Monday, November 30, 2020

Asked a question about 1st memory of CHRISTMAS

Great reflections & still the stories coming in on Facebook 

Then I added mine::

I remember coming downstairs to a big warm coal fire, my Dad worked in coal mines, so we always had stacks. 
Then I saw big grey socks hanging from the shelf above the fireplace. 4 of them for 4 boys including me - the youngest. 
In my sock was an apple and an orange. I had never seen an orange before. 
This was middle of world War 2. 
No sweets in the shops. Everyone on rations. 
Everything was rationed. 
Butter. Jam. Bread. You name it. 
I guess it was about 1943 - me about 4 years old. 

Me Mam’s Christmas dinner in the making.