Wednesday, October 03, 2012

PIP WILSON:: first ever BLOG.

My FIRST Ever Blog

Tuesday 2 April 2003.

Yes, I left the Romford YMCA community last night. 

The last car boot load of files and desk objects etc were loaded with the help of Richard, Jacky, Val with Mr Singh in support, and I got away by about 9.30pm. 

Feel I have been so busy that I have not had major feelings about going in these latter days. 
Maybe it will run and catch me up in the next four days, which I have taken as holiday, before I start my three new jobs on Monday. 

The last 4 days I have been in Prague with the programme planning group regarding the ( European YMCA festival (3-9 August) for 8000 YMCA people. 
It was a working week-end and ,never having been to Prague, I feel I need to go and see and enjoy proper!. 
I was asked to go because of my big gig experience, and of course, Greenbelt. 

So the last few days, since the big farewell, have been hectic. It was great beyond words to get a text from the main man Charlie the webmaster for this web site. 
He said that this new creation website was now launched. 
At the best opportunity, encouraged by friends Jason and Oyvin we grabbed the first look at - Hey hey. 

With a big help from the funky receptionist at our hotel we saw the first shot of art on the website screen and enjoyed. 
This Prague hotel is recommended if you like style and excellent standards. Beautiful! 

Anyway, this is the first blog of many which you can catch almost daily if you place me in your 'favourites' list.