Monday, October 08, 2018

My Norwegian friend Mone** has asked me some questions. I love questions.

My Norwegian friend Mone**
has asked me some questions.
I love questions.
The help me dig into my soul.

How's your life?
I think of my interior life first.
Always churning
Always trying to feel my emotions, name them, understand them -
their purpose of entry into my soul
AND where and I need to send them
AND what to learn from them.

I am not at ease with my interior.
I wake regularly too early with my mind busy.
I sometimes go to bed at night not relaxed.

Exterior - so much life
We try to eat well/healthily 
I try to exercise mainly walking
I get tired more easily/quicker than the past.

I write every day - not always online
although I try to publish daily on my Blog/website.

I work out conducting training/facilitation of learning.
I love that
It stretches me in preparation and delivery.
I receive much.

My 121’s do the same - differently.
I love being with humans
Becoming with humans.
I love being in helping relationships
Both ways.

I tweeted recently::


That is Pipology rather than reality.
Some days can be tough.

How's your gout?
I have not had a hit for sometime.
At it’s worst I couldn’t walk
or sleep properly.
More recently they have evolved into cramps and
of late, they have gone too.
I walk on ………….

Your love life - I know you're married. But how do you stay married for such a long time? Must be loads of hard work. And love, of course. I hope it's okay that I ask. 
I love you asking questions.
The best of friends do that.
YES still married and can’t imagine not being.
54 years and counting.
We relate, communicate, share time together, relax together, hang out.
We have a solid base to which to go out from.
We both do that.

It is solid real love.
We have had tough times.
Not so much with each other
but because we have lived in community for a long time
working/loving others in need
we have worked together - a partnership of 
v different characters personalities gifts and skills.

WE also have a family
not only of friends neighbours
but two daughters
their men
and two beautiful Grandaughters.
We are not only a couple
we are FAMILY.

MrsBeautiful is a ROCK
the most generous person I have ever met.
I think that a solid base helps in that reaching out to others.
Love lives on.

How do you find the inspiration to write your books? 
I write every day.
I started that because I had to.
I had to reflect on the vivid experiences
working with BHP’s who were young and offenders.
digging into the soul
learning from every experience.

I have never written a book.
Never ever sat down to write a book.
Books have come out of my daily reflections/stories/learning/hurts/
Gutter Feelings*

The other books - The Blob Tree Materials/Communication Tools
have also emerged out of striving to communicate with those most in need of love.
Having a Blob partner/artiste/friend in Ian Long has meant that
we have been able to deliver beautiful creativity with practical application.
Inspired by stretching in communication.

Are you ever lonely? 
I don’t really associate myself with being lonely.
I am alone
with my 

But even these are joined up.
Together with other humans
who I relate/communicate with.

I have you as a friend.
You add to my life.
And others.
Some only online.
Many who I have met/worked with
collided with in many contexts.
You and they - the more physically distant
leaves me in a place where I am never alone!
So I don’t feel lonely.

All these questions
are making me think

These questions and short reflective responses
will develop as I live on
asking these and connecting questions

You are beautiful


**  Mone:: The story of our meeting is beautiful.

PS - Have you got a question for me?