Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wilson Mansions
...... and I am feeling pretty good - tend to stay up in terms of passion - sometimes tired and I flake out - a few zzedz and I am back and up and at em.

Have recovered some - from the holiday last week - see those beautiful colours and shapes from Marrakech below ............. pictures always enlarge when you click them - some will fill your screen - SPLASH!!

I am only working out two days this week.
All other days I am working IN.
In the next two weeks I have 13 training courses to prep and all need individual design and yearning over .............. and then they will become .....

I am buzzing from the groups I have been with.
It is such a privilege.
Just creating the right climate of trust and wooooosh .........

I need to write about this propa.
The scene of humans, beautiful ones, who are at the front line and facing potential violence.
And the real thing too.
They explode with sharing and opening like flowers to the sun.
It is a privilege to hear their stories.
Doing feelings together .............
Their confidential reflections as they unpack and learn from each other ........

After this busy run I have a visit to Dublin in November and, just tonight, been invited to do some funky stuff in Prague next year ......

What was nice last week
in Marrakech
really a treat
a phone call
from Sheila in the TV editing studio
and the other Sheila
in Mexico
Miss seeing them and hanging out .....

Got so much in the Washing Machine of my mind ............. will be back tomorrow and thanx for clicking this way ......

You are beautiful and I hope you believe it if you don't feel it .........

"Give a man a fish,
and you'll feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish,
and he'll buy a funny hat.
Talk to a hungry man about fish,
and you're a consultant."

Scott Adams

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Writing on a plane.
23th October
the first day
the rest of my life .....

Marrakech bound.

I am tuning in to being on holiday.
Still thinking of recent events in my life.
Still thinking of gigs to come.
The rest of 2007

I am also tuning into Marrakech and all it offers in terms of re-creation.

I don't think I will ever see holidays as seeing the world.
No interest in that.
Want to change the world not see it.
I have no interest in being a tourist.

I only want to re-create for other things.

I like a weekly re-creation - Rugby League/ Movie/ Cointreau/ Food/ Friends/ Family/ Books and the big one Music ............... listening and yearning.

What I have learned this week::
Humans* are scared of feelings. They don't accept them as signals. They don't treat pain as being a signal either.
Pain is good.
Feelings are good.
*Some humans I mean.
Not all.

What I have learned this week::
Also learned that humans see feelings is about an outburst of real intense issues rather than being in touch with our interior and being able to articulate - moment by moment, how we are feeling.
So many humans, when I ask how they are feeling - tell me what they are thinking.
The longest journey - the real road less travelled ......... to the interior, to the depths of the soul, and wondrous buried treasures .......

What I have learned this week::
I still get shivers down my spine when I am eye-to-eye with a human when they are moving from 'being' to 'becoming'.

What I have learned this week::
Humans can be shocked by what they say.
Shocked by the process of digging in the crates of the soul and, when articulating the findings to another human ........ it shocks/surprizes/delights/ ........ and it is beautiful to the core of being ...........

What I have learned this week::
That there is a school who have humans as teachers that really facilitate learning and change and development in young humans.

What I have learned this week::
I am not good at remembering Nigerian names. And - if I don't use that humans name in a group - it is noticed!

What I have learned this week::
That humans understand how humans in Gangs behave and belong. When asked to delve and think - they realise that gangs have all the normal human needs - just like we do.
Needs of security, belonging, achievement, recognition AND that, if they don't receive it, they will go and get it.

What I have learned this week::
That I can still dance in front of 100 teenagers and enjoy it!

What I have learned this week::
That so many humans who have arrived in our country seeking asylum are hard working and committed humans. Sensitive, a thirst for growth, beautiful to get to know.
This week one mature woman, from the Punjab, so beautiful in her responses and exchanges - beautiful in openness. Beautiful in respectfulness of human life - even those so different than her - those damaged by life.
I am oozing with respect for her.

What I have learned this week::
That obnoxious behaviour brings out feelings of love.

What I have learned this week::
That when I stand before 100 humans, I am nervous because I want for them.

What I have learned this week::
That when sitting in a group of 5 or 6 humans, I am nervous because I desire for them .......

What I have learned this week::
I am refreshed in learning and sensitivity when I hear again how so many people workers are abused in their daily work.

What I have learned this week::
That we all have thoughts, feelings and behaviour that are under attack from below from emotional responses. From above from 'shoulds and aughts' attitudes.
That I need to recognise those signals AND respond with loving words and my whole being immersed in love and the creator of love.

What I have learned this week ................

............... and you?


My Beautiful Human Sheila in .....

..... Mexico

Monday, October 29, 2007

"Cynthia wanted some peace.
She boarded up her windows.
Lined her walls with egg cartons.
She blocked the chimney and ripped the phone off the wall.
It didn't work.
The bass from her neighbour's stereo came through the foundations.
A helicopter chopped her quiet into coleslaw.
Cynthia upped the ante.
She inserted ear plugs and covered them with ear muffs
Then she climbed into her bed and put a pillow over her head.
Only then did she become aware of the noise coming from the inside."



We can mask our inadequacies
COCKINESS of youth
ARROGANCE of maturity.

Another way
A different way
the only way
I know::

Yearn to become
Yearn to be real
Yearn to be mask-less
Yearn to be open
Yearn to 'Level Five'.

Yearning is not Yearning
unless it is
Step by step
'The Road Less Travelled' stuff .............

"We are so accustomed
to disguise ourselves
to others that

in the end
we become disguised to ourselves."

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I cannot imagine anyone not liking this music.

Sigur Ros - just listening to them live recorded by the BBC.
Part if the Electronic Proms Series - well worth digging into the digital crates.

You can see and hear them on your computer until 4/11 free and ......
........... I have recorded it foreveriPod.

Wondrous stuff - give it a try on this LINK::


Sunday, October 28, 2007

I feel it.
Richard is going to USA to marry Jenica - soon so soon.
He has always offered to come around to Wilson Mansions and cook us a real Indian curry.

As you know - he is a real Indian.

With him going in a matter of days - we did it tonight.

I am privilege to have friends who are great AND also from the Indian continent and culture hmmmmmmmm the food!

I once met up with Adolfus, another great friend. We met for a coffee but ended up in his home where his Mother cooked a 7 course special Indian lunch hmmmm.

Today Richard did his stuff at Wilson Mansions - he stayed here last week to Baby sit our own Beautiful-non-human Zig..

I think it is a privilege to know him.
Sad to see him go to the US - as I was when Adolfus left to live in Australia.

Tomorrow we have a group of friends - meeting at Platform 18 - and walking to Brick Lane for a good-bye curry with Richard and some great friends hmmmmmmmm


Jill Scott
"Wanna Be Loved"

We Humans ....

..... have two floors in our life
Ground Floor where we invite our friends, the gas man, the milk man, the neighbour ....
and an
Attic where we dump stuff.

We have both ..............
Upstairs and Downstairs.

When things are worn out, eyesores, unsightly - they are understandably placed out of sight in the attic.
We don't have to see it up there.
Others won't see it there.

When we don't like certain parts of ourselves
some ugly events
a spoiled relationship
an uncomfortable emotion
or an error of judgement
.......... we put them in the attic
out of site
out of mind
buried alive ........... in the attic.

The attic will eventually become full
we will become scared of it all falling in on us
will it collapse on us?

The attic - we all have an attic
The attic is our subconscious
The attic is sometimes called 'suppression'.

If we live our lives with the aim of being authentic
we will be willing and able to
display and reveal
some of our
and then
we will not be overloaded upstairs.

Emotional energy will be then available for others and ourselves.
Emotional energy will then not be wasted keeping all that stuff hiding away
Emotional energy will not be wasted on unease about an imminent collapse.

Level Five communication
is all about living on one floor

One life

Level Five
L5 communication is all about being open and honest.
It is about revealing ourselves.
It is about self revelation.


I have got tix to go and see Jill Scott
3rd December
Have seen her live every time she has been here
Going with Little Sheila and Mashup
Her new album hmmmmmmm
Her last Album hmmmmmm
Her www site hmmmmm
I am all Hmmmmm today

Saturday, October 27, 2007

To Love
..... we must have massive motivation.

Often 'to love'
is with the hope there will be love offered, given, shared

Think lover
Think friend
Think Wife, Husband, Partner ..........

The greatest love is when we can love someone
with no hope of any reciprocal response.

God Loves ..............


Friday, October 26, 2007

Wilson Mansions Autumn Tours to Marrakech.
The first Day of the rest of my life.

I have never had a massage in my life.
Never had the courage.
well ............
Here in this beautiful Riad in Marrakech
there are such services.

Today I am having an Hamman with Joan - the sort of thing where they through hot and cold buckets of water of you ............ and yesterday I had a massage for an hour.

Starting with the bottom of my right foot, this beautiful young woman attacked me - in a darkened room - with music playing - misty perfumes sprayed, with oils and fierce hand movements and ............. I loved it.
I was in safe hands ......

During the morning we went out of this quiet compound kind of spacious house, into the bustle of the narrow streets of this historic city.

I felt nervous midst a mass of beautiful humans of all ages dressed in traditional costumes. Lots of men have these long robes with pointed hood - many with the hoods up - we have them in the Riad to move around for a massage - a bathrobe with a difference.

Tiny narrow streets full of small individual shops are overwhelming to me at first. Being almost dragged into buy - feeling that I am not normal but a damned tourist ............ and then we come out of the narrow and confined into a massive market square.

Here the snakes are really charmed and the beggars are really blind and the traffic almost slices you in two at every step.
Exotic mystical wonder.

I felt I was one of the prisoners in the cast of Gladiator which was filmed here.

I never recommend a movie, album, restaurant, holiday destination - but I am tempted right now.
If you ever come to Europe - or live there about - why not take a couple of nights in the Arabian Nights?


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I could listen to this music
forever ......... it is mix of lots of tunes and it is the longest EVER that I have posted on the ...........

and I don't know if you ever have your sound on when you click the PipBlog - but this music is from an artiste called Trentemoller .................

and I can listen forever ............
PiPod .................. enjoy ...........

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

... well - here we are in Marrakech

..... you may get a glimps of the place through the Pipturesque here.


We are used to France and Greece and Italy but ....... this is a different experience.
Never been to Africa before.
Never a place like this.

Mystical - wondrous .......

We have just arived and had a meal in the Riad (Hotel) but nothing like a hotel ........ and tomorrow we go out into the bustle of Marrakech ...... no words can explain.

I cannot texty out
only receive
please forgive

How do you like the Peppermint tea 'teapot'?
they are really into it here hey hey

..... and a couple of pix are of our bedroom which is out of this world .... ........ just put Marrakech into google earth and see the world swirl and focus down and down until you can see me waving ...........


Monday, October 22, 2007


there .............

Tears in my eyes here at Wilson Mansions
Just heard from Richard at the USA Embassy London Town.

He has been successful with his Visa
He can now go and marry Jenica on 29th December 2007
Love and tears flow mingled down ...........

On the 15th December 2006 I wrote this on my blog::

You will have read about Richard and his life story as it unfolded::

An International Volunteer from India.
Four years here working with me and others.
Played a large part in Greenbelt and the YMCA Festival in Prague.
Success in gaining a place on a degree course in 'Informal Education' - used to be called 'Youth Work'.
Travelling back to India to get his visa to facilitate his early return.
Being refused a visa by the British Embassy there.
A year struggling with red tape only to be overturned by the same 'redtapers' without an appeal - just a years delay!
Meeting Jenika in India,an American beautiful human, on a years placement out there.
Falling in love
- lots of kissing .........

And he returned with his sparkling new visa to live, work and study here
and Jen returning to the States at the end of her year.

And this week
this week!!
she flies in - and they are together for ten days
AND get engaged this Saturday hey hey
to be married next December
hey hey
USA here we come .......

So that is a quick catch up other than me and Joan took them out for a meal in a pub called 'Bell'
- the best food on the East side of London Town.
Here they are::
-in the Wilson Limo
- in Brick Lane with Greenbelt friends

What more can I tell you .............. just log onto his blog forever ........

Now we can start to plan for our US trip on 27th December hey hey


My Sheilas
Love em
Miss em


I lurve these pictures .......
...... it was at the end of 'The Rolling Magazine' in Bergen, Norway, on Tuesday.

I asked the beautiful humans to step in front of the projector because the lighting was so poor for my little flashless camera.
Love the expressions.

We had become closer as humans - in one hour.
All because of good music - participation - crazy games - "you are beautiful" and having a great time.

This week Joan and me are off to Marrakesh for a few nights. Joan went with the Sheilas last year?, and loved it so much that Joan is treating me .........
I hope I can post some beautiful Pipturesque from there.

I feel strange because I am not used to stopping and taking a holiday.
I have decided to take a non - non fiction book.
A thriller to drag my mind from reality into some state of mind I am not used to. It is a decision and I hope I will be all the better for it.

Spoke to Joy in New York tonight. She was telling me about the 24x7 Apple Store!
All night!!
She is also getting me some Converse 'all stars' boots and a new 'P' cap. I have had the current 2 'p' caps for about ten years. The ALL STARS will see me through winter.
Sadly - she will not be getting me an iPhone as the Shekels in the Wilson Mansions Bank are a bit thin at the mo - stink!

The other Sheila, Ann, phoned me at 2 am last night. She had just returned from a big TV show shoot in Manchester. She was buzzing and knackered. I will tell you when the programme is to be broadcast so you can boost the viewing figures!!



Sunday, October 21, 2007


Here is a pic from years ago - backstage at the Rolling Magazine at Greenbelt - me and the Sheilas ...

..... and here is Joy who is currently in
New York
New York

I love my Sheilas and miss much .........

I feel ................, and I wonder how you are feeling, .. .. .. .. .... ..............
I feel pretty good.

I have had a great week and I love my job ........... and it does not feel like a job because I love what I do.

I tend to only do what I love to do - and those are the things I am good at ........ but always being stretched in all that I do.

I feel I am getting better at doing this stuff. I am aware I am always churning out feelings from working with humans. Sometime it is full-on enthusiasm without much detail.

I aim to click L5
meaning - I try to avoid
L1 - cliché
L2 - Fact
L3 - Opinions
and go for L4 = feelings
where real life, real growth and real communication resides.

Saturday was a day off in terms of my head shutting down. An intense period always needs a zombie day at the end. I find my eyes are looking into space. I play around with my mac - moving around my 96 gigs of music and filling my iPod for the rest of my life ......... and listening too.

I lurve getting feedback from sessions. I believe it is good for my learning and also for the other to express and that process being good and beautiful for the soul.
I sip at the well of humans alive and within reach. I drink from that cup of discovery which we have both held.

Then I move on to the next gig. Never to do the same thing. All need lots of prep ............. and I feel the pressure building as I search my soul for options to achieve the objectives. Then another search and design to come up with methods to use which will make it experiential - memorable - developmental - life changing ... ..... ..... ...... ..... .....

I am a bit dull right now. Deep in reflection and recovery. I sip from the Peppermint Tea Cup.
I will be back with a different head on - soon.

Stay beautifully mysterious ................