Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday, June 29, 2008

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Human Development
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

I am tired because I have stopped
Great day today.
Midst humans - so special.

I am too tired to do anything
maybe just a click your way.

I am captivated by photos from recent days
particularly the facial expressions.

Life was moving
when the facial muscles stopped.
Souls were churning
when the eyes gripped another.
I want to reside in this place
I want to reside with these faces.
You are beautiful.

Friday, June 27, 2008

I feel I have not blogged propa for ages.
I feel a lot more about other things.
I feel ........

I have just been on a two day residential,
what an experience.

About fifty humans,
all housing workers
99% front line worker with young humans with special needs.
Loved it.

The number one is just being amongst them all.
There is a massive multi faith/ethnicity present.
A massive range of origin of birth.
It is so colourful
so personality full
such characters.
I just loved the meal times,
the exchanges of fun and chatter
the in session discussions
the walk to the pub in the rain
the fun-in-karaoke ...... but I don't sing!

Then in the intensity of learning in sessions
I use movie slices with small group work in-between.
The feedback is wondrous.
Here I am facilitating the process
and out comes such wisdom.
I find that, with good stimulus, the front line experience turns into an experience of the whole group 'teaching' one another.

Whatever the movie is - it can be culturally transposed into reality of an urban special needs in a hostel.
Just like the 'Good Samaritan' story never dates, a good 'people movie' never dates. As long as you do the transposition.

I am getting better using the wonderful multi-media which the apple mac provides. With help from a 'digital guru' I have learned how to capture some movie clips, edit them into appropriate clips, and bang them out in the form of the mac Keynote which leaves powerpoint in fading black and whiteness.

All that is the means - what really matters is the life changing impact on humans.
I saw humans desiring change today. Making decisions to work differently, and more importantly, 'be' differently.
How special it - to hear a night manager, who often deals with late night aggression from frustrated and directionless young humans, "I will now see young people differently now - I will stop and give time like I have never considered before".
Can you imagine the impact - a new human who starts on the road of loving the unlovely - the so-called unlovely.
hmmmmmmmm I delight as I do with a cold glass of Champagne - what a Champagne lifestyle I lead.

I have a Greenbelt Trustees day tomorrow. After these clicks I need to wade through a mass of papers for the meeting and prep an hour when I will be facilitating our annual delivery into strategic priorities.
Sunday afternoon + we are having beautiful friends around for a Champagne BBQ - and I am ready for it!

Apologies for non email replies - I have 169 in there ............. and they won't get a look in for a few days.

Summary of my learning this week.
Impossible but - I think, more than anything, that this is a reminder that 'we see a persons behaviour but don't see their experience'.

Today - I made sure that the coach driver had the offer of a meal and a sit down with us for a cup of tea.
He turned out to be a qualified lecturer in genetic engineering!
Inside ever human there is a book to be written - wow .....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am away on a Residential Conference
we have wifi so I will blog tonight hey hey.

How do you like the video above?
I love it love it love it ......

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A solid and interesting article for me - in today's Guardian::

It's time the great and good met some real scary kids

We'll never get to grips with the 'gangs' problem unless we start talking to dangerous teenagers - not just about them

"The very heart of the problem for these young people is emotional, and that's where the solution must lie. It's a lot harder than running a sports scheme, and it may seem expensive. But in the long term it costs less than all that crime.

The solution is to get to children who are exposed to crime's predisposing factors. We can identify them at primary school age. Then we have to use knowledge, skills and a lot of love to supply the gifts every child should receive but which their families cannot give - secure attachments, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and a sense of hope."
Hyperlinked to the full article - above.
Up early
strange for me
out came the toolbox
strange for me
started mending the shower
strange for me
even though I was an engineer until I was 26
it was stinking strange for me.

I am not the practical sort
my picture of Hell is
Garden Centres
DIY stores
Golf Clubs
I am allergic!

If I hadn't fixed the shower
it would have been a Greek style shower
holding the shower head with one hand
washing the bits with the other
strange for me.

One question I used to ask in The Rolling Magazine Show
'Turn to the person next to you and tell them -
when you get in the shower, which bit do you wash first?'
fun for me and for everybody.

Stayed up late to do an item for a Magazine about Justice.
It is big in my life
I tend to sob in movies
when reading
when observing injustice
or a stand against injustice
It is big in my life.

Did you ever see the Pipturesque of me
by the side of my car
which was painted by some vandal
with the letters NF = National Front.

Music I am keen on::
Lil Wayne
Flying Lotus
Jack Splash and Plantlife
Sigur ros - new album out
sooooo many.
I will play some of the tracks here on my blog soon.
How do you like the sounds from my piPhone on my blog?
Hope you have them speakers plugged in
if not - you are missing some great beats.
I lurve music ........

Great that offers for work are coming in
two today - one includes flying.
I find that I am busier with the things I love to do.
My specialisms of::
Group Work with hard to reach young humans
Emotional Literacy stuff
Managing difficult behaviour
are much in demand.
This is the time of the year when I don't do much freelance work
Still busy with my core - but it is sort-my-life-out time.
and prep for the new term ahead ............

I am feeling pretty good and positive.
My main hurts are for beautiful humans I know,
who are in pain.
As with toothache, it takes over life
wrecks lots of positives
pain ..................

In a couple of weeks time we will be having a 'Level Five Group week-end.
We met in 1980 and we still meet and more importantly, L5 together.
(if you don't know what I am on about-
search the above blogger search window with 'level five'
and you will get the message.
Coming beautiful humans from all around the country
but not Sal who is in Australia and Annabel who is in Hong Kong.
We have been meeting together, August 1980, for 28 years !!!

The picture is from 1980 when we first met hey hey .........

Monday, June 23, 2008

I am not a sad human
I feel sadness
But my life is not sad.

Some humans
who have a poor one on one relationship
look for companionship with others.

Some humans are dependent on parents
some humans are oppressed
Some humans are oppressed by parents
Some grown up humans -feel like 'a child'.

As an older human
this is not ok
this is painful.

Some humans cannot speak
feeling words.
They get lost in clichévilla
they are out of touch
with their own richness
riches called 'feelings'.

Unless we are in touch with feelings
understand them
feel them
value them
(even the painful ones)
and not run from them
treat them as signals
welcome the signals.

Unless unless we journey in those places,
we have feelings controlling behaviour.
The feelings surges tell our mouth what to say
more importantly,
they control body movements,
and more important,
facial expressions.

Feelings are with us to feel
to love
to wave to
hold hands with
nestle up to
but not be controlled by.

pip wilson
23 June 2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

(click the tree to enlarge and use it to answer)

Where are you right now?
Socially - but not only?
Spiritually - but not only?
Physically - but not only?
Relationally - but not only?
Cosmically - but not only?
Mentally - but not only?
Internally - but not only?

Don't just think
placing a finger on the screen will make your reality analysis much more powerful.
Motion Changes Emotion.

You are not only where your finger print presses.
.... you are beautiful

(LINK to resources)

"Through fear of knowing who we really are
and what we want,
we sidestep our own resting
which leaves us hungry
in a famine of our own making."

John O'Donohue

Friday, June 20, 2008

Love it when Zig sits on my knee
He is a hot water bottle
He is a Tractor Engine

And love it also because my team
St Helens, The Saints, won a major game tonight playing away at Leeds.
The are a great team and we beat them - fantastic
I was screaming at the TV
Zig does not hang around during these times .....

It_is_not_easy_to_lose_your _life
Without becoming dead
But it is still worth trying
In order to really find yourself

It is not easy to discover that there is no such thing as an individual
But it is worth the effort
To finally find yourself in others

It is not easy to accept that none of us really exists
Except when we exist for each other

But why live only for yourself when you might as well be dead?

It is not impossible to gain a whole world
In the breathless chase for everything
But what can you do with a world
If you lost your soul in getting it

It is not easy to believe that you cannot buy your life or own your life
That the more of it you consume, the more alive you will feel

Because this is the ocean we swim in, the shimmering liquid mirage our evolutionary pilgrimage has adapted us to
And coming up for air might drown us

It is not easy to realise ubuntu
That 'I am because you are',
that unless you are,
I am not
But unless we do and until we can
Maybe none of us will really ever be

It is not easy to follow a call instead of a career
(If they do not overlap)
But it is the pearl of great price to find your heart
In tune with the universe

It is not easy to lose your life
Without becoming dead
It is not easy to lose your life
But it is the only way to find it

Martin Wroe
Wise Traveller - Meditations for Life's Journey
Wilson mansions reporting::

I have more scars than I can count.
In a strange and beautiful way,
they have equipped me more than any so called success ........

Five words to describe my life at the moment.
Earlier today, chatting with Dan, they were different. No tired bits - lots of 'focus' type words.

I have some space this w/e.
Will answer some emails, do invoices, play with Zig - Joan is spending time with her needy Mother.
I will count clouds
breath deeper
thank God
clean the outdoor chairs
get rid of winter
welcome summer
I will play music loud -Joan is away!
I will love humans via web
not the face to face.
I will recover.
loveitloveit .............................

I will be back when I am better ........
I am beautiful despite all feelings which may indicate not.
You too - are beautiful - yes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Little Book of Blob Questions

by Pip Wilson
Ian Long

Publisher: ian long
Copyright: © 2006 Standard Copyright License
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom
  • Download £2.76
  • Paperback book £5.56
Download: 1 documents, 1303 KB

Printed: 28 pages, 6.14" x 9.21", saddle-stitch binding, black and white interior ink


The Little Book of Blobs is the companion book to the Big Book of Blobs (available from and explains how to use questions effectively with others. Using the Blob Tree visual it crosses all boundaries of gender, culture, and language. Small at 28 pages, but beautiful.