Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Lose your life by Martin Wroe



DARK - by Luke Sital Singh

There is a story behind this track which I cannot tell you at the moment ......

You are the dark of the world 
When all is brightness and dazzle 

You are a deepening mystery 
When life is a surfeit of simple solutions 

You are the nagging doubt and secret sceptic 
When everyone believes so much 

You are jangling discord, right out of tune 
When all the sounds are harmony 

You are abstract art of paint and poem 
When our propaganda makes everything clear 

You are parched throat, desert defeat 
When there’s water, water everywhere 

You are the silent absence, gone-missing god 
When the cacophony of belief is deafening 

You are uncharted journey, road less travelled 
When we’re all mapped-out. Been there, done that 

You are stranger in the night, throwing us to the ground 
When all we want to do is get away 

You are the cloud of unknowing 
When we know–it-alls, know it all 

You are never ready and take for ever 
When we want it now and cannot wait 

You are the dark of the world 
When all is brightness and dazzle 

(From The Sky’s Window, 2006)
Words taken and adapted from the poem below by Martin Wroe 

In praise of Terry Callier RIP

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Jamie xx
While his band The xx are twiddling their thumbs over what to do now their upcoming tour dates have been cancelled due to the storm currently hitting the East Coast, Jamie xx has decided to use the time wisely and drop a remix of Four Tet‘s track ‘Lion’.

Beautiful Human Person.

Pip and the BHP

Someone told me long ago, I was a BHP
And though since then many years have passed
Those words still come back to me

He said that I am Beautiful, a gorgeous sight to behold
That though at times I’ll feel the strain
I’m more precious and valued than gold

He said that I’m a Human, a creation most amazing
That fashioned by the Lord himself
Means nothing in life should faze me

He said I am a Person, not lost in obscurity
But part of a giant, master plan
Designed with God’s surety.

Though there have been some times of doubt, and certainly of pain
Remembering I’m a BHP
Has renewed and encouraged again.

by Amanda M


Help your students become human. 
Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, 
skilled psychopaths, 
educated Eichmanns. 
Reading, writing, arithmetic are important only 
if they serve to make our children more humane.

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