Thursday, October 11, 2018

How I use these Blob Tree Materials - EXAMPLE HERE = Mental Heath Tree

How I use these Blob Tree Materials - 
take a good look at the 
Mental Heath Tree above::
I ask people to 
'put their own oxygen mask on first 
by conducting this exercise in a small group of three - 
usually the best number for dynamics. 

So I am asking you to have go - here now!
(even if you are on your own!)

In a group context I would ask each person to choose a Blob that feels most positive and why?
Everyone can read the Blobs even young children. 
We can read the Blobs because, like us, we speak volumes through our facial expression and body language - 
The most powerful communication is

I answer my own question first every time.
This sets the tone for each question - openness - honesty - vulnerability.

Try it NOW yourself - place a finger on the Blob above re my question - the physical touch connects with our emotions better.
MOTION changes emotion.

Next question for you.
Touch the Blob which best describes yourself in the worst state you have been ANY TIME in your life? AND say why - this 'why' is important because there is a story here to be told - maybe never been told!

I now choose the one which is chained down by the feet. 
I recall a time in my life when I was locked in emotionally. 
I was living in fear, scared because of violent people in my life & community - working with them as a Youth Worker. 
I was constantly riddled with indigestion - churned up. 
I was surviving not living.
Getting over this is a long story, and I am still on it but, 
I first of all had to change my way of thinking/believing/working ......... you may have to read one or more of my books from 1985 onwards ....... but briefly, the inner change helped me to released to be a different person -  
it was the time in my life when I started to say #YouAreBeautiful ..............

Try your answer to my second question NOW - even if you are on your own.
It is always more real/powerful when we do this with one or two others.

If you have participated in this - if you do this ……
you have had an EXPERIENCE of sharing your own vulnerability which is a massive step.
Once you have done this - means it can be done in the future with people who you trust.

See for a range of tools such as the 
which helps you to talk about a personal LOSS - 
good for us to do even if a loved one passed away in the distant past.
There is also ones about School, Education, Feelings, Sports, Gardens, Vehicles ...... all about helping people to share about themselves. 

Get Blobbing - experience life into wholeness ....... BECOMING.

You Are Beautiful


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