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EQ - 8 Different Kinds of Intelligence

8 Different Kinds of Intelligence

If you think your IQ reveals the extent of your mental capabilities,
you're selling yourself short,
says this Harvard psychologist.

How smart are you?
Your answer to that question probably depends pretty heavily on your grades in school or, if you've ever taken one, the results of an IQ test. But are those a fair basis to assess a person's mental capabilities?
Everyday language suggests maybe not. We speak of street smarts and EQ, for instance. Both terms suggest that there are abilities that deserve to be considered as forms of intelligence but that fall well beyond the scope of traditional academic measures. Does science go along with common sense in seeing that intelligence and IQ are far from the same thing?
More than you probably imagine. According to Harvard's Howard Gardner, intelligence actually comes in an incredible eight flavors. In a recent video for Big Think the developmental psychologist outlined not just the two kinds of intelligence he believes IQ tests capture -- language and logical (other academics break IQ into different components) -- but also listed another six types of intelligence these tests fail to measure at all.

1. Musical intelligence.

"People say, well, music is a talent. It's not an intelligence. And I say why, if you're good with words, is that an intelligence, but if you're good with tones and rhythms and timbres, it's not. And nobody's ever given me a good answer, which is why it makes sense to talk about musical intelligence," Gardner points out.

2. Spatial intelligence.

This is the easy grasp of how things lay in space that allows a chess master to win or a surgeon to perform near miracles. It's also "what an airplane pilot or a sea captain would have. How do you find your way around large territory and large space," Gardner notes.

3. Bodily kinesthetic Intelligence.

Forget the cliché of the dumb jock. Coordinating your body actually takes a great deal of intelligence -- just not the kind measured by IQ tests. This type of smarts "comes in two flavors. One flavor is the ability to use your whole body to solve problems or to make things, and athletes and dancers would have that kind of bodily kinesthetic intelligence. But another variety is being able to use your hands or other parts of your body to solve problems or make things. A craftsperson would have bodily kinesthetic intelligence" too, according to Gardner.

4. Interpersonal intelligence.

This one seems a bit similar to the popular concept of EQ. "Interpersonal intelligence is how you understand other people, how you motivate them, how you lead them, how you work with them, how you cooperate with them," says Gardner, who adds that it's a particularly important type of intelligence for leaders to have.

5. Intrapersonal intelligence.

Intrapersonal intelligence, or self-knowledge, is both very hard to assess and very important, Gardner says, particularly in today's fast-changing world. "Nowadays, especially in developed society, people lead their own lives. We follow our own careers. We often switch careers. We don't necessarily live at home as we get older. And if you don't have a good understanding of yourself, you are in big trouble," he explains.

6. Naturalist intelligence.

This one is "the capacity to make important, relevant discriminations in the world of nature between one plant and another, between one animal and another. It's the intelligence of the naturalist, the intelligence of Charles Darwin," Gardner says.
And before you argue that you live in Detroit or Manhattan and so have no need for this type of smarts, he adds that "everything we do in the commercial world uses our naturalist intelligence. Why do I buy this jacket rather than another one? This sweater rather than another one?" Those fine distinctions are made by the part of the brain that used to discern a tasty small animal from a poisonous one. "When an old use of a brain center no longer is relevant, it gets hijacked for something new. So we're all using our naturalist intelligence even if we never walk out into the woods," Gardner concludes.
If this sounds like a long list of intelligences, then be warned -- even more may be on the way. In the complete video, Gardner goes on to note their are two other possible intelligences that he is currently investigating.
The bottom line? If you've been thinking of your mental horsepower solely in terms of high school report cards or a single number from an IQ test, you're probably selling yourself short. And if you're focusing your energies only on boosting your book learning, you may be wasting efforts that could be better focused on other strengths.
Do you recognize any of these six additional intelligences in yourself?


Here you will agree you have a CEMENT MIXER inside

Friday, January 29, 2016

My Music - my playlist - I love my music .......

I am a music lover

not a Spotify human
a new music human
I thirst for new music.

In latter years I find albums
interest me only
for a short time.
I thirst for new stuff.

I like to hear DJ’s
not all of them.

I like the evening DJ’s
the later the night the better
The ones who play NEW music

I am more electronic
than guitars.
More world
than pop.
Jazz Hip Hop.
Dubstep and
a little classical.

Favourite music Guru’s are
Gilles peterson
Benji B
Pete Tong
Lauren Laverne 
Verity Sharp
Jamie Cullum
Trevor Nelson

50 hours a week 

listening to radio #DJs


always Mac #captured

Then onto my iPhone

(LISTEN then delete)

When Football is on TV
When Cricket is on TV
Working at home
Sound-bar with TV off.
I am on my own

Fav radio programme

BBC #Radio6Music

With certain programmes 
I love especially
I drop it into some software
called FISSION
& cut out the DJ + ads etc
Then I name it with a keyword

These then go automatically
into a iTunes playlist on my Mac.
GREAT listening here
a wondrous collection.

I have 95 items in this playlist
mainly 2 hours each.

Thought you may be interested?


My Game #RugbyLeague New Season STARTS next week * Rugby League * I love it

My Game

New Season start next Thursday
usually Thursdays Fridays on TV
Like mushy Peas
It is in my Blood
#RugbyLeague LOVE IT

Jobs Jobs Latest Vacancies


  • Current vacancies, YMCA Fairthorne Group
  • Housing Team Leaders, YMCA Thames Gateway
  • Youth Work Manager, YMCA Thames Gateway
  • Senior Housing Support Officer (South Ealing), YMCA West London
  • Senior Housing Support Officer (Roxeth Gate Project), YMCA West London
  • Support & Engagement Staff, YMCA Burton upon Trent and District
  • PR & Communications Officer, YMCA London South West

  • Complex Needs Worker, YMCA Reading
  • Administration Support, YMCA Burton upon Trent and District
  • Soft Play & Afterschool Club Co-Ordinator, YMCA London South West
  • Playworker, YMCA North London
  • Project Worker, YMCA Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • Regional Programme Director, YMCA North London
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    The Little Book of Blob Tree Questions

    The Little Book of Blob Questions

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    Undress your soul ..................

    Undress your soul
    Dig the mine to the beauty
    which is you.


    In my office - early days at Romford YMCA 1985 ish

    Growth does NOT reside in a place called comfortable. 


    MrsBeautiful was away yesterday/night. I was alone and I wept.

    MrsBeautiful was away yesterday/night.
    I was alone and I wept.

    It was late night and I was slowing up.
    On my own - not so often I am on my own
    and this programme flowed, without request, 
    onto my TV screen
    and I wept.

    One man set up a system to find UK homes
    and transport children from the Nazi oppression of Jews.
    Refugee children
    at risk of death
    as their parent were - and was - 
    so many parents never to be seen again alive
    since they stepped into a gas chamber.
    I wept
    I would have been 4 months old when this was happening.
    I weep again as I click these words.

    Children Saved From The Nazis: A Hero's Story 
     "The future lies in forgetting the past, not remembering it," said Nicholas Winton. 

    Maybe this is why he kept his remarkable story co himself for 50 years. 
    As a young stockbroker, Winton was aware in 1939 of the plight of 
    Jews in Nazi Germany, and managed to save 669 children 
    thanks to an offtcial-looking "British Committee” 
    he set up to give them safe passage to the UK. 

    In 1988, when the truth of his heroism came to light, 
    some survivors met Winton for the first time on the TV show That's Life! 
    He died last year.

    And now I think of children refugees
    knowing nothing about 
    the political
    the wars
    why their homes were bombed
    why they walked for miles
    why they set sail in a rubber boat
    why their parents are prepared to let them go ……..

    Watch it on the BBC iPlayer - powerful stuff.
    Children Saved From The Nazis: 
    A Hero's Story 
    10.45pm. BBC1


    Wednesday, January 27, 2016

    A reflection following a Group Work session with struggling young humans.

    Amongst the group 
    there was a mixture of humans as usual. 
    Always a mixture. 
    Unique humans of course. 

    Yes ...... here I am ..... in reflective
    post - group mode. 

    A small number of those who feel at home 
    in the climate of trust and, 
    they themselves, are the climate of trust. 

    They can speak openly. 
    They do speak honestly and want to. 
    Words of surprising depth - 
    forever flow from the young lips 
    which have lived life to such an extreme. 

    They struggle because …… 
    other people are there who don't know how to talk and, 
    more importantly, don't know how to listen. 
    Or at least be silent when others are 
    opening their soul for examination. 

    The newest humans in the group shout, 
    not talk. 
    Swear more than normal. 
    And yet these are the ones who need the affirmation 
    to encourage them to stay 
    and return another time. 

    Handling the group is like crawling on egg shells. 
    Keeping the flow is a work 
    of gentle human interaction art. 
    There are beautiful moments but ……… 
    much less than the normal group session. 
    I need to accept that and go with the flow. 

    So now .......... I let the night come on me, 
    come at me. 
    It is late and night. 

    I can hear the urban voices ......... shouting. 
    Police cars racing and alarming the night. 
    I hear the drunken brawly type exchanges. 
    The squealing of car tyres. 
    The smash of glass. 

    I am tired now 
    but will not sleep too well. 
    Never do when I take a group work session 
    to bed with me. 

    I feel ................ deep ...... thoughtful ...... yearning ……. 
    reflective ........ quietly-buzzing ........... 
    dissatisfied somewhat ……. 

    I love these humans 
    in my soul at the moment. 
    Their expressions and 
    their authentic fragility. 
    Yes these are feelings. 

    It isn't a bell until it's rung 

    It isn't a song until it's sung 

    It isn't love 'til it is given away