Sunday, July 31, 2005


....... you are unique


.... .... ......

.....this is one of the most powerful games I ever designed to;
build team
lean on me
working together
.................... younger humans are better at this than older - maybe up-tighter humans. Unless there is a great climate of trust.

Because it is experiential - it is difficult to describe.
It is to be experience.
Like life
Like relationships



Saturday, July 30, 2005

I want to be a honeycomb ......


I have just sent out my eNewsletter to about 3k souls
if you did not get it - I guess it means you must not have clicked my website 'subscribe' feature.

I shared some news in it so if you would like to know - I will send you a copy if you email me ........... see my home page for the 'contact' link.

...... here is a wee bit which may be of interest to you :

Thanx Peter for all the creative writing hey hey



"healing .........
is waking up to your own life.

no matter what your life look like,
it's yours and it's all you've got!
healing is making a decision
to care for it."
kathryn robyn

A Field of Dreams .....

..... can you imagine a place with 20000 humans of all ages .....
A climate of trust
Feelings of security
deep breathing comes easy
a place to stop and talk
drink coffee
roaring stumulus from speakers and music and dance and theatre and film and humans and from the vibe ...........

A place where you feel you are being fed by the best intake into the soul EVER ...
.... and still thirsty for more ........

...... I want to be at Greenbelt ........
I belong there
it is not mine
it is yours
I don't want it for myself because it is only Greenbelt if you are there
you make it
you are a Greenbelt 'Maker'



Friday, July 29, 2005

......... please forgive me if you feel irritated by my referece to U2.

It is great music for me.
It is more than that too.
It stirs me in the things of life
Outside the personal
about the world - about poverty - about how we as a community of the world organize ourselves.
Plan for a better place for more
equal value
humans ...................

The U2 concerts are over for me - this European Tour.
I have been there for five.
All different for me.
Because I was at a different place
Because they were...........

In the next 26 days I will be on overkill .................... because Greenbelt does something for my soul too.
So I am thinking - planning - yearning for that too.

Greenbelt is not
Marbles in a Jar

Consider becoming part of this - sticky - sweet - buzzing - energy giving community

bee ............ :-)

or be

or become together .......


........ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


......... if you don't know ................ these words are flashed on a massive screen at the U2 concerts .............. it cuts me deep to the heart .................. if you don't understand it -
- I stand with you
I want to drink deep at that well

I wan to discover more of those very things .................

I am on that road - I want to be

will you join me?



..... A couple of my Norwegian - beautiful - friends who accept me - host me - feed me - love me .........
...... and the feelings are mutual ...


Debris ......

..... my soul that is - after the U2 gig in Oslo.

And now as I view the photoes I delight in it again ....... we didn't want to leave!!

...... and after the U2 gig - the day after - all the Norwegians read about the gig ..... and I just look at dem pix which are fine ........ hmm ...... I am still shaken by the experience ......

.......... this looks like an album cover of a Crazy Family .........
but in reality it is my crazy family in Norway
and here I feel
part of a honeycomb
and certainly
not a marble in a jar.

The U2 gig was special
but the community of love that I can fly to -
is like an eternal gig -
full of surprises
and adventure which has melted me again.

I have decided once again, on my journey these last days, that I will pace more directly along that road less travelled.
I want to live more - yearn more - become more .........

I will take the red pill
I will take the glass half full
............... until all the colours bleed into one .......

Thursday, July 28, 2005

........ in Oslo at the moment and want to share a few pix and an experience.

I am with friends here ....... all talk funny!
All of them speak good english and I speak no Norwegian - however!!

I have now been awake for 24 hours - more or less ....... but it is the U2 concert I want to share with you ....... not it all but just a small significant slice.

"Bullit the blue sky" kicked in about 10.05 and it was still rather light.
Images of war flash over the big screen and Bono also slips in a line or two from the song "please" as the guitars continue the gripping sound ...... and Bono staggers around the stage with a blindfold visible ....... then the lyrics flow about "Johnny comes marching home again ....... " a reminder of war again.

He then asks 40000 Norwegians and me to pray about the lost lives in London, Iraq and the middle East.
Yes pray, he said, or pray with your lives ...... then the Edge slips behind the keys and Bono starts to sing "Miss Sarajvo" ´powerful at the best of times + but always with Pavarotti.

The terrible violence and death from that era slip into my mind as Bono himself begins to sing the part usually roared out by the opera voice ......... Bono sings in Italian ....... It is strong and the audience applauds with appreciation ..... and ...

I wept ....

I was blown over ......

I was speechless .......


Tuesday, July 26, 2005



.... if you have a Team or a Group you belong to ...... and want to kick off the session with something that stirs the soul ...... this is an idea for you to consider.

...... because humans are great ...... this can be great in terms of entering a different level in communicating. (See all my thoughts on 'Level Five' communication by searching the search box above).

Self Revelation is beautiful because we reveal and others understand us better.
The most special thing about 'self revelation' is that we discover more about ourselves too! By putting our inner thoughts into words which are spoken - they become more concrete and ....................... - inform us! - ourselves!- too!

Have a go if you feel you have the right context ............. and let me know because I love feedback. We all need feedback/recognition! 'Solitary Confinement' is a punishment just because we all need humans to provide the stimulus for life ......

See the item posted below too.



>>>>>>>>> hope >>>>>>

>>>>>you can read<<<< *

These are examples relating to the Group Exercise above - a 'Level Five' type of exercise wich gets a group below the surface of normal life and stretches each person to connect with life and humans all around ........ and beyond ......

*If you cannot read - paste it into word or another type of window so you can enlarge*

Try it eh?


..... Thanx Bek for sending me this .......

.... most beautiful ......

bhp - feeling reflective today


Monday, July 25, 2005

...... was up at 5 am this morning.
Before that I had been tossing and turning for ages ......
It was a dream which woke me.
It was about bombs and the strange thing
It was me that was planting the bombs .... !
As with most dreams - the scene was not relating to reality and certainly not about tubes and trains.
It shows what is on the mind eh?

Then I went out to listen to my iPod on the London underground and what a strange experience that is.
AND the tube I was on was faulty and stopped and started in the wrong places.

It is Oslo this week and, of course, U2 happen to be there this week ....... :-)

I am having problems with my email system and emails are bouncing back to me several days later ........... I regret this as it is bad communication from me to you.
Hope to be back soon.
Please don't stop clicking this way because they are coming in at least - I think!!
I will get back to you asap .................... you are beautiful ................


Saturday, July 23, 2005

"I want
to feel and disclose feelings.

Unless I disclose my feelings to you
You don't know me
you only know my activity
you only read my body language
you only feel me through the clicking of distant keys
I want to disclose - it is good for me
it is good for our relationship

Sometimes I will be sad, frustrated, lonely, hurt, failing ......
amongst the golden stuff
when I tell you I hurt
that does not mean I am destroyed and lame
it means I am stretching my sensitivity to my interior
and not being an exterior human - only."
Pip Wilson Leaking to YOU ...................


S H O W .................

so show/me/how to feel good enough/

about being me/so that I can leave my shell/and shout
and jump and kick/until something gets changed/because
the future is mine/and I don't want it to be like/the past/and I hate/
seeing people starve/in order to give me/cheap trainers


....... what sort of human am I today ....... when bombs on tubes leaves my town under a cloud of tension..............

One cannot be but gripped by the enfolding news on such a day - and gratefulness that I am not going by underground this day.

Five words to describe my life at the moment;


...... single and real words don't seem to fit my 5 words brief at the moment.
I want to stretch them as I yearn to communicate.

I remember sitting with the Queen and telling her about the five word answer by Santos who I worked with that week/month.
I didn't have the courage to ask her hers.

We all have five words.
Usually the positive ones come first.
Then there is a deeper google type interior search of the self and a resulting deeper revelation comes through.
Often the latter words are more real than the former.
Often, I find, humans are given so little opportunity by those not prepared to listen.
Or maybe these humans are not sensitised or skilled or tuned to listening?
When someone is really listening - I find that people will take risks and share words of reality.

I am asked to do more training in Team Work/Team Building than anything else.
So I see lots of teams.
'Games People Play' - a book by Eric Berne
a good description of teams ............

If we can work at being authentic
being open
being Level Five
........................ a different climate is evident
eyes active
emotional radar - ON

as if the team is physically glued together - hugging each other - kissing each other.
not really the physical because it can be there emotionally without the physical.

It is beautiful to feel an un-requested massage around your shoulders.
A touch to the arm
a kiss to the cheek
a touch to your foot from another under the table.

Fantastic if a team can hug and kiss - but the bonding can happen without the major physical thing
culture plays a part
but still
and a group be bonded like a honeycomb
rather than
marbles in a jar.

Marbles in a jar make a lot of noise
take up a lot of space
hardly touch
highly individual
hardly unique

a honeycomb however ................

Friday, July 22, 2005

"You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give."
~Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, July 21, 2005

..... in Lincoln conducting a Training Course and ..... in walks the news about more bombs in London ................... and I think right away about Joan Joy and Ann meeting up in London before Joy goes to Majorca tomorrow and Ann starts her new job ....... a strange surge of feelings.

I sat down, turned my 'phone on and received the text that all were ok.
Strange but true - my first thoughts are for my own - then the scan through my memeory of friends who could be in these places of hate explosion ......


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

GREENBELT is coming in all it's glory and
beautiful imperfection

...... I have a friend .......
I call him Paul Guernsey.
He lives there.
He works there.
Becoming there - and here too.
And Greenbelt - where we met.
L5 with him and Clare - is wonder.

He and I bounce things around.
We churn together.
Yearn together.
Become together.
Smoke a cigar together.
All to infrequent.

This item below is fantastic for me.
He has said I can reprint it for you.
It touches my reality .......

The Open Tent: the lost art of hospitality

There is a remarkable scene in the book of Genesis where Abraham and Sarah encounter three strangers in the desert. And rather than reach for a weapon, Abraham reaches for a loaf of bread and welcomes these strangers into his tent. This notion of opening our tent, our homes, our lives, our hearts if you like, to strangers; to people who are different from us; those we don’t agree with is a Biblical lesson I think we all need to learn.

My friend Pip Wilson says that long periods of well-being and comfort are in general dangerous to us all. After such prolonged periods, weak souls become incapable of weathering any kind of trial. They are afraid of it. Yet it is a fact that difficult trials and sufferings can facilitate the growth of our souls.

Last week many people gathered at Les Cotils to take part in the first conference of interfaith dialogue the Channel Islands has seen. Now one could be forgiven for suggesting that this whole arena is a dangerous path to travel. Some argue it shouldn’t even be on our agenda. Yet if peace, hope and general goodwill to humanity is to be safeguarded, then I do not see how we cannot walk this road less traveled, for as difficult a journey as it may be, the bridges it will help build will be an integral foundation for the growth of respectful and peaceful community rooted in the core values of our faith.

The Rev Garth Hewitt, Rabbi Niles Goldstein and Ibrahim Hewitt tackled head on big issues over the weekend: the common roots of the open tent and the call for hospitality (taking care of the poor, the marginalized, those who find themselves broken on the wheels of living, the down trodden) that all three Semitic faiths share: the differences we have and how we might in light of this seek to build bridges between our faith communities in a respectful way despite these differences: how religion has both a healing side and a killing side: Israel/Palestine: Zionism: Messiahs: The possibility of peace building initiatives. And more importantly, all these issues were addressed not so much with tolerance, but rather with respect.

The way in which the three panelists dialoged was an example to us all as we try and live out our professed faith, and as they did I was reminded of Leonard Swindler who said that dialogue ‘was not debate and that in dialogue, each must listen to the other as openly and sympathetically as one can to understand the other's position.’ One of the main reasons for pursuing interfaith in Guernsey was to draw our community to the need to recognize that differences certainly do exist and that the object of the conference is not to 'correct' but to hear and listen to the other parts of the mosaic.

As this particular conference drew to a close the wisdom of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks came to mind. He says that ‘when a human being makes many coins in the same mint, they all come out the same. God makes every human being in the same mint, in the same image, his own, and yet we all come out differently. The religious challenge is to find God’s image in someone who is not in our image, in someone whose colour is different, whose culture is different, who speaks a different language, tells a different story, and worships God in a different way.’

Niles, Ibrahim and Garth (along with all those who attended this conference) articulated a challenge of the heart concerning this initiative of dialogue (the open tent) that there is surely an inherent goodness within us all when we are humble and forget about our obsession about being ‘right’ and get on with the difficult act of unconditional loving. There was a sense as we journeyed together during the weekend, that if we embrace this kind of attitude we might just discover from our struggle (in context with the Genesis story of Abraham) that our own experiences advance understanding and sustain the promise that the racial and religious paralysis that cripples our community may yet be healed.

It reminded me that our Holy Scriptures are not hitching posts but rather sign posts that point on beyond themselves, and that ultimately we need to remember that it’s sometimes more important to love than to be right.

© Paul Chambers 2005

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

"do something everyday that scares you"
my favourite fridge magnet
"I slashed my arm to the bone"
A statement to me from a young man who I had 'known' for six months - but these were the first ever words spoken to me.
"I am a spiritual person"
"I am an alcoholic"
Two seperate statements from a young man which were separated, proceeded, followed by nasal noises, grunts and unheard stutterings of a drunken soul.
I cannot survive my work without reflecting.
Four books have come out of this.
I need to do it - even if nobody clicks those keys to read my reflections.
I need to put my soul throught he shredder daily - and then put it back together in a new way to be able to move the next fat leg, the next step along 'the Road less Travelled'.
As I do this bit of reflecting - I will insert a few links below so, if you wish and have time, you yourself can go deeper ..........

I do my reflective practice on on a weblog now - this is it folks - sometimes called a "blog".
After years of paper trailing my reflections I want to say 'how it is' in public.
Also I want to do something practical which comes from my favourite book ever:-
'Why am I afraid to tell you who I am'
I want to tell anyone who wants to read 'who I am' and in that journey of discovery - how it is working out.

The truth is - I don't know who I am unless I take the mask off and examine the human behind the behaviour - I need to take my clothes off my soul.

Someone asked me recently - where do I get my wisdom.
(Don't laugh!)
My first thought was - get lost - you are asking the wrong person.
Then I thought differently.
I went deeper - I tried the 'eyes wide open' trick.

We all have wisdom - all have had unique lives AND still having ...... becoming ....

So I answered the question.
In short - I said - I get what I yearn for by working - being - and becoming by feeling those who are fragile, hurting, damaged, homeless ............. because in that environment I myself discover who I am.
That is my take on 'wisdom'.

I am midst ........ Believing that I need/we need to change all the time.
That is why I yearn for disorder, dissatisfaction, unease, incompleteness and by pressing the refresh button often.
Refresh the unease.
refresh the irritation.

So the man with the slashed arm
I offer my all to him.

And the groups I lead .........
This risk stretches me – too.
This risk troubles me.
This risk hurts when I fail to do what I aimed for.
This risk hurts sometimes.
This risk is sometimes failure.
This risk fantastic at it’s best and better than that so often.
I never fail to be impressed at how humans can respond to challenge.

And I am reminded that the greatest of us humans ........... nothing in my hands I bring ...... it is not so much as what is in 'the hand' - IT IS 'the hand', the leg, the body, the heart - the ........... every thing.

"God want what we have not what we haven't" - as is says in the Living Bible.

When I friend died ....... I blogged about him.
About how great he was.
He was even more honest than that - read my blog about him:-

..... and remember you are special and unique .....

>>>>> very powerful <<<<<<<<<


Final Straw Lyrics
by REM

As I raise my head to broadcast my objection
As your latest triumph draws the final straw
Who died and lifted you up to perfection?
And what silenced me is written into law.

I can't believe where circumstance has thrown me
And I turn my head away
If I look I'm not sure that I could face you.
Not again. Not today. Not today.

If hatred makes a play on me tomorrow
And forgiveness takes a back seat to revenge
There's a hurt down deep that has not been corrected
There's a voice in me that says you will not win.

And if I ignore the voice inside,
Raise a half glass to my home.
But it's there that I am most afraid,
And forgetting doesn't hold.

It doesn't hold. Now I don't believe and I never did
That two wrongs make a right.
If the world were filled with the likes of you
Then I'm putting up a fight. Putting up a fight.
Putting up a fight. Make it right. Make it right.

Now love cannot be called into question.
Forgiveness is the only hope I hold.
And love... love will be my strongest weapon.
I do believe that I am not alone.

For this fear will not destroy me.
And the tears that have been shed
It's knowing now where I am weakest
And the voice in my head. In my head.

Then I raise my voice up higher
And I look you in the eye
And I offer love with one condition.
With conviction, tell me why.
Tell me why.
Tell me why.
Look me in the eye.
Tell me why.

Monday, July 18, 2005

........ I love the challenge of entering a helping relationship - it seems to help me so much.

I love the challenge to stimulate development ......... it seems to aid my development so much.

Strange how giving out to others has so many returns ........

Comfort the disturbed
Disturb the comfortable

....... and that in us too .....................
is the last week-end of next month = August.
26th - 29th.

I am always looking at process and development.
Mainly in Humans.
I am a human too.

In Greenbelt terms - one process is;

Greenbelt breaker
Greenbelt taker
Greenbelt maker.

I doubt you are a Greenbelt breaker - many of those I work with are at that point - being a community breaker or society breaker.
That is the place you have to start from very often.

I guess you may be a Greenbelt taker?
If not - I would encourage you to get down to this festival and drink from a deep deep well.

IF you are a Greenbelt taker I would encourage you to become a Greenbelt maker.

One way is for you to consider becoming a Festival Venue Manager.
We need humans like you doing/being/becoming/ at the festival.

All it needs is your natural sense and experience and six hours a day. You get free tickets and food vouchers.

It is not big - but it is vital.
You will become a member of three thousand \Greenbelt Makers/ which is wondrous.
If you want more info;
- contact me
- see the GB website

Many volunteers are still needed doing lots of things sooooo - tell your friends.


Sunday, July 17, 2005

joan ann joy @sthelens ymca ........

joanannjoy@sthelensymca ........
Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

This is going back when we were about to leave St Helens.
We had packed our bags in the flat made from a converted corridor next to the snooker room in the YMCA. The local press came and flashed this in the local black and white.

It was a big step - from one culture to another. Major adjustment - the locals in Canning Town thought we were aliens!

Strange how they had accents and only us in the world didn't have one!

If you have ever shifted from one distant patch to another - you will know the feeling.

massive discomfort
but long term
- wondrous


Saturday, July 16, 2005

..... notes to myself
...... after all - who else will read on Saturday night!

Great having Joan back from her visit away to see her Mother.
It is hot here in this part of the UK - most parts it seems.
Decided to have a day in the sun.
Two meals outdoors.
One book I am reading is about Training but also caught up on a mag backlog.
iPod-Music was Pete Tong, BenjiB, Dwight Tribble, Late Junction and ....
"if you don't wrapitup - don't slapitup"
some macho advice from Westwood
doing a live set from Magaluf in Majorca
(my Sheilas call it Shagaloof)
Read the Guardian to a satisfying depth.
And I also prepared for a Training session next week - doing something new.
There is always something to prepare for and if I don't strike a day out to prepare for these important sessions - I have to stay up and work too late - when I am too tired.
Then watched a DVD with Joan, 'Bourne Identity' - fab stuff - love it.

So after a busy run it is a week-end off and loving it loving it!

Feelings - L5 - who I am?
Feeling good and not too tired like I am some days when I am not working.
Feel a depth of happiness.
Feel creative.
Feel this Cointreau as I gently sip the late night liqueur ......... hmmm

Friday, July 15, 2005

BONO ON BONO - came today ...... Amazon was the best price.

Everywhere I go humans keep telling me how special this book is.

L5 it seems.
About faith and death and life.

This is an out-take;

Bono and his dad

BobhewsonbonoBono writes of his dad:

The spiritual journey was interesting to him. Because he wasn't a believer; he didn't believe in God towards the end. He was a Catholic, but he lost his faith along the way... I think the Church wore him down, all the scandals, and all that stuff. I would give him a Bible, or I would offer up, if he was interested, any kind of insights I might have had to some of the Gospels, or the way they were written, or the context of a particular passage. But finally he didn't buy into it. Yet he seemed to think this was the most important thing I had to offer. In fact, it was what he liked best about U2: our faith.

Occasionally, he would ask about my belief in God: "There's one thing I envy of you. I don't envy anything else," he said to me one time... "You do seem to have a relationship with God." And I said: "Didn't you ever have one?" He said: "No." And I said: "But you have been a Catholic for most of your life." - "Yeah, lots of people are Catholic. It was a one-way conversation... You seem to hear something back from the silence!" I said: "That's true, I do." And he said: "How do you feel it?" I said: "I hear it in some sort of instinctive way, I feel a response to a prayer, or I feel led in a direction. Or if I'm studying the Scriptures, they become alive in an odd way, and they make sense to the moment I'm in, they're no longer a historical document." He was mind-blown by this.

Bono adds:

I wish I could live the life of someone you could describe as pious. I couldn't preach because I couldn't practice. It's plain to see I'm not a good advertisement for God. Artists are selfish people.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The captive balloon
is obviously not free.

And the average person is moored to the bonds of things, to public opinion, to governmental and economic realities, like the captive balloon on its cable.

But it is not so obvious to everyone that the drifting "free" balloon, subject to every whim of the wind is not free either.

There is no freedom in being stirred by every opinion, steered by every spirit of the times, governed by every urge of instinct.

Mere feeling -reeling, moody mysticism - is a variety of emasculation, but it is not freedom.

Freedom is there only where a holy moral imperative and a mature will shows us the way we must steer our lives.

"Command yourself, or be a slave forever."

As long as you are not master of your self, you are not free.

Eberhard Arnold

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

..... strange days ..........

Moslems eh?
Bombers were Moslems - the racists will be having a field day with this ......

I am out doors on my mactop drinking Czech beer, a cigar, just had a chicken tikka balti take-away ....... Joan is away.
Listening to Bugge Weseltoft - a favourite Norwegian artist
.A keyboard man.
Gentle soul stuff.
A Jazz man.

During the day I have been listening to my two latest albums;
Fat Freddys Drop
Dwight Tribble ......... 'Love is the Answer'.

"Why am I afraid to tell you who I am
- because if I tell you who I am - and you don't like who I am - that is all I have"
My favourite book of all time.

I am reflective right now. The cigar is finished. I am trying to dig deep to my deeper sense of myself. The bomb thing concerns me. Not about me. It is deeper than personal unease on the Tube this week and again tomorrow.

I am concerned about the impact on lives and our society - communities.
How we live together.
I want to build cohesion - 'coexist' ......
We don't normally but this bomb-gig is the end of the spectrum.
Death always is.

I work and have worked all my life, with those young humans who are living at the offending end of society. I have moved over the years to live it out with them and not oppressing them with anything I believe ............... and when there is a breakthrough in terms of communication - real connection, it is on 'their' terms - on request.
Like a door opening, I am invited in. Despite it being me and despite me having all these differing values and beliefs. I am welcomed in.
I learn from them.
They take from me.
The most violent.
The hardest of hearts.

That is the way in the current context it seems to me.
It cannot be 'them and us'.
It needs incarnational living which was modelled by .........

He who was rich became poor .............

I remember seeing a cartoon with a human on his knees saying - "God I want to be a Missionary"
The voice from above replied;
"Go to Liverpool"

Now it would be
"Go to Leeds"
There are places which need Missionaries
- sometimes called 'Youth and Community Workers'

What's been done in the name of Jesus
What's been done in the name of Buddha
What's been done in the name of Islam
What's been done in the name of man
What's been done in the name of liberation
And in the name of civilization
And in the name of race
And in the name of peace!
Everybody loves to see justice done on somebody else."

- "Justice" by Bruce Cockburn