Tuesday, May 31, 2005


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.......... when all/most of my friends and other bloggers seem to be on blog-holiday most of the time ....... I turn to Moby who is a daily blogger and is currently on his European tour.

I like him in a strange way AND he has played Greenbelt twice of course.

I like this from his blog ......

"again, i don't live in france, so i don't want to express an opinion, apart from the fact that the 'non' coalition seemed very odd, and the repercussions for the future of the eu could be very severe.
2-a ringtone featuring a singing computer frog debuted at #1 in the uk singles chart, outselling coldplay by 4 to 1. again, i don't live in the uk, so i don't want to put forth an opinion on this, but it does seem very odd.
so in france a serious blow to the future of the eu, and in the uk a #1 debut from a computerized ringtone frog doing a cover version of a song from an eddie murphy movie.
sunday was an odd day in europe.

These are the Sheilas,Ann L -Joy R, when they appeared some years ago in a Fashion Magazine ..

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tk mug
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..... Quote:
Paul Tournier from the Meaning of Persons.

"We become fully conscious only of what we are able to express to someone else.
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague
so long as it is unformulated"


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Richards Mum and Dad .......

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....... Richard has returned to India and write so beautifully back to me painting a picture of life back home ....

"Dear Beautiful and loving friends and family,
I have shared lot of my experience with you.
This time I like to share an amazing moment I had while I went to play basket ball.

Its almost four five years ago while I used to coach basketball at the YMCA for street/poor children. This particular boy he is Dum as well as deaf. He use to coe and just mess around at the Y. He comes sits in one corner may be under a shady tree and play with leaves and sands. Children that time used to just tease him and gets him angry.

When I came back I saw a tall boy may be am inch taller than me. Came and waved at me. I couldn't believe my own eyes, He as grown so tall. He made friends. Even nowadays plays basketball with us in the evening. A great human being. A unique person. Yesterday I tried to speak to him with the help of few sign alphabets I have learned in UK.

I asked his name. HE showed me some signs and said "SHAFEEQ".
My heart felt and rejoiced with joy. He felt happy that someone can communicate with him.

I did remeber people called him Jabba, because when he speaks we could only hear that sound (jabba, jabba).
Saw the happiness inside him, prayed for him. He promised me that he will teach me sign languages and inreturn I am going to teach him th foindamentals of basketball.
Loved to see him grew into a responsible human being.
Everyone loves him here.
A touching moment for me."



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Monday, May 30, 2005


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........... I receive an email which gives me something special. I ask if the words can be used and sometimes the beautiful humans say 'yes'.
I share this one with you. I love that we can reflect as developing humans - I encourage that in me - you. We learn when we reflect it seems to me ...............

"This mail should have been written almost a year ago, but somehow it didn't (i guess I'm not really that good at writing e-mail, I think I have some kind of blank spot for it, just keep forgetting it...) But I really wanted to thank you for the wonderful course "The Road Less Travelled", that I attended during TT Haugesund in June 2004.

You might not remember me - I was one of the Norwegian girls.
Looking back at 2004, "The Road Less Travelled"- course was without a doubt the most memorable thing I experienced that year.
The course made me more aware of group work, my own personal values and goals(the two doors; instant perfection and gradual growth and Gods football pitch etc.) and my relationship with Jesus.

I'm the leader of my Tensing, and I often think of the course and try to use what I learned.
I have given much thought to the course.
I think that the keywords was "feeling secure".

It was truly wonderful to take part in this course, having something secure to turn to each day of a festival who at times was chaotic with all its 4000(?) participants running about, and with lots of action all day!
A place to focus on the individual instead of the group.
And a place of relaxation without losing focus.
The course focused on the participants, in a new way. not on what we looked like, knew, or were able to do, but on what we felt.
The word is a hard place because we neglect to listen to peoples feelings.

The course also managed to reach out to people of different ages, the youngest participant was 14, and the oldest was... (much older).

The Road less travelled course also opened my eyes. It was good to hear and to understand that we all had our problems and dark moments, and that it was OK. Because living is growing and developing (human becoming), not having the answers all at once. And when you're 17 years old (as I was at that moment) you don't really ever think that grown ups also are developing and does not really have all the answers. Because of the course I started to think about things that I hadn't done before."



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We Won ........

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TODAY .........

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.......... we belong to our Church. Some 15 years ago we agreed with the Vicar that we would be Sunday humans not involved in the community and all the weekly activities.. The YMCA, which I led, was a large 'congregation' of some seven thousand souls. That was our Community.

Just before we went on holiday, three weeks ago, we did our Sunday breath of worship at St Edward's.
We always sit next to Sue who is a young woman full of colour and warmth.

Two weeks later after our Majorca experience, and another to attend the Memorial Service for Bishop David Sheppard - see below, and we returned to Church today.

On the Service Sheet among all the notices it said;- "Sue Manners - departed"

I asked and it was true - Sue had died and was buried in the time we were away.
What a shock!

She had been receiving treatment for cancer of the pancreas - operation and chemotherapy and seemed really well.
She had been hit while we were away and ..........
....... on holiday we were surrounded by fields full of red poppy flowers ..... so beautiful.
One day I picked one.
I reached low and broke the very slender stalk of the poppy.
As I stood and lifted the poppy
- all the petals gentle blew away
leaving the heart of the flower
and the life giving seeds ..........

Today I thought of that flower and Sue - so fragile and slender .........
so beautiful and gone .......


Saturday, May 28, 2005

BE ........................

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.......... back home ..... desperate for home ....... have pounded more motorway in a week than ...... well TOO much. Just need to feel I have 'landed' after the holiday break and the week since.

New CD came today.
With all the choices of the moment;
White Stripes
Black Eyed Peas

I leave them in the shops and go for ............ I have to get the brand sponee new 'Common' album - hip-hop indeed.

It is called 'Be' and produced by the extreme and talented Kanye West* who I raved about at Greenbelt last year - all year really.
There is some fab tunes on the album as discovered listening to my favourite DJ's over past weeks.
As well as great stuff - it is interesting to hear and see the faith stuff here. The whole inside back cover is full of text which starts with a bible verse and then a passage of text which begins 'Dear God ...."

One track called 'They say" features Kanye West and John Legand a man with a beautiful voice - UK persons may have seen him on the Jules Holland Show this week. Great.

Tracks 'Testify' 'Go' 'Faithful' 'Real People' 'Be' and the beautiful "Love is' which contains samples of Marvin Gaye.
All this in main stream hip-hop!

* He has a new album out in July I think called; "Late Registration" and a track on that features Shirley Bassey singing 'Diamonds are Forever'!

..... all I can say is .......... Be


Thursday, May 26, 2005


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......... Joy came home today - fresh from her work in Majorca. Her Nana being here was the attraction ...... we went for a great pub lunch together in one of those little village/great food beautiful places.
Ann was locked in an editing studio so missed out. Both the Sheilas were going to see Guys and Dolls in the West End tonight. I understand it is the thing to do at the moment !

Brussels ...... to spend this quality time with one daughter is a treat - and with U2! hmmm The first gig in Euroland! And the first outdoor gig of the tour!

I am here late night with a cigar and a Cointreau - bit sick of the streaming of the Liverpool thing. Love the delight and the impact on the City and community - the media just loves it and cuts the throat of the pleasure by constant repeats ......... the old footage from a 100 years ago ......

In the last two days of the holidays I picked up my first cigar for a couple of months and ..... I am not coughing!

Tomorrow we return Joyce to her home and then the big match at the home of my favourite team - The Saints. Tomorrow we play Leeds the current League leaders. We have had the tickets for weeks, long before the disaster when Ian Millward, the best Manager in the Super League, was sacked by MY club. It happened when we were on holiday. It was said it was for - 'swearing'.
An even worse disaster - our Rugby rivals - 'the Pie Eaters' - signed him as their manager grrr.
Honest - I am so sad about it.
So sad.

A win tomorrow will be a big healer BUT it is a tall order!

Pretty domestic all the above - eh?
Feelings leaking out though - eh?

Hope you are ok in a unsettled yearning sort of way.
The way which stretches to you to change and become ...

I know many humans who don't want that 'red pill' at the moment.
The 'blue pill' is desired .............. I am with you in it ......

you are beautiful .........

THANK GOD ........

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........ hello to you out there in Armenia, USA and Norway and more ....... you may not know that tonight Liverpool won the European Football Cup coming from 3 - zero down.

It was half time when I got home from work and Joan greeted me with the bad news of the Liverpool defeat - as it seemed. I don't watch the game - it is iPod time for me. As extra time came - the game became gripping. I remember fro our visit to Liverpool this Monday, (see blogs below) all the flags on cars and seemingly every building. All in anticipation of the remote possibility of a win.

They did and Joy phoned from one of our favourite little Greek Restaurants in London saying they had been watching the match in there with an Egyptian commentary - huh? She said the drinks flowed .....


Joy also phoned to fix up for us two to go to Brussels to see the first U2 concert in Europe.

........ and then a touch of reality ........ the news came on screen and a man had just been released from prison.
He was imprisoned at the age of 15
He had been in prison for 25 years!
Released because of suspect evidence!
25 stinking years
bless this human person
I weep for him
Terrible terrible injustice.

His tee shirt had a message down the chest

" FREE at last FREE at last
FREE at last"


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


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........... hello beautiful human .... it is the pip of pipwilson.com here and I life is strange.

Here I am with the central heating on when last week I was eating a meal out doors.
Tomorrows commute will need my winter boots again - last week I stayed in my Berkenstocks (sandals).
I feel tired because life has not kicked in - it seems all bitty.

I am watching MTV with one eye - 'Pimp My Ride' is on - it is only the US version but when the UK version comes along - stinking wow! So I think of Ann who working late nights to get them all in the can.

.......... and I think of Joy who returned from Majorca today. Hope to see her on Thursday and pub-lunch-it ........ but with Joy ANYTHING can happen. Her diary changes by the minute.

We have Joyce, Mother in Law, staying with us and she seems to be more settled in herself. Funny how our attitude to our-self has a big impact on our communication and behaviour ...... and most of all the big 'R'!
= Relationships.

Feelings .......... I said to Joan tonight...... "how are you feeling?"
She is good at going inside and telling me.
I was triggered to ask because I had feelings and being aware of them, but not at that moment doing any thinking, I was triggered to think of the person nearest = Joan.

We have feelings - the other has feelings ........... true at work, school, Uni, home .......
The other humans are are special and it would be wondrous if we have the capacity to join them with some empathy.
We are special and ............ it seems to me, unless we are aware of our own feelings ............ it is impossible to be in solid empathy with 'the other'!

So I drive my soul to understand my self and gently drive my sensitivity to understand this human in front of me who always has a screw top coke bottle. (NOTE: no coke enclosed)

So I am ok but not really worked out the feelings today .......... but going to zzzzedz and will think about them more tomorrow eh?

Goodnight you beautiful human ......... we can be that generation ..........



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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

John and Pip, Liverpool Catheral ....

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Pip Palma Cathedral, Majorca - last week ...

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Liverpool Cathedral ......

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......... terrible journey back from a wondrous experience ........

When I was a battered untrained enthusiastic evangelical passionate big-time youth worker running a big youth project with many Hells Angels types of humans .......... I needed to work out my faith and failures alongside the humming and buzzing youth club which was also our family home.

A giant of a man, as I heard described today, was doing the same sort of stuff in East London AND reflecting and writing about it. He asked me to submit and article to a cheaply copied magazine called 'Christians in Industrial Areas' - funkie eh?

I did that as my first item on my work - the work I was leading. I must dig it out share it with you.

Today I was among 3,000 others in Liverpool Cathedral to celebrate and remember the life of David Sheppard. He was best know for being the Captain of England at cricket while at the same time standing up against apartheid and still holding a job in the Inner City. His leadership of a community of us doing this sort of work 'on the frontiers' - as it was said, was fundamental for me as I tried to work out this road less travelled by most Christians who seemed to be caught up in something called 'Church'!

We called on John on the way and he was the Sheppard to get us to a great parking spot - and he reflects so beautifully today in his blog.

I wanted to go to this event as I am full of respect for the man. I came away disturbed and encouraged in all this justice, team work, participatory leadership and vulnerability stuff that ................ I am committed again to the journey.

I could say more from my soul but I am still in recovery from the horrible journey back and our holidays - not at all horrible!

When David died I did a reflection about him .......

.... when Joan and I run a Hells Angels type youth club some er ..... 35 years ago ....... Ann was born when we lived there above the club, I know about this Cricketer called David Sheppard - a right posh bloke who had gone to live in a tough Inner City and was doing the same sorta stuff as us. He published journals out of it. I contribute some reflections too - but learned so much from the thinking and frontier work which came out of this place called The Mayflower Family Centre in the East End of London.
That was the same place that I was called to some thirty years ago. Joan me and the kids spent ten years there - the toughest job I have ever done. Well tried. I gave all I had as Senior Youth Worker to about forty youth workers and thousands of kids over that periods. The book, my first book, Gutter Feelings came out of that experience. David and his wife Grace both contributed the foreword to it.

He died yesterday.
He had suffered long with cancer.

I could write sooo much about this man. Take a glance at some of the words in the press and on websites over the coming days. A great man. He was a major influence on me before I knew him and a beautiful human when we met over the years.

He said in his most recent book, and in other works, that the toughest job he ever did was the youth work job. See my comment above. The toughest for me physically emotionally and spiritually.
At the age of 46, he became the youngest ever diocesan bishop when he moved to Liverpool.

Lord Sheppard never sought to avoid controversy. Protesting against apartheid as a cricketer, he refused to play against the South African team in 1960, and opposed the sending of a team to that country in 1968.

The outspoken bishop later called for a boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
He was equally critical of the British Government during the 1980s."

He ................ Championed the poor ...........



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Sunday, May 22, 2005


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.....I am sorry you called and I was not here .....

It is terrible when I click some blog and I find that they are not at home - gone - nothing to say ......... grrr ...... a wasted click grrr

I apologise because I have been on my annual holiday with the woman I love an in such a rural setting that even a cyber cafe was difficult to find so ........ in two weeks I have clicked once! ........ grrrr ...... and that pc machine was so slow it made me grrrrr

Majorca, kinda farm with little out-houses which we had our life. It was not at all warm for the first week or more so we drove the island ........... and we saw the remote and the tourist Majorca ....... and caught some sun when we could - I like that, do you?

It was the fourth day that I picked up a book of fiction and started to read. I grabbed one off the pile of eight which Joan and brought with us both in mind and it was 'the da vinci code' ...... even my friend Torgrim in Norway has read this and was singing about it being good! I read this and a total of five fiction books and also concluded that :- people read fiction to stop them thinking about life!

Now give me a break ....... I have been trying to work all this out on holiday and I just won't trip out a one liner like this without exploring my thinking - which I will share with you because if something swills around in my head I like to share it!
I will be back later on this .....

I also did some thinking on another subject and reached the conclusion that "I am odd!"
More on this later - also.

Anyway .......... just home and missed zig so much that he got lots of cuddles ....... but now tired and need to get some zzzzzeds.

Tomorrow it is nothing as easy as washing the contents of the suitcases and catching up with 200 plus emails - some needing some work of course ....... we travel up North to visit the Mother in Law and attend the memorial service of David Sheppard in Liverpool Cathedral ......... and visit friend John in his newish home ..... so ......... there will be a little jerk here, in the blogs, until I get to some normal missionary work done come Monday night and onwards .......... apology and hope ~I see you before the tan fades to a simple statement, to me- from you, such as ...... "when are you going on holiday?"

you are beautiful ......


Monday, May 09, 2005

...... Hey ...... me out in the wilds of Majorca ..... the have few internet cafes so little hope of wi fi so I can post some pix ....... but will be going to the capital one day or night to meet Joy as she is working over here soon. Then may be I can do the suntanned me shots!!

Joan and I are fine .... just twisting my brain and emotions to a strange environment and a new pace. We are out in the wilds on a farm with separate little dwellings for a few punters to have their being ......... it is not too bad weather wise. It is cool at evening time. Have to travel by car to get to eating places and touristy type locations ...... and found some nice ones of both.

Just thought I would say hi ........ rather strange for me in a cafe basement clicking these words - but I know you are there and that makes life worth living. Funny - I always relate to humans - not so much environment. My pix are never of pretty scens. Usually urban images but always people.

Stay forever beautiful .................



Friday, May 06, 2005

...... a special few words to you ......

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............ here we go ..... into uncertainty ........ because Joan and I are going on holiday for two weeks tomorrow am. hey hey

I will enter into a zone of a differing pace and I do not know how I will respond. Usually it takes me a number of days before I can read fiction. When I do I turn off real life and become a Forensic Scientist or a New York Detective. I do remarkably well, solving serious crimes, and that is significant! So I will blog if I can reach civilisation from the middle of Majorca. I will let you know my feelings and reflections because this new style of life for two weeks will trigger all-sorts of emotions and thoughts. I have them and I cannot live without reflecting - blog or not!

This is the third year I will have my iPod on holiday. It comes into it's own in this context.
I can listen to an Opera as I read by the pool. I can listen to my wondrous house music as I drift into warm sunshine massaged sleep. Late night - we can sit on the balcony, with a cognac and cointreau, listening to some cafe del mar .......... hmmm
My big listening hours will be spent with Gilles Peterson and a BenjiB - a close second. I have a backlog of two hour programmes all ready to burn through those ear plugs into my soul. I love this annual activity of re-listening from great programmes from six months or more. (On standby - I have my portable digital radio which can also pic up fm)
Loveitloveitloveit .....

So the next pic maybe my bronzed torso ..... sat behind a healthy drink - without a cigar I guess. I have not smoked for two months due to that ugly cough.

You are beautiful - even though you may not feel that ......



Thursday, May 05, 2005

...... a beautiful day .......

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........... had a light lunch with Martin today in the world famous New Piccadilly Restaurant in the London we all know of - if not know.

He has had serious dose of Vertigo over the last few weeks .......... and just come back from Ethiopia .......... massive stories I heard.

I love this man ...... and the whole family .......... we have journeyed long ...... Boy, War, Joshua Tree, Unforgettable others .......

We are part of a community called Greenbelt which has a world changing mission.

May the result of the UK General Election be one which is concerned with the whole ....
..... the World

.......... not
........ WE


Famous Formica .....

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

... are you a bit- or a lot- like this?

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............. well ........ what can I say?
Have been spending time with workers who work with humans in need. Some are really under pressure dealing with humans in need and line managing staff working under pressure.
At the same time ......
I feel I am valued and appreciated.

Being a Consultant, sounds grand and not 'me' really, I am on the fringe of an organisation. I am not a manager but I bring all of me- including experience of such work AND current practice.
The passion too.
I do feel passionate and I have no need to pretend.

Commuting like a rat in tunnels under London :) - is not my ideal - four hours today hey hey.

If you live in the UK ...... I hope you will get out and stinking vote.

see you tomorrow ............. and stay forever beautiful .....


Richard leaves to go back to India on Saturday ....

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.... I remember ......

He was kissed 27 times at the YMCA festival in Prague IN 2003!
Seven thousand young souls ....

I was running a dance music based wild session in a big top called 'rolling magazine worship' and one item of fun, mixed in the magazine of many deep and fun items, was an opportunity for someone to be kissed because it was the persons birthday.

It could have been a young thirteen year old teenager BUT
we had a line of 27 girls and boys all giving Richard a kiss.

Love it!

He is a great man.

See you back here soon Richard - we hope and pray ...... and do things .....


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

2nd May 2005

2 5 2005
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..... this is my favourite birthday card - from Joan ..... may well be consumed when on holiday next week .......

As holidays loom ......... I will be pausing to look at the rest of my human life ........... when something is on my mind I need to examine it.
Unpack the soul.
Yearn into the future.
Not just live for the day .......

My Mission remains the same .............
Mission is not my employment.
But my employment and other things I do is always changing.

1 I want to continue to work closely in contact with those who are at the bottom end of society. I believe I have something to offer and I love the challenge because it stretches me in my becoming.

2 I want to facilitate those workers who work with them.
I have training abilities and I buzz with the interaction among such humans.

3 I am not a teacher.
I am a facilitator.
Informal educator.

4 I am currently employed by NGO's and the other work I do is regularly or as one off.

5 I intend to publish soon so keep your eyes here to find out first.

6 Life is uncertain ...... but I yearn for that .....

..... and I appreciate that you have taken the trouble to click this way - it is like someone joining you on part of a journey ............ and I don't want to journey alone ...... so appreciation to you - and liveinwonder




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..... I think it is the best thing on earth ....... it could be a great step in your life ........ it is that for me everyday ....... not just every year ....



Monday, May 02, 2005


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.......... I am in an 'end of the w/e feeling' ...... it has been a good w/e and today has been catching up with inbox and domestics.
The other three days I have been out and doing.

Come Saturday we will be going on our annual holiday to, hopefully, the sun. Music - books - time together - texts to the Sheilas - swimming - nothing ........
So strange a week it is however - and it will be strange to move from winter clothes to a summer attire?
I still have my winter boots on and a tee under my shirt.
Roll on the shorts.

I am feeling ok but a bit strange as I approach a break. So much of my life is focused on mission and my non working time is always fused with my yearning to live and learn. I will enjoy a great break but am aware it will be a turnaround of the lifestyle. Love it love it ...

Leaving you with .....

Man, do you think yours is the only soul?
Look around you.
Everything that you see quivers with being.
Though your thoughts are free,
one thing you do not think about;
the whole.
GÃ'rard de Nerval


Sunday, May 01, 2005

.... OBSESSIVE .........

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..... I snapped these two today ....

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..... .. people who know me - know I am a snapper.
I take photos.

Today I snapped these two attractive young women walking down Piccadilly in Central London Town.
I followed them taking pictures.
I have about ten ....................

These beautiful women are the daughters of Joan my wife.
And me!
Hard to believe eh?

I love em.
I have asked them to forgive me for not being the sort of Father I would have liked to be.
They said yes.

We had a great meal out today and a bottle of Champagne of course - a day of celebration.

loveitloveitloveit love em



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............. twenty years ago today I started work at Romford YMCA which was to my job and mission for 18 years and a home to for four of us -Joan, Joy and Ann.

We had been at the Mayflower Family Centre in East London for ten years. The toughest job I have ever done. I was battered and resilience was low. Still had lots of passion and imagination.
I asked before I started that a cupboard right next to the Y's Diner, which I considered to be the heart of this big YMCA, to be turned into an office so I can be amongst people - at the heart.

This project was an 11 story tower block housing 150 young people and extensive activity, sports and youth programme space on the ground floor. Our Flat was on the second floor. I remember standing with Joan and looking through the window of our Flat Lounge - facing us was a brick wall - the outside wall of the sports hall which went higher than the second floor. If we stood close to the glass and looked left - we could see a patch of green grass and a canal type cutting which was the River Rom. We were delighted to be in such an open environment because we had come from a tough urban environment which was all concrete. We hardly had a tree around to display the changing seasons.

Lots of memories flood ....... I will recall only two at this moment.

I used to work mornings and evenings. Regularly Joan and I used to walk into Romford town centre in the afternoon. We talked about the feeling of liberation.

I soon started a regular Monday night programme. At eleven pm every Monday I set up a corner of the lounge with TV and showed a short 5 minute video with view to starting a discussion. It did. It run and run ......... many fine relationships began and developed there.

I always worked to make this a community with a climate of trust. A place of becoming .....

..... a community like a jar full of marbles.
(If you put your hand in and remove one marble - the rest rattle into place and the removal is hardly noticed).

...... a community like a honeycomb.
( .... if you remove one module of a honeycomb the removal damages at least six others and it hurts.)
That is the sort of community I have had as my mission.
Beautiful but feeling the hurts.
Everyone matters.
All valuable.
Unique ............

hmmm ........ a reflection I did not intend but the feelings are deep but positive .....