Saturday, October 31, 2009

HELLO and Hi
Have a Little Wilson visit us
over the week-end.
She is the bulbous one.
Highly pregnant
six months so.

We have not had the honour
of having her visit us
for two stinking months.
Now she is with us for two nights
hey hey.

She has been so busy TV producing,
as well as baby growing,
- on her feet all day
and we have missed her.

But it is great to have her home
telling me to stop being obese
so I can eat more at Christmas.
She is good at this health stuff.
Love her for it.
It is a big challenge for me.
I have been fat all my life -
even won a bonny baby prize
before I was one years old.

Also, this is all family news,
Joy flew home from Marrakesh today.
She, and a number of the crew,
caught a bug in the last few days there.
I will see her tomorrow so hope she is well.
All the family will be together
for an hour I guess -
then it will be Christmas before we gather again.

Sorry I have not been in real touch.

5 Words to describe my life at the moment

.. and you?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Here is a powerful article about sex offenders -disturbing and good - a 'thinking' response

Here is a powerful article about sex offenders

It is disturbing and good.
It is a 'thinking' response to the horrific sex offenses which have been described in the press recently.
It is so easy and understandable to only have an emotional response to these obnoxious acts.

"Violent reaction outside the Plymouth court where nursery worker Vanessa George was charged with child sex abuse. Photograph: Ben Birchall/PA

When I read the details of the Vanessa George case, I had to stop, breathe and calm myself down. Once I'd had my initial human reaction to the nightmare tale of this nursery worker who abused children, I allowed a more measured response to rise. If I were to follow through with my desire for vengeance on the person who abused me in 1979, to hurt him in the way my fantasies played out, I would be no better than him – and I would end up in prison.

If an individual is genuinely willing to address his or her crime and its consequences, there is, I believe, no crime that cannot be forgiven. They may well need to be locked up, but if they show signs of thawing and healing from their monstrous approach to themselves and others, they warrant my forgiveness.

This is why I now run workshops in prisons for sex offenders. We use the written word as a medium for personal reflection, understanding and, with any luck, transformation. Prisons have come a long way in understanding and working with sex offenders in recent years. The scale of sex crimes for which people are serving sentences is astonishing. Beyond my fleeting car-crash voyeurism, I have no interest in what they are in for.

There are clear boundaries in my workshops: if it looks as if prisoners are veering towards some kind of confessional, I steer them back to the writing, keeping the content away from their crimes and focused on them as individuals. As the workshop unfolds, I notice subtle transformations – boosts in self-esteem, improved communication, and sometimes moments of personal revelation when they see themselves in their writing, understanding more of who they are and how they tick.

Barriers of denial

I've also spent the last seven years helping to run groups for individuals who are in recovery from varying levels of sex "addiction". The common ground they share is that they are either in the process of, or have broken through, powerful barriers of denial.

They willingly enter the painful process of addressing the trauma and fallout of damaging sexual behaviour; behaviour that has sometimes deeply shocked me. If there was ever a chance to break out of their sexually abusive cycles, this was the place to do it.

My own behaviour in my relationships with women, my addiction to pornography, my total disregard for human feeling, brought me to the brink of suicide. I tried to distance myself from some of the more shocking revelations in these support groups: I never harmed children, but I did harm the women I was involved with. We were consenting adults but our behaviour built up a slow toxic residue, hardening me against the world for the best part of 15 years.

The root of my problem? At the age of 12, when my father was in prison, I was groomed and sexually abused by a local man. Part of my healing process involved sitting in support groups, talking about my resultant sexual addictions and their consequences. I witnessed the slow, miraculous transformation of people who had walked through the doors looking frightened, sometimes aggressive. As we thawed from a lifetime of denial, I experienced the emergence of damaged humans with deep feelings. Paranoid, darting eyes calmed and a real and lasting peace began to unfold.

The peer support I received from individuals further down the healing line was invaluable. In time, I was able to offer support to those newly in from the cold. This mutual support continues to this day, as does the therapy. Long after I had given up on myself there were people out there who saw a glimmer of hope in my deadened eyes and helped me build it into something strong and resilient. In turn, this is what I focus on in my work with sex offenders and in the support groups.

The way much of society and the media react to paedophiles is an understandable, human response to something horrific. I forgave my abuser a long time ago. I was able to do this by having the courage to look deeply into myself, my pain and the damage I had wrought on the world.

Inhumane acts

Understanding why I acted the way I had towards women helped me understand a little of where my abuser may have been coming from. Inside his inhumane acts of violation I'm sure there existed a human being who had probably been abused himself. Perhaps if he had known there was support available in the form of the kind of groups I attended, and workshops I run, he would have been able to stop wreaking havoc on the world – and on me.

If people like Vanessa George know this kind of help is available, if they are willing to engage with it, maybe, just maybe, the scale of the epidemic of child sex abuse we are facing today would decrease. Maybe the perpetrators of sex crimes so clearly locked away from human feeling and consequence may feel safer to come in out of the cold prison of denial, seek whatever healing they need, and stop destroying lives."
Caspar Walsh
The Guardian Newspaper

New pack of cards. Not for play but development. Just got my copies. Fab looking and so powerful to use.

-- Posted from Pip's iPhone
You are beautiful.

....then it was Ian
scrambling together
a chance to meet in Half term.
A Formal Educator
an Informal Educator -

When we meet
sparks &
explodes with multiple
volcanic outpourings
of ideas.

One thing I asked Ian -
I needed a new
Blob Tree type tool,

three actually.

I need one about
'Feelings as Signals'
and as I flowed words
Ian sketched his
wondrous art .....
and Blob figures started to
emerge in paper before me.

Blobs who receive
*duvet dive
*explode with violence
*smash something
*shout and scream
*eat eat eat eat
*self harm

All these little images
showing negative responses
to feelings/signals.
I would love to keep that
scrap of paper,
as we sat in the ice-cream parlour,
before it becomes
a finished tool for you
to download - consider?

Then a contra Blob Tree tool
came forth illustrating
how an emotional intelligent Blob
can respond positively to
*discussing calmly
*considering options
*talking to a friend
*seeking expert help.

WOW - beautiful tools.
Only a tool, however,
to be used to start
*emotional literacy.

Our ice creams were melting
as volcanic lava sped down hill
because we were busy creating.

Then we kicked into
two more Blob Tree Tools.
'Blob Beyond Behaviour'.
This is to encourage
looking beyond/through behaviour,
to the person in need
by considering 'why' the behaviour.
(We can see a persons behaviour
but we cannot see their experiences).

There is always a reason why behaviour -
'an obnoxious person
is a hurting person.'

The third was a
'Blob L5 Group' Tool.
Showing in primary language,
non-verbal communication,
how 5 different groups operate
when communicating in
all five levels which are::
1 Cliche
2 Facts
3 Opinions
4 Feelings
5 Total Openness.

you will see them
on these pages

Next time we meet -
IanBlob and PipBlob
we will have a creative time
with, next time,
leisurely ice-cream.......

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh, the comfort,
the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person;
having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,
but to pour them all out,
just as they are,
chaff and grain together,
knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and then,
with a breath of kindness,
blow the rest away.
George Eliot.

We met in London Town,
(I would love to do that
with you we can collide

It was Martin and Sarah.
A welcome return
to face to face.

The conversations
like a log fire
warming the outside first
then penetrating the soul.

We are different than each other.
Unique and more than that.
Almost everything we do is different.
But at the core there is faith.
Different expressions
Different contexts
Different language
Different, and beautiful, qualities
I love it love it.

I feel they accept me in my oddness.
In my imperfection
and that is beauty - full.
I love them.
Sarah and Martin
I love you ........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It is said
that you only
persons in your life
couldn't one of them be you?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oh, the comfort,
the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person;
having neither to weigh thoughts
nor measure words,

but to pour them all out,
just as they are,
chaff and grain together,
knowing that a faithful hand
will take and sift them,

keep what is worth keeping,
and then,
with a breath of kindness,
blow the rest away.
George Eliot.

I wonder how you are feeling?
I wonder if you really tell anyone?

I wonder how you are feeling?
I wonder if you really tell anyone?

I wonder if you have feelings and are frightened to go there?
Visit that place - get in touch with those signals?

I wonder if you do
write them down
tell another human
work at feeling them
work at understanding them
work at working them through?
Emotional intelligence
is about
A clocking those interior feelings - forget about the physical ones for now.
B Give every feeling a name. Being emotionally literate is just that.
C Treat every feeling as signals. That is what they are.
D Don't CONTROL feelings. MANAGE them.
E Use every feeling as a positive. If you don't manage them they will manage you.
F When you feel angry, we all do, be cathartic = get rid of it constructively.
G When you feel emotional, we all do, share the feelings not the blame-game.
H When you meet a range of humans you will meet a range of emotions and response ability. If you restrict your social circle to 'nice people', meaning pretty much like yourself, you will never become emotionally intelligent.
I Grow a group of associates who talk about feelings. Sharing your own but also learning from each other.
J Reflect reflect reflect upon the emotions you hold within your soul - at the end of everyday.

I will go now
and Google my soul ................

Blob Jigsaw
A jigsaw provides us with a way of
breaking up aspects of who we are into small,
manageable pieces.
The Blob Jigsaw looks at aspects of our lives,
providing a way to open discussion about the whole person.
No piece is labelled,
so that each one is open to interpretation.
If you cut it up it also provides a kinaesthetic approach
to people who like to touch things as they talk.

Download: $3.99

My sort of music here
playing on 1Xtra
beautiful for me.

over a million humans
streamed U2 via
You Tube yesterday
what an experience!!!
You can still catch it
see the direct link
in blog below.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blob Spirituality
Blob Spirituality is a book of visual tools designed to enable deep conversations about issues which matter to people. Using the primary languages common to all people - body language and feelings - it provides the user with a means to explore issues as wide as bullying and change, through to Christmas and weddings. Take a look at the contents page to see the full range of visuals. The book comes with copyright permission for the purchaser to photocopy with their groups.

flowing on U 2UBE
any time
click here
the whole show

Blob Swine Flu

[cover thumbnail]
Downloads immediately
Swine Flu is of great concern throughout the world...
Here the Blobs respond in all sorts of ways,
and with all sorts of feelings.
Use this sheet to get people talking about their concerns and experiences

U2 announces 2010 North American concert dates

@U2, October 26, 2009
By: Matt McGee

U2 has announced an initial set of North American concert dates in 2010, bringing the U2 360 tour back for visits to several cities that were passed over on the current leg of the tour. For now, here are the dates, cities, and venues that have been announced:

6 June, 2010 Anaheim CA US Angel Stadium
12 June, 2010 Denver CO US Invesco Field
16 June, 2010 Oakland CA US Oakland Coliseum
20 June, 2010 Seattle WA US Qwest Field
23 June, 2010 Edmonton CA Commonwealth Stadium
30 June, 2010 East Lansing MI Spartan Stadium
3 July, 2010 Toronto ON CA Rogers Centre
6 July, 2010 Chicago IL US Soldier Field
9 July, 2010 Miami FL US Land Shark Stadium
12 July, 2010 Philadelphia PA Lincoln Financial Field
16 July, 2010 Montreal QC Venue TBA
19 July, 2010 New York NY New Meadowlands Stadium

Sunday, October 25, 2009

If you heard about someone who loves you,
really loves you deeply,
wouldn't you like to meet them?

Here I am in Catchupville
Not being good at replies to email,
sorry, +
facebook and other media manicness.

Someone really who loves you,
really loves you -
wouldn't that be desirable?

I have had trouble with my time machine.
It has nor been backing up since 9/10.
This does demand time and intelligent thoughts -
so I phoned a friend...........

Mac is great with d backup.
You can forget about it.
The HD disc keeps itself with space
so when it is full,
it drops off old backups.
Didn't happen
so I cleaned the disc - Eraseville -
then it took a day to refill -
done complete
I am a techno wizz.

I am listening to DJ Semtex as I click.
Hip Hop agent but - he talks too much.

Last w/e I launched my new website
(for a day!!!!)
with a little help from my friends.
The idea was, I could update it myself
with a little help from Mac iWeb.
It is still on d web
but not on
(I am aiming to be strategic in launching
my new career now I am in a different region
- I hate that word career!)

So step 1, strategic plan pip = gone .......

Joy is in Marrakech working for a couple weeks.
She is buying some Moroccan tassels for
all the Wilson Mansions door knobs - and
they have to match the colours in
the Moroccan carpet she says.
I love these tassels - such great swingers.

Ann is Directing Gok Wan,
it's only TV you know,
and, being extremely pregnant,
it is heavy going for little Sheila.
Missing my Sheilas ..................

I have dumped Semtex - he talks too much.
Now listening to Ronnie Herel
another 1Xra Radio DJ.
Trouble is, he keeps talking about X Factor !!
I never watch X Factor and Strictly
and never wish to ................

When someone loves me
or even likes me,
I am interested - really interested.

By now I am spelling every other word wrong.
my stubby little fingers are stiffening.
I just cannot do this typing stuff.
(I have three books in the pipeline -
all being typed by different humans,
and I am so dependent on such beauty)

I have dumped Ronnie Herel
I want music ............

Great stuff from the Christian Aid Youth Unit
The best stuff for some time.
I love the model - great little leaflet with it too.
The questions are transferable to any group.

This love, for you, is unconditional.
Are you not interested?

I have been stimulated to passionate levels this week.
Yes - another week with humans
it is what excites, focuses, charges me.
Interaction ........... so much learning.
(John O'Donohue has been touching me too -
he has some wondrous stuff downloadable
from HERE

It is said
that we all need
the love
of at least
one other -
and, if that was so,
would you look and see?

As a big Sufjan Stevens fan
I am extremely disappointed in his new album.
I did not hear one word sung by him or anyone!

I would love one of these sound systems,
new ones around,
which stream music into every room
via wi-fi.
It is only a small flat but I hate moving
from a soundscaped one -
to a quiet one.

Stiff little fingers is off now.
Are you listening to U2 live
on YouTube?
and watching too?
It is a first time ever???

Don't miss out on the love
I can introduce you if you like?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Paul Wilson Brand

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dr. Paul Brand
Born July 17, 1914(1914-07-17)
Died July 3, 2003 (aged 88)

Home town Kolli Hills, India

Dr. Paul Wilson Brand (July 17, 1914 - July 8, 2003)

was a pioneer in developing tendon transfer techniques for use in the hands of those with leprosy.

He was the first physician to appreciate that leprosy did not just cause the rotting away of tissues, but that it was the loss of the sensation of pain which made sufferers susceptible to injury.

Brand contributed extensively to the fields of hand surgery and hand therapy through his publications and lectures, and wrote popular autobiographical books about his childhood, his parents' missionary work, and his philosophy about the valuable properties of pain.

One of his best known books is:

Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants (1993).

Paul Brand and Philip Yancey (1993).

Pain: The Gift Nobody Wants. Zondervan. ISBN 0-310-22144-7.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I was asked, I lurve questions,
if I was feeling Melancholy.
This was my response::

I like questions
sorry about delays
been busy
the word - I looked it up ............

melancholy |ˈmelənˌkälē|
a deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness.
• another term for melancholia (as a mental condition).
• historical another term for black bile .
sad, gloomy, or depressed : she felt a little melancholy | the dog has a melancholy expression. See note at glum .
• causing or expressing sadness; depressing : the study makes melancholy if instructive reading.

No not melancholy
I have been reflectively considering things
during the unsettling period/home move.
When I experience a feeling
I try to examine it
I don't feel this thing all the time
or for a day or so
it is a moment and I grab it because
I want to learn from
positive feeling
negative feeling too.

It has been a strange time
but now more settled
but I don't know if 'settled' is good????

Would love to know what you think
and feel - even more vital!!
Feelings are signals
Feelings are good
Pains are signals
Pains are good

We would be in a real mess without them ................

Counselling example using BLOB TREE

The Blob Tree (and a few questions)

From a Blog I found on the internet some many years ago.
It has always been a hit because it simply shows one method of using this tool in a 121 situation::

“So, Michael, how are you today?” I asked my client at the beginning of our treatment session this week as I placed a copy of the “Blob Tree” in front of him.
blob tree black white
I learned about the “Blob Tree” (created by Pip Wilson and Ian Long) in graduate school where one of my clinical supervisors used it with a group of clients who had aphasia (an acquired language disorder as the result of a stroke).
The beautiful thing about the “Blob Tree” is that people can use it to communicate how they are feeling, even if they cannot articulate it verbally. I loved the “Blob Tree” from the first moment I saw it and immediately added it to my arsenal of treatment materials. After I graduated, I took it with me out into the workforce, even though I wasn’t going to work with adults who’ve had strokes. Instead, I use it with children who have Autism.
And little Michael is a young boy with Autism.
“Hmm,” he said as he studied the tree I had placed in front of him.
blob tree Michael
This one is me,” he declared as he circled one of the Blobs, then he smiled and genuine joy sounded in his voice, “This one is me because I’m so glad you’re back!”
The Blob he circled was smiling and had its arm around the Blob next to it.
My heart melted at Michael’s unexpected response and sincere happiness. Michael was the only client I had served before Snuggles’ birth who was able to remain on my caseload when I returned from maternity leave.
“Oh, Michael,” I replied, “Thank you!”
blob tree Heidi
Then I circled the Blob next to his and responded, “This one is me, because I’m so glad I’m back, too!”
Michael suddenly looked in my eyes and we shared a moment of shining smiles and mutual joy.

(Note: All names are changed whenever I talk about clients).

Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable

at Greenbelt 2009:

Pip Wilson

Spiritual Literacy and Emotional Literacy holding hands. Managing emotions. Dealing with put downs, aggression, bullying, difficult behaviour and relationships. How our emotions can be both disabling and a powerful energiser. How possible is it to be developing spiritual humans and emotionally competent in relationships in the workplace, family, church. Understanding Emotional Literacy and application to real life.

"Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable". Choosing to live dissatisfied, uncomfortable, restless and refreshing the irritation daily. Accepting that being a Christian is 'odd' and learning to love it.

Growth does not reside in a place called comfortable

Click here for Pip's blog.
Click here for the BlobTree website.

Pip Wilson

Artist Photo
  • All about gangs

    Catalogue No GB08-55

    Year 2008: Rising Sun

    Why they form, understanding the dynamics, how can we work with them, what the everyday human can do about the noisy group in our street. A film-full, feelings-full, participation workshop. Understand-more. Fear-less.

CD £4.50 / MP3 £3.00

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fantastic stuff I am listening to::
Three hours of great music
on BBC iPlayer for a few more days.
(always online too but only 7 days)
I listen/capture this programme
ever week for years.
Listen on commute several times.
Tonight we have a stand-in for BenjiB
Annie Mac - DJ - NOT DJ babble but beautiful
all about music - that's why I listen.
Thought I may not like it
but it is just great (for me)

Desert Island Discs is now on iPlayer until Sunday am.
Until recently you could not listen
if you missed it.
This week a an artist called Jan Pienkowski.
it is fab to listen to his life
through his music
and a great interview.

You have about six days left to listen
on the BBC iPlayer or online here::
It is my favourite DJ playing vibes I lurve.
It is Gilles Peterson doing his famous
Brownswood Basement for 2 hours.
I capture it for numerous iPod plays.
He travels the world with me - in my soul.
He heads my musical world.
love it love it .............

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I met up with Mikael this week.
He is a friend from Norway.
Met him there on one of my visits.
He is a Magician, DJ and
conducts choirs there -
a bit like the popular UK TV guy.

With in two minutes we were L5.
We connected beautifully.
I had only met him once in Bergen,
love it love it - and I need to be there soon.

But soon into our conversation
he told me he had been on a course
which I led in Haugesund, Norway in 2004.
He had remembered the Level Five Tool I offered.
He had used it in his life, relationships and shared with others.
Love it love it.

So we had met twice -
but once in a crowd which
is not the same.

We were in Da Mario
my favourite Italian Restaurant
in Covent Garden
(I would love to meet you up there -
great food, vibes and setting for -
A good Level Five).

(If you are not clear what L5 is,
go to the search in this blog
if you type the right words in there
several Blogs will pop up with reference
to this great communication tool.
see the Blob Level Five on this page).

It was so good to talk.
So good for my soul and
his, I hope .............

I checked the date of that venture on my Mac
and this popped up on my screen.
Another person who felt the benefit.
>But I really wanted to thank you
for the wonderful course
"The Road Less Travelled",
that I attended in Haugesund in June 2004.
You might not remember me
(I was one of the Norwegian girls,
and not the youngest, not that it really matters).

Looking back at 2004,
"The Road Less Travelled"- course
was without a doubt the most memorable thing
I experienced that year.
The course made me more aware of group work,
my own personal values and goals
(the two doors;
instant perfection and
gradual growth and
Gods football pitch etc.)
and my relationship with Jesus.

I'm the leader of my Tensing-choir,
and I often think of the course and
try to use what I learned.
Hamar, Norway<
We never know what flows on through a blood stream.
I wonder what you recall
from an experience
which you transpose and apply in life now?

This week I have been facilitating
a sessions on Transactional Analysis
which was first introduced to me
about thirty years ago.
I still draw on that experience now.
It is a fantastic tool to live within -
in the toolbox of the soul
to pull out and use when needed.

I must blog more about the
Toolbox in the Soul ....................