Tuesday, April 30, 2013


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..... the wonder of you ............

..... the wonder of you ............

Kendrick Lamar - "Good Kid" Lyrics - I like my Hip-Hop

Kendrick Lamar - "Good Kid" Lyrics

Greenbelt Festival Video 1994 - Great then BETTER this August - join me there.

I think this was 1994. Greenbelt Festival was great then AND NOW wondrous 
this is the last day for discounted tickets.
Experience Greenbelt - it cannot be told
Get here and experience it with me .............

The Greenbelt Festival for Blob Tree and other Blob friends.


 Blob Greenbelt

Greenbelt trustee and all-round legend Pip Wilson has released a special Greenbelt version of the famous Blob Tree, created by Pip and Ian Long, and used by youth groups, families, workplaces and organisations to explore feelings in a non-verbal way.
Whilst looking at the image, ask yourself the questions below to find out about your emotions and expectations as you approach Greenbelt, and throughout the weekend.
Before the Festival:
Which Blob do you feel like right now?
Which Blob describes your expectations?
Which Blob do you NOT want to happen?
Which Blob to look out for, to care for?
At Greenbelt:
Touch the Blob you feel like daily.
Ask others to spill how they are feeling every day
Which Blob is what you pray for?
Which Blob is a danger area for you?
Which Blob is someone you are concerned about?
There are 6 coloured paths, which do you plan to be on?
Which Blob in need will urge you to a different path?
Click the image for a full-size version:

Knackered and reflecting from Wilson Mansions.

Feeling really tired this morning. 
It lasts for a few hours.
Usually only mornings.

Mornings have never been my best time.
As a Youth Worker evening work always the norm.
For years and years it was
5 or more nights a week until 11pm or more.
Squeezed time-off came in the afternoon.
Split shifts it was called.
Admin, planning, meetings in the mornings -
face to face every evening.
Then the week-end residentials ............
so-so powerful for relationships
top top youth working.

So I have never been a 'morning person'.
But now I feel knackered
Training or Driving home late at night
I could do with out.
Even after a long social day - not only when working out.
I guess it is my age catching up on me.
It does catch us up
whatever age we are .........

When I am working OUT
it sometimes means a 4am alarm.
Then the adrenaline flows and no problem.
When I am working IN - 
admin and computing - not my bag.

I am an adrenaline junkie.
I have known that for years.
I get excited with people
Non-human interactions not so good
even when it is humans at the other end of a tweet/mail/facebook!

Coming up is

I need to prep.
I need to reflect too.
I have to reflect to learn.
That's why I started to click here/now.
To get stuff out of my system.
AND there is a lot more in there.
This is just the surface.
Deeper reflections needed ......

Thanx for clicking this way.
I never know who read my clicking.
I have to do it anyway - 
so thank you for reading
and hope you will reflect too?

Stay Beautiful.


The Saints, Rugby League, scoring at the Stoop.

Me and MrsBeautiful went to see the Broncos/Saints clash at the STOOP last Saturday - we lost. 
The first time they have beat us in 15 years.
We are sadly depleted with injuries and, at this game, three missing through disciplinary issues.  Still supporting to the end.
AND it looks like the Saints will be getting another CROCK as my little Sheila broke a bone in her ankle yesterday and A&E says she can't put weight on it and .................. we are due to go to Majorca to celebrate a 100 years of Mrs Beautiful 
(or something near that).

Let the Day Begin - The Call.

No Michael Been but with his son on vocals and bass.
He and the rest of BRMC will be doing this track at Greenbelt this year hey hey

Monday, April 29, 2013

Vulnerability is a unit of beauty.

is a unit of beauty

Yes! - vulnerability is an ability
not a disability.
How come we don't share our vulnerability
when we are all wounded?

Hello - it is he with 140 oppressions.
143 in my inbox and I feel oppressed.
I cannot click enough between my gigs.
I don't work 'out' everyday.
I work IN some days.
But always always have priorities and
they don't include replies to emails
apologies to all.

Some want resources.
Some want to buy a resource and
!!!!! I don't reply!

I loved the buzz about talking about teams.
I love this stuff.
I rise to the challenge.
If you or anyone you know,
who needs some team building -
feel free to give me a call.
THIS is how I make my living.
More importantly, it is the way I want to be -
at the heart of human development.
I thrive on it
love it love it.

Most of my work comes via positive word of mouth.
Maybe you have a positive word of mouth?
I will not let you down if you recommend me.

Knowing you don't know everything
beautiful imperfection stuff,
means we can be real.
Not pretend.
Not pretend we are an expert.
Not have a superficial suit of pretence.
Not be a different human behind the mask.

This is still being honed.
The best at sussing the crap factor
are those with special needs.
The wisdom of the street.
They are honing me.
They can see through any pretence at being EXPERT.

And I will blog again.
Reflect - undress
the soul


(Picture BRMC playing Greenbelt this year.)


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Third Greenbelt headliner: 

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

We’re pleased to announce a third music headliner for this year’s Greenbelt festival. Joining Amadou & Mariam, and Lemar, we’re very excited to say that critically acclaimed rock titans BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB have joined the varied and dynamic bill.
Pioneers in “fuzzy guitars, blues licks, [and] atmospheric feedback”, BRMC’s appearance at Greenbelt arrives on the back of their extremely well-reviewed sixth studio album “Specter At The Feast”, which has received plaudits from The Guardian, Q Magazine, NME and more.
The album was inspired by the passing of bassist Robert Been’s father Michael, who – as well as often being referred to as BRMC’s “fourth member” – also played Greenbelt himself in the 1980s, as frontman of The Call.
The trio join musicians, artists, thinkers and speakers at the 40th Greenbelt in August, and are sure to provide a thrilling and powerful Mainstage set.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Greenbelt Festival, working out with Justice on the agenda.

Greenbelt 2009 SM SemiAwad3

Greenbelt 2013 Focus: Justice programming

In the last few days before our great April ticket discounts come to an end, we’re going to shine a spotlight on just a few areas of this year’s festival programme – just to remind you what wonderful value Greenbelt is and to nudge you to get online and book your tickets at the best possible prices.
Greenbelt has been engaged in many human rights issues over its forty years, from apartheid in South Africa to the trade justice campaign. And we’re still working to connect our festivalgoers with the important issues of the day.
Since 2009, we’ve been looking particularly at the situation in Palestine and Israel, seeking to promote a just and lasting peace for the two countries, and greater fairness and stability for the region. In August, we will again gather insightful speakers on the conflict there to raise more awareness and provoke a response. Sami Awad from the Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem returns to the festival, alongside UK commentator Bidisha, theologian Dr Mary Grey and Jewish American writer Dr Mark Braverman. We’ll also have a special event to focus on the British response to the Kairos Call from the Christian community in Palestine.
Alongside this, we’ll continue to programme around our latest three-year focus on issues of Criminal Justice. From criminologist Dr Martin Glynn to creative provocation from the Hip-hop Shakespeare Company, there will be lots to stir and inform – with more bookings in this arena yet to be announced.

Reflection on the Sunshine of my life.

The sun  shines on me.
A small shaft of special light.

I always consider
that this is the Divine
shining a special blessing.
On me
Love it
I am blessed.

Then the sun moves on.
It shines on someone else.

MrsBeautiful is in the frame,
then another.
then another.
Each one I pray.

I am in Church
A shaft of light hits me
through a little corner of a big window.

It is great doing this on a train.
The sun shafts flash around - 
one person then another.
I have to follow quickly and want to bless each one
as they catch the sun
and catch my eye.
I need to focus on each special person = 
beautiful human.

Follow the sun.
Notice the shafts.
The darts.
The quick scans in a moving place.

This is an internal dialogue thing.
An observation.
A meditation.
It is secret, in human terms, 
but a spiritual experience
touching the soul.

You are the sunshine of my love.

You are the sunshine of my life.

Jesus shall reign where'er the sun.


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Living 'in communities' for 30+ years had also damaged me in some ways ....

Living 'in communities' for 30+ years has also damaged me in some ways, 
but I believe 'damage' is part of life.
If we go through life seeking only personal happiness and fulfilment  -
That is 'not ok' - it seems to me.
There is a deeper side of life which comes from living outside the comfort zone.
Growth resides in a place called 'uncomfortable'.

I believe in refreshing uncertainty.
Refreshing irritation.
Refreshing dissatisfaction.

I believe in relaxing, refreshing to regain fitness for the frontier - 
but that place, called comfortable, is no place to reside.

Some people give ten tips for success.
I never give tips.
I share where I am.
The stumbling I have experienced in the past.
The vulnerability, who I hold hands with - gladly.

Often vulnerability comes upon us without our choosing.
A greater connection with our vulnerability is
placing ourselves in it.
Residing in it.
Learning from it.

He who was rich became poor.

©  www.pipwilson.com

Relationships are the source of growth.

You want to beat him to pulp?
What if he has a knife?
You take a knife
What if he has a gun?
You take a gun

What if you do beat him to pulp?
What will you sleep like?
What when his gang come around?
What will you carry in your belt?

Why do you want to beat him to pulp?
It is a feeling inside
It is a rage inside
It is not a thought
It is a release that you need.

Why not try to understand those feelings?
Why not understand them as signals?
Why not allow signals to consider thinking of options?
Options to release the rage.

We are responsible for our own actions
We can become response-able
Be better than only having one response.

Consider giving life to another - not death?
Consider choosing life for another, AND yourself
Consider love?
Instead of hate.

Friday, April 26, 2013

.. in my life I have been in a position where I know that young people are trusting me.

Many times in my life I have been in a position where I know that young people are trusting me. 
They feel safe with me. 
They are prepared to take steps into zones where growth resides.

Some people take advantage of such situations. 
Some in leadership.
Some are celebrities.
Some are artistes.
Camp leaders ............

Can you imagine what it is like for a child or a young person
to find out that this person is a sexual predator.
Someone who gratifies themselves
without any consideration of the damage being done.

That is why the systems of checking and re checking
and not leaving, ever ever, any  adult alone with any young human.
Even me. Even you.

I know from many contacts I have, that this sort of damage lingers on.
Lingers into adulthood.
Lingers is not the right word.
It feels to me that it is like having a stick of dynamite inside their soul.
Terrible Terrible damage.
I feel deeply ..................

Half the world away - damn I don't CARE!

This is HALF of 
Blob World
It is one of 100's of 
Blob Communication Tools
(ONLY using HALF because they get ripped off, ignoring copyright)
NOT as vital as how we RICH rip off the rest of the world.
Lord have mercy.

IF the G8 were kids - VIDEO

Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign - IF the G8 were kids




  • Inua Ellams

    Greenbelt 2013 Focus: Spoken Word

    In the last few days before our great April ticket discounts come to an end, we’re going to shine a spotlight on just a few areas of this year’s festival programme – just to remind you what wonderful value Greenbelt is and to nudge you to get online and book your tickets at the best possible prices.
    For the past couple of years, we’ve been inviting the best in spoken word and performance poetry to the festival – from freestyle MCs like Soweto Kinch, Jack Flash and Dizraeli, to poets like Sh’maya, William Stopha and El Gruer.
    We’ve also celebrated in the rise of a long-term Greenbelter, Harry Baker, as he started making waves in the spoken word world. Since 2010, he’s become slam poetry champion of London, then the UK, then Europe, and – in 2012 – became reigning slam champion of the world. We’re proud of his success.
    And so to 2013, with another host of brilliant spoken word performers around the festival, and at the Big Top spoken word Shedloads spectacular…
    We’re welcoming Inua Ellams with his show The 14th Tale, fresh from the National Theatre and full of inventive verse. Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziadahbrings her righteous and passionate poetry that breathes humanity into areas of conflict. And The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company, led by their artistic director Akala, look afresh at the work of the Bard from a modern viewpoint.
    Wonderful words, inspirational moments, and the cream of UK and international talent – where else could you find such a dynamic mix?

I delight no greater than - when justice is done by a crowd of Angels.

Pip -
We won. We did it - #NicsFight has become #NicsWin! Last night we heard the fantastic news that Friends Life would be paying Nic's family what they're owed.
When my great friend Nic died of cancer in late October, leaving a wife and two young children, he didn't know whether his insurance company Friends Life would ever pay out on the critical illness policy he had arranged with them.
In late December, we handed our petition of more than 60,000 names -- including yours -- to the offices of Friends Life, asking them to meet with the Hughes family and sit down to resolve this case. But they refused, demanding instead that a submission be made to the Financial Ombudsman.
This was a huge task - assembling paperwork, retrieving documents, getting files from doctors - all while Nic's widow should have been free to grieve and spend time with their children. But in their resolute and dignified way, and bolstered by the huge waves of support from signers of our petition on Change.org, the family put their case forward.
It is with enormous joy and relief that they heard yesterday that the Financial Ombudsman had found entirely in their favour, writing:
"I explained to the firm that in my view it should not have cancelled the policy and declined the claim for the reasons it did. [Friends Life] accepts that any non-disclosure was not deliberate or relevant to the claim he later made – so the firm accepts it was not entitled to rely on that and it should have paid the critical illness claim when it was submitted."
This is a fantastic victory! It is also a huge vindication of the campaign and of the family's fight against a massive corporation who felt they could simply be cast aside. The Ombudsman have found entirely in the family's favour, and Friends Life will now be paying out on the policy in full.
The family want to express their enormous thanks to everyone who signed the petition and acted to publicise the campaign. This is a victory for all of us - for the common people who stood up and refused to be trampled on by big corporations. You made sure that Friends Life could not quietly get away with this terrible injustice. 
We took on Goliath and won.
Please share this image with your friends on Twitter using #NicsWin. Thank you so much for your incredible support, this couldn't have happened without you.
PS. You can read more about the victory in The Guardian and Daily Mail.

... life issues I believe in or neglect to believe or practice....

Great blog which touches on many of the life issues I believe in
or neglect to believe or practice.


it does me good

7 Songs That Could Make it to U2’s New Album [AUDIO]

U2: 7 Songs That Could Make it to U2’s New Album, ’10 Reasons to Exist’ [AUDIO], ‘The Biggest and Best Band in the World’

U2 (Photo : Reuters/Steve Marcus)
Thanks again, ChadTheWrestleManiac, for "7 new U2 Songs and Demos Possibly for the Next Album (10 Reasons to Exist.)"
The songs go a little quickly from one into another in this compilation but it is still quite interesting to listen to.

Most of these songs were played by U2 on the 360 tour after Bono recovered from a back injury and wanted to do something special for his fans.
"Boy Falls From the Sky" was done for the "Spiderman" musical while"North Star" was featured in "Transformers" for a few seconds but wasn't released in any other format.
Two other songs that are rumored to possibly be part of the new album are "Soon" and "Winter." "Winter" was featured in two movies-"Brothers" and "Linear" while "Soon" was used as an intro to concerts in 2010.
Why exactly is the next album proving to be difficult for U2? Bono explained that he believed, "U2 is on the verge of irrelevancy" (we disagree) and added "we have to do something on this next album that is very very special in order to have a reason to exist."
He also said, "U2 has been beating the odds of being irrelevant for close to 20 years, since Rattle and Hum, and we had to find ways to keep ourselves fresh, yet loyal to our fans which we love so much."
Thank goodness that "we are still hungry and not ready to give up our spot as the biggest and best band in the world because we feel like we have much to offer...we are still as cool as we were in 2004 and even 1994."



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

! of my Favourite songs/Lyrics EVER. The Call.

'The Call' with Robert Levon Been - "I Still Believe" 
- April 18,2013 -  San Francisco
Some comments from The YouTube page - love it

this is scary, i mean the more i listen again to the call qnd have been listening to BRMC for years and years its like why didnt i see this before he is deffo Michael's son !

yeah, he's playing Michael's famous Ampeg. 
he told the story of how it was stolen a few years back, 
and they didn't ever think they'd see it again. 
but a Call fan at a pawn shop in Santa Cruz recognized it when someone brought it in, 
and returned it to Robert. pretty cool. 
he said it was hard to play these songs correctly without it. 
i love its sound. it doesn't stay in tune that great, 
though - especially the way Michael played it!

.....the snarling lips OF ABUSE.

we have been brought up by someone 
who forces their face close to yours 
and hurling the words 
'you are a bad boy' 
'you are a bad girl' 

............................ often
 it is not the words we remember but 
the snarling lips, the flared nostrils, 
the spitting mouth ......
........ and a big feeling that 
"I am not ok"  
= 'I am bad' 

We demonstrate our value/love by .....
our non-verbal communication.

Abused become abused - it is said. 

We all have cracks, that's how the light gets in.

Emotions are strong and beautiful emotions are hard and ugly.

Emotions are strong and beautiful 

emotions are hard and ugly .... ....

Depending how you feel right now ...... 

(and sometimes we are not in touch with our feelings), 
we feel unwell because the emotional system touches the body 
- punches the body 
- prods the body 
- cuts the body 
- sometimes. 

The lack of social support has been found to have impact on health up to 3.8 times more than those with a network of support. 
Emotions impact the body. 

Depending how you feel now ...... the opening lines will ring true. 

I focus on all this emotional/vulnerability stuff because I believe that it is foundational in life/relationships/development/love .......... what else is there which is vital?

Two Letters to end with::


Alice Russell - taste if you like good music.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Greenbelt 2013 Life Begins: Further Lineup Announced

Photo by Jonathon Watkins

Greenbelt 2013 Life Begins: Further Lineup Announced - get yourself there this year - hope to see you to be imperfect together?

Here’s another bumper bunch of lineup announcements to tempt you to join us at Greenbelt 2013: Life Begins. As always, we’ve assembled great and fascinating people, with unique and creative insights, from across the spectrum of the arts, faith and social justice…
Tickets are discounted for one further week – with ticket prices going up on Tuesday 30th April. Visit our online Box Office or phone 020 7329 0039 to get your tickets today.
Joining Amadou & Mariam, Lemar, London Community Gospel Choir, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance and the rest of our brilliant lineup, here’s who else will be in attendance over the August Bank Holiday…
Additions to the music programme include jazz legend Courtney Pine, singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore, emerging folk sensation Blair Dunlop, “musical butterfly” Eska, agit-prop attitude from Grace Petrie, the final gig by funny acoustic hip-hoppers The Austin Francis Connection, and try your hand at soulful Sacred Harp Singing.
Our recent commitment to spoken word continues, with Inua Ellams bringing his National Theatre show The 14th Tale, Palestinian poet and activist Rafeef Ziadah, and World Slam Poetry champion Harry Baker.
There’s performing arts for all the family, including How To Catch A Star byBlunderbus Theatre Company and Dreams of Philomina by Lunabug Theatre.
Returning speakers to our programme of ideas include Jim WallisVicky BeechingRev Richard ColesMaurice GlasmanStella DuffyJames Caryand Symon Hill, and they’ll be joined by Anglican Alliance coordinator for Latin America Paolo Ueti.
We’ll have a full film programme, including selections from Tipping Point Film Fund and the Insight Film Festival; and there’s plenty to discover in our visual arts programme, including work by portrait artist Nicola Green and sculptorSokari Douglas Camp. Plus firm festival favourites the Photo Flash SwapThe Art School and Life Drawing workshops.
Comedy will be provided by the irrepressible Milton Jones, the anarchic and amazing Barbara Nice, and – following his appearance on Anne Widdecombe’s documentary about comedy and Christianity – defender of the faith Paul Kerensa.
We have modern worship music royalty joining us in the person of Graham Kendrick, and see things from a different side with a celebration of wonder fromThe Sunday Assembly.
For young people and students, we have a return for the Big Top show for young people ShedloadsCake and Debate, an introduction to activism led by The Christian Aid Collective, worship from Serum, sessions from the Student Christian Movement, big name artists in the Acoustic Cafe and a special programme of late night youth films.
Plus, an event to mark a UK response to the Kairos call from the Holy Land, and bring your dancing shoes for Greenbelt’s very special 40th birthday party
  • 23 April 2013