Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Late night at the
Leaning Towers of Pip Wilson dot com.

No cigar.
No Cointreau.
Yes Peppermint tea
Yes Late night trashy movie on TV.
Zig sleeping on the rug before the fire.
Joan zzz.
Me reflecting.

I find writing books boring.
I need to reflect.
Have loads of books inside me.
Loads already jumbled around my mac.
My soul writes new every day.

I have interactions to share
but not appropriate
I have Pipturesque to show you
but appropriate.
I cannot post pix about some beautiful humans who I work with.
I will describe one young human.
It is three folded into one
to hide who it may be

Young woman
Ex child care
reluctant illegal drug user
In love with a boy
who only visits for sex
and beats her afterwards.

She know she is vulnerable.
She knows she is weak
but needs love from somewhere
Speaks openly
Always wants to talk.

Feels deeply
inarticulate with them
Emotionally illiterate
Weeps openly.

If the bubble could burst.
The one around her.
I play a part
Others too
are ever changing professional faces.

Then I am casually approached by her
out gushes all about
her closest family members.
All complex dysfunctional humans.
She has lived a life of disfunction.
No boundaries
Love unavailable

Failure in love
through inadequacy.
We cannot even imagine the depth.

I ponder and strive to find ways.
Ways to comfort
Ways to love
Ways to help build awareness
Ways to build life skills
Ways support independence
Ways to love
Ways to open doors into an experience of self esteem.
Ways to find a love that will not let me go.

Monday, March 30, 2009

About a week ago I woke up feeling sorry for myself.
Didn't last long.
The thought process clicked in and through my dim awakening head.

Decisions made in the past are my/our decisions.
Nobody else's
Repercussions follow and I have no regrets

When I was 25 and Joan 21
we got married.
Me became we.
We had been kissing for three years.
(First date at the Cavern Club with Beat groups on the bill
one of them called Beat-les)

When I was 26 and Joan 22
(you can read all this in Gutter Feelings
my first book
and still available by a deep trawl of the internet).
Joan and me moved on and away..

So at 26 I left behind my engineering
and hometown
and went off to be House-parents in a Prison for children.
Burning bridges behind
but never relationships.
never faith.

We have lived in accommodation with the job
every step
five different pins on the GPS map
residential work - always with young humans
always living on the edge
me and them.
29 years.

No regrets.
From being a fat uneducated working class lad
I have moved in faith and profession
beyond my expectations x 7.
In awareness and skill.
Scars and learning in synergy.

My faith has changed.
Somehow the conservative bubble burst.
Someone greater than me
holding the pins.

I became radical.
Left behind the words 'should' and 'aught'
journeyed into a place called uncomfortable
where growth resides.

My awareness changed
my skills changed.
Life has been wondrous - joy and tears flowed mingled down.
University of Life
The best qualifications always the scars.

I have discovered some of the wonders
of emotion
of spirituality
of Loveology
of deep relationships
of living taking the mask off
of communicating with Blob Tree blobs
of being sick with fear
of fumbling into group work
of having teeth knocked out
of stumbling into training
of one set of footprints in the sand
of the essential need for team work
of creating developmental exercise
of learning how to weep at injustice
of learning how to sit in the gutter
of always living with change as normal
of learning how to feel for and with the bruised
of learning that I have only learned a bit ......................

I don't want to settle down
I realise I am getting older
Only my body!
Maybe not as long in the hours as I used to be.

But it is time for change and I know it.
Now determination is set in
Journey locked in the GPS
but do not know the destination.
An divine sat nav to have faith in.
Not only about the journey
and turn by turn navigation
but also
the destination.

As it started as two x MEs
becoming one = WE.
so be it
as it was
also it shall be.

the Passion

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blob Bottle

by Ian Long Pip Wilson

Printed: 39 pages, 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm, perfect binding, black and white interior ink

Download: 1 documents , 15288 KB


A simple little book which has 17 stories on a variety of themes. Each one can start a discussion on themes as varied as addiction, home, fear, adultery, marriage, teenagers, growing up and leaving home, sex and family life. Each picture has no words which means the topics are accessible by all ages, gender and cultures. If you like this book try others from the Blob range of products from lulu and also Speechmark Products!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

BOOKS available direct from Pip Wilson::

1 "You are a beautiful human" Book
It is a Mr Men size book with few words but also powerful images. Affirming and deeply valuing the reader. 56 pages which starts with::
YOU are a valuable person

YOU are a special person

YOU are a unique person

YOU are beautiful

YOU are precious
YOU are unrepeatable

YOU are mysterious
YOU are a beautiful human person

No one will ever exist like YOU
You are a beautiful human person

2 Pip Wilson's Spectacular Stinking Rolling Magazine Book

This is a games book - more than 100 games and illustrations. 220 pages of resources.
It has ideas and also coaching tips for those not familiar with leading games.
Games included for::





Ice Breakers

House Parties

Group Work

Contact via pipwilson.com

Willie Williams
now 360 U2 Tour
Kiss the Future Tour
U2 of course.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Zachary James Yule Kuehne

Zachary James Yule Kuehne,
made his entrance on the world stage
at 4:58 GMT on Tuesday March 24th 2009,
weighing 7 Pounds 10 Ounces.

Here is a run through of some Pipturesque
from two beautiful humans
becoming three.

Bonnie and Ross
Look at the delight
the eyes glazed by a miracle.
Miracle called Zachary.
Bonnie and Ross
Following in the creators footsteps
love it love it.

Just is such beautiful news
cannot express how pleased I am
for two now + 1

Their life will never be the same
day by day change
thrills and spills
love and tears
a miracle indeed.

I want to tell the world

Have placed his name
engraved in facebook.
Just saying congratulations.

with you always
especially the coming few days

Blob Spirituality

Blob Spirituality is a book of visual tools designed to enable deep conversations about issues which matter to people. Using the primary languages common to all people - body language and feelings - it provides the user with a means to explore issues as wide as bullying and change, through to Christmas and weddings. Take a look at the contents page to see the full range of visuals. The book comes with copyright permission for the purchaser to photocopy with their groups.

Below a prayer which can also be sung as a hymn to the tune::

'God of all faithfulness'
If you know it - you may find yourself humming it internally as you read.

Lord of our city, we bring you its pain

The muggings, the dole queues,

The lift’s bust again.

The fear of each stranger –

And nowhere to play.

The waiting for buses at the start of the day.

Lord of our homeless, we bring you their cry

The waiting on promises – pie in the sky.

The red tape and questions and Sent on their way

The sense of frustration at the noon of the day.

Lord of all races, all colours of skin,

Please make us fight racism,

Let us begin

To see how our prejudice colours the way

We treat friends and neighbours

At the end of the day.

Lord of our whole lives, we bring them to you

We’re powerless, defeated till

You make us new,

Then powered by your Spirit, we

Go on once more

With news of Your wholeness

Good News for the poor.

Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place
And what is actual is actual only for one time
And only for one place
I rejoice that things are as they are and
I renounce the blessed face
And renounce the voice
Because I cannot hope to turn again
Consequently I rejoice, having to construct something
Upon which to rejoice

Stanza from TS Eliot’s Ash Wednesday.

Thank you Dana for contributing to my life with this.


Inside U2's Plans to Rock Stadiums Around the Globe
Band plans its most ambitious tour ever behind new 'No Line'.

Toward the end of U2's last tour, in November 2006, longtime show director Willie Williams presented the band with sketches of a four-legged monster -- a massive structure with speakers mounted on each side that would allow the group to play stadium shows in the round.

On the new U2 360° Tour, which hits the U.S. beginning September 12th, in Chicago (and kicks off in Barcelona, on June 30th), Williams' vision will finally come to life. "The band is just sitting in the palm of the audience's hand,"
says Williams.
"It really works.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am disturbed by the death of a young man
playing a game I love
Rugby League.

BBC SPORT | Rugby League | Walker family pay emotional tribute
Source: news.bbc.co.uk
Speaking to BBC Look North's Harry Gration, Leon Walker's father Steve and sister Regan pay an emotional tribute to the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats player who died after collapsing during a reserve team game against Celtic Crusaders on Sunday.

“Most people have forgotten nowadays what a home can mean,
though some of us have come to realise it as never before.
It is a kingdom of its own in the midst of the world,
a stronghold amid life’s storms and stresses,
a refuge,
even a sanctuary.
It is not founded on the shifting sands of outward or public life,
but has its resting place in God,
for God gives it special meaning and value,
its own nature and privilege,
its own destiny and dignity”

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer;
A Wedding Sermon
from a Prison Cell,
May 1943)

Thank you Hannah for this contribution to my life.
How is it that I just want to give you a hug?
Wilson Mansions

Today we have been looking at prospective downsized Wilson Mansions.
Strange experience.
Full of feelings of course.

Funny - never blog without mentioning feelings.
Some bloggers do::
social comment

Me - I want to explore the inner and outer life
I want to strive to live
strive to understand life
walk of faith
reflecting on passion
on emotions
on beauty
on ugly things
trying to disturb the comfortable
comforting the disturbed.

Funny about looking for a home
I wonder
we reflected on
the big question
'Where will my Juke Box fit?'

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Wire
Is starting to run on BBC 2 Tv on
Monday 30th March 2009

It is fantastic.
It is about gangs in Baltimore USA.
It is also an equally vivid inside look at the Police.
The dynamics are great, characters, personalities and action.

Joan and me are in the middle of box set four.
It is a series of five and once went out on a minor channel.
It ran for about 6 years I understand but missed the radar
mine and most humans.

Loads missed it, including me - but I am loving it on DVD.

Now is the chance to watch the whole series on BBC TV.
For those outside the UK - get it on dvd - watch it - massive.

Thank you Martin for recommending it to me.
The box set is passing through the family.
It will pass on to other after the family.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Travelled with Semtex on the train and London underground today.
I didn't tell anyone.
I don't suppose many are interested in the 1Xtra DJ called Semtex.

I have a range of feelings and I try, even strive, to tell you who I am.
When I am up I express the thrill of life.
When I am reflective I try to share.
When I am troubled - that too.

When I share deep sadness or share fragility
that does not mean I feel like that
all the time.

If I stop and think deeply about my issues
I feel that.
I appreciate it when people contact me with support.
Love it love it.

Tomorrow we are starting the hunt for a new home.
This one is due to end.
After twenty years - we are on the move.

We will need to move from our community
Church, friends, neighbours and ready access to travel to work.

I am still employed but uncertainty resides in the next month.
My freelance mission/work continues with passion and
new published work appears regularly on these pages.

He who is not busy being born
is busy just dying.

I am being reborn every day.
Sometimes that hurts,
childbirth hurts.
The joy is also wondrous beyond words.

Those who want to save their life
will lose it.
(Not my Quote)

Have you ever been given a gift
and left it unopened?

Have you noticed the gift
visibly hanging around
wrapped in nice glittery paper?

A more precious gift is hanging around
unopened and not used.
It is you.

That is a challenge to you.
That is a challenge to me.
Pipology tells me we are all like this.

"The unreflected life is not worth living" Socrates
"The unopened life is not worth living" Me

Thank you Sid
for helping me to open up on this very day.
You have encouraged me to unwrap ...................

Feelings Blob Cards
By Pip Wilson & Ian Long

Feelings Blob Cards

Click to enlarge

UK Price: £25.00 + VAT
Format: Cards
Pages: 0
Published: 07/05/2008
ISBN: 9780863886805
Order Code: 0035482W
Status: Available & in print

Initiate discussion and reflection about feelings. What are the Blobs? They are neither male nor female, young or old, slave or free! They are open to interpretation. Each character could be you, your best friend or a personal enemy. What's true for you might be completely the opposite for someone else. Blobs are a way to discuss issues in a deep, meaningful way and yet they can be understood by adults and children alike. People of all ages can relate to these appealing Blob characters; even young children can recognise when they start to feel like these 'funny people'. So, to get people talking about feelings, turn up a card and see which Blob you get. They may be angry, happy, depressed or excited - the cards can span a whole range of emotions.

48 full-colour cards and 8 instruction/ideas cards containing suggestions for activities with small or large groups and one to one, boxed