Saturday, November 21, 2020

I carry a notebook ALWAYS. Then I stumble on these reflections. YMCA Hostel Life

Touching TIPS in Berlin - LOVE IT

I' ve spent some time with members of our international community. 

Sweating and groaning together about the Gulf............... The Gulf, the gap, the chasm between the humans of our planet. ....... I just want to listen.......... There is so much to learn from seeing the world through the feeling eyes of an Israeli, a Palestinian, 

Liberian and several Arabians. 

Salem shares his concern for his mum back in the bomb zone. 
He went on to say a funny thing 

"Will you protect us if things go wrong here Pip?" 
He went on to reflect upon the night when a number of our German residents were beat up in the local pub after the English World Cup defeat. 

I am interrupted to deal with a homeless person. 
That's not the problem. 
This time we can help with a bed - but the depression - the hopelessness 

(That means, special persons, talking to someone who has nothing, nowhere to go -     pause on that!) the no dosh, and a bureaucracy which only creeps along in its co-operation. 
Her life chances could depress me too - if only I allow it to grip so I allow it to touch me but then place my mind to the fore. 
Action it. 
Deal with it.