Thursday, August 05, 2004

....... I suppose what I do can be called 'Informal Education'

The classroom 'formal educator' can generally rely on the same people being there on each occasion.

My work is the opposite. I have not a clue who will turn up for a group work session and what condition they may be in.
They could be chemically enhanced.
Alcohol stimulated.
(and that is just me!!)
just a joke - (the brackets bit!)

I have to have options every time because if I get some - or a larger than 50% who have been before - I can do something more stretching.
-they feel safe with me
-feel safe with one another
-willing to deal a bit more with their real issues rather be on the dodgems - fairground ride.

Which idea can I use tonight/tomorrow ..........

yearning and groaning here for you at the moment.

stay beautiful.
You are special