Wednesday, May 04, 2005

... are you a bit- or a lot- like this?

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............. well ........ what can I say?
Have been spending time with workers who work with humans in need. Some are really under pressure dealing with humans in need and line managing staff working under pressure.
At the same time ......
I feel I am valued and appreciated.

Being a Consultant, sounds grand and not 'me' really, I am on the fringe of an organisation. I am not a manager but I bring all of me- including experience of such work AND current practice.
The passion too.
I do feel passionate and I have no need to pretend.

Commuting like a rat in tunnels under London :) - is not my ideal - four hours today hey hey.

If you live in the UK ...... I hope you will get out and stinking vote.

see you tomorrow ............. and stay forever beautiful .....