Tuesday, August 31, 2004

God is.............

a hook
to sling your awe on

a peg
for hanging up your adoration


...... I have made a list of 55 things to reflect on at Greenbelt - the Festival I have just wept at and given my everything at.
Some of the things are people, gigs, feelings, books, music and ...... mainly humans and interactions with ................... a drank at the well ..... hmmm ......

I pounded the pavement to the train/tube/train this morning with Golden in my ears.
I have fab ear plugs that remove the train/tube/train and take me to the song of Jill Scott "I'm living my life like it's Golden Golden ....."

Yes I am living
Yes I am alive

"I am taking my freedom
Pulling it off the shelf
putting it on my chain
hanging it 'round my neck"

She sings it so powerfully as people around me move jaws and lips in words I cannot hear because I am plugged to Golden.
She sings also so gentle and love - full ....... sensitive to the core.

I have listened to my first album play on the move;
-on the train
-on the journey to the future where I will spend the rest of my life
-on the air, as I leave Greenbelt and still live with it in my soul.
-on the water - yes - I feel I can walk on water ....... and now I will be with humans in the coming hours and days who are in extreme life pain.
Life hurts
Life pain
Life rejection
Life chemicals
.......... one of them or all of them

I have Greenbelt to 'be'
I have Greenbelt to 'belong'
I have Greenbelt to 'become'

I enjoy the feel of Greenbelt now and yet I want to do that with passion.
I will reflect on it, the experience, for a long time and then - soon - I will be listening to the GB CD collection as I did not catch one seminar ........ but the GB experience will run on as I listen and drink at the well.

The last thing before I try to catch some catch up sleep ..........

Whatever your experience in life, at work, in relationships ............ I believe that yearning reflection is the way of growing ........ we learn from all experiences - good - bad - boring - painful - ................... dig deep dear humans ...........


.... beautifully human

that is what you are
I mean that
you are not your behaviour
your feelings
your incompleteness
your aching
your fallshortofwhatyouwanttobeness

you are beautiful at the core
your soul
your centre

you are loved
you valuable

you may not feel that
all the time

and thinking
maybe you don't think you are
you are

and God loves what you are
loves who you are
- unique
loves your beauty
looking deeper than the feelings
the flesh
the damage
the scars

that love is like
arms around you
almost hurting
so tight
the arms around

and always
when you glance
his eyes are always
looking your way
and they smile

beautifully human
that is what you are
you make
worth living

beautifully human
is also
the new album
jill scott
out just now
just now

it has drawn me to tell you
........................ go to to top and let it soak again
into that beautiful human person that you are ............


I'm taking my freedom
pulling it off the shelf
hanging it on my chain
putting it 'round my neck

.............. so goes the first verse from
Beatifully human
by Jill Scott
track called
CD out today and waiting just now as I drive up to Wilson Mansions to begin the rest of my life following the stunning and life giving Greenbelt Festival .........

Tonight I am going to bed before 3/4 am ...........
at Greenbelt it is not required to sleep
..................... watch this space for Greenbelt Pearls of Wilson .........
coming soon
to a small glass computer screen near you .............

you are beautifully human ............


Friday, August 27, 2004

... here we are with bed and breakfast following a dark but dry late night drive down the M&A40.

Bruce Cockburn joined our journey. Not played him much in the car of late. "All the diamonds in this world ...." ..... beautiful. His songs also reminded me of his anger about injustice and war and the mangling of children by adults who don't care a damn.

Wonderful, on arrival, to bump into Dot Karen Harry Ken Pengle and Big John all propped up behind a large glass of some light brown liquid. Hmmm. Without unpacking it was late night drinks and bed by three - am. At least there is one morning without an early start.

Good to see Jules and Grace at breakfast - it is like coming home. Seeing people after a year away is something special.

Enjoy your life today - @ Greenbelt or whatever ........ and think about the future because you will be spending your life there.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

......... we go to Greenbelt tonight about 10 pm ................ I am at work 'till then and then .................a dark journey to............ a festival of light and change and ................ I am open to all things new.

I will try to click a few lines at the festival. I like to do this and I will be full of buzzing vibe. Also I will be having early mornings and late nights!
One of them I don't like.

"Guns don't kill people - wappers do"
I like that song

So here we go - yearning for irritation and stretch and restlessness ............. my incompleteness will be refreshed and I will want to quench the thirst ............... that will keep me going for a year.

Thanx for being on your little glass screen right now .............. I appreciate you and the click-this-way.


you are beautiful

beautiful imperfection ............


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

"When you sing,
you make people vulnerable to change in their lives.
You make yourself vulnerable to change in your life.
But in the end,
you've got to become the change you want to see in the world."

-- Bono, 2002

.......... I am amazed how many humans do a click on my web-site ......... 17 k in a this month so far and over 200 unique visitors.
I am touched and appreciate ............ at the same time Charlie my volunteer but top pro web-master is redesigning a new image-full web-site to keep you up to date.

At the moment I am sipping my favourite liqueur while Joan watches football. I need to catch up with an overladen inbox and listen to BenjiB on 1xtra at the same time.

I am am tired but good type. I am eager about Greenbelt and that fills the inbox too.


I expect it to transform my soul with the unexpected.
I expect it to be unexpected.
I expect it to disturb my comfortable
Comfort my disturbed.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Grace, she carries a world on her hips
No champagne flue for her lips
No twirls or skips between her fingertips
She carries a pearl in perfect condition
What once was hurt
What once was friction
What left a mark no longer stings
Because Grace makes beauty out of ugly things
Grace finds beauty in everything
Grace finds goodness in everything


........... when you end up living in a hostel usually there is no other option.

If you were made homeless - and could not sleep in your own home tonight,
What would you do?
- phone a friend?
If you are well financed and have a circle of friends like that, you may sleep in a spare room.
* if not a sofa
* if not the floor on a mattress or sleeping bag
* if not ........

- How long could you stay with that friend?
* before you moved on
* to another friend
* to a cheap B&B?

After that maybe a car if you have one - but for how long.???

Even we, - me - you, would have some pride and not want to impose on others.

If you had no dosh, no car, few friends, no job, broken relationships, cracked confidence (put your feelings there for a moment...........)
If you don't allow yourself to feel it - may be you will think about Ghandi when he was asked about the worst thing he had ever experienced in his life;
"the hard heartedness of the educated"

Think about it - just don't scroll down and glance at the words to find something which grabs your taste buds of the day.

It seems to me we need to refresh the irritation in our lives and feel the pain and mess and hurt and ghetto like feelings of other humans .....
Then the benefits will come from our sensitivity glands becoming active ................. the blood may rush to our soul instead of our purse or wallet - or protective screen....... hard heart ...........

I have been with people who are struggling with emotions and searching for a spark in their lives.
No fire - no flame - no smoke - no spark .....
....... and the guts they have to come to talk to me and other group members in their lowest ebb, is wondrous.
They come and say that they have broken relationships - want so wonder-full-ly to work (not for finance but satisfaction and dignity .............)
.............. and that is so fab because, by saying that, they are 'owning' their life issue and that means beginning the journey out of the hole.

I want to tell you about them - show you photographs but -not right.
I want you to know their realness - their personality their character.

Then you would understand me ........ and, I believe, them ....... and because I believe, I believe that it is about understanding God too.

Down your street, at your workplace ........ and more ...... there are humans in pain and have not got permission to tell you or others.
Somehow we need to let humans know that we are approachable and want to approach.
We too have hurts and scars and it is fab fab fab ...... to share them with another ...............

Where two or three are gathered together ......... there am I ...........

Christmas Festival

Easter Festival

Harvest Festival

Greenbelt Festival


Bono and writing songs..........

Bono's lyrics outlined the tale of search for satisfaction and salvation:

I have run I have crawled
I have scaled these city walls
Only to be with you
But I still haven't found
What I'm looking for.

"I was always interested in the character of David in the Bible because he was such a screw-up.
It's a great amusement to me that the people God chose to use in the Scriptures were all liars, cheaters, adulterers, murderers," Bono says.
"I don't know which of the activities I was involved in at the time, but I certainly related to David," he adds with a laugh.
"I was writing my psalm."


Monday, August 23, 2004

At Greenbelt ..............
Help us remember that the idiot who cut us up in traffic
is a single Mother who has worked nine hours that day
and is rushing to Greenbelt to cook a meal and settle the kids down
so they can have a good first day at the festival
and spend a few precious moments with her friends
who have saved hard to get to Greenbelt.

Help us to remember that the pierced, tattooed, disinterested young man
who can't handle his change correctly
is a worried YMCA Hostel resident who is behind in his rent
and cannot afford the cheapest hotdog on site.
At the same time balancing his apprehension over his fear
of not getting on well with the group he came with.

Remind us Lord, that the scary looking young woman
rolling her eyes and cannot stop moving her body,
is a recovering slave to addictions
that we can only imagine in our worst nightmares.

Remind us that the scars of the self harming woman,
scarred for life,
is just like me with my scars
that and hinder and equip at the same time.
And remember that we, maybe,
can just hide ours better.

Help us to remember that the old couple
walking annoyingly slow through the festival site
and blocking our process
are savouring this moment,
knowing that, based on the biopsy report she got back last week,
this will be the last year that they will be at Greenbelt together.

Creator God, remind us each day that, of all the gifts you give us,
the greatest gift is love.
That it is not enough to share that love with those we hold dear.
But those for who,
on first impressions,
make us shudder, or sigh or grunt with irritability.

Open our soul and press your finger tip right on that part,
the part to raise your love to the surface.
So it touches the practical.
The proactive.
The love department.

Make our Greenbelt an act of love.

....... my favourite Festivals .........

Easter Festival

Christmas Festival

Greenbelt Festival


Sunday, August 22, 2004

..... this year at Greenbelt ...... starts this Friday hey hey

The YMCA have the usual fantastic area called; GREENBELT YMCA
There will be a fayre i.e. Cafe and Band Stand Venue, Creative Maze with an installation from an Artist who works in Wakefield Prison.
Also a Piazza with out door very small stage, Beach Volley Ball (with 26 ton of sand!!!) and Climbing Wall.
It is the place to visit and eat and drink. The best food and drink at the best prices.

In addition we have a European YMCA Village on the Camp Site, with 7
Russians, 7 Ukrainians, 8 Bulgarians and a host of others from across
the four nations and beyond.

The Bulgarians can do Puppeteering and Traditional Dance with exciting vibes and wondrous style and passion.
The Ukrainians do vivid funny and thought provoking Mime. I have seen them in Latvia and Prague.
If anyone out there knows of any further venues who would like to use them.
Both Groups will be doing their first performances at 10.am on Greenbelt-Saturday morning in the YMCA Main Venue. If you like them you will be able to drag them into your show or area.

I will see you hanging out around there between the meetings and stuff - so say hello ........ I have weak black tea with no sugar!


Saturday, August 21, 2004

............. how are you ........ feeling good?
Or not so?

I find I need more recovery time than I used to do - I used to work morning until night so much. Christian Mission among people with great need and the demans were great set alongside my passion and weaknesses.

I have said sorry to the Sheilas for not being the Dad I now, looking back, could have been. I gave all I could. Inadequacy is forgiven by God it seems to me and the Sheilas - I am glad to say.
They are fab humans now.
I love em.

God wants what we have NOT what we haven't.
Have quoted that LB verse a few times of late. Must be needed.

It is so important to be forgiven.
And forgive.

If I have upset you - I believe it is not because I want to be offensive - it is because I fail to be as sensitive and loving as I want to be.
When I am tired I am at my worst. What is it the AA say about HALT?

That is when we are at risk and that is when we can hurt others. In turn, that can feed the list above like a big cycle.

Visit the F Word Project at Greenbelt this coming Friday - or at least the website.


F stands for forgiveness.

... so much at Greenbelt like dis ..............

........... GILES FRASER is Vicar of Putney and lecturer in Philosophy at Wadham College, Oxford. He writes on contemporary philosophical thought, ethics and art. He is a columnist for The Guardian.
Giles will explore how spirituality came to be seen as an aesthetic experience and suggests why this is so wrong.

Some good stuff at GB

hey hey hey

Tuesday 8th April.2003 .............. this is what I clicked then .......... I had just left the work I was leading after 18 years ....... a big chunk of mission .......... and now ............

The first day of the rest of...... yes three new jobs started today, or should I say this week?
Today employed by YMCA England as the 'Christian and Spiritual Development Officer' for two days a week and Tuesdays/Wednesdays as Housing Group Worker' at Kingston YMCA. Thursdays I am employed by Welwyn YMCA as a 'Youth and Community Worker'.
You will read the vibes as I live the life as you read the blog.
I am appreciative that these humans and organizations will employ me. They will get everything I have to give;
"God wants what we have not what we haven't" - Living Bible bit here.

........... so i still agree ....... I will give all I got

I will disturb the comfortable
I will comfort the disturbed

......I have been thinking a lot about the future because I am about to spend the rest of my life there ................

........ and I know the title of the album ........

The U2 Irish rockers will release their 11th studio album, produced by Steve Lillywhite, on November 23, while the first single, "Vertigo," will hit radio on September 24. A video will be released in October.

The album will be sensational and the band are excited with it because it is so good ................


.... my life has lost its purpose ............ my team has lost tonight to the 'pie eaters' damn.

joan and me went out for a beautiful Italian meal out to celebrate a friends birthday SO we had to tape the saints on tv - only to lose .
So sad - even on tape.
So here I am - pathetic. To lose to your most historic rivals is so hard, and I hate it.

So here we are at 2 am with emotions drained - we could have won and ...... we didn't.
We are the team which won the Challenge cup in the Cardif stadium - and we were there.

We are in for a good w/e with friends and hosting and champagne flowing - but my mood till tomorrow is dire.

So - sorry - I AM an emotional person - thank you God - and these things in life touch my simple fragile soul. We cannot be winners all the time and how we handle it ..........

Just want to say I am thinking of you ......... you special beautiful human ....... you are beautiful ....... even if you do not feel beautiful ........ you are
you are
you are .............


Friday, August 20, 2004

...... sometimes I am desperate to click
I need to
I want to express myself
It is often when I am buzzing from being with humans

friends like you who engage with me deeper than the skin
humans who are living on the edge and struggle
humans who are screaming in need - maybe not knowing their need - maybe not caring because they are too deep in the pit.

I struggle to communicate with many people. The initial contact with them is rebuffed. I come back later or different. Never giving up.
The scary aggressive ones are in need and yet it is not easy to get through. If we can spend some time together - the vibe settles and humans can touch, maybe not finger tips, but in our rawness.

When I come home, having shared my own rawness to connect, I am drained. I need some space. I need some input. I have found ways, sometimes, to pick up alertness, passion, yearning again.

- a book from the pile which are the current 'on the go'
- a screaming good Rugby League game
- a fab meal in or out with humans I know well

I feel ok now. Not too drained.
I feel positive about the work and the plans for the future - stretch plans!
I feel good about a week-end of some chill and also good friends

Then - Greenbelt hmm
A drink of water which will quench a thirst I didn't know I had.

Thanx God for the new life around the corner - let me be expectant - and yet still surprised ........................


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

"In the Psalms, David questions God,
'Where are you when I need you?'
Blues has this sort of honesty that gospel music doesn't have.
Gospel music is the stuff of faith.
It tells you about where you are going.
The blues tells you where you are.
God is much more interested in the blues because you get that honesty."
Bono U2


...... it is great and wonderful how your brain works.

It starts up in the morning when you wake and keeps on going until you get to work .............


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

......... no matter what I do, people consider me to be religious.
I don't want that handle.
With some people it is a bad image to start with.
With some it is a major disadvantage to building a relationship.

In a relationship authenticity is needed.
In a relationship there is a process of two people learning about each others strengths - and more importantly - each others weaknesses and darker side.
I can only know as much of myself as I have courage to confide in you.
A relationship is nor built on strengths but on weaknesses.
If we fail to let down our masks, we will fail to be real to other humans and, more importantly, to ourselves.

If there is an image that stops people getting close - it is tough - it hurts..
It depends on the missioner human to treat the other with as much value as their beloved.
Seeing the person beyond the behaviour is vital.
Seeing the bhp hiding behind the front is crucial.
Especially with those with special needs and 'behavioural problems'(we all have).

It is a bit like the puppets.
If we get taken in by seeing the puppets perform and not clock that really there is a human manipulating the puppet ............... maybe we are a child or fantasy land.

If we get caught up with the ventriloquists dummy and not clock the human behind the behaviour - who is the dummy?

If we see the behaviour as the person rather than the persons unique beauty - hiding frightened behind the behavour - hmmm.
Problem is - we can get hooked by the behaviour - upset, hurt, threatened, comforted, drugged ................ and more and we can fail to live our life as an act of love.

I am pouring this out on then back of emotions as a result of seeing and feeling disturbed humans. Humans in pain.
You may not have this in your life but other kinds of interactions to which, in which, we fail to love.

who's dream are you?

Will you keep on kissing frogs?

........... and enjoying Princes ............................

......... have been thinking a lot about the FUTURE recently .............

.... because I am going to spend the rest of my life there ...........

WORLD FOOD CHINA by Annabel Jackson

now at an M&S near you!!

.... she is my level five friend and I am delighted about her new book ......... buy for a present, yourself included ...........

...... this is so good for me ........ I believe it will be for you ....
I nicked it from the Maggie Dawn blog ..............

You must remember this.  A kiss is still a kiss...

Late evening, a mother looks in on her sleeping child. Asleep, children look even younger than they are - small, innocent, defenceless. At the sight of that soft little face all the weariness of the day falls away, and every mistake and naughtiness and endless attention-grabbing are forgiven in an instant. She leans over to place a kiss on his perfect little face - careful and soft so as not to disturb, and so full of tenderness and love that her heart nearly bursts.

There are many kinds of kiss. The kiss of a long-time friend brings the uncomplicated warmth of nearness to someone you love - a kiss born of shared history, and a kiss that promises a future. The unexpected kiss, the spontaneous kiss of a child, the unsought kiss of a lover, the comedy of a hammed up air-kiss - kisses to pick up your whole week. A kiss can be soft and tender, deeply romantic, exciting and reckless; a kiss can be given, it can be stolen.

But a kiss isn't always a kiss. The polite kiss of conventional greeting - a kiss you are obliged to receive, but may not trust. The Judas kiss - the kiss of betrayal - feigns affection and comradeship whilst veiling back-stabbing treachery, or promises lifelong love whilst secretly playing away.

What kind of kiss is the kiss of God? It's the kind of kiss that Jesus would have given: no treachery, no lies, no unrealisable promises, no vacuous insincerity. His is the kiss of comedy, the kiss of laughter, the kiss of a friend who has shared your past and promises you a future. It's a kiss that brings every fibre of your being alive, turns your stomach over, sends goosebumps up your spine. It's a kiss that forgives your misdemenours and smiles at your mistakes, a kiss placed softly on your face in the night by a God whose heart is bursting with love for you. It's a kiss that deep down in your soul you have always known was there waiting for you, the kiss that you have dreamed of rediscovering. You must remember this...

Song title "You must remember this": Herman Hupfield (copyright 1931 Warner Bros. Music Corp., ASCAP)
by Maggie Dawn

..... I have had my car in for service today and working at home - well planned Wilson.
Had to travel back home after leaving it in the car-stay-treatment-centre and return there when I got the call. 150 quid later I was home and on da mac again.

The bus is novel to me. Hardly ever in my life have I done this funky stuff. Things like WAITING ......... enjoyed it really. Double decker view is special.

I have some gigs to prepare for as well as Greenbelt and a big catch up with all the mail and domestics. Done a backlog today so it is a big help with working on the future.

Big frustration today has been a multy posting on blogger dot com. I posted one and twenty one appeared on the blogspot. It had done the same last night so I don't know if it me or Mr Bloggerman.

Up and at em tomorrow.
Feel good. Healthy. Motivated.
How are you then?

These are my five words.
As always I am always interested in yours;
1 keen
2 yearning
3 slightly disregarded
4 thirsty
5 imagineering


Monday, August 16, 2004

Archaeologists have found a cave in Israel where they believe John the Baptist anointed many of his disciples – a huge cistern with 28 steps leading to an underground pool of water. They found when they crawled through a crack and removed rocks covering the entrance.

During an exclusive tour of the cave, archaeologists presented ancient wall carvings they said tell the story of the fiery New Testament preacher, as well as a stone they believe was used for ceremonial foot washing.

They also pulled about 250,000 pottery shards from the cave, the apparent remnants of small water jugs used in baptismal ritual. “John the Baptist, who was just a figure from the Gospels, now comes to life,” said British archaeologist Shimon Gibson, who supervised the dig outside Jerusalem.

Now this one was a radical Christian before 'christian' had been thought of. 'Radical', of course, existed in those days - he was one - so was his mate Jesus. Worth following (up) this Jesus person. Hmmm - could be significant ............

. .... and a bhp


In one of the U2s earliest songs,
Bono outlined his personal goal, which reflects the group's strong Christian spirituality:

"I can't change the world, but I can change the world in me."

.... 1999 I was at Greenbelt alone - without Joan or the Sheilas. Joan had broke her leg some time before and she was not then up and at 'em.

Simon our Level Five Friend was dying - he had decided to come off dialysis because it was causing so much pain and he knew he was not living - nor his family - Ann, Ben aged5 and Mae under one year old.

I was walking around Greenbelt with Simon on my mind. He had been one of the team when I first started the Rolling Magazine Show there some 15 years earlier. Books and tours all came from that start. He was with me as I walked the late night paths and grass of the Festival site. He was in my soul as I entered the big top - dark - loud -vibe-full.

Bruce Cockburn was on the big-top stage as I walked slowly through the massed attentive crowd.
He sung these words and they were like a spear through my side .............;

"In Japanese temple -
There was a single orange blossom
At the wrong time of year -
Seemed like a sign -
When I looked again
It was gone"

It reduced me to shudders and tears - this was Simon.
A beautiful creation
A beautiful human
A beautiful orange blossom
And he was gone ...............

I will never forget that Greenbelt
That concert
That moment
That spiritual moment
That lyrical line

........ and he was gone .................

Simon died on 2nd August 1999 (Greenbelt was earlier that year at the end of July)
Joan and I went to the Christening of Mae in the house of Simon.
He died before she was one years old.
See the family picture on my website (Level 5 link) or just put 'Simon slade' into google.

he was 35

Sunday, August 15, 2004

.......... Paul who I met at Greenbelt has crafted this article, one of a number of great yearning articles on the Greenbelt website.
Paste this into you browser


............. or just find it on the


b blessed you special human


Friday, August 13, 2004


......... click this and play with the sound up




.. the single I bought for 00.79 p on iTunes

'Jesus walks'

if you paste this into your browser


and scroll to the bottom - you can click and see the video which is very powerful
and I don't use the word 'very'


High above valley,
Above deep shade coloured with the calls of cuckoos,
The ring of coppersmith's hammer high in the hiss of the wind
Wind filled with spirits and bright with the jangle of horse bells
After a crisp night crammed with stars
It's morning

Over the scratched-up soil, scorched-earth wasted,
Long shadows lead women bearing water
I watch the sway of skirts,
Think of moist spice forests -

Too many pictures
Momentum of civilizations
Threw me too far over this time-simple landscape
And I hang here
In this mountain light
A balloon blown full of darkness -
Got to let this ballast go
Got to float upward
Till I burst

Weavers' fingers flying on the loom
Patterns shift too fast to be discerned
All these years of thinking
Ended up like this
In front of all this beauty
Understanding nothing

Rhododendrons in bloom, sharp against
Spring snow
Remind me of another time
In japanese temple -
There was a single orange blossom
At the wrong time of year -
Seemed like a sign -
When I looked again
It was gone

Weavers' fingers flying on the loom
Patterns shift too fast to be discerned
All these years of thinking
Ended up like this in front of all this beauty
Understanding nothing

Bruce Cockburn
....... I like this which I nicked from the Greenbelt forum. You can be a member and get a regular flow if e-mails to your screen. It it good just after the festival.
I thought I would do this for you and think longer to see if I want to share with stranger!

1. What time do you get up?.................... after 9am, but usually 8 ... I wake up too early because I often work 'til midnight.

2. If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it
be?..........................Bono and Mandela with a couple of special needs bhp's who would all gain from one another.

3. Gold or silver? .............. wood.

4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? ....... cannot remember - too long ago.

5. What is/are your favorite TV show(s)? ... a good Movie or a good game of Rugby League.

6. What did you have for breakfast?.........two slices of solid bread with honey only - honey. Plus a cup of tea, no milk or sugar if we ever T together.

7. Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with?
. anyone unwilling to be open and dodge my questions.

8. What inspires you? ......... Greenbelt, reading, working with BHP's with authentic honesty about their lives, several people who I have met one-on-one with over the years and love the depth ...... endless ....

9. What is your middle name?.............zero.......

10. Beach, City or Country?................ beach for two weeks a year - the city for the rest forever.

12. Butter, plain or salted popcorn? .butter but I don't

13. Favorite color?................... dark blue or black

14. What kind of car do you drive?........... Nissan Primera 7 yrs old

15. Favorite sandwich?...... turkey, bacon and some fab sauce provided by that shop which does the sandwich thing - and I cannot spell or say the words but one of them is 'Pret"

16. What characteristics do you despise? ... superficiality - I don't like the behaviour but the person behind the behaviour is ......

17. Favorite flowers? ... the small colourful ones that pop through the concrete slabs and footpaths in the city

18. Where would you go on vacation? .... tour of Europe in a nice car

19. What color is your bathroom?..........white I think - no - some creamy colour

20..Favorite place to buy clothes? ...... the place where my daughters are because I respect their advice

21. Where would you retire to?.......... the 'r' word does not exist ...... I think I will stay here unless the large little finger wags me to go ...

22. Favorite day of the week? ..........any - all - Good Friday is special for me.

23. What did you do on your last birthday?....... at work I think.

24. Where were you born?....... St Helens Lancashire, UK

25. Favorite sport to watch?....... St Helens - The Saints, Rugby League

26. Who do you least expect to send this back to you? ......... I can make a guess and will tell you if I am right

27. Person you expect to send it back first?............ as above

28. What fabric detergent do you use? .............. many ...

29. Coke or Pepsi?......never touch the gut rot

30. Are you a morning person or a night owl? ............ late night

31. What is your shoe size?............8.5 or 9

32. Do you have any pets?....... Zig da cat and a good friend of ours

33. What is your favorite season? ...................spring

34. What is your birth date?........... May two

35. If married, when is your anniversary? -- 3rd October

36. What is your favorite movie? ..... The Apartment - The Simpsons - Gladiator -

37. My add on question ............ first ever kiss? It was someone called Sheila who lived in our street, she was five or so, I was crazy about here but now cannot think what her full name was.



........ I feel helpless sometimes ...... to be of any use ..... sometimes the human in front of me has such a massive list of life draining issues ............... there seems no way out.

Sometimes the person is hiding behind a bottle ...... sometimes chemicals.
Others are just hiding.
Maybe, what do I know?, there has been such relational abuse or physical, emotional, spiritual .............. that there is a reluctance for the person to poke a head out of the shell which has to be dragged around through life ........ exhaustion.

Some of these beautiful humans have extreme behaviour - the type that is in your face with violence, self harm, drug abuse ..... you know the range. Others are hiding away themselves and the issues and do not create behavioural problems for others BUT massive life hindering pain for themselves.

I think I offer a little. A human (me) offering all I can possibly be to another bhp.
That is all I can do.
Offer all.
Sometimes it is presence sometimes skill and awareness too.
I yearn to God for extra, not for myself, but the bhp who is in a battle that can only be spiritual - of the soul!

I want to list a few of the bhp's - not the names but the visible - the symptoms - the language, especially the non-verbal.
But I cannot because I respect the confidentially.
So this is ice skating - but I don't want to be like that with you.
I want to push the boundaries of my own rawness so I feel another humans pain - and me mine. That is the best I can offer you.
My openness - not my shell, my mr nice guy, the mr cool - (Cool is just conservative dressed in black).
That is my jolly mask and greeting - level 1 and 2 behaviour. If you give me permission signals I will be as open as I can be.

What is your mask?
What are your permission signals?
Are you aware of your own rawness?


Thursday, August 12, 2004

......... just bought
jesus Walks
Kane West

it is hip hop and love it

you can get iTunes for your PC or mac FREE

then you can buy this for .79 pence



but you are beautiful
you are not your behaviour
you are not your weaknesses
you are not your fears
you are a beautiful human


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

.................. I like this for now in my life ..........
"I want to share in the suffering of these days.... That is putting it too strongly, perhaps; I mean I want to be affected more directly.... Sympathy is often difficult and soon becomes hollow if one feels no pain oneself."

- Sophie Scholl, member of the White Rose, a German organization dedicated to nonviolently resisting the Nazi government.
Source: Letters and Diaries of the White Rose, found on The Daily Dig

............ I only ever turn off one song when it comes on the radio.
It is a 'foo fighters' screaming thing. Hate it

Listening to Zane on Radio one @7 recently. Good and fresh. Bit guitar - not my usual dance taste but I like it. Try it on 'listen again' on your computer - Monday night was good.

'council estate of mind
that is a new album which I may buy. Sounds fab - by someone called 'skinneyman'.

I feel a sense of freedom - not trapped in my work - not trapped in my social life.
How are your trapped feelings - the deeper sense of them?

1 that was better at the tech stuff
2 that I could type fast and not this two fingers stuff
3 that I could stinking spell

4 that I get these sorted because it is all down to me grrr

but you are beautiful
you are not your behaviour
you are not your weaknesses
you are not your fears
you are a beautiful human

............ sometimes I want to click these keys - yet - don't know what or why.
This is one of these times.

As a human I feel ok, that means good. I feel fresh and energy is not there to google for. I feel motivated and creative. Not always like this.
I am imagineering.

I have had my mad exciting raves about Jill Scott .......... see blogs - and excited still.
'Beautifully Human' - what a title for an album.
I am a groove robber................... and .........
Late at night .............I knock on the door of my interior..............
The well.

I feel that sometimes my work is so unachievable. So I set low targets because I have such high expectations. I yearn for the development of humans;
It is not something I do to people. I feel my job is a facilitator which stimulated a climate of trust and sharing. Get the right tone and stretch activity or question - and humans pour out their souls. The core. The heart. The journey of the visible human and the interior human.

That very act of humans sharing something from inside, which has never before been tapped, is a massive revelation to others present -and, more-so, the mining-for-soul individual person themselves. Only when we share with another will the reality of our life become real.
Make sense.
The glory of God is a person fully alive.
also ........
The Glory of God is a person digging their own well and becoming .........

Always I have individuals who are tight.
Rolled and packaged to say nothing.
Emotional arms folded.
Legs crossed too!
It is fine if a group contains a few humans who trust me, relaxed with themselves and at least a couple of others.
Climate is a virus - catching.
If the group has no such people, the job is to 'ice break' (don't like that term really) or conduct an appropriate activity which is not silly for those present. If it hits the right tone - there is then a starting climate to move to different objectives.
Working with a mix of international people is sensitive - I am no good with languages and those who know me would include English too.
But it is not just verbal. The cultural norms of people in a group or crowd can be as sensitive to handle as the speaking in different tongues.

The trouble with me - I desire to see people having some fun and love it love it - but I also yearn for the stretch. To myself and with others.

Eyes wide open.
To see one persons eyes open wider can be a moment of wonder.
It can be one small thing.
They have seen.
They have experienced.
They (yes they) have said.

It is a flower opening to the sun.
It is is like a flower with droplets of rain - like tears from the soul and I love it.

At the moment I am yearning for those droplets ........ and mainly that opening of those delicate petals.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Imagine the beauty absorbed by merely adjusting the volume…
The sinuous creases of wisdom etched into the hands of your great grandma might reveal much more than just weathered skin…
the imperfection in your neighbor’s cracked-tooth grin, is a badge of his character…
In fact, your own flaws and blemishes might garner a deeper appreciation for the joy and the gift that is the journey.

..... so goes a review of the new Jill Scott review which can be found on;-


I am a little boy excited about life....
I am living my life like it's GOLDEN .............


.... if you go to


you can see images of the new album
hear clips of each track

this could be my album OF MY LIFE !!

........... thanx to Big John my Greenbelt Kingdom friend ........... I have picked up this review ........

Jill Scott Returns Aug 31. Beautifully Human: Words And Sounds Vol.2

May 20th , 2004
Hidden Beach Newsflash

The Platinum-Plus Selling Soul Singer Unveils Her
New Body of Work on August 31

Fans have been waiting for it. The music industry has been anticipating it. And now three times Grammy nominated vocal sensation Jill Scott is about to deliver yet another collection of luminous and poignant songs as her new CD, Beautifully Human, Words And Sounds Vol. 2, is unveiled August 31 on Hidden Beach Recordings.

Scott took some time off to “exhale” after the nonstop promotion of her 2000 multi-platinum-selling debut CD, Who Is Jill Scott? Words And Sounds, Vol. 1. She married her soul mate and enjoyed life as a newlywed. A former Broadway actress (Rent), she also quenched her thespian thirst by doing some acting. During her three-year hiatus, she had a featured role in a movie for Showtime called Cave Dwellers with Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon and appeared in an episodic arc (4 episodes) of the UPN series “Girlfriends.” Jill also wrote a book of poetry and secured a book publishing deal with St. Martins Press. And, of course, she carved out some downtime to write and create music. After indulging her other creative passions, Jill is ready and excited to be expressing herself again through song. While Jill got back into the mindset to craft enchanting music and more inspiring lyrics, she appreciated all the positive vibes and patience her fans gave to her.

This alluring wordsmith has again created songs that are nurtured in the heart and sung with love. In fact, the first single, “Golden,” talks about freedom and empowering oneself to live to the fullest, to treat the gift of life as if it “is” golden. Jill will soon shoot the music video for “Golden” in the coming weeks. For Beautifully Human, Jill collaborated with some of her original production team who helped craft Who Is Jill Scott?Words and Sounds Vol. 1--James Poyser, Andre Harris and Vidal Davis and Ivan Barias and Carvin Haggins (“Mama’s Boys”). Scott also sought a fresh approach by going into the studio with new up and coming producers such as Ant Bell, P-nut, and Pete Kuzma, and someone she has long wanted to collaborate with, Raphael Saadiq.

Taking her music back to its grassroots, Jill will debut her new work at intimate listening sessions. And though Beautifully Human has yet to be released, Jill is already receiving media coverage. She will be featured on the cover of the August issue of Essence magazine.

Jill Scott has been on an incredible personal and creative journey over the past few years, acting writing and experiencing life. But Scott’s focus now is pure music. Her vision is Beautifully Human.

For updated information, please visit:


Monday, August 09, 2004

......... I was on Stratford station today - midway between the Romford Train and the Central Line Tube and
............ dear me
I nearly threw myself on the track because
said on my iPod recording of his programme live from Ibiza last night
the new album by Jill Scott
will be called

Beautifully Human

not out yet but I cannot wait
cannot wonder at what the title track will sound like hmmm

hmmm ...... I'm gone ...........

here is the track listing from the whole programme last night
listen on line for 7 days only

Gilles Peterson :: Tracklisting 08-9/08/04
1) Sebastian Tellier - 'La Ritournelle' (Source)

Rob Da Bank DJ Set at Café Mambo
2) Marvin Gaye – 'A Funky Space Reincarnation' (Motown)
3) Aldo Vanucci – 'When I See You Smile' (Catskills)
4) Bongmaster Inc – 'Brothers And Sisters' (Dental Records)
5) Mylo – 'Sunworshiper' (Breastfed)
6) Lee Scratch Perry – 'Jungle Lion' (CDR)

7) Eric Roberson – 'Lil Money' (bbe)
8) Jill Scott – 'Better at Home' (Hidden Beach)
9) Dabrye - 'Game Over' (Ghostly)

Laurent Garnier DJ Set at Café Mambo
10) Laurent Garnier – 'Barbitorik Blues' (F Com)
11) Moonstarr – 'Detroit' (Sonar Kollektiv)
12) DJinxx – 'Phase Up' (F.U.F.Com)
13) Matthew Johnson – 'Decompression' (Minus)
14) Laurent Garnier – 'Man With The Red Face' (F.Com)

Gilles Peterson DJ Set at Café Mambo
15) Lonnie Liston Smith – 'Space Princess' (Columbia)
16) Tommi Sparxx – 'When We Were Young' (White Label)

DJ Zinc DJ Set at Café Mambo
17) Jema G & Dbridge – 'Silent Wonder' (Bingo)
18) High Contrast – 'Racing' (Hospital)
19) Deep Toy – 'Logistics' (Branding)
20) Amit – 'Second Out' (White Label)
21) DBridge – 'True Romance' (Metalheadz Platinum)

22) Bebel Gilberto - 'Untitled' (white)

hmmm again .......


" I just want to love you baby"


......... the new
..................... THE / /

is called

Beautifully Human!



Saturday, August 07, 2004

............ it is good to be able to have my G4 mactop in the garden, not working or surfing, but listening to wi-fi listen again radio programmes.

Also catching up on newspapers and mags I have been too distracted and un-relaxed to read.

We are still entertaining and caring. Have time to chill with it. Cannot do more than those two.

Have a full on week next week and must find sometime this w/e to prepare, write, create, yearn, become ............

thinking about you and the condition of your soul. I don't want to be insensitive and blinded by my own life - that I fail to feel yours. This is important to me.

I think on from that ........ are we really living if we are only aware and sensitive to ourselves and our own?


Friday, August 06, 2004

......... was 30 degrees said the car today. You out of UK peoples may be used to it but, I want to be next to a pool in Greece - me.

Got daughter Ann visiting and hanging out with Joan me and Joyce her Mother.

My little black pocket book - containing my future life - tasks and things to think through and yearn about - is pretty full for today BUT ............. the weather distracts when i am working at home.

I have got my recorder attached to Pete Tong - I am a 'groove robber'. Seems I can work it out when I am here like a bouncer -other times I still remain ..... grrr..

One of the things we have done is - the diary for the weeks ahead - me and Joan do this regularly so we are on top of the moves and grooves. I noticed that we have eight week-ends committed, all on the trot.

Less than three weeks to go before Greenbelt and it is looking fab fab. We have our last meeting on Monday. Final look at things and picking up any hitches. Then we have daily meetings on site. Heavenly bunch of humans - these in the small group and the 17.5k other bhps

stay cool ............. hmm

If you are not interested in music and my life style of recording radio to my mac hard drive ..... slop down the blog screen to when I am changing the world
well - I do try
I would rather change the world than see the world!

1 the clock on the imac sleeps even when it the mac is on never sleep .....grrr
when I click the space bar the clock has not kept to time - stinking hours out
and I have done all the sets to auto and everythin ................ grrr

2 my new audio-hijack pro (recording to iMac system - just cost me 16$) has a wake up feature so you can keep the mac asleep but ................... it wont let me tick the box in preferences!
I tick the box
then I have to put the machine password in
when I do
and as I do that the tick box unticks ................. grrr

that means I did not record Benji B on 1Xtra last night .................. grrr


Thursday, August 05, 2004

...... Greenbelt is hot ....... it is near and hot in my soul.

The worship .........
Worship Lineup 2004
The beating heart of the festival, wherever you turn at Greenbelt you will find people worshipping. Not like they do at your church (well, maybe), but in styles inspired by the church in all corners of this earth and representing all varieties of Christian tradition, as well as groups forging their own new forms at the festival itself.
From Quaker silence to club-style meditation, from the Celtic Orthodox to Catholic Mass, from L'Arche to alternative worship that really is alternative, and from Wild Goose to the Sunday morning communion with 15,000 others, Greenbelt will explode your ideas of worship can be. And, because of that, it will enlarge your sense of who God can be, too.


....... I suppose what I do can be called 'Informal Education'

The classroom 'formal educator' can generally rely on the same people being there on each occasion.

My work is the opposite. I have not a clue who will turn up for a group work session and what condition they may be in.
They could be chemically enhanced.
Alcohol stimulated.
(and that is just me!!)
just a joke - (the brackets bit!)

I have to have options every time because if I get some - or a larger than 50% who have been before - I can do something more stretching.
-they feel safe with me
-feel safe with one another
-willing to deal a bit more with their real issues rather be on the dodgems - fairground ride.

Which idea can I use tonight/tomorrow ..........

yearning and groaning here for you at the moment.

stay beautiful.
You are special



Is being the Family of God really about like-mindedness? Only if you mean by that to invite everyone into the hard work of discovering the shared values and commitments we have to serve the common good. It is a miracle every time truly different people come together with mutual respect to bring heaven a bit closer to earth. Across cultures and faiths we knit together common threads of humanity to inaugurate a commonwealth of freedom, justice and opportunity for all God's people. What could be more orthodox and faithful than that?

Rabbi Abraham J. Heschel used to say, “Prophecy is not simply the application of timeless standards to particular human situations, but rather an interpretation of a particular moment in history, a divine understanding of a human situation.” May we approach each other with such respect, hoping to receive divine understanding that informs our service to God and to all of God's creatures and creation.

James A. Kowalski
Dean, The Cathedral Church of St John The Divine, Harlem, NY

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

... Joe has written this about one of my Blob drawing - used all over the world in different types of work with people.
Hope it makes some sense.


One blob stands in the doorway, he scowls at the blobs outside,
Another blob wants to go out there, but looks like he’s far too shy,

One blob sits at the table, with his face inside his hands,
Two other blobs by the window, are smiling and making plans,

A little blob crying in the corner, looks like he has no friends,
Another blob feels his pain, and brings a hug to make amends,

 Two big blobs playing football, on the lawn outside the door,
Both with smiling faces, cause they're sure they know the score,

 There’s one blob with no expression, he stands taller than the rest, perhaps he’s the blobby king, the best of the blobby best,

 There’s one blob up a tree, another plays peek-a-boo,
Now take a long hard look, and tell me which blob are you?

 By Joe Maynard


Keep on looking
keep on searching
keep on moving
and you get a little further
keep on trusting
keep on hoping
keep on facing your faith just to keep on going
just try
just try
just try

.............. so goes the first verse of a most fab song by
Bugge Wesseltoft with singer Sidsel Endresen.
Called 'Try'*
The lyrics are wondrous as is the music.

I feel ok. Always buzz from being with people. Always stretching - I just try .................

One thing;
so many people
behave to humans
when they do not like the
of a person.

That puts some great number of humans at a great disadvantage.
The people with real weaknesses in emotional security - who behave obnoxiously - not nice - nasty - dispersant - have had a background of anything but consistent love da de da
It means that they do not get the love and the response and the consistency as others, more stable, would get.
How so stinking sad.
I am so sad about this.
I weep for the person who receives a second rate communication.

It is not for us
people of the way
to have our responses
by humans
who are themselves
not ok

It is us who need to decide how we behave
as such is the kingdom
I have decided to make my life an act of love
with the lovely
with the unlovely

there was a man who walked this same planet who said;
"Love your enemies................."

* you can download it from iTunes for .79 pence and stinkin worth it.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

...... I was worried when I heard and saw the TV coverage of the disastrous fire in Asunción. Patrick Butler worked with me at the Mayflower in Canning Town East London some years ago. He was full time with us before going off to qualify in Youth Work and do his stuff around the world. he also used to sing in the Rolling Magazine Show at Greenbelt which I ran for fifteen years. You may remember his famous song 'tesco girl'.
He lives and works in Asunción with Rosie and their children. I have just had confirmation he is ok ........... not so for many others ..........

He writes ......
" .........you may have heard on the news of the supermarket fire in Asunción at lunchtime (Sunday) that has to date claimed 346 lives with around 450 injured. The country is in shock and no one can recall a disaster on this scale in recent decades.

The supermarket (about a mile and a half from our house) was engulfed in flames when gas tanks in the kitchens of the food court exploded. It seems that security guards immediately closed the doors (as is common practise in power cuts to avoid looting), thus creating a death trap. The voluntary fire service quickly came to the scene but it was soon clear that the emergency services and hospitals had neither the experience nor resources for dealing with a disaster of this scale. Soon after it happened I was taking Jess to a birthday party and saw police trucks with badly burned victims lying in the back rush by, as there were not enough ambulances available.

Over the past 24 hours the public have been buying and donating basic medical supplies from chemists and delivering them to the various hospitals, but it is equipment such as respirators that are lacking, thus many more are dying in hospitals. Neighbouring Latin countries are flying in doctors and medical equipment and helping in any way they can. Today was a national day of morning and the city schools were turned into collection points for medical supplies.

In a country of only 6 million and a capital city of a million, a disaster of this size means that almost everyone knows someone involved. One of the teachers we know at our school is in a serious condition and a pupil from the annexe school (also Anglican) was killed along with most of her family.

The disaster highlights the lack of fire regulations in public buildings, the lack of any procedure and coordination between the emergency services and the army (also involved), the limitations of a poorly equipped, voluntary fire service (who did their very best in the circumstances), and the corruption that inevitably translates into a desperate shortage of any sort of medical infrastructure for dealing with something of this nature. A lack of any sort of media restrictions means that images of charred bodies have filled our screens for the past 24 hours with around 20 bodies yet to be identified. As it is law for bodies to be buried within 24 hours last night was a night of wakes and today a day of funerals.

It is hard to know what to ask you to pray but we wanted to send something out to those who support and pray for us so that you would remember the country, and ourselves in your prayers.

With love,

Patrick and Rosie"


Monday, August 02, 2004

It isn't a bell until it's rung

It isn't a song until it's sung

It isn't love 'til it is given away

I just love the humans I work with.
I love my friends and family.
but ...... I love the people I work with.
They are so good to me.
They offer me so much
so much
from their

I have this deep feeling which I can only say is love.
I cannot tell them that I love them
like it really is
I do tell them.
Have told them.
words cannot express the yearnings of the heart.




...... good to hear that Paul Oakenfold has created a new mix of Beautiful day by U2.

Cannot wait to hear it

........ it is a beautiful day ................

............... just had a Caesar salad with pizza express and James Xhevahir Gjini ............... who I have known for some years - six I think - since he fled the horrors of Kosova. A great man and it was fantastic to meet for the first time since I left the YMCA called romford on the east side of London the town some sixteen months ago. So glad I moved on. I said then, leaving without a job to go to that
"I will not sacrifice freedom for security".
Was good to catch his soul and share experiences from the past months ........ I find it difficult to summarise my life as it is so easy to talk what I do rather than the 'being' and 'becoming' part of me. That is the whole - the do and doing bits are just a part - eh?

A great man and we will meet again ...........

Celebrities including Bono, Jude Law and Minnie Driver have signed an open letter to UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, thanking him for boosting overseas aid.

The letter, also addressed to Chancellor Gordon Brown, was published in the Independent newspaper.

It praises the government for increasing funding to tackle world poverty and its commitment to reach a UN-set aid giving target by 2013.

But the letter urged the government to go further and cancel Third World debt.

"In 2005 as chair of the G8, the Commission for Africa, and the EU you will have a unique opportunity," the letter states.

"We're counting on you to lead rich countries to cancel Third World debts, deliver more and better aid that meets the UN target, and end unfair rules."

.... and i like it very much ........


What you don't have, you don't need it now
What you don't know, you can feel it somehow
What you don't have, you don't need it now
Don't need it now
It was a beautiful day

It's warm in the sun, I reach to the sun


.... thanx to John Davies for this info

Greenbelt Bloggers Gathering

A gathering for bloggers at Greenbelt is happening on Saturday at 4pm in the Winged Ox bar. If you'll be at the festival and you write a blog please come along! If you write a blog please:
Blog about it so other Greenbelt-going bloggers hear about it too.

I have not looked to see if clashes with anything I am committed to yet - but if it clashes with the Mike Yaconelli memorial event - I will not be there on the blogside.
Otherwise - will be there by your blogside.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

.... I am sat in front of the tv watching a taped programme of Big Brother from earlier.
We were out at a BBQ for the evening.

I am wearing a red 'primal scream' tee shirt in - bright red. Below are a pair of baggy white soft material - knee long shorts with Greenbelt in big letters down the side. It is the sort of attire that is NOT to be seen in public. One my feet are some sports mini-sox which I tend to move around in.

Not much interested in Cointreau and cigars tonight. I have been watchful that Gilles Peterson is recording now. Also the programme that follows 'One World'. Both from the 'big chill festival' from this w/e.

I have been reading a bit in the sun today. A book about Christian communities or/and 'church'. I read this stuff and it does me good. Usually I read on the train/tube.
This book is called 'the shaping of stinking things to come' - you will note I have added a pipology phrase to confuse google. A the same time I am reading one called 'the rite stinking stuff'. This one is about different kinds of worship.
Books sometimes get up my nose in the first few chapters but then as I persist, I get something which makes me buzz and go off on a tangent.

Bugging me 1
The statement that " ... the gospel of Jesus Christ be heard and understood ...."
Scream. The Gospel is not just for the ears it seems to me. It is a gospel to be lived, demonstrated, exhibited not stinking words and ears (only). 80% of communication is non verbal and that is all things gospel too. That is why we had Jesus coming and being one with us - the incarnation. grrrr

Bugging me 2
It says that ugly thing about 'personal conversion' and not about the collective and the communal conversion! I believe in a collective impact. The word 'salvation' was first used when the Children of Israel fled from Egypt and found the promised land AS A COMMUNITY/tribe/nation. If we personalise the faith so it only stays and says about the 'personal' - we are blinkered - I believe.
I believe that my personal conversion was the best thing that ever happened to me BUT I had to go on to embrace a gospel which is about -others -the world -politics -wholistic stuff.

Didn't mean to tell you all that - just wanted to tell you about my red tee!

Big Brother is now on silent.
Gilles Peterson on the stereo.

Tomorrow I have work to do and I will also be meeting someone for lunch and saying to him;

"you yanni person ebukou"



It was a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
Beautiful day

Touch me
Take me to that other place
Reach me
I know I'm not a hopeless case

What you don't have, you don't need it now
What you don't know, you can feel it somehow
What you don't have, you don't need it now
Don't need it now
It was a beautiful day

It's warm in the sun, I reach to the sun


It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
It's a beautiful day
Touch me
Take me to that other place
Teach me
I know I'm not a hopeless case