Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nearer ....

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You are beautiful.

About a week ago I woke up feeling sorry for myself.
Didn't last long.
The thought process clicked in and through my dim awakening head.

Decisions made in the past are my/our decisions.
Nobody else's
Repercussions follow and I have no regrets

When I was 25 and Joan 21
we got married.
Me became we.
We had been kissing for three years.
(First date at the Cavern Club with Beat groups on the bill
one of them called Beat-les)

When I was 26 and Joan 22
(you can read all this in Gutter Feelings
my first book
and still available by a deep trawl of the internet).
Joan and me moved on and away..

So at 26 I left behind my engineering
and hometown
and went off to be House-parents in a Prison for children.
Burning bridges behind
but never relationships.
never faith.

We have lived in accommodation with the job
every step
five different pins on the GPS map
residential work - always with young humans
always living on the edge
me and them.
29 years.

No regrets.
From being a fat uneducated working class lad
I have moved in faith and profession
beyond my expectations x 7.
In awareness and skill.
Scars and learning in synergy.

My faith has changed.
Somehow the conservative bubble burst.
Someone greater than me
holding the pins.

I became radical.
Left behind the words 'should' and 'aught'
journeyed into a place called uncomfortable
where growth resides.

My awareness changed
my skills changed.
Life has been wondrous - joy and tears flowed mingled down.
University of Life
The best qualifications always the scars.

I have discovered some of the wonders
of emotion
of spirituality
of Loveology
of deep relationships
of living taking the mask off
of communicating with Blob Tree blobs
of being sick with fear
of fumbling into group work
of having teeth knocked out
of stumbling into training
of one set of footprints in the sand
of the essential need for team work
of creating developmental exercise
of learning how to weep at injustice
of learning how to sit in the gutter
of always living with change as normal
of learning how to feel for and with the bruised
of learning that I have only learned a bit ......................

I don't want to settle down
I realise I am getting older
Only my body!
Maybe not as long in the hours as I used to be.

But it is time for change and I know it.
Now determination is set in
Journey locked in the GPS
but do not know the destination.
An divine sat nav to have faith in.
Not only about the journey
and turn by turn navigation
but also
the destination.

As it started as two x MEs
becoming one = WE.
so be it
as it was
also it shall be.

the Passion

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chocolate theology

Is it a question of either or, or both and? Can we indulge in the festivities of Easter with eggs and chocolate (lots of chocolate) and still absorb the incredible gift given to us by Jesus, his death and resurrection.

image Click the image above to begin

Find more WONDROUS stuff like this HERE

Just drawn this in my diary. What is it? Mystery question of the week.

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You are beautiful.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My last word about Stinking Gout.
I have the Meds
it has to go

some words and images from the web::

Are You a Victim of the Gout?
Are You Tired of the Pain and
Agony of Battling Against the
Relentless Attacks of The Gout?

Pain of the Gout is almost beyond description.
I know, I have experienced it.
More times than I would
like to remember. Gout can rob you of your life.

Not so much that your life will end, but that the pain is so severe that you just can't do what you normally
do. Gout most often attacks the feet. The big toe joint is it's favorite target.

Once it attacks, putting your shoes on is a very big deal. It hurts. Walking is a very big deal. That hurts
too. Sleeping is a big deal. The blankets touching your feet becomes total agony. I hate the Gout. And I
know that you do too.

And we now know that left untreated, Gout can become a serious health issue. Joints that are inflamed
could become deformed and rendered useless.

There is a danger of kidney disease and there is always the pain. Most folks who have never had the
experience of Gout, well, they have no idea in the world how BIG THE PAIN IS. This picture is a fairly
good description of how it feels to have the Gout, look at it, See if it helps show the pain.

And wouldn't you love to get rid of the Gout and beat the pain?

People who want to discover How to Cure the Gout are
looking in every corner of the world to find a cure for the gout.
A way to relieve the pain and at the same time not have to take
harmful drugs that only Temporarily address the problem. And that
problem is Uric Acid. A buildup of Uric Acid in the joint will in time

These crystals have very very sharp edges
and will point,dig and prod into your body tissue.
And then
that damn pain.
The redness, swelling and throbbing!
Most of this pain comes on like a thief in the
night, no warning no chance to prevent it.

I never drink sweet drinks
I drink less alcohol than ever, maybe a build up from the past!
Or maybe too much Cointreau in the past?

This is one big image of Gout
stuck in my mind from childhood!!
Gout surge blamed on sweet drinks
Gout was once a common complaint in men as this 1799 cartoon shows. Copyright Wellcome Trust Medical Photographic Library
Sugary drinks have been blamed for a surge in cases of the painful joint disease gout.

Men who consume two or more sugary soft drinks a day have an 85% higher risk of gout compared with those who drink less than one a month, a study suggests.

Cases in the US have doubled in recent decades and it seems fructose, a type of sugar, may be to blame, the British Medical Journal study reports.

UK experts said those with gout would be advised to cut out sugary drinks.

About 1.5% of the UK population currently suffers from gout and there has been an increase in numbers over the last 30 years - although the condition is more associated with Victorian times.

I will certainly change my advice to patients and I suspect the number drinking fructose is quite large
Dr Andrew Bamji

The symptoms of painful, swollen joints, mainly in the lower limbs, are caused when uric acid crystallises out of the blood into the joints.

US and Canadian researchers said the increase in cases had coincided with a substantial rise in the consumption of soft drinks.

Previous research had also shown that fructose increases levels of uric acid in the bloodstream.


To look in more detail, the team carried out a 12-year study of 46,000 men aged 40 years and over with no history of gout, asking them regular questionnaires about their diet.

Over the period, 755 newly diagnosed cases of gout were reported.

The risk of developing the condition was significantly increased with an intake level of five to six servings of sugary soft drink per week.

This link was independent of other risk factors for gout such as body mass index, age, high blood pressure and alcohol intake.

Medical Report

just limped back from d Docs
Its killing me.
It's gout
If you have never had it
you don't want it.
Got some anti inflammatory tablets.
foot got to go up and rest now
killing me

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You are beautiful.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

gonna try
have had a few rough days.

My favourite book - ever
'Why am I afraid to tell you who I am'.

So in these blogs I strive to be open
the good the bad and the .......

I didn't sleep last night.
My left foot was bursting

I had to get up
watch late night/morning TV.
Read/and stuff not demanding.
Painkillers - come on.

Earlier today I was stumbling through Wilson Mansions
on two upturned brooms - crutches, get it?
So ... I am a not ok human.
No work done
missed Palm Sunday
I will miss Scotland and meeting the Solas Festival bhps.

I will be clicking more after the Doctors visit tomorrow.
Hope! with a balanced mind.
I will tell you who I am - tomorrow too.
(I would love to know who you are now/today/reality?
Telling someone means we are facing up to reality GOOD stuff.)

I will share one of my doodles from today::
"Look beyond, see beyond outward appearances,
words and behaviour.
See the beautiful human beyond beyond beyond ...."

Pip Wilson

Dance like no-one is watching
Sing like no-one is listening
Love like you have never been hurt.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I went for a walk today.
From Lounge Chair to Sideboard.

My ankle still swollen.
Killing me.
Struggling to move with a stick.
Never experience this before,
even in my rugby playing days.

These pics on this blog
- if you cannot see a clothes-line stile moving series of pictures
at the top of my blog
please let me know?

I love the moving images but uncertain if all can see?

The child catchers

Despair ... a girl of 13 in a police van

IT has just gone 10am and the searing South African sun is beating down, forcing city dwellers to seek shade under newly planted palm trees.

Only the many teams of workmen preparing Durban for the gaze of World Cup visitors must continue their heavy toil in temperatures exceeding 30°C.

With 76 days to go before the eyes of the world fall upon this city, time is running out.

Clean-up squad ... police van dumps children outside of the city

Read more:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Desert Island Discs
Listen now (45 minutes)


expires Sunday am

It is a great listen - honest ....


Episode image for Frank Cottrell-Boyce

Kirsty Young's castaway is the writer Frank Cottrell-Boyce.

His film credits include Hilary and Jackie, Welcome to Sarajevo and 24 Hour Party People. He's also written TV soaps, radio and stage plays and children's novels.

These days children are his main audience and, as a father of seven himself, he should know what they want. He not only tests his ideas on them, but they keep him focused: 'I need them in the house to make sure I'm not watching telly, or having a four-hour bath - the fact that they're there makes me work.'

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With 21,000 people, music, campers and traders aplenty, Greenbelt might look like any other Festival. But scratch beneath the surface and you find something special.

If you haven't done so yet, you can buy tickets for this year's Festival. You can also find lineup information, volunteer at this year's Festival, buy recorded talks from days gone by or make a donation.

Quick links: Buy tickets | Lineup | Volunteer | Press | Recorded Talks | Angels

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Gavin Friday: 'You can't be what you were'

How do you move on from being Dublin's rock'n'roll Lucifer? By becoming U2's 'aesthetic midwife', outdressing 50 Cent and roping in the Salvation Army for your latest album. Mike Atkinson meets Gavin Friday

Gavin Friday

'I have a fear of grown men in short trousers' … Gavin Friday Photograph: James Mooney

I like this article/interview in the Guardian

You can't be what you were.
You can't go back to what London was like in the early 80s.

We're going through a recession now, but the recession we had then, with the steel claw of Maggie Thatcher bashing anything that moved, was a very different environment.
With revolutionary bands that were run by angst, or anger, or kicking against the so-called pricks, you can't suddenly reinvent that.
I am not feeling well
missed blogging
not at ease in front of my mac.

My left ankle has swollen
just like a major twisting.
Don't recall a twist
but it is killing me
also it has gone to my head and emotions.

Can hardly walk
Limping human before you
I hate it.

And still not back to energy -
whats that all about?

Fixed to see the Doc but have to wait till Monday.
What do I need to do?
My mind is dysfunctional
I am a restless wolf.

I started Wednesday
a minor feeling
but as I was out in London with Joy,
she was my personal shopper/stylist,
It got worse and worse.

I even hate typing now ....

I met up with Peter B at Da Mario,
favourite Italian restaurant,
(what a great friend - I could tell you lots about his beauty)
with a pile of shopping bags
and an aching foot - and not feeling
at my best at all.
I even didn't have a desert!!

It got worse on a 3 hour train journey,
stinking delayed, and started to balloon on d train.

So much to spill.
But clocking off.
AND decide what to do .............

Pick one?
Which one is you/your feelings right now?
Touch the screen - it makes it more real.
This is working on your
Emotional Intelligence - and that cannot be bad.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Pip

I do hope you don't mind me contacting you, I appreciate you're a very busy man, but your work came up in conversation today and after visiting your website I wanted to drop you a line.

You don't know me, I was just one of many people you met many, many years ago at two youth weekends organised by the illustriously titled 'Anglican Young People's Association' (AYPA) and you made a tremendous impression on me.

Two things I remember most of all - the first is that we are Beautiful Human People! The other was this.... on both weekends you brought a young man who, if memory serves, was called Patrick (I could swear his pic is on the website). Anyway, he'd been on a trip to South America and he told us some of the things he'd seen on that trip and sang to us. That was to be a pivotal moment in my life as just a few days earlier I'd experienced God's very real call to work for Him abroad. As immensely intense as that experience had been, I'd asked for two signs to confirm His request! He kindly obliged - once by a friend suddenly handing me a leaflet that week with the words 'Is God calling you to mission?' emblazoned across it, and then again during the time that 'Patrick' was talking to us. I did indeed go abroad for 6 months to Uganda. I thought I'd be going back to work there again for a few years but, of course, God knows the plans He has for us and I ended up marrying a Ugandan I had known even before I went there!
We will have been married 15 years next week.

All this was a very long time ago now, in fact next week I'll be 40!
I fell away from my faith for a couple of years but even through my failures and insecurities I've never forgotten your words, that I'm a 'BHP'.

So that's why I'm writing to you - just to say '"thank you Pip".
Sometimes we just don't know how, or even if,
we're touching someone's life.
You have been such a blessing to mine.
God bless you and yours.

With love in Christ

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Late-night teens 'face greater depression risk'

Teenage girl
Teenagers need at least nine hours sleep a night, say experts

Going to bed earlier protects teenagers against depression and suicidal thoughts, New York research suggests.

Of 15,500 12 to 18-year-olds studied, those who went to bed after midnight were 24% more likely to have depression than those who went before 2200.

And those who slept fewer than five hours a night had a 71% higher risk of depression than those who slept eight hours, the journal Sleep reports.

It is estimated 80,000 UK children and young people have depression.

............ "If your vision doesn't scare you, then both your vision and your God are too small." Brother Andrew
found on d web

Questions: a Radical Solution

March 22, 2010
by Keith Hitchman

Many years ago I asked youthwork guru Pip Wilson a question. The question was, “How would you describe your churchmanship/theological position?”

I remember that Pip frowned. Maybe he didn’t want to answer. Maybe it wasn’t important to him. It was important to me…at the time. I wanted to have the whole thing nailed. So shortly after I joined a religious ‘Movement’ that had it nailed. No questions asked.

I still remember Pip’s answer. I must have asked a lot of people the same question around that time, but I remember Pip’s answer. After some thought, Pip said, “I am a Radical.”

I didn’t know what he meant at the time but I do now. It’s taken me twenty years, but I think that now I am getting it.

‘Radical’ means to get back to the root (radix [Lt] – root) of a thing.

So, what is the ‘root’ of this whole Jesus thing?

Love, that’s what.

I have just this minute stumbled upon Pip Wilson’s ‘Mission Statement’, which kinda sums up the whole thing. Talk about going full circle!

I really want to share with you my personal Mission Statement. I know It is a risk to share it…but I trust you.

Me – Pip Wilson – Mission Statement

- I will be an effective lover.

- I will live to love.

- Modelled on my developing commitment, understanding and faith in God.

- I will continue to believe, behave, and affirm that all individual persons are unique, special and valuable – beautiful human persons. I will demonstrate that, verbalise that.

- I will live to love myself, family, friends, colleagues and active socially and cosmically.

Pip Wilson, a Beautiful Human Person who became an Adult when he was 40

Motion changes emotion ..................

Monday, March 22, 2010

I don't believe in Charity
Charity is so vertical.
It goes from the top to the bottom.
Solidarity is horizontal.
It respects the other person and learns from the other.
Most of us have a lot to learn from other people.

Eduardo Galeano

"To the untold millions who knocked on doors and made phone calls, who organized and mobilized out of a firm conviction that change in this country comes not from the top down, but from the bottom up: this moment is possible because of you."
(On the day the Health Bill was passed)

Barack Obama
Enrich another
I have been busy with all-sorts.
I guess you see time/life slip away?
Had Gill & Steve around last night.
Gill has lost her Mother in the past few weeks.
The loss of your Mother is maybe the most significant passing.
The person who gave us life,
carried us through total dependency
and caring and loving through adulthood ..............
So it was a privilege
that they wanted to drive to Wilson Mansions
To hang out, meal out, chat things out ...........
I had been in London town Saturday.
So I only made it home by 6pm.
I had a meeting with my Blob Tree partner Ian.
It is always madly exhilarating.
I left our meeting with so many
new ideas for publications
and mainly the Game/Activity/Motion ones.
We get on a roll and combine experiences.
He is a Teacher - formal education,
I am a facilitator of experiences, informal educator.

We have got lots of good ideas to present to our publisher
next month - and then Bingo -
I hope we will begin see
new products flow over the next twelve months.

I will tell you about them in coming days -
maybe you can add to the ideas?

let them eat cake
The person next to me
goes quiet
eyes drift to the ceiling
face is still
they are somewhere else .........
I always ask
'What are you thinking about' ......
Out comes something meaningful for them
always something which captivates them.
always some spin off from our conversation.
I love those moments.
Precious ...........

The Sheilas are telling me my Jeans look terrible
They want me to do a fashion show wearing them all
They want me to dump most -
and Joy, stylist of course, want to take me JeanShopping on Wednesday!

What do you do when you see someone alone?
I have 4/6 books always on the go.
Always two on commute.
A little stack in the lounge.
An office full.All non-fiction
I only read non-fiction on summer holidays,
and we have stopped them.
On Thursday the latest Lee Child/JackReacher book was delivered.
My favourite author = fiction.
TODAY - SUNDAY I picked it up -
locked into my iPod, PeteTong/TrevorNelson/GillesPeterson/BenjiB
and, as Joan watched endless streaming Premiership football on TV,
I started to read - yes fiction AT HOME/INDOORS/NOT WORKING !!!
I have just left it ............. already 3/4 way done - fantastic.
How can I do such a relaxing thing when my inbox is rammo
(Just checked - 156 emails!!)
I am gripped by a memory
from a young human
telling me about childhood
"I felt, I still feel REJECTED"

Zig is in bed
Joan is in bed
Jack Reacher sleeping for the night -
I must hit the zzzzzz myself.
BUT ...................
I wonder how you are feeling
Maybe other words would describe .......
Maybe positive/Negative/Bland?
Stay with me -
I want to explore all these words/feelings.
I want to share my own -
I want to connect with you -
I want to be more than a one-liner in Facebook
I want to go deep with myself and
maybe we can hold hands? ...................

Can you believe that a human can grow older
without having one single person
ever holding their hand?
I weep ..............

Friday, March 19, 2010