Thursday, October 18, 2012

STARBUCKS V SOURCED MARKET IN St Pancras Station London Town.

This is Sourced Market at St Pancras Station in London.
Facing each other in this grand modernised station
is ........................

 ............Starbucks who have paid no tax in the UK since 2009
- even with millions of £'s turnover.

Opposite them is the Sourced Market
who source all their products from local suppliers - organic stuff and coffee which tastes like coffee.

We dear friends, have the choices to feed the coffers of multi national companies, in this case US based, or to keep the small independent shops/suppliers going by giving them our trade.
What will our high streets look like if all shops are out of town supermarkets and chains!!!

I asked the beautiful young women serving in 'Sourced' yesterday, if they had experiences a bigger sale that day seeing that a boycott Starbucks had been launched because of their (legal!) tax evasion in the UK.
( And who is organising our nations financial system which allows this to happen!!! )
They didn't know anything about the boycott and laughed asking why.
I passed on the news.

It is a justice issue it seems to me.
Yet we walk on past and so many do nothing about injustice.

Someone said on Twitter 'BOYCOTT - has that ever changed anything? - adding wittily - other than apartheid in South Africa.'

I remember back in the day, stopping buying SA fruit and other products and complaining to the store managers for stocking such slavery driven products. I received letters from Tescos etc - because I asked about their policies.
Mind you - at that time our own Prime Minister, Margret Thatcher, did not support the boycott !!

Enough said!

Over to you .....................