Monday, March 22, 2010

Enrich another
I have been busy with all-sorts.
I guess you see time/life slip away?
Had Gill & Steve around last night.
Gill has lost her Mother in the past few weeks.
The loss of your Mother is maybe the most significant passing.
The person who gave us life,
carried us through total dependency
and caring and loving through adulthood ..............
So it was a privilege
that they wanted to drive to Wilson Mansions
To hang out, meal out, chat things out ...........
I had been in London town Saturday.
So I only made it home by 6pm.
I had a meeting with my Blob Tree partner Ian.
It is always madly exhilarating.
I left our meeting with so many
new ideas for publications
and mainly the Game/Activity/Motion ones.
We get on a roll and combine experiences.
He is a Teacher - formal education,
I am a facilitator of experiences, informal educator.

We have got lots of good ideas to present to our publisher
next month - and then Bingo -
I hope we will begin see
new products flow over the next twelve months.

I will tell you about them in coming days -
maybe you can add to the ideas?

let them eat cake
The person next to me
goes quiet
eyes drift to the ceiling
face is still
they are somewhere else .........
I always ask
'What are you thinking about' ......
Out comes something meaningful for them
always something which captivates them.
always some spin off from our conversation.
I love those moments.
Precious ...........

The Sheilas are telling me my Jeans look terrible
They want me to do a fashion show wearing them all
They want me to dump most -
and Joy, stylist of course, want to take me JeanShopping on Wednesday!

What do you do when you see someone alone?
I have 4/6 books always on the go.
Always two on commute.
A little stack in the lounge.
An office full.All non-fiction
I only read non-fiction on summer holidays,
and we have stopped them.
On Thursday the latest Lee Child/JackReacher book was delivered.
My favourite author = fiction.
TODAY - SUNDAY I picked it up -
locked into my iPod, PeteTong/TrevorNelson/GillesPeterson/BenjiB
and, as Joan watched endless streaming Premiership football on TV,
I started to read - yes fiction AT HOME/INDOORS/NOT WORKING !!!
I have just left it ............. already 3/4 way done - fantastic.
How can I do such a relaxing thing when my inbox is rammo
(Just checked - 156 emails!!)
I am gripped by a memory
from a young human
telling me about childhood
"I felt, I still feel REJECTED"

Zig is in bed
Joan is in bed
Jack Reacher sleeping for the night -
I must hit the zzzzzz myself.
BUT ...................
I wonder how you are feeling
Maybe other words would describe .......
Maybe positive/Negative/Bland?
Stay with me -
I want to explore all these words/feelings.
I want to share my own -
I want to connect with you -
I want to be more than a one-liner in Facebook
I want to go deep with myself and
maybe we can hold hands? ...................

Can you believe that a human can grow older
without having one single person
ever holding their hand?
I weep ..............