Thursday, August 05, 2004

...... Greenbelt is hot ....... it is near and hot in my soul.

The worship .........
Worship Lineup 2004
The beating heart of the festival, wherever you turn at Greenbelt you will find people worshipping. Not like they do at your church (well, maybe), but in styles inspired by the church in all corners of this earth and representing all varieties of Christian tradition, as well as groups forging their own new forms at the festival itself.
From Quaker silence to club-style meditation, from the Celtic Orthodox to Catholic Mass, from L'Arche to alternative worship that really is alternative, and from Wild Goose to the Sunday morning communion with 15,000 others, Greenbelt will explode your ideas of worship can be. And, because of that, it will enlarge your sense of who God can be, too.