Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Fins tell me that they are not good at talking about feelings.


Eurovision Contest Winners land.
Heavy Metal !

Joy, one of my Sheilas, once came here when she was on a European Tour as wardrobe manager for a Heavy Metal band called 'KISS'. 
Remember them?

I am also in the land of beautiful humans ……
...... and that is the most exciting …
..... seeing these beautiful humans emerging with their personality and unique individual character. 

Only doing sessions with a wide range of humans - I haven't spent a day or a w/e with any group so I have only peeped under the bed-sheets of their souls. 
I just trust that the experiences I have facilitated will have taken everyone outside their comfort zones, think I believe that, and that they are glad they have been there.
In a safe environment, as part of a group, it is easier to do that rather in real life.
But who said life is about 'the easier'?

I also trust that each person will have recognised they have been in a place of 'self revelation'.
And a place called 'feelings'.
AND I trust that each will have tapped a deep well within them where much beautifulness and churning is going on - and that they wish to continue along the Road Less Travelled into their interior self.

Fins tell me that they are not good at talking about feelings.
I have seen and felt and delighted in so many during the four days here.
I consider that each one has a journey to undertake towards being able to feel their feelings and name each one.
Knowing that that ugly feeling inside is 'anger', for instance, is a big step forward towards working that through and turning all that raw emotion into positive energy.
Knowing that that deep joy with is feeling 'I have achieved', another example, can trigger all sorts of purposeful living in that direction.

If we struggle with these 'signals' called feelings - it is difficult to go on and use the Tools in our 'Life Toolbox' which will help the fix.

I will reflect more ............ I need to because this whole experience has fed my soul ............ hope I am not the only one!
Tuula was great and kind guide
and gave extra to take me out in Helsinki for a few hours - 
even though she was in recovery from a bad cold.
I ended with a dinner together and it was traditional Finnish. 
I had Reindeer for the first time and finished with a Finnish pancake - so great.
We also had a deep discussion which 
triggered deep feelings with in me .......... one question she asked me ......
......" was you scared? .............

I will write about that soon - need to - must do .......

An experience shared with you
How about sharing one of yours
with me???????????????????

I had a big one today
I appreciated the trust - it was so confidential ......

"Sina ou_let kow_nis perzona"