Wednesday, November 11, 2020

OWNERSHIP ...... The first step to change is face reality = OWN REALITY.

 I asked the question, above, to my Facebook friends.

Several responses came pretty quickly.

I Love how some humans can be honest about their internal workings.

I thanked people and said I would dig into my own situation and  ....... this is it!

NOTE:: I have a one year old cancer running alongside the covid/lockdown stuff.

My first task was to make a list, then list them here in priority order.

I made my list - still ongoing ..........

BUT then I considered this to be impossible - to place them in a priority/importance order because they are all important.

SO here is what came out of my mind mapping::

We both miss time with our beautiful two daughters - and our two beautiful granddaughters. We do Facetime & WhatsApp and Telephone but ........ we miss them deeply. It is an emotional thing a BELONGING thing - we are constantly in touch BUT .................


I feel this as I type .......


I miss the human contact when I facilitate training with teams/groups. I am stimulated fed & stretched as they are.


I miss 121 encounters with humans - traveling into London - my favourite cafe & colliding - usually 'Level Five' stuff.


I have lost some sharpness. I don't know how much of this is Covid/Lockdown or the cancer thing. The latter has:: fatigue, hot sweats, energy drain & sleepless as side effects. = I am not on top of things - as I want to be.

Me being an EMOTION DETECTIVE means I am digging into side effects, owning my analysis and aiming to stay focused on all that matters.

I am learning life faith relationships purpose communication  ............ many things through all this ...........

"Seek the SHALOM of the city and in it's SHALOM you will find your own SHALOM"