Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Mind over Matter in the MRI Tunnel and a great Training Day in Cambridge.

I was quite anxious about being transported down the MRI tunnel.
I think I am a bit claustrophobic.

You may have read my posting here where I reflected on being diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Since then I have been through the MRI and biopsy experiences and on Friday I will get the results.
My visit to the hospital will include divulging what options I will have in terms of treatment.
I was almost naked as I entered the MRI scanner.
I wore my own thin lightweight dressing gown & underpants - all my own!
With ear plugs + ear defenders & blindfold - all supplied.
There is really loud noises emanating.

I had to lie very still as the machine banged +  grunts grinds = loud noises.
It was taking photos of my inside - a sort of Internal physical ‘Level Five’ without me speaking.
It was a a sort of 'Self disclosure’ (which I love) - but this one - not so much.

I had decided on 'mind over matter'.
I will be in charge of my mind and feelings.

So I decided I would work through the design & options for my next Training Day.
(I had been scheduled to be in Estonia for 4 days and for the first time ever
I had to cancel the gigs - apologies to Estonia BHP’s -  the first time I have ever cancelled)
So my next gig was Saturday 16th November in Cambridge UK.
A great charity called 'Blue Smile' who work with special children & special teens in several schools.
47 Therapists were present and it was a great day.

So as I entered the MRI tunnel I started to walk through the Training Day in my head.
How would I begin   -  “Hello”
and what steps I would use to build a climate of trust
before I encouraged them to place their own oxygen masks on first to better enable them to help others.
So I looked at options of what Blob Tree Tools to use to create ‘experiential’ learning.
What video/movie clips to use from my many options.
ALL which could be transposed from the day into their every day work in schools.
Many of the ideas - my methodology, can be transposed into the classroom - group work or in 121’s.
So my mind was occupied by Cambridge alongside a few comments in my headphones from the MRI operator.

It was a liberating experience for me - I was not anxious and was able to remain still !

On Saturday, following a bit of an ugly drive to Cambridge on the Friday, I was relaxed in facilitation.
The group were really engaged & powerful for me as they reflected in small groups & shared all day with me & the 47.
They were so committed and opened like flowers to the sun.
EVERYONE a Learner - Everyone a Trainer ……………… I loved it.
It was as good as any training day as I can remember.
For me
For the 47

I don’t wish for another MRI scan
Or the biopsy experiences
But I do look forward to more dynamic days with beautiful humans 'hungry for learning'
and delivering their most valuable work with small beautiful humans.


A just weapon, that cuts without wounding ...................

“Nonviolence is a powerful 
and just weapon, 
that cuts without wounding 
and ennobles the one who wields it. 
It is a sword that heals. 
Nonviolent soldiers are called upon 
to examine their greatest weapons: 
their heart, 
their conscience, 
their courage 
sense of justice.” 

- King

No matter .....

"As we develop love, appreciation, 
and forgiveness for others over time, 
we may accidentally develop those things toward ourselves, too. 
While you might think it’s a trick, 
having affection for one’s goofy, crabby, annoying, lovely self is home." 



Thursday, November 14, 2019

My Experiential Training Mission and your Beauty - FULL

I am about to be leading a Training Day.
Back home late Saturday night.

Of all the things I do
my Experiential Training sessions
are the most satisfying for myself.

I am midst humans who are taking 
but also giving
and that
feeds my soul.
People sharing where they are at and 
where they want to be.
I love it.

Always I am in a learning environment from kick off.
Humans working with HUMANS are a special breed.
The feel the hurts of those they spend time with.

Everything I facilitate needs transposing.
Everyone is working with unique individuals.
In unique contexts.
Different than who I work with - 
and that applies to everyone present.

The time spent reflecting in small groups
between the experiences is precious 
because everyone is a Trainer & 
Everyone a Learner
Including me.

I see buds of flowers opening up during the day.
We all feel so sensitively as we journey together as a little community.

I thrive on it.

I have a great job.


Thursday, November 07, 2019

BlobTree have a Blob Mental Health Tree and how I have used it with groups and conferences.

BlobTree have a Blob Mental Health Tree

How I use these Blob Tree Materials - 
take a look at the Mental Heath Tree above::
 I ask people to 'put their own oxygen mask on first' by conducting this exercise in a small group of three - usually  the best number. So I am asking you here now!

I would ask each person to choose a Blob that feels most positive and why?
Everyone can read the Blobs even young children. 
We can read the Blobs because, like use, we speak volumes through our facial expression and body language - WHAT WE ARE NOT SAYING !!

I answer my own question first every time.
This sets the tone for each question - openness - honesty - vulnerability.
Try it NOW yourself - place a finger on the Blob above re my question - the physical touch connects with our emotions better.

Next question for you.
Touch the Blob which best describes yourself in the worst state you have been ANY TIME in your life? AND say why - this 'why' is important because there is a story here to be told - maybe never been told!
I now choose the one which is chained down by the feet. I recall a time in my life when I was locked in emotionally. I was living in fear, scared because of violent people in my life & community - working with them as a Youth Worker. I was constantly riddled with indigestion - churned up. I was surviving not living.
Getting over this is a long story, and I am still on it but, I first of all had to change my way of thinking/believing/working ......... you will have to read my books from 1985 onwards ....... but briefly, the inner change helped me to released to be a different person -  it was the time in my life when I started to say #YouAreBeautiful ..............

Try your answer to my second question NOW - even if you are on your own.
It is always more real/powerful when we do this with one or two others.

If you have done this - if you do this ....... you have had an EXPERIENCE of sharing your own vulnerability which is a massive step.
Once done means it can be done in the future with people who you trust.

See for a range of tools such as the BEREAVEMENT TREE which helps you to talk about a personal LOSS - good for us to do even if your loved one passed away in the distant past.
There is also ones about School, Education, Feelings, Sports, Gardens, Vehicles ...... all about helping people to share themselves. 
Get Blobbing - experience life in all it's wholeness ....... BECOMING.

£3.00 GBP -   FROM HERE

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

I don't know how to spell 'anxiety' - don't usually have to !!

I don't know how to spell 'anxiety'
(thank you spell check
You are disguising my weakness every day)

I have been anxious since 16th of October
when I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
I am experiencing something new and challenging.

I had an MRI scan yesterday
the wonders of invention
and the NHS

I had a few sleepless nights
due to my concern about that tunnel!
BUT I used the time thinking about
my forthcoming Training Day design 
and that removed me from the tunnel reality.

Another hurdle on Monday next.
A biopsy which is more intrusive.

I will not know the outcomes
or the treatment needed until 22nd November.

I am full of feeling as I click this.
But I aim to be open and honest in all my communications.
So I thought I would share with you.

I am not telling everyone.
BUT I wanted to be open with you.


The Development from Child to Adulthood

Friday, November 01, 2019

We have two minds and one of them try to bully the other.

..... our #emotions 
don’t think 
they just take over 
our #behaviour so ........ 

our THINKING mind 
needs to learn to be 
to this speedy 
#gang of #feelings ....... 

this is life 
if we want to be 
makers & takers 
in this one #precious life we all have.

A Blob Tree Collection of resources called 'Blob Mental Health Collection




.... I love my colourful zip-up. 

I was in Cape-town with a large BHP group of young Norwegians and about to jump a boat to Robin Island & enter the prison cell where Nelson Mandela survived for many years. 
I was cold & needed an extra layer before I sailed ........ I like the colours

#RugbyLeague supporter here!