Monday, January 31, 2011



Foy Vance - Hold me in your arms

....... a little boy being put to bed at night by his dad.
He was crying.
He wanted to be loved.
Dad said that he would be ok
and God would have his heavenly arms around him
all night long as he slept.

The little boy cried and said
"But I want God with skin on" ===============================================
I like that because
I believe we need to be God with skin on.

80% of communication is non verbal.

People watch our lives more than listen.
We soak in a persons wholeness -
verbal is a minority.

When it comes to loving -
it needs to be done more than said.
So many humans need those arms around them.
With skin on.

Me too.

I love the move and groove ....
.... asking humans to press their unique finger print
on to another human finger tip.
I have done that with a small group of five or so ....
..... and with thirty thousand humans -
touching finger tips and saying ................
..................... saying it all
with non-verbal-communication.

I like to think I am
touching finger tips with you
as I click these keys.

And you yours.

Eye contact through your screen and mine.

So I reach out and stretch one finger to you .........
and say .....
........ you are




I am concerned about the happenings in Egypt.
The media loves violence.
Wherever it is
they seek out the worst.
Not many positives.
Go for the worst.

Of course they feed the people
who love violence - TV violence.
real face to face stuff
is not the same.
it is pure ugliness.

What has happened to the models set by
MLK and Ghandi?
Non-violent change/protest?

My concern about the mass rioting
(not protesting)
it is the group thrill
the mass behaviour which grows
just like football violence UK -
people get excited
and dangerous.

My starting point is Justice.
I support law breaking in the cause of justice.
I don't support violence.

Egypt must process change to democracy.
The trouble is - if it is smash and grab
looting and building burning
leaving only the gangs to benefit.
The strongest/most violent can then control.
Taliban stuff.
Mafia stuff.

I hope and pray for peace.
Not only peace.
But peace with Justice.
I pray

I feel the sexist TV pundits -
it is as bad as racism and homophobia.

Here I am giving opinions.
I would rather talk feelings.

I feel pleased that Joan is a lot better.
She has not been out since a week last Tuesday.
Mrs Beautiful will be out tomorrow.
She is ready and I am pleased.
It has been a strange time.

I apologies for my inbox again.
I am not responding to humans.
200+ in there and they swamp.
Hope I can get towards catching up this week.

I am ready for bed now.
Zig is on my knee
battling for space with my Laptop.
TV broadcasting Egyptian news.

Trouble concerns me.
Individuals I know too.
Youngsters caught up in violence.
Part of their culture.
I fear for those I know.
Three youngsters murdered in London
already this year - 2011.

My challenge
is how to facilitate experiences
which will equip these beautiful humans
into a wider selection of options.
By confidence building
releasing their inbred talent
to be able to contribute to the world
not destroy/rob/damage/suck dry.

A challenge.
I can see it happening.
I experience the bubble being burst
by themselves,
and a new person launched onto the planet.

There is not set procedure.
It is all about the peers groups
AND the individuals - their choices.
their support.

I have feelings about this
I carry those
I feel the hurt of those
residing there
I refuse not ........

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Read by chance,
as I am sorting papers out for action this week .......

"Hitler adamantly refused to go and see the bombed streets of Berlin,
despite Goebbels pleading with him to do so for propaganda reasons.
By contrast Churchill insisted on visiting the bombed areas of east London in 1940 and stood in the ruins of humble houses with tears streaming down his face. Lord Ismay, who was with him, tells how a woman in the crowd said "Look, he is crying. He really cares!"

Now that gets to me.
Triggers tears in me!
I think why.
Not got the answer yet.

Friday, January 28, 2011


. all the family will be here supporting Little Sheila who is in the TV Directors chair

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011





She may be alive or passed away but.
What question would you like to ask you Mother?
My Mother died ages ago, her birthday 12Feb.
I thought of a question I would like to ask her.
"How did you make that bread & butter pudding?


Mrs Beautiful still not well.
It's the cough.
She is also weak.

I can understand she is fed up
of feeling weak and not the
normal energetic Mrs Beautiful.

I cracked my tax submission today.
It always hangs over me in January.
I am not good at this stuff.
'Add ups' was not my best at school,
tell you the truth,
not many things grabbed my attention.
I liked rugby tho!

It is done now and I feel liberated in life.
My office is in a mess - my shredder protesting
the floor invisible
but I feel liberated.

I need to get to grips with 2011
my looking back ended today hey hey.

I have been doing the shopping.
I said to the young woman behind the Tesco till
'you look tired'.
She answered authentically.
Her face was drained
her body moving minimal
her smile non existent.
We had a little positive exchange
affirmative as I packed my bag
and a beautiful moment passed/ended.

We don;t know how another is.
We can read something in the face
(55% of communication here)
and the body posture
(the rest of % minus 7% for the words)

We carry around with us
our thoughts
humans in special flashbacks
or thinking about them
longing to be with
concerned about them.
We churn through tasks
and flash through scenarios
of how to do something -
a resolution
a conflict
a conversation.....

We can never know another completely.
Only intimacy can get close.
That's what I desire to do.

One question I ask is
'tell me one thing on your mind at the moment?'

I get three types of responses.
1 A quick look into space,
eyes looking sightlessly upward.
Then a sharing of something that they are working at,
struggling with, preoccupying the worry glands.
There is usually some real sharing at this point.

2 Thinking eyes, looking sideways.
Then comes an answer which is
of a routine task nature -
I need to do such-a-thing.
No or little conversation ensues.

3 A jokey, witty, superficial maybe,
or maybe just not in a frame of mind
to share with the likes of me.
(I guess they may think a little later!)

I did the same on facebook today.
These are the responses to date::

Vahe coffee
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Martin ‎1st meeting in Edinburgh
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James Natalie Portman
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Wendy My nephew Ben, awaiting major surgery...
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Dana haggis
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I like the stirring of the soul
and appreciate that humans response


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At strange times
my Mac lights up
day and night time
and off we go
opening and recording
music for my soul

I use audio hijack
it wakes Mr Mac from sleep
on the dot records
2 or more hours of a DJ
some are listed here
I love it love it
and never miss a show
home or away

Gok’s Clothes RoadShow

Tonight at 8pm on Channel 4

Sultan of Style Gok Wan returns to fashion fix the nation but this time there’s a difference - he is taking his show on the road. In this new series, Gok’s Clothes RoadShow is rolling into towns and cities all over the UK teaching women everything they need to know about clothes and how to dress for their shape.

This week he’s in Liverpool where he has less than a week to build a catwalk in the centre of town, present a body shape master-class to hundreds of Liverpool lasses and organise multiple makeovers. Four social workers who are too busy looking after other people to spend time on themselves get the Gok star-style treatment. But there’s a surprise in store when he reveals they will be unveiling their glamorous new style to thousands of Liverpudlians on his purpose built catwalk.

But that’s not Gok’s only challenge. His nemesis designer diva Brix Smith-Start is also in town as she returns to try and win the catwalk crown in the high street versus high end catwalk face off.

For the first time Gok is inviting members of the public backstage to share his tricks of the trade as he creates high street looks to prove you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fabulous. Meanwhile Brix is travelling the UK to source the very best designer items made in Great Britain. This week she travels to South Shields to see how a British classic – the Barbour jacket - is made.

Will the Liverpool voting pubic opt for Brix’s high end collection or will the high street reign supreme?

A Remarkable Television production (part of the Endemol Group)

Ann Wilson
Gok's Roadshow

-- Post From My iPhone

Nine Months, Nine Lives: Why I care about the Holy Land


The Greenbelt Campaign, seeking to draw attention to the situation in the Holy Land, is in its third year. We're going to spend some time on the blog looking at why we're running the campaign, what it has accomplished to date, what's still to be done, and how you can get involved. We're going to [...]

Read the entire post

Monday, January 24, 2011




Mrs Beautiful still weak and virus full
Me not caught any of the UK spread of bugs.
Connie getting better
Ann knackered re mummy/job/virusxmultiples
Joy flys in from S Africa with a suntan
even though not seen her
she is banned till the bugs fly.

5 Words to describe my life at the moment::

TAXing - I could repeat this x 5
Nurse Pip ..... need to keep up the struggle
Arthur .............. business ongoing.

I would love to see your FIVE
5 words will do without the extras
The beautiful thing is
when you decide what they are
you go through a process of
summarising your life.
So you are connecting with the issues.
Not running from them.

Do you get it?

On Saturday we had a treat planned.
A really nice meal out with four friends.
Damn. We had to pull due to virusville!

Apology again
about no replies to emails.
I have had some beautiful,
some long and effortful -
but here I am with dishwasher hands
NOT answering your beautiful mails.

I hope to do some this week
but tax has to be done this week


Sunday, January 23, 2011


Here are some music tracks which I love at the moment
The first is a MIX from JAMIE XX who creates some great music.
SOON he will release a full album of Gil Scott Herons - mixing full album
titles 'I'm New Here'
My favourite album of the year - love it
can't wait for d mix


Saturday, January 22, 2011


...... the Image I have used several times on the pages below ....
I was on a tube station in London
I saw this massive poster
I clicked/captured it there and then
a beautiful face
with a large crack in it
in turns out to be
an ad for 'BLACK SWAN' the movie

We all have cracks
that's how the light gets in'


Stills can be great
I take 100's every week
they capture a second of life
I always click humans
beautiful humans
some are ugly, but only behaviour,
all are beautiful humans




Friday, January 21, 2011

Blessings for now from another time

The poet and philosopher John O’Donohue died three years ago. This interview with Martin Wroe has never before been published

  © not advert

“IT IS amazing how quickly things can change in a life,” John O’Donohue explained. “For in­stance, you could be there of an evening up to your neck with things to do, and the phone rings and you are told that someone really close to you is suddenly at the door of death. “It takes three seconds to convey this information to you, and you put the phone back down, and you are already standing in a different world. That’s all it takes for everything to change.”



Gok's Clothes RoadShow

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    The new series launches in Liverpool, where Gok has seven days to build a catwalk in the centre of town, present a body-shape masterclass to hundreds of local lasses and organise multiple makeovers.

    Four social workers who are too busy looking after other people to spend time on themselves get the Gok treatment. But they don't know they'll be unveiling their glamorous new style to thousands of Liverpudlians on Gok's catwalk.

    But that's not Gok's only challenge. His nemesis, designer diva Brix Smith-Start, is also in town to take part in the high street versus high-end catwalk face-off.

    For the first time, Gok is inviting members of the public backstage to share his tricks of the trade, as he proves you don't need to spend a fortune to look fabulous.

    Meanwhile, Brix travels the UK to source the very best British-made designer items. This week, she travels to South Shields to see how the classic Barbour jacket is made.

Gok Wan is back, and this time he's on the road. He has seven days in each town to build a catwalk, put on a show and make-over local women in the process. The show goes backstage and we find out Gok's tricks of the trade as he proves that you don't need a fortune to look fabulous.

Just plugging this because Little Sheila is the Producer Director hey hey

Gok's Clothes Roadshow starts Tuesday 25 January, 8pm on Channel 4.

You want to beat him to pulp?
What if he has a knife?
You take a knife
What if he has a gun?
You take a gun

What if you do beat him to pulp?
What will you sleep like?
What when his gang come around?
What will you carry in your belt?

Why do you want to beat him to pulp?
It is a feeling inside
It is a rage inside
It is not a thought
It is a release that you need.

Why not try to understand those feelings?
Why not understand them as signals?
Why not allow signals to consider thinking of options?
Options to release the rage.

We are responsible for our own actions
We can become response-able
Be better than only having one response.

Consider giving life to another - not death?
Consider choosing life for another, AND yourself
Consider love?
Instead of hate.

Pip Bhp
4am 21st January 2011

From Pip's iPhone

-- Post From My iPhone

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nottinghamshire YMCA
Creative Youth Film Production Manager (1 Year Contract), Nottinghamshire YMCA, £20,000 - £25,000 pa
Release date: 20 Jan 2011

Nottinghamshire YMCA is looking for a dynamic film production professional to join its expanding Youth Team. If you inspire creativity in young people, can develop exciting film programmes and build links with our local community, then we want to hear from you.

Creative Youth Film Production Manager (1 Year Contract)

All Saints, Raleigh Street

£20,000 - £25,000 per annum

37.5 hours per week

You will become part of strong, successful team with an excellent reputation for going to extra mile to deliver quality outcomes for young people. Our new Creative Youth Film Production Manager will be expected to blaze a trail in our community, coming up with inspiring and original film projects which young people will clamber to take part in.

We want someone with an impressive body of film production work behind them, a proven ability to manage and lead engaging projects, and demonstrable experience in pre and post production techniques.

You will be a people person, happy to get out into the local community, create new partnerships and work from the grass roots up. You will have drive, commitment and enthusiasm, alongside experience of engaging young people from diverse backgrounds in digital arts and media.

The right candidate will have training relevant to youth work and film production and a solid educational background, including literacy and numeracy. If you fit the bill and want to join a vibrant, energetic workplace, get in touch.

For further details and / or to apply for this post please visit our website, email or call the HR Department on 0115 956 7600 ext 302.

Please note that this post is subject to a CRB check at an Enhanced level.

Closing date: 4 February 2011

Interview date: TBC

Release date: 20 Jan 2011

Mini Blob Tree Posters

£17.50 + VAT
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May 2008


By popular demand! These mini blob tree posters can be used for individual or group work.

16 x A5 posters (4 of each design)

Customer reviews

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A woman died on the railway line after being hit by a train in the early hours of today.

It happened at the crossing where another woman died in similar circumstances just three weeks ago.

British Transport Police said the body was reported on the tracks at 5.45am. The line is currently closed while an investigation is carried out including door to door enquires in the area.

They say the victim is believed to be a 54-year-old local woman and the incident is currently being treated as unexplained.

Sabbo-Tainted Dub

Uploaded by Sabbo /great track/download or play FREE

2.56 / 4.57

This started out as a joke but so far got mad responses at parties..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch this if you can
it had me in tears
all about a human facing the Apartheid Wall in Gaza
A vivid/real/true and powerful story

Afternoon Play - Escape from Gaza

Greenbelt Festival / Blog / Dr Tony Campolo in London

Dr Tony Campolo in London


Start: January 28, 2011 6:00 pm

End:January 28, 2011 8:30 pm

Venue: Lumen URC 88 Tavistock Place, London, United Kingdom, WC1H 9RS