Monday, November 02, 2020

Youth Matters Week & I am reflecting on my journey - still at it !!


It is Youth Matters Week  - this week.

3 Youth Workers above

(a photo of mine during my facilitation

of a team working on the front line.)

Here is a list of Youth Work members from the early 8 0's

Mayflower Family Centre. Canning Town, London E16

Most of these beautiful humans are NOW in their 50's/60's

I am regularly getting messages from them as they reflect on their youthful days - powerful memories.

NO SUCH facilities nowadays.

NO SUCH teams of youth workers 40 strong as in those days.

They shared their lives with me.

I shared my life with them.

We had so many EXPERIENCES together.

Developmental for workers & members.

AND they remember them - always commenting on some adventure we had together.

A Youth Work (base) Club was/is important but what really matters is having Youth Workers on the ground establishing essential/trusting relationships - unconditionally.

Helping Relationships - an aim for workers

Trusting Relationships - the kids being encouraged to step outside their comfort zones in their becoming.

 The brain.

Our brains need to develop as all of us journey through adolescence. 

The brain, our brains, only fully develop in the mid 20's.

The last part of the brain to develop fully is the emotional.

So teenagers and young adults need solid adults outside the home to aid that journey into wholeness.

We need workers on the streets.

We need youth work bases around in each community to enhance human contact & eventual helping relationships.


But not only KNOWLEDGE


Social & Emotional learning.

Marcus Rashford is making impact in this area.

He is raising awareness which often has to come first -

from the heart.

Hoping the best for increasing awareness and action

for our, always needy, young people.