Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Making money or making LOVE (Justice is LOVE in public)

In the UK G4S made huge profits from ‘managing’ an immigration centre. 

Oasis is a not for profit making charity about to take on a big job by winning the contract to manage the once G4S run Medway Secure Training College & open the UK’s first Secure School is a huge step forward for our country.

Major step to ensure that teenagers with special needs get top class help support & training for life. 


What is your BRIDGE ?

Monday, July 29, 2019

ANDERSON PAAK - a taste of music I love

FEELINGS - HUMAN FEELINGS which we all have in overload .............

The majestic work done in this project WITH and for homeless BHP's - Manchester Street Poem.


Visit the Manchester Street Poem website to view the live feed and hear the stories of Manchester’s homeless in their own voice.

Conceived by Karl Hyde and Rick Smith from UnderworldManchester Street Poem threw a spotlight onto the stories of those who find themselves homeless in the city – in a work where the catch-all term ‘homeless’ gave way to individuality, identity and integrity.
Manchester Street Poem brought to life the stories of people who are homeless in Manchester in a work that was both fleeting performance and compelling installation. As Hyde covered the walls of the venue with words and phrases drawn from the streets, the space was filled with a powerful soundtrack built on snatches and fragments recorded by Smith all over the city.
Co-created by Underworld and individuals with personal experience of homelessness, Manchester Street Poem proudly broadcast the voices of those who so often go unheard and ignored.

‘A moving visual art and audio soundscape that gave dignity to their predicament’ The Tribune
‘A beautiful effort to help us understand the downtrodden and forgotten others’ Voice Magazine

Two informal Q&A sessions with Karl and the co-producers were held on site on Tue 11 July 1pm and Wed 12th July.

Artist talk:
Karl Hyde was in conversation with the Manchester Street Poem team on Saturday July 8 at The Stoller Hall.


A slice of life in 4 Pipturesques

ME OR WE .................... where do you hang your hat?

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The most important 11 words I have written this week

I have recently asked a question on Facebook - I find it to be a great one to get humans sharing.

Stan was our treasurer.

Cockney Spirit was a 40 foot ketch sleeping 12 & always aimed at East End teens. 

Adventure Development Relationships Purpose at sea in a sailing group room. .

Cockney Spirit was a concrete boat built by local youths under the guidance of two skilled men.
At one of our regular management meetings the chairman, me, asked everyone a question::
When did you become an adult?
Stan opened saying he lied to join the Royal Navy at 15.
He didn’t become an adult.
He went to war on Destroyer.
He didn’t become an adult.
He saw action at sea & death.
He didn’t become an adult.

One night towards the end of the war 

they attacked & sunk a German eBoat in the English Channel.

He didn’t become an adult.
They then swept the sea to look for any human survivors.
He didn’t become an adult.
Then they saw a Royal Ensign in the water.
They had sunk a British ship.
At that moment Stan said::
“I became an adult. “


MORE ON OUR Concrete Boat::

Back in the early eighties,

we built a boat out of concrete.
A 40 foot ketch, able to sail out to sea
with a group of Inner City kids on board.
We called it 'Cockney Spirit'.
We sailed out of the East End
with some Spiritual backup.

It was the Thatcher years
massive unemployment in
the East End and nationwide.
A Government grant

(YOP = Youth Employment Scheme)

helped us to employ unskilled
young humans and a couple of
skilled local men and a boat builder.

The boat was shaped out of wire
and steel rods
then it was plastered in
seagoing cement -
(steel floats doesn't it?
So does concrete.)


'Only love, only love can leave such a mark But only love, only love can heal such a scar'

There is no such thing as a difficult human - only difficult behaviour.
Yes - even including our parents.

So many grown up humans have difficulty being 'adult' with their own parents. 
Particularly when older people begin to turn nasty 
or sometimes offensive. 
So many times these relationships are seen as 
offensive rather than inadequacy. 
So a grown up - 30 - 40 - or 50 year old 
will back off an inadequate parent 
because they are offended by behaviour. 
In fact, so often, there is a reactive behavioural response - 
rather than a a personal mission-led response. 
( If you have not seen - check my own mission statement SEARCH feature)

If another humans behaviour dictates how we respond we are; 
- a feather in the wind -
- a leaf in a stream - 
- not response-able.
We need to decide how to respond
not just be reactive,
follow the stream.
Even with our parents.

The alternative to reactive behaviour is a 
decision about how we believe it is 'right' to behave, 
and then striving to do it. 
Even with parents.

If we believe it is right to walk away from anyone who is offensive 
rather than calmly dealing with it
we enter cycle of poor communication
resulting in inadequate relationships.
Even with our parents.

It takes an emotional intelligence approach.
All this is awareness and skill.
We can learn ho to do it better.
We never do if we
walk - not stay
and enter in.
Or avoid real communication
Even with our parents.

Many families will never ever talk things through.
Often it is talking FACT and OPINIONS
never FEELINGS. 
We can be the one
who decides to do 
LEVEL FIVE communication -
even with our parents.

If we believe in unconditional love - 
loving the human person but also 
working at the weaknesses in 'behaviour' 
(ours and theirs!), 
we will be deciding how to communicate because it is 'best' 
- not just because;
"I feel uncomfortable/angry/sick/fed up/mad/putdown/disregarded/treated like muck ….
..... fill in your own words here .............. "

One of my principles is'
We are responsible 'to' - 
not responsible 'for' 
another person.

If we are the latter - what about the beautiful human who is 
nearing 'self harm' or 'suicide' or 'unstable' 
and we cannot cope with that?
It will destroy us.
Alternatively we will become so possessive and 
not be an aid to that humans growth - only further oppression.
Being responsible 'to' - is giving what you have 
but at the same time believing that each human is 
responsible for themselves AND we cannot be responsible for them.

I remember once,

a person coming to our front door 

terribly depressed.
We were living under real pressure.
There was more distress inside the home 
than at the front door.
I turned that person away.

I remember it and have feelings about it.
I believe that I was not responsible for that person.
But I still feel the feelings about it.
About the person.
About my rejection.
But I was right to do it.

Experiences like this dwell and leave a mark.
Rightly so .....................

'Only love, only love can leave such a mark
But only love, only love can heal such a scar'

When did you become an adult?

I became an adult when I was about 40 years old!
It was as a result of the sorts of things above.

So I am responsible 
TO you
FOR you.

Friday, July 26, 2019

The most beautiful human experience Can be a most powerful one-to-one relationship.

Broken Relationships.
The most beautiful human experience
Can be a most powerful one-to-one relationship.
Beyond words.
Free flowing feelings.
Journey of love.

The most ugly human experience
can be a broken, destroyed and bitter separation.
Beyond human expression.
Deep, deep preoccupying hurt.

Really that is enough said.
If you are feeling it
empathy is enough

We have all read this before::

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.

Making the best of it, after and
also preventative measures,
from my own experiences
from my own journey amongst the broken -
we can make the best of it.

Growing out of the trauma.

"Muddy paths often make
the spiritual dawn
more desirable and
the need for an ideal
more persistent."
Boris Cyrulnik

Having a group of intimate 'Level Five'* human friends.
Having several humans who we can be ourselves with -
whatever 'self' we are at any moment of time
on the roller coaster of life.

Having a spiritual journey
alongside a human one.
(Both vital)
That connectivity with a deeper and deeper YOU.
That experience of knowing
we are growing internally.
That experience of boldness
alongside the new and daily experience of vulnerability.
it is a ABILITY.

Journeying in a special relationship where unconditional love is
exhibited, demonstrated and experienced.
Always 100%.
That love that will not let me go.
That 24/7 intimacy and love.
From the source of love.
That 24/7 experience of creativity
from the source of creation.
That every-single-breath
when awake
when asleep
which connects with
the breath of God
who will not
will not
let me go.

* Search
in the search bar 
to see many references 
to 'level five'.

I have been writing these words today

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

"My father always made me know I was fat. I could never make him love me."

Cool Beer
Hot outdoors
Hot Hot in & out
Expressionless faces
Trevor Nelson on the radio
me clicking you
downloading pix
from the week
about 50 a day
fantastic seconds
of faces
always humans
never scenes
drink in the memory
I am on drugs
interaction drugs
transaction drugs
I yearn to be with these human
drink in their lives
sip from their cup
of experience
ask questions
always questions
slow with opinions
full on feelings
cannot tell you
lots of
thinking about things shared
"My father always made me know I was fat.
 I could never make him love me.
 I decided nobody would love me unless I was perfect.
 I felt ugly, as if I was falling down a dark hole."
jane Fonda
and I believe in
beautiful imperfection
of self
of others
governments too
PM too
they are humans
so I pour my life
never oppressive
I trust
I trust
always learning
always residing
a place called
so grow
and thinking of you and your beauty
you and your beauty
do you feel like a bud?
of a flower?
or are you fully open
we need to lean towards the light
the sun
the son
the source of beauty

become …………………..