Monday, June 29, 2020

Pat Wilson RIP - as our large family suffer our great loss.

4  Children
13 Grandchildren
NOT forgetting the many Great-Grandchildren.

Pat Wilson has left us - the family
and we are mourning our loss.

Pat was married to my brother Don.
I call him Duckle. Still do!
As a child I loved the thought of having a 
Donald Duck in the family.

So that child - me
the youngest of four sons,
had to have a nick-name for him.

Duckle & Pat married young
and lived for a few years, 
with Steven their first born,
in the same street as us.
Fry Street, Parr, St Helens - Lancashire.

Don was called up to do National Service
as all young men had to do back in the day.
He had to leave his young family to serve.
He ended up in the Army serving in Egypt.

I was a young teen.
With a busy social life
and an active Rugby League life.

I can’t remember the years exactly
but I used to call on Pat regularly after my activities.
A glass of pop.
Maybe a biscuit or two
and lots of chatter.
It was great having an adult friend
who wasn’t me Mam or Dad.
Pat was just great to be with.
A listening ear for this growing teen.

Pat was frail in the recent months/years.
She wasn’t well enough to join the Wilson clan
in Majorca last year  - celebrating my 80th.

Her funeral is on Thursday.
We can’t go in this lockdown.
Even the Grandchildren can’t.
Nor the Great-grandchildren.

It is not the same
to celebrate a beautiful human life
at a distance.
This is an experience for so many others during the epidemic.

We feel with all the family.
One trapped abroad - so sad she can’t be there.

Blessings to all as we remember 
the special times we have spent together.
Especially to Don & the immediate family.

Thank you Pat
for all you gave to me and so many others 
in your large family.


Greenbelt Festival FUN

My Favourite Blob Tree image

Sunday, June 28, 2020

I am 'kicking darkness until it bleeds daylight.' (Bruce Cockburn lyric)

I was sat on the tube train.
It has been 16 weeks in lockdown since this happened.

I was with my beloved on this occasion.

I felt like moving my hand over on to her lap.

I didn't.
I clocked the feeling though.
It made me think.
Sometimes in bed in a morning, 
those silent moments 
before the mind follows the body out of slumber 

I just flop my arm over to her and she strokes it!
In other occasions, 
like on a flight - in the car, 
I do that - she does that.


One of my two remaining brothers
lost his wife last week.
Bless you Pat.
She was a great adult friend to me
in my teenage years.

I used to call on her for a chat
on my way home after BB - Youth Work project.
An adult friend to me
as my brother - her husband, 
was in the forces in Egypt.


It made me think
There are lots of little things which we would miss 
if we lost our partner.

Not just the big things.

That day on the tube - I felt - I thought::
Thank God for feelings
Thank God for reflections.
Thank God for that touch of a hand.

I feel I can stretch out my hand towards God at anytime.
Feel that comforting response.
Maybe it is our finger tips which are touching.
............... always a response ................


I am sipping pink wine.
Clicking to you - 
MrsBeautiful is reading a book.

Strange woman - 
she reads one book at a time.

I have about seven or eight books on the go - 
I dip!

I am clicking lockdown keys
in our flat lounge 
with my Mac on my knee - 
I have

Music in my ears which you can listen to FREE
right now every day.
WORLDWIDEfm radio - a Gilles Peterson creation.

I have beautiful vibes plugged into my soul ……. 


I don’t feel ill
I am alive - even if there is cancer inside.
I am 'kicking darkness
until it bleeds daylight.'
(Bruce Cockburn lyric)


U2 have just sent me a DVD
of the final gig of their tour
‘Live in Berlin'


On my mind is
'Team Building'
'Team Working'.
(Both are needed)
Often there is neither.

I love facilitating training with teams.
Missing it right now.

If there is no structured opportunity for a team 
to express their true feelings,

and their reflective thinking - 
the vacuum leaves festering whispering

and dissatisfied humans - 
unhappy I would say.


Who do you reach out to for a touch?
Who is the most 'touch friendly' human in your life?
Do you make the first move?
Do you wait, always, for another?
Can you love like you have never been hurt?

Do you seek music which uplifts your soul?
Do you stay with your choice from adolescence?

Are you a member of a team and whisper a lot?
Do you work towards creating fertile soil 
in terms of openness and sensitive sharing of feelings?

Are you a team leader who doesn't structure in regular 
safe spaces for sharing of feelings, thoughts, vulnerabilities ...?

Do you know how those working besides you are feeling?
Do the humans working alongside you, know how you are feeling?

How do you reach out and touch finger tips 
with your Creator?
When? - time of day?
Where? - place on earth?
Will you come stretch with me ...........................?

you are beautiful ………………..

I WAS THERE .................... LOVE IT LOVE IT ................

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Experiential Training Days - we forget words but not an experience.

If you have been on any of my 
Experiential Training Days::

You will know that I often get everyone to
 touch finger tips.
Our finger tips are,
yours & mine,
Everyones ...............
Each one is unique
Like the tip owner
They are a symbol of your uniqueness
A mobile & visual DNA
There is something precious about them
and to reach out to touch another
unique finger tip .........
is something special.
This activity is a
a non-threatening touch with another.
To be experienced.
A beautiful experience.


Friday, June 26, 2020


This is about TOUCH - not my usual finger tips but in a hostile situation - TOUCH

Canada - Metro Train Vancouver::  

a large man described as “suffering from drug abuse and\or mental health issues” became aggressive.

The man was alarming fellow passengers with erratic movements, cursing, shouting until a 70-year-old woman reached out and 
HELD his.

That gesture soothed the man. 

He sank to the floor of the train as tears flooded his eyes.
It was quite incredible how much he calmed down in a split moment,  
“It was the most touching thing I've ever seen.”

After this incident the man simply said 
 'Thanks, Grandma,' and walked away,"  
‘I'm a mother and he needed someone to touch.’ 

And she started to cry ..... 

Although the woman felt a great amount of empathy for the man, like most, she was initially petrified to interfere.

"She was very brave” 
“She even mentioned that she thought about what would happen if he stabbed her with the pen -- because he had one in his hand -- but she said ::

"it was more important he didn't feel alone"
BHP - See Beautiful     Touch beautiful 


Wednesday, June 24, 2020

WHAT DO YOU SEE? Really see - be honest with yourself.

When you see your Mother
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see your Father
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see a child
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see your neighbour 
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see a person serving you coffee
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see a person with different skin colour
do you see a beautiful human?

When you hear a foreign language
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see someone dressed very different than you
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see a tiny baby
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see someone lying on the street
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see someone begging
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see a disabled person
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see a starving baby on TV
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see someone with a disfigured face
do you see a beautiful human?

When you know someone dislikes you
do you see a beautiful human?

When you see yourself in a mirror
do you see a beautiful human?

It all depends on the LENS you use
Make your gaze beautiful.

© PipWilson

Face coverings have a mask underneath ...............

The worst mask we can wear is a smile 
to hide wounds pain & scars. 
None of us are happy all the time. 
Friends cannot connect with us 
if they don’t know who we really are. 



Tuesday, June 23, 2020

alone - Because of my need to isolate from other humans

Sitting alone
in a borrowed garden.

Absconded from home.
New boiler fitted today.

Because of my need to isolate
from other humans 
so it is daughters garden
not too far away, becomes my hideaway.

MrsBeautiful is on site as 
Boiler quality control manager.

It was strange stripping the kitchen yesterday.
Home became sterile as we set up a temporary kitchen, with the kettle etc
in our flat lounge.

Now into 16th week of lockdown.
Feel nervous of going into a shop
for the first time - plus
car service and MOT needed.

I still don't feel ill.
I still haven't entered a shop
or had my wallet in my pocket
for 15 weeks .....
or hugged two daughters
and our little granddaughters.

I really miss my 121 sessions with BHP's.
And more-so my gigs (Training Days)
They are experiential for me too.
I learn so much in preparation and
connecting with strangers, for an hour,
then full  on, in depth, interactions.

All the above are about
physical eventful activities but
what about the internal me.

It is strange being locked out of our little flat. 
BUT making use of the sunshine
and taking opportunities to reflect //
my inner being/becoming is concerned.
about other humans than about self.
That is healthy.
To be the opposite would be damaging for me.
To be thinking only of self survival only
would become a big knot in my gut.

@81 I am still getting to know me.
Emotion Detective - me.
These emotions, we all have them,
are a pathway into who we really are.
These streams lead us into understanding
our behaviour, values, attitudes, beliefs,
passion and human relationships of all kinds.

You must have regrets - I do.
I am not the person I was when I published my first book.
I don't like that 'me'.
Don't get me wrong
I am happy about some of the work I did/led but sad about the lack of wisdom
I didn't possess.
I wonder if I will look back to NOW
in a few years time and regret stuff now?

Makes me think about I have lost my sense of smell - years ago AND
my memory is getting lost AND
my joints ache more.
I am tired more often now.
I wonder what it would be like to lose my passion? Yearning? Reflecting?.......
I don't intend to wither away !