Thursday, January 31, 2008


I do a SWOT analysis after every session.
Sometimes I can think of no weaknesses.
Not often though .....

Usually there is a list of weaknesses
....... even though I expect all sorts of 'unexpected'
all sorts of needing to be flexible
and busk it all the time.

I don't struggle with the weaknesses of others
only mine.
I don't like to clock those things when I feel that I could have done better.
But reality is - this is often ....... and YET - the learning opportunities are there.

Working with a group is just a microcosm of society. Everyone in the group has their own expectations and experience of life. Everyone expects that the group will behave in a certain way - and the model is their childhood experiences of their first group - their family.

Like it or lump it - as a leader of the group, I model the attitudes and behaviours. I influence the dynamics - I don't control but influence whether I try or not.
Working on encouraging the positive is the priority - maybe not raising issues regarding the negatives!!

So I try to NOT.
I aim for the development of all present. Everything for a learning experience.
And I love it - even though it leaves me drained sometimes ...............

'We cannot change anything until we accept it.
Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.'
Carl Jung.




I am back on planet restart and will be viewing the key words on my desk today::

Have you got much to grasp and deal with?
The practical, the planning, humans, deadlines, reflecting, the internal, the eternal .... ..... ..... ..... ....?

Me too
I guess some similar
some differing.

"How we view our inner reality influences how we view and manage our outer reality" was a thought I had a few days ago and it lives with me now .........

I am with you in you strategic - your priorities and your drift ..........

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Are you ok? I'm ok - you ok?

I send you a big kiss

I feel a deep sense of love towards you ....

Are you ok?
I'm ok - you ok?

Today I led a training session and didn't take one photograph

That is strange

I am tired after a long day and four hours commuting under London Town from East to West.
I feel good about the day.
Feel good about being with beautiful humans.
Some humans hard work. Some delightfully open and responsive.
Tomorrow, I have feelings about, because I need to get up at six and out commuting for two hours to get 'on the case' by 9 am latest.
I feel not ok about mornings.
I feel good late at night.

Several times a day I feel triggers of vulnerability.
(I am a sensitive human and try to clock every little feeling)
Certain words/humans/exchanges trigger the poorness in me.

It is not another human who makes me feel bad.
(They are all my feelings and no-one makes me feel)
Unless humans are explicit with their communication
imagination fills in - usually feelings of vulnerability.

I saw a Sikh man on the tube today.
Several actually.
But the one I am describing had a turban just like Marge Simpson's hair.
(Really high!!)
He also has a long beard with a curled up long mushtache -
And in a posh suit too.

All that is unusual in it's extremes - but the real interesting thing - he was wearing ................ 
Bart Simpson fun socks ............

See the Video BLOG from Big John ............. thanx BJ

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Monday, January 28, 2008

When you begin to sense that your imagination is the place where you are most divine,
you feel called to clean out of your mind all the worn and shabby furniture of thought.
You wish to refurbish yourself with living thought so that you can begin to see."

John O'Donohue

Bangor NI at Breakfast.

Well - Wilson Mansions Rocked with satisfaction today when the tax man emailed acknowledgement that I am beautiful - and that I paid the tax on time!

So ............ I have been working at home day doing that, coming down, catching up and prepping for the gigs forthcoming.

Really pleased to have my visit to Norway confirmed today - so I need to book flights and also trains to gigs in UK cities - just need to do it, now that the tax burden is lifted and I can eventually get back to my desk will be Thursday me thinx ...........

Had a great day at the Greenbelt Trustees on Saturday - must blog and post some Pipturesque.
Also the new venture called 'The Kitchen' - when we sit around together and create .....

Wondrous also to be among young humans in Northern Ireland - and I am really encouraged to see the work going on which is a solid investment into developing young humans - for volunteering - becoming Board members - becoming active members of their community and the wholeness which passes all understanding.

The vibrancy they bring.
The wisdom they carry.
The energy they deliver.
The flexibility they carry within their souls.

At one point on Sunday, I had them all playing a game when there was chaos including a mass of pushing an shoving bodies - and wild laughter.
Then I deliberately followed that with them all sharing in two's about their feelings about someone they knew who they were concerned about.
The latter moved them - as did the following exercise as we entered the feeling zone of that person they shared about ...........
Both activities for a strategic purpose.

The comments
The reflections emanating during our whole time together ............... stinking wow ...... ......
BUT - they launched into both with gusto - even though a good number of them had only slept for a few hours, if at all, during the previous night. Hey hey - we are young - let's live it .......

"Disturb the comfortable
Comfort the disturbed"

This quote was on the back of my first book - 'Gutter Feelings' and has been a motto for me for a long time.
I practice it on myself.
I ask for permission to do the same with others - and I get permission ONCE there is some fertile ground ......

Being risk free
Stretch free
.................... dangerous places to reside .......

..... and now I think of you
I appreciate you clicking this way
And you may be saying "Why does he not answer my stinking email"
You are right - I am terrible and will aim for that deep inbox at the end of the week-end.

So - I think of you and appreciate.
I know you are beautiful.
Like a bud of a flower - ready to open
.......... full bloom ...................

..........................................are you planted in fertile soil?

..................... humans who make the tea are always the greatest of human beings - always greater then the tea - yet tea can be to greatest moment of refreshment as we pause along the way - the road less travelled with tea ......................... thank you for making the tea ................


Sunday, January 27, 2008

.................Motion changes emotion.............

"Click Wilson dot com here"

I am at Belfast airport
I am tired at Belfast airport
I expect to be tired at Belfast airport
because I give all I have ..............

No stinking free wireless here
I await the world being covered in it
to enable me to breathe wirelessly
So this will be posted when I get home.

Have been working with eighteen beautiful humans.
loveit loveit loveit.

It is a series of three and this one was about
creating fertile ground
personal development.
I feel it is a privilege to be among.
to be with - just be with
these beautiful humans.

Beneath the feelings of tired human
is a deep satisfaction and pleasure.
It is erupting through the surface feelings.
and I want to feel the full range.
I will evaluate when I am home
view my own strengths and weaknesses
learn from the w
build on the s
seek out the unconscious
dig in the crates of the soul
breathe ............................


Slept on the plane like a babe.
Bump - I woke up with a bump as we hit the tarmac.
I didn't know where I was.
I had already drifted in and out of sleep during the one hour flight.
Home now - catching up with Joan
she has been away caring for her Mother who has dementia.
We share experiences..................

I will share more pictures and reflections tomorrow
AFTER I have sent my Tax return off grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

you are beautiful


Friday, January 25, 2008


These are five words to describe my life right here right now.
I wonder what your 5 may be?
It is a sort of summary.
A reality check.

I am at a Greenbelt Trustees meeting all day tomorrow which butts up to an imaginative gathering of creative humans much wider than Trustees.
Then I fly ............

I will need to leave the day early to fly to Belfast where I will be 'being and becoming' with some beautiful humans on that isle.
I have packed for Greenbelt and also for the overnight in NI.

Joan is away caring for her Mother. Zig has decided to have an early night - retreated to his kitchen bed which is right next to the radiator. I am watching TV wallpaper with the laptop on my knee and sipping a Cointreau. No cigar - I have said goodbye to those from now to forever.
I too will be retreating earlier to bed - but not in the kitchen.

I am not in a week-end frame. I am in mission focus. I always chose the mission - I say that is why I have few friends. I have always chosen to gig rather than develop a social life.

I have some great friends.
But I don't think I am particularly good at it.

I think I will be clicking my next blog from Belfast airport as I return .......... pumping Adrenalin and blessed ........

"When your soul awakens, you begin to truly inherit your life.
You leave the kingdom of fake surfaces, repetitive talk and weary roles and slip deeper into the true adventure of who you are and who you are called to become.
The greatest friend of the soul is the unknown.
Yet we are afraid of the unknown because it lies outside our vision and our control.
We avoid it or quell it by filtering it through our protective barriers of domestication and control.
The normal way never leads home".


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Thursday, January 24, 2008

May God bless you with discomfort
At easy answers, half truths and superficial relationships,
So that you may live deep within your heart

May God bless you with anger
At injustice, oppression and exploitation of people,
So that you may work for justice, freedom and peace.

May God bless you with tears
To shed for those who suffer pain, rejection, hunger and war,
So that you may reach out your hand to comfort and
To turn their pain into joy.

And may God bless you with enough foolishness
To believe that you can make a difference in the world,
So you can do what others claim cannot be done
To bring justice and kindness to all our children and the poor

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

So many times - talking about it does something special.

The issue seems to be massive.
A turmoil of emotions.

I sit with someone and ask gentle questions.
Usually I get the same comments.
Same rush of repeats.
Emotions are high and the brain is working like a washing machine.
The whirl does not help.

Eventually the gentle questions help to focus a bit.
Then the humans involved are talked about.
Transactions are retold.
The real issues are coming out of the injured soul.

Often there are no answers.
No resolution - at least right now.
But talking - it could be called 'reflecting' - does the trick.

I work with so many front line workers who have trauma coming at them regularly. They are working with human lives which have little capacity to manage their complex relationships.
Often, sometimes in the middle of the night, they lend an ear.
They sweat emotions because as they are talking and supporting - there is uncertainty about how it will conclude. Will there be the threatened suicide. Will there be a repeat of the self harm. How will it conclude ................

Going to bed that night, these humans will either drift to sleep with some deep satisfaction or
........... the night will be a long and restless one.

The quote below is one of my most used. First time was in my third book called 'The Very Stinking Rolling Magazine Book'.
It is well worth a deep read and reflection.

You are beautiful
in whatever circumstances
Whatever you need to talk about - you are beautiful ........

“We become fully conscious
of what we are able to express to someone else.
We may already have had a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague
so long as it is unformulated,”

From the meaning of persons, by Paul Tournier.


Sorry about my
not working at the moment.
It is now back in action and coming up to full music and video line-up - thanx to Big John my eternal friend.

*The hot hot hot music and video player which I lurve - right here on my blog hey hey.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am feeling tired.
Long journey home.
Central Line disrupted so had to divert District/Jubilee.
If you don't live in London
that may be a load of nonsense?

Joan is watching football on TV
as usual.
I have plugged into the mains
= iPod
as usual !!
BenjiB my second favourite DJ is in my head
and my soul
I love this stuff.
Joan waves her leg in the air when she wants to say something
and me hear it.

I still don't think I am back to full strength since my health hit before Christmas.
Just little things.
I am fine when I am pumping adrenaline but when I stop .............
Maybe it is one step into an ageing body
(It is only my body which ages !!)

I spark when I am with humans.
Today I have been full of admiration amongst young and older people workers who really care.
They open their mouths and wisdom pours out.

Some humans have a 'security operation' in place.
The are heavily fortified to fend off any change which my encroach upon them.
Not so today.

It helps if I am respected.
It helps if there is gossip going before me.
Positive word of mouth.
It is good to have fertile ground.
That means I don't have to spend a long time ploughing.
Fertile ground means there is a readiness to enter a learning experience,
a readiness to drop their guard and take risks for their own development - me too.

Do you have a security operation in place?
Are you open to new experiences?
Are you willing to unfold those arms?
Open your palms?

I think we all have a security operation in place of some degree -
me too!
But being aware and seeking discovery -
wow - what a great place to reside .........

These are the stumbling thoughts of a tired human who loves the music on his blog/piPhone
and you.

"Every person experiences in their life
moments when there is a lifting of the veil
at the horizon of the known,
opening the sight of the eternal, "

Abraham Heschel


Beautiful humans


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Met with Bex today.
Used to work together.
We meet up when we can.
Yearning to become.
Fluid - words - reflections - questions - soul crate digging - L5.

As well as a catch up I floated a thought I had had on the tube train::
"How we view our inner reality
Influences how we view outer reality".
I had only had a short time to dig into this as I gazed at the train ceiling.
I had thought a bit about my own reality - the strengths, weaknesses, feelings, sense of security, relationships, satisfaction, purpose and thoughts.
Being in touch with all that inner action - or trying, is important AND impacts on how we live and interact with our outer life.
I bounced the question off Bex and she worked at it with me.
It still festers there, in my soul, to dwell and hopefully bring some worth to the pursuit of becoming a fully alive human.

A question.
Which of these four positions, se below, do you take
in your attitude to other humans.
(Be honest because it is a process of viewing your inner reality - which impacts on the world you live in - as we all do).
Think in terms of:

1 I am not ok ................ you are not ok
2 I am not ok ................ you are ok
3 I am ok ...................... you are not ok
4 I'm ok ........................ you're ok


Sunday, January 20, 2008


...... just come home from an evening with Steve and Gill - curry - and a good one.
Better still - the flow of catch up conversation.
Loveit .............................

The Sheilas left us earlier this afternoon.
Zig started to relax again.
He didn't cope with guests staying so long - and he may not remember that they are family !!
Years ago::
All the four of us travelled to Birmingham some seven years ago to pick him up as a little kitten.

This week-end::
He is showered with kisses as soon as the Sheilas enter Wilson Mansions.
Before that - the words always out of their mouths is::
"I am starving"
So we had a great time hanging out and meeting the needs of these starving children.

The Sheilas were brought up for all their lives, living in residential communities.
These included::
An Approved School for teenage young offenders in Cheshire.
A Hells Angels Club.
A YMCA Hostel and community Centre in town centre St Helens.
An East London/Inner city residential community centre.
A YMCA 150 bed hostel and community/activity centre.

I read something which triggered my thoughts on Caroline's blog regarding::
"emotion coaching parents"

The full quote says "the degree to which a child’s family regularly seeks and expresses positive experiences and emotions in the face of negative events might prove particularly important early in development, when children begin to solidify their strategies for distress regulation"
And that links to the need of having "emotion coaching parents".

Joan and me have always journeyed into understanding of our emotional life. Me coming from an emotionally starved life, I saw it as vital for growth alongside the spiritual journey we had signed up to.
Faith was important so - that means a journey into becoming fully alive.
What a journey.

I don't think that the Sheilas have had a comfortable upbringing. Yet they have done so fantastic in terms of being beautiful humans.
They have grown with us and I know they have learned so much alongside us.
(Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable)

May you know that you are beautiful in your emotional and spiritual journey.
It is good to hold hands with each other as we journey this way - forever .......


We cracked some Champagne tonight.
The Sheilas are both home.
A special occasion.
Wilson Mansions is a good place to be.

Today I have turned to doing my Tax
self assessment
This right brain
left brain stuff!!
I struggle with turning my attention
to these historic events
I want to be NOW
I plan for tomorrow
I yearn for the work with humans.
Admin grrr .......

Sunday - more Sheilas
And the delight of a curry with friends