Thursday, December 03, 2020

This is 'Developmental Group-Work' in a London HOSTEL with a Christmas theme.

Here is a Christmas story.
It's a description of a piece of Group Work.
Me working with late teens/early twenties
all living in a homeless Hostel
all being supported during tough time in their lives.
Maybe you can take this and transpose it
into your own context?


................I started by giving each member of the group 
a little Christmas tree the size if a 5 pence coin.
Then I asked what feelings they had - seeing - feeling this.
As usual, many have difficulty to contact how they feel.
Out-slipped words like
'I hate Christmas',
'I don't like Christmas',
I have no money to buy,
not even, one present.

I then sensitively moved to asking them who the main human characters were
in the Christmas story.
The first word uttered was 'Santa'.
Soon after there was a list of eight mentioned
(- come on - you can do this as I tell you about
this group work experience !)

Their names/descriptions went into a hat, 
Jesus went into the hat too.
Each human then drew one out and
I went around the circle asking how they thought
that their character 'felt' - a feelings question.

Here are some stand-out feelings;
Mary - stressed
Joseph - scared/worried
Innkeeper - guilty
King - good-to-give
Shepherd - in awe
Angel - 'yes'  ! - sorted!

Three humans in the story were noted as having negative feelings 
and they were the main focus of the whole affair - as responsible adults.
The rich - feeling good to give,
not just receiving.
The tough rough/simple life style shepherds
- awe - overwhelmed.
The last one was a dead pleased Angel
who really knew that this was pretty good news ....
....... "YESSSSSSS"

Why do this?
Why did I do this in a group of humans?
1 I am on a journey to cultivate in myself, and others, an increasing ability to be able to get into contact my/their own feelings.
2 Looking at others and empathising is a learning process into sensitivity.
3 Articulating those feelings is a process of 'owning' such powerful things as feelings.
4 A human identification with a powerful historical spiritual human story.
5 Reality at Christmas - to escape the tinsel for some small moments ....
.... and it was stinking good .........

Why not try it on humans around you?
Adapt - of course.
Transpose the idea to your own context.
You never know, they may be pleased to talk 'real'
midst the rest of the Christmas slippery slope.

I am 'being’ & ‘becoming’ with this group
during the session,
humans who are this - amongst other things;
Visibly self harming
Severely depressed
Lost and uncertain
Lonely and afraid
No place like home to go at Christmas
Deep feelings and disturbed
(the last one is me and I want to be disturbed!)

Thanx for clicking this way.
I will tell you straight -
I take value from you doing this.