Tuesday, December 08, 2020

The Blob Football Pitch is a powerful Blob Resource to us with all ages/all groups wherever they are doing with their lives.

I have used this Blob Tool so many times. Around the world with all sorts of humans - young or older.

This has been marked out in a large room/space (indoors or out) with masking tape or rope etc.. Showing all the different activities in different spaces.

"Where are you on the pitch" I ask? "Are you on the pitch scoring goals or are you a spectator on the terraces?"

Are you in the showers - had enough of the action? Are you in the changing room getting your football kit on? ....... I am relating this to lives. I am asking how their lives are working out at the moment - it is a simple method in getting lots of humans at a time to self-disclose.

"Are you on the reserves bench waiting to be called?"

Many fantastic answers have been expressed by so many - all ages.

"I am on the pitch but no-one is passing the ball to me" - "I am on the pitch but lying injured on the pitch"

"I am on the terraces but bored" "I am not on the pitch or the terraces -  I am in the pub around the corner"

So many questions I have asked - so many powerful answers. I have asked everyone to take a sticker and place it on a screen, on a projected pitch, somewhere and then return to a small group and share. 

So it can be used in group work or in a large group. Getting people to move and DO SOMETHING is so very powerful. 'Motion changes Emotion' I always say.

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Blob Pitch 

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