3 Commitment is highest when we set our own objectives/goals/targets. Participation is in the hands of the powerful.
For the rest of us - we need skill to participate.
Skills are for learning.

4 A good course gives reflective time before it ends to::
- reflect on the experience, the concepts and ideas raised in the experience and
- concrete naming of the steps which the individual has decided to take.

How do humans change?
This is a Quote out of my first book 'Gutter Feelings'.
Humans change when one or more of the following happen::

1. Slow despair, boredom.

2. They hurt sufficiently.

3 The sudden discovery that they can.