Tuesday, May 31, 2005


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.......... when all/most of my friends and other bloggers seem to be on blog-holiday most of the time ....... I turn to Moby who is a daily blogger and is currently on his European tour.

I like him in a strange way AND he has played Greenbelt twice of course.

I like this from his blog ......

"again, i don't live in france, so i don't want to express an opinion, apart from the fact that the 'non' coalition seemed very odd, and the repercussions for the future of the eu could be very severe.
2-a ringtone featuring a singing computer frog debuted at #1 in the uk singles chart, outselling coldplay by 4 to 1. again, i don't live in the uk, so i don't want to put forth an opinion on this, but it does seem very odd.
so in france a serious blow to the future of the eu, and in the uk a #1 debut from a computerized ringtone frog doing a cover version of a song from an eddie murphy movie.
sunday was an odd day in europe.