Monday, November 30, 2020

Asked a question about 1st memory of CHRISTMAS

Great reflections & still the stories coming in on Facebook 

Then I added mine::

I remember coming downstairs to a big warm coal fire, my Dad worked in coal mines, so we always had stacks. 
Then I saw big grey socks hanging from the shelf above the fireplace. 4 of them for 4 boys including me - the youngest. 
In my sock was an apple and an orange. I had never seen an orange before. 
This was middle of world War 2. 
No sweets in the shops. Everyone on rations. 
Everything was rationed. 
Butter. Jam. Bread. You name it. 
I guess it was about 1943 - me about 4 years old. 

Me Mam’s Christmas dinner in the making. 




I wish we could all get toys again.
I guess gadgets fix the men.
What do women get?
All the hard work I guess!

Christmas fills all space
busy with tinsel*
busy with food*
busy with travel*
busy with alcohol*
busy with TV*
busy with family humans*
busy with no time to think/reflect*
busy with presents*
busy with NO TIME**

*and then I think
*of the beautiful humans
*who live in homeless hostels
*who I love and ache with
*who are dysfunctional in relationships
*who have lost a loved one this year
*who are in conflict with family
*who are rejected by family
*who are without a loved one
*who have dependancy issues
*who can't afford to buy presents
*who are in total debt and in fear of future
*who are Tagged and in lockdown by the court
*who are with humans they don't want to be with
*who stop me in the street
and boast about their
new place they have found to sleep
because it is under a stairwell
with an air-con extract
= warmth

= for Christmas ……………

Still keeping me awake at nights

The big win

🎼🎵.•*¨*•♪🎵♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*•♪🎵♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸.when ♫•*¨*• ♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•* the ♫•*¨*• SAINTS ♫•*¨ ♫•*¨*•.¸ go¸¸.•* ♫•*¨*• marching ♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•* in ♫•*¨*•.¸¸¸.•* ♫                 



What do we do if we don’t LIKE a person?

Friday, November 27, 2020

Daughter Joy and her creativity - ideal present for someone at Christmas


My second HOMELAND

A poem.

You’re in a tough spot
I try to stand near you
In solidarity of a sort
I cannot experience your anxiety
But I know how you feel
I always know how you feel 
You are that rare breed
A huge heart for youth
Those bundles of energy and hurt, left dangling
Look at the upstream, not the downstream
Everyone is fighting a battle we do not understand
Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable
This wisdom has been carved
From Lancashire terraces and East London tower blocks
The backstreets of heaven
From midnight clubs to a multi-storey YMCA
To chaotic canvas cities packed to the rafters
Where trifle trickles down your neck
The land of the blob
Where gutter feelings are shared, always shared
Through unique fingertip touching
Your accent makes me smile
Just down the road from me, but so different
The land of pies and refracted glass
Rugby league, not football
I can forgive you that
At least we like the same band
In our café liaisons
You are constantly connecting
With staff, with strangers
Your gift of making someone feel 
They are being listened to
Perhaps for the first time
The most beautiful flower
Is the one that pops up through a crack
In the concrete
That’s you in a nutshell

Peter Barrett


Thursday, November 26, 2020

YMCA - the largest Youth Movement in the WORLD - Major Resource for every Y

of #resources 
BOOK OR DOWNLOAD for all areas of  #YMCA #Programmes - Sports/ Fitness/ Youthwork/ Teams/ Faith/ Housing/ Personal Development + more


Blob Communication Tools for BODY MIND SPIRIT

The World YMCA is focusing upon Youth Empowerment. 
This book is a wonderful, beautiful tool,to communicate this message. 
Johan Vilhelm Eltvik
Former Secretary General, World Alliance of YMCAs

A massive collection, almost 200 pages, of resources to use in YMCA's worldwide.

Great ALL AGE TOOLS - Children, Youth, Leaders, Executives, Seniors +

Great for all areas of Y Programmes - Sports/ Fitness/ Youthwork/ Teams/ Faith/ Housing/ Personal Development+

Great visuals - attractive for all because the Blobs use the primary forms of communication = FACE & BODY LANGUAGE


    The Blob Tree in action in SCHOOL - a resource for all ages even TEACHERS in Training.


    .... #BlobTree #resources in #school #learning with a difference #LessonPlanning #TeachersofInstagram #Positivity #PositiveThinking #Blobtree #Mentalhealth #Mentalhealthsupport #Mentalheathawareness #Bestlife #Education #Feelings #EmotionalIntelligence #School #Counselor #Behaviour #EmotionalLiteracy #RightsRespectingSchools #SEN


    Wednesday, November 25, 2020

    It seems I will keep on writing/refreshing my *5*DAY* for Emotional Wellness / BECOMING


    emotional HEALTH
    1 Welcome all feelings as signals/information not a 'to do list'
    2 Practice sharing feelings in every day life NOT emotion outbursts but as they feel in reality. 
    3 Think when you have feeling rather than allowing feelings to speak for you. 
    4 Look beyond a persons difficult behaviour or words. Think UPSTREAM. 
    5 Help others, and yourself, by sharing emotions first which gives permission for others to try it themselves. 

    I never recommend but this radio moment is MAJESTIC UNIQUE

    Find it on 'BBC SOUNDS' APP. 
    Download FREE 


    Tuesday, November 24, 2020

    Come weep with me - I just leaked - wept again ................ VIDEO

    I ask QUESTIONS. The answers are * special * beautiful * raw * real


    I ask QUESTIONS.

    The answers are special beautiful raw real

    This question was::

    If you write a book about your life

    What would be a standout CHAPTER?

    This is one of the many majestic answers::

    I think each chapter of my book would start with either a quote or song lyrics, and be titled accordingly! So, I am sharing about one particular chapter…
    “I know the feeling
    Of finding yourself stuck on the ledge
    And there ain’t no healing
    From cutting yourself with the jagged edge
    I’m telling you that it’s never that bad
    And take it from someone who’s been where you’re at
    You’re laid out on the floor and you’re not sure
    You can take this anymore

    So just give it one more try
    With a lullaby
    And turn this up on the radio
    If you can hear me now
    I’m reachin’ out to let you know
    That you’re not alone

    And you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell
    ‘Cause I can’t get you on the telephone
    So just close your eyes
    Well honey here comes a lullaby
    Your very own lullaby
    Please let me take you
    Out of the darkness and into the light
    ‘Cause I have faith in you
    That you’re gonna make it through another night
    Stop thinkin’ about the easy way out
    There’s no need to go and blow the candle out
    Because you’re not done, you’re far too young
    And the best is yet to come

    So just give it one more try
    With a lullaby
    And turn this up on the radio
    If you can hear me now
    I’m reachin’ out to let you know
    That you’re not alone

    And you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell
    ‘Cause I can’t get you on the telephone
    So just close your eyes
    Well honey here comes a lullaby
    Your very own lullaby

    Well everybody’s hit the bottom
    And everyone’s been forgotten
    Well everybody’s tired of being alone
    Yeah everyone’s been abandoned
    So if you’re out there barely hangin’ on

    Just give it one more try
    With a lullaby
    And turn this up on the radio
    If you can hear me now
    I’m reachin’ out to let you know
    That you’re not alone

    And you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell
    ‘Cause I can’t get you on the telephone
    So just close your eyes
    Well honey here comes a lullaby
    Your very own lullaby
    Well honey here comes a lullaby
    Your very own lullaby”

    Nickelback- Lullaby

    This book is available from



    Monday, November 23, 2020

    NEWEST * BRAND NEW * BLOB TREE BOOK * 'The Blob Guide to Children's Human Rights'

    1st Edition

    The Blob Guide to Children’s Human Rights

      ISBN 9780367561543
      Published November 17, 2020 by Routledge
      128 Pages 136 B/W Illustrations

      GBP £34.99

      Prices & shipping based on shipping country

      Book Description

      This practical resource is designed to support children and young people as they develop an understanding of the basic rights that we are all entitled to as humans. Diverse and inclusive, Blob figures have proven themselves to be a valuable way of sparking discussion of difficult topics through the universal means of body language and feelings. 

      Based upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, this book introduces 'Blob Trees', lines and images with prompt questions and activities to help children to consider concepts such as freedom of movement and speech, safety and equality. It encourages children to think about the ways in which they can apply human rights articles to their own lives, by treating others with kindness, fairness and respect.

      Key features include:

      • ‘How to use’ guides and prompt questions for each topic
      • Simplified and child-friendly versions of all 42 human rights articles
      • Photocopiable and downloadable worksheets designed to be used with individuals and groups of all sizes.

      With clear and supportive guidance and a graduated approach, this is an essential tool for teachers and practitioners looking to support an understanding of human rights in children and young people. It will also be invaluable for any groups wishing to develop accreditation for UNICEF’s ‘Rights Respecting Schools’ Awards.

      Table of Contents

      Introduction  How to use the Blobs  How to ask open questions  Blob Trees  Blob Tree Human Rights  Blob Tree Responsibility  Blob Tree Disability  Blob Tree Free Speech  Blob Tree Privilege  Blob Tree Kindness  Blob Tree Unkindness  Blob Tree Listening  Drawing the Line  Human Rights  Responsibility  Giving  Touching  Freedom of Religion  Protection  Inclusion  Having a Voice  Access to Information  Right to Play  Helpful  Generous  Freedom of Movement  Right to Life  Safety  Appropriate Housing  Education  Appropriate Punishment  Children’s Human Rights Articles  1 – 42 Articles  Children’s Human Rights  Blob Human Rights  General Sheets  Blob We Are All Equal  Blob Don’t Discriminate  Blob No Rights  Blob Human Rights  Blob Classroom – kind/unkind  Blob Refugees  Blob Unkind Playground  Blob Home Life  Blob Health  Blob Trial  Blob Pitch  Blob Swimming  Blob Human Rights Hierarchy  Blob World Sheets  Blob World  Blob World 2  Blob Two Worlds  Blob Priority Sheets  Human Rights Squares  Human Needs Squares  Human Desires and Needs Squares  Reflective Images for Human Rights