Thursday, November 12, 2020

LOVE IS A DECISION - Pip pondering


LOVE is beyond emotion.

Love is not relationship with






LOVE IS BEYOND ..............

Into total commitment to another human

We can decide to Love. 

Whatever another person is 
doing / saying we have decided to love. 
Then we 
learn / act-on 
that decision. 

Love is a Decision to love = with deep commitment despite behaviour, physical attraction +   +

LOVE  is::

“Forgiving myself makes it possible to forgive [others], too. 

Maybe this is grace, or simply the passage of time. 

Whatever you want to call this, I’ll take it.” 


"True drops of love
We must not think that our love has to be extraordinary. 
But we do need to love without getting tired. 
How does a lamp burn? 
Through the continuous input of small drops of oil. 
These drops are the small things of daily life: 
small words of kindness, 
a thought for others, 
our way of being quiet, of looking, of speaking, and of acting. 
They are the true drops of love that keep our lives 
and relationships burning like a lively flame."

Mother Teresa