Thursday, November 19, 2020

I have not given this reflection a title yet. I don't know what I am going to express ......


I have not given this reflection a title yet.

I don't know what I am going to express ......

Usually, if you know me, I write about being an ....... 'Emotion Detective' because I am always digging into understanding my emotions and those of others - and of course the behaviour which follows/discloses our emotions. BUT ........... instead of clicking keys about emotions I am about to create an opinion. (I would rather have emotions as I consider opinions to be more divisive and separate human from human.)

I use the internet, as you do, - the portable ways, web pages as well as mainstream media on TV. I am disturbed how so many humans are set in concrete because they only view the media which fits their opinions - THEN stays locked in on a certain set of opinions no matter how wild wacky or violent as they can be. Only reading/mixing with others who have the same strong set opinions does something to their values and way of life = Believing the most outrageous of opinions that I just can't get my head around.

The internet is rammed full of extreme opinions .......... to all I say 'YouAreBeautiful'. 

I read all sorts of views and mix with a wide range of opinions. I never block someone who supports a way of life that I consider unhealthy to say the least.

I am saying we need to check out all views NOT get totally locked in on one extreme philosophy.

I have worked all my adult life with young people, especially, who have displayed horrendous behaviour - language - physical & verbal assaults ....... and more.

That is where the 'BHP' came from. Where "You are beautiful" came from. Because I could not cope with their behaviour without seeing/feeling their behaviour and hurts.

If we lock into only ONE culture we are then the victim of being blinkered -  especially if this way of life is linked to aggression and violence. ( Just read my stuff on GANGS).

Keep an open mind.

Mix with BHP's very different than you.

Don't follow others blindly.

LOVE all, despite our differences.

4 OPINIONS HERE - that's me for now.